The first time I saw Erin, I was astounded by his good looks. I didn't think anyone could look like Erin looked. I was especially taken in by his face, It was beautiful, but the rest of his body was astounding.

Erin was about six ft. one inch tall, weighed about 165, and solid as a rock built.

I had seen him around campus earlier that month and I couldn't take my eyes off him, he was so good looking.

I saw him several times at the college library looking up something in the referrence section and I wanted to get to know him so bad that I ached.

And then one afternoon, I was at the school store, sort of a PX sort of place, I came around the corner and bumped into him, I was so excited, yet totally embarassed from the experience, I just wilted as we picked up our papers and books that we had knocked out of each others arms onto the floor from bumping into each other.

I appologized for being so awkward and clumsey, Erin, said, 'Hey, your not alone, I ran into you too.' We started off talking and I felt like I was talking to a movie star or celebrity, I was nervous, almost to the point of shaking. One of the reasons was that Erin was so popular on campus, he always had someone talking to him or a flock of girls around him, it reminded me of a picture of Pigeons in central park, New York.

Well I just thought I would be straight forward and ask Erin if he would like to go for a coke.

He accepted and we started off a friendship. It began to blossom from there, but I was scared shitless to let Erin know I was gay, and wanted him sexually so bad It almost hurt.

Later that week Erin came to my room and ask me if I would like to work out with him and be a spotter while he lifted weights in the Gym weight room.

I said, 'sure, I'd love to.' We went to the locker room and started getting dressed into the Gym shorts, Jock straps, etc. Seeing Erin strip down to get dress didn't help my situation either.

Went up to the weight room and started working out. Lifting weights, Damn, Erin would do reps with weights that I couldn't even lift. He was built like an ox, heavy muscles, his ass was so muscular he could have cracked walnuts between the cheeks, his whole body was just fenominal. My mouth was watering.

As I was spotting his bench presses I noticed he was looking up into my gym shorts and I began to feel my cock start to rise. 'Oh Shit, now what am I gonna do.' He just smiled as he kept up the bench pressing and looked upward to my now hard as a rock cock sticking straight outward in those shorts, I'm not hugh but I have a respectabel seven inches hard and its thick too.

He had just finished his reps of bench pressing the weights and he set up took a towel and wiped his sweaty face, and said, 'Hey look man, I understand, I get boners all the time, you need to just go and take care of that problem.' I said, 'Ill be alright.' Erin said,'Suit yourself.'

We got down to the floor mat and I held his feet down as he did one hundred setups, now I know how he got those washboard abs. I was holding his legs down setting straddle across his feet and I could feel his legs rubbing my nuts as he did his set ups. That mixed with the fact that I could see up his shorts and see his white jock, was making me all the more crazy.

I had a harder cock that It was just a few minutes before. Erin noticed and just smiled at me again.

WE finally finished and went down to the showers, Erin said, 'you bring any soap with you?' I said, 'Yeah I have some in my locker.' I got the soap and I watched with excitement as Erin, got naked for a shower, My cock was yelling for his attention.

My nuts were aching, wanting release from the pressure of the load within them, My cock was at half mast, and I was about to explode.

I finally went into the shower with Erin, he was just leaning back and letting the warm water flow over his gorgeous body, I got beside him and I couldn't stop my body from doing its own thing, and I knew that this could be a dangerous thing.

Erin saw my now totally stiff, hard cock sticking upward at a fortyfive degree angle .

It was then that I realized he was tormenting me. He handed me the bar of soap and said, 'Would you pleaase wash my back for me?' I almost studdered as I said,'Y-Y-Y,Yes.' He smiled, turned and put his hands against the wall of the shower stall and said, 'there ya go stud, go to it.'

