Ricky knew what he wanted, just didn’t know how to get it. The region, of small farms and pasture land with the nearest town, what there was of it, some fifteen miles away, did not offer the opportunities he just knew were available to guys in the cities. He was a senior, nearing graduation, and still a virgin. There had been times when he had one guy or another from his class alone, just the two of them, and he hinted at what he was willing to do, gave them an opportunity to fuck around but nothing. Not one of them caught the hints, the suggestions made in a joking manner, or some casual comment meant to lead the conversation to the subject of sex. Not one time. It left Ricky frustrated, ready to leave home for college, but he didn’t want to show up on campus some virgin, some dumb hick as he considered himself when having those moments of doubt. He wanted to know what it was like, to know how it felt to be with another guy. He wanted to be educated on the possibilities of man to man sex.

He considered the internet sites, those where men hook up, seeing how some met close by, over at the truck stop on Highway 440 or at the park in Hamilton County, somewhere on the trails in the back section. He fantasized what it could be like, meeting some guy at one of these places. A guy that was his image of a perfect sexual partner who would give him a summer of fun before leaving for college. One Friday night, hornier than usual, his hand constantly going to his cock to manipulate it, to feel its hardness trapped in his boxers, then the feel of it in his hand after it slipped up through the fly, the head already wet, he finally responded to one of the posts. ‘Hot GWM looking for fun. Meet at Truckstop 440. 9:30. Blue 4 x 4 truck’. He gave no description of himself just said he’d be there. He wanted an out, a way not to be seen until he was ready, a sense of caution overtaking him.

Arriving early, he parked at the side of the rear lot instead of the back row as the guy asked. Backed into the parking space he sat in silence, the interior lit only by the light from the canopy over the pumps, and waited. Right before 9:30 a blue truck came in, a 4 x 4 jacked up, with a beat-up body. It eased across the lot and spun around to back into a space at the rear. Ricky watched, waiting to see what the guy looked like knowing it had to be “Hot GWM”. Afraid to approach someone he didn’t know in such an atmosphere he kept inside keeping watch. Finally the driver’s door open and the guy stepped down. A orange flame lit up the small space between the truck and adjacent car when the guy lit a cigarette. Taking a long drag, the guy moved out to the front of his truck. He was middle age, greasy stringy hair and extremely out of shape. When the guy spit on the ground Ricky slid down in his seat afraid to be seen.

Ricky wanted to leave, but was afraid to let the guy know he was parked so close so he stayed down, looking through the steering wheel. The guy waited twenty minutes, looking at his watch off and on every few minutes. When he finally left, Ricky took a deep breath of relief. He realized this was not the way to do it. He didn’t care if it was just a hook up he wanted it to be with someone more like himself, someone he felt a real attraction toward.

Weeks went by and his frustration level rose. He rode his bicycle more often, riding to the town fifteen miles away or just around the lane that circled his family’s farm. Several times when riding along the western side he would see Matt, the youngest son of the Goodwin family, out feeding their cows. Matt was three years older, average height but a muscular build and a boyish face. Ricky found him attractive but their age difference in school caused Matt to not take him seriously. But it didn’t stop Ricky from watching Matt when he was out in the pasture, usually in some sleeveless t-shirt or shirt, where bulging biceps were on display.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, after school, and Ricky was on his bike, riding the perimeter lane around their farm. When he cut from the back of the property and started along the side he saw off in the distance Matt in the pasture shoveling feed from the back of a truck. Another truck pulled up to the gate of the pasture and a guy got out, came through the gate and walked out toward Matt. From the distance Ricky wasn’t sure but he thought it was David, one of Matt’s friends and classmates through school. Whereas Matt had dark hair and a stocky build, David was tall and lean, with blonde hair. Ricky kept glancing up to watch them, David walking across the pasture, come up to Matt and then he appeared to kiss him. Ricky nearly wrecked on his bike, fought to regain control, having to stop, landing on his feet to keep from crashing. He stooped down in the tall grass afraid they would see him. He watched Matt climb back into bed of the truck and shovel faster then toss the shovel down. Matt and David got into the truck and drove back to the gate where David got into his own truck. The two of them drove back to the main barn. Parked, the two of them went inside. Ricky wondered if he saw correctly, if he really saw David and Matt kiss or did he just want to see something like that. He got on his bike and rode up to the front of their property, hid his bike in the tall grass and eased over the fence. He jogged over to the barn keeping down as much as possible afraid Matt or David would come out any minute. At the barn, he eased along the rear wall till he came to the door, which stood open a few inches. He leaned toward the opening, listening intently, but heard nothing. Slipping inside the interior was dark, just two small bulbs hanging above to lite the whole space. Easing around the grain truck then past a tractor he made his way toward the front. He saw the side of the barn was rooms with a wood floor, unlike the dirt floor in the middle. The first room had parts and a work bench, and when he was near the front the next door revealed a storage room with bags of seed stacked around the walls and in the middle of the floor. Ricky was going to make a pass along the opposite wall but the sound of David and Matt from the storage room stopped him.

“Yeah…like that” said Matt, his voice strained and so low he was barely audible.

“Oh yeah…that’s nice” David cried out, his voice echoing in the barn.

“Shhhh…not so loud” Matt replied.

Ricky eased into the room, got on his knees at a stack of seed and leaned over to the side. He saw them and froze, not believing what he saw. David and Matt were naked, their clothes scattered across the floor. David hovered over Matt’s lap, moving up and down. As Ricky’s eyes adjusted to the dim light he saw it, Matt’s cock, the thick shaft glistening wetly as it disappeared in David then came back into view. David rode it, took every inch as he moved up and down.

Ricky watched them intently, how David moved, the way his legs tensed with every movement and how Matt seemed to encourage David, hands on his waist as if to guide him up and down.

“Fuck…ride me…bitch” Matt uttered and Ricky saw David smile, mischievously, as he increased his pace.

Ricky felt the confinement of his own cock, the discomfort of it being trapped in his shorts the wrong way and he struggled to shift it, fingers digging into the fabric at his crotch. When David stopped, eased up off Matt, Ricky saw the full size of Matt’s cock. Long and thick, Matt stroked the slick shaft a few times as David moved to another stack of seed. This one slightly higher, and he laid back. Holding his legs behind the knees he spread them apart. Ricky had a side view of David, his legs up and spread open, cock lying on this stomach, just the head visible to Ricky.

“Fuck me…come on ya bastard, shove that cock in me” David pleaded. Ricky watched Matt stand up, his cock sticking straight out, and move to David. There were no preliminaries, no gentleness to it, as he shoved every inch into David. He began to fuck, hard, abdomen slapping David’s ass till the sound of it echoed in the room. Ricky couldn’t believe it, the physical nature of their fuck. He fumbled with his shorts, zipper down, button undone, allowing him to push the front down and slip his boxers beneath his cock. He was already hard, the head wet, and he began to stroke it, hard, in pace with Matt’s fuck. Every shove inward into David, Ricky’s hand slammed down to the base of his cock. He knew when he came, and he was going to soon, it would get everywhere, on his shorts and boxers, his hand and on the seed bags he was leaning behind. He didn’t care, as he stroked himself, his hand moving along the slick shaft while watching Matt fuck David. He couldn’t believe how easily David took it, that thick cock sliding wetly in and out of his hole.

Matt took each of David’s legs, pinned them to his chest and fucked harder, rougher, rocking David back and forth, moving his whole body over the bags of seed. Ricky eased up, his own legs so tensed they ached, his cock so hard and ready for release his mind a blur, reckless, lost in the moment. Matt slapped David on the ass, an outline of his hand left in red, David began to thrash around, begging Matt to fuck him, fuck him hard. Ricky realized David was stroking his own cock, hand a blur. When David’s whole body went rigid, every muscle straining he came, thick wads of cum erupting from his cock, hitting him in the face, then the chest and he kept stroking his cock as Matt hammered his hole, his hand soon covered in cum, his cock slimy with it. Matt pulled out, grabbed David by the hair and pulled him down to his knees as he stepped back.

“Suck it” Matt demanded and Ricky watched as every inch of Matt’s slimy cock slipped through David’s lips and disappeared into his mouth. ‘Shit’ he uttered quietly to himself as he watched David suck Matt, his head move rapidly on the thick shaft. Matt grabbed David by the head and began to pump his hips, forcibly, driving deeply till David was turning red, his air cut off. Ricky felt his own release imminent, nothing else mattered. He didn’t think about his surroundings or where he was at as he rose up on his knees a little and pumped his cock through his fist as he watched David take Matt.

Matt bellowed like a bull, his cock buried in David throat and Ricky knew he was coming, saw the way Matt’s body quivered with its release and he clinched his jaw as his own cock exploded, cum spurting wildly from it, hitting the bags of seed in front of him, then on his own shorts and leg and the last dribbling out and over his slowing hand. He sighed when spent, too loud and he saw Matt and David look over, catching him looking over the seed.