I was about to die. I slathered up my hand with soap and started to scrub his back, I first began washing on his back and then it changed to rubbing and stoking, I was so damned turned on and I was breathing so friggen heavy, I felt like I would die, I came to my senses when I heard Erin give a little gasp as I slid my hands between his ass cheeks. I said, 'Oh fuck, Im sorry.' Erin totally surprised me by saying, 'Why, I'm not.' he sorta bent over a little and let me start washing his ass, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, I was even rubbing his little love hole as I did it to him he started making wimpering sounds as I touched it.

Finally I started reaching around his chest and feeling his nipples and I noticed they were tight as a drum head, sticking straight out. When I touched those perky little nubbins Erin let out a definate groan, I knew then that he was enjoying this as much as I was.

I started letting my hand slip downward and felt that hair that starts at the navel and goes down to the pubic area, and god it felt so awesome.

Thats when I let my hand slip and touched the top of his cock, 'Holy Fuck,' Erin was as hard as a hammer head. I gently let my hand rest on top of his cock and then the fingers finally went around his shaft, Erin never said a word, I felt it flex up tight in my hand and I knew then Erin was mine for the having. I gripped it with my hand and started to stroke, I felt his body do a sort of jerk as I jerked him off. I reached around with my other hand and started rubbing his heavy big nuts as I jerked Erin off with my other hand.

All this time my own cock was about to split, leaking pre-cum and almost hurting from being so swollen and hard. And it was sticking right in Erins ass cheeks I was doing a pumping action as I stroked his cock, he never flinched.

Finally I turned Erin around and leaned into his face and started kissing him like a wild man.

Erin responded in return, and the love match was in progress, He grabbed my aching cock and started stroking and I felt like the dream would end soon, but it never.

Finally Erin said, 'Man do you like to suck cock?' 'unh Huh' I grunted, and I knelt down and took his eight inch cock to the balls in one suck.

I thought Erin was going to bowl over, He just said, 'Oh Fuck man, Holy shit.'

I was giving his hard eight inch cock a real workover, one like I had never given anyone before, I wanted to Make sure Erin loved it, It was my joy to pleasure him.

After about eight to ten minutes, Erin grabbed my head, shoved his cock into my mouth balls deep, and said, 'Jesus Fucking Christ, man, Im cumming.' And Jesus Fucking Christ did he ever.

My mouth had so friggen much cum shooting into it, I almost gagged and couldn't swallow it all. Erins nuts packed a load and a half.

I just fell back afterward and Erin looked like I had hit him with a baseball bat. Erin was stumbling around and finally just looked at me and said,'WOW man, Wow, That was the most awesome blowjob I've ever had.' I knew he had enjoyed it.

Erin caught his breath and then reached over and said 'I want to do the same for you, but not today, He grabbed my very hard hot cock and stroked me off to a ball shattering finish, I went weak in my knees and almost fell as I unloaded my cum all over the shower floor.

'This was a real workout,' I said. Erin and I both started laughing at each other.

I was so friggen happy with the outcome of our relationship with each other.

Erin and I finally started seeing a lot of each other. Then I became his room mate at the dorm when his other mate transferred to another college. I can't even remember how many times we sucked each other off that year.

There was a certain friday night, after a football game that there had been a big party. We were both a little snockered and we came back to the room.

Erin, just looked at me and said, 'Hey man you wanna Fuck?' I said, 'Sure why not?' We got naked and crazy. Then we crawled in bed and I grabbed some lube and started slathering up Erins cock. I layed on my back pulled my legs up to my face, and said,'Fuck me you stud.'

He smiled and said, 'Hey baby let the good times roll.' it took him about one good jam and I had eight inches of very hard thick cock up my asshole, now I can't say the pain that I felt didn't sober me up, but after about three or four minutes I adjusted and god was it awesome.

Erin pounded my asshole for about twenty minutes before he started gasping for air and turning red, grunting and moaning as he slammed it hard to the hilt and I felt it flexing as it pumped shot after shot of hot thick man cum into my anal opening.

I think I leaked cum all night long from that one too.

Erin was an awesome guy, He later met a gal a married but we still remained friends.

Erin was about my most unforgettable character that I had met on this journey called life. And I have no regrets either.



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