Everything became a blur, no one action could be separated from the next. Ricky fumbled with his shorts trying to run at the same time, falling down twice before getting them up to where he could run. Matt had grabbed up his jeans and struggled to get his legs into them as David rolled off the stack of seed. Ricky was out of the barn running toward the fence, his heart pounding, so scared and embarrassed he couldn’t think.

“Ricky…stop…stop” Matt yelled and Ricky kept running. Then Matt called out to him, his voice lower, more normal, “Ricky, wait up a minute.”

Ricky slowed, took another couple of steps then stopped. He turned slowly around and saw Matt walking toward him wearing just his jeans, the zipper pulled up but the button undone. He saw the glistening skin, sweaty from Matt’s exertions a moment ago, and he saw the partial erection within the crotch, the bulge running down the left leg, a wet spot at the head getting larger and larger.

Ricky was out of breath, and he suddenly felt his cum on his hand, felt the wet spots on his boxers, and glancing down he saw the spattered pattern across the front of his shorts.

“Ricky” said Matt when he was only a few feet away and behind him standing at the barn door was David, fully dressed, a worried look on his face.

“Matt…I’m sorry…I…”


Ricky stopped stammering and looked up at Matt.

“I wish you hadn’t done that. I don’t know…” Matt stammered himself, looking back at David then back around to Ricky. “Look, you can’t say anything to anyone. Okay?”

That was it, the thing Matt was worried about. Not that he watched them but that they were afraid he would tell what he saw. He took a deep breath as he tilted his head back, looking up into the bright blue sky, then down again at Matt. He saw the worry in Matt’s eyes, the fear he would tell.

“Matt, I won’t tell, I promise.”

Matt nodded his head and Ricky saw relief spread across his face. Matt turned toward David and nodded his head and David waved awkwardly and disappeared back into the barn.

“Why did you want to watch us?” Matt asked bringing Ricky’s attention back to him.

“I just…” Ricky began, hesitate to admit the truth, but then he considered what he had seen, the sex between Matt and David and he looked down, his voice low and admitted the truth, “I wanted to see how guys did it.”

“Ricky…are you gay?”

Ricky shrugged his shoulders at first, then without looking up, nodded his head. Matt didn’t reply at first and Ricky just stared at his shadow, how it came across the ground between them and over his feet. “Look, I know it is tough, out here in the countryside, to meet someone, to figure it all out, but…you have to be careful, okay?”

Looking up, Ricky saw Matt smiling at him. “Okay.”


The remainder of his senior year at school was frustrating, every day seemed to drag on and on and on. He hung out with his friends, rode bikes on weekends, went to the lake to swim and fish, and cruised around in the nearby towns on weekends, flirting with girls, afraid to act different from the other boys. But he watched them, quick glances or when distance and situation allowed, he would watch them more intently. Study the way they moved, wondering if they were all really straight, if there was not at least one of them who would be willing to fuck around, even if only once.

Bill was his closest friend, the one he rode bikes with most often, but he knew Bill, had since they were toddlers, and knew Bill was straight, if any guy was. It wasn’t that Bill talked of girls non-stop, flirted with them relentlessly or bragged about his dates. It was the fact he didn’t do that, the fact he had only dated three girls, the last one for two years now. It was serious and Bill never let his eyes wander, never joked about other girls nor about fucking around. Ricky knew it was the real deal.

Nathan was another friend, the one he had secretly longed for the most. Average height but a ‘pretty boy’ as he overheard girls refer to him. Blonde hair, dark olive skin and the bluest eyes, vivid in color. When Ricky had Nathan alone he had made vague joking references, opened the door for something, anything to happen, but Nathan didn’t notice, not once.

Charlie was the most outgoing, the one most likely to take a dare, or to dare someone else. Thick black hair he kept cut short, fair skin and a muscular body. Whenever Ricky saw Charlie in his baseball uniform he couldn’t help but stare at his ass, the way it curved out stretching the seat of his pants.  He had made suggestive comments, conspired to get Charlie alone many times but again nothing ever happened. There had been the time Ricky thought he had Charlie willing to try something, one time a few weeks back where they were at the lake, the last two left sitting on the floating dock. They had been sitting close and Ricky put his hands down on either side of his legs as he leaned forward. He let his left hand sit next to Charlie’s, just barely touching, and for a moment, the briefest of moments, he thought Charlie might be willing. But suddenly Charlie had jumped up, saying he had to go. Ricky considered trying again but something held him back, told him to let it go.

And there was Mark, who was the shy one in the group, always to the side, never the center of attention. He was shorter than the others, about five-five and boyish in his build and look. Ricky wasn’t sure Mark was even shaving yet. But there had been something about Mark that told Ricky to leave him alone. Maybe it was the fact that until the week before prom he had been dating Cheryl for three years. What happened no one knew but it was over between them and Mark had come to the prom alone.

There were other guys in his class and some in the junior class that he hung out with but he wasn’t as close to them and his vague attempts with them never led anywhere.

So, he found himself back online, looking for someone like himself, someone he could be comfortable with and have some sense of trust. But those that were appealing were too far away, all the way over in Montgomery, or down in Mobile or up in Birmingham. It seemed hopeless, and he began to think he was going to have to wait till college.

Graduation arrived and they made plans to go the lake, even renting a cabin this time staying over the weekend. The lake was a state park and the rental cabins were on the far side away from the boat ramp and picnic area. They were nestled among the pine and oak trees along the low sloping site.

The boys came into the cabin checking out its layout. There were two small bedrooms, one with two bunkbeds and one with a queen bed. In the living room was two sofas. For the boys, the eight of them, it was just enough room, although two would have to share the queen bed. Ricky stood in the living room listening to his friends argue over who’d have to share a bed. He heard the coarse ‘fag’ jokes causing the others to laugh, and he suddenly wondered if this was a mistake. Could he do something to give himself away, say something in his sleep or worse try something?

“I’m going for a walk” said Ricky as he turned to leave the room.

“No, you’re not, not yet anyway” Charlie stated moving between Ricky and the door. “We’ve decided to draw straws to see who has to share a bed.”

“Shit” Ricky uttered under his breath then nodded his head. There were eight of them and his chances were good it would not be him.

Charlie went to the kitchenette and with his back to everyone, cut two straws short and arranged them along with six others in this hand.

“Okay boys, take a straw.”

Bill went first, then Nathan, and so on around the room. It wasn’t till Mark that the first cut straw appeared. Ricky was last, leaving Charlie with the one he didn’t choose. He knew the other short straw was in Charlie’s hand for no one else had it. He reached to pick, hand shaking, knowing he was going to pull that short straw. He reached for the left one, hesitated, then pulled the one on the right. It was short.

“Yea…hot damn…Ricky has to share a bed with Mark and I get my own bed” Charlie carried on, making a big deal of it, exaggerating the whole affair. Ricky looked over at Mark and saw him shrug his shoulders.

After their gym bags and luggage were placed by their selected beds, with Charlie and Ryan taking the sofas, they fired up the grille and pulled out the potato salad Nathan’s mom had made, the bags of chips, and the beer that Bill’s oldest brother had gotten for them. Soon they were scattered around the room, four of them at the dining table and the others in the living room, eating and drinking. After dinner, they went out to the lake, walked along its bank till they came to the floating pier where they settled on its end, legs over the side, feet raking the water’s surface. The sky turned dark and soon filled with the light of stars. The moon rose above the trees making everything glow in its light. They joked around, fell silent then began to talk about the future, several going to one university or another, one going to a community college for a technical degree and two going to remain at home, one working on his family’s farm and one trying to decide whether or not to go into the military or just try to get a job at one of the paper mills close by.

Tired, the beers kicking in, they eased up and headed back to their cabin. Ricky lagged behind, wanting a break from the banter. They passed the other cabins, some lit up, one dark and one only had a fire going outside in the fire pit where two guys were sitting in its glow.

“Hey guys…wanna party?” one of the guys yelled as they passed and Charlie replied they had partied enough for one night. Ricky couldn’t help it, he stared at the guys, some strange vibe told him they meant more than drinking beer, or smoking pot. He stumbled as he stared and the guys laughed, giving him an odd wave. He waved back, smiling at his own clumsiness. By the time they got to their cabin everyone was quiet, fatigue setting in for everyone except Ricky, who suddenly felt like a animal about to be caged. He didn’t want to be in the cabin with the guys and he didn’t want to climb in bed with Mark. When he drew the short straw, it was all he could do not to imagine something happening. First, he imagined something fun, the two of them messing around, then he imagined something bad, like he grabbing Mark in his sleep and being outed to the others.

“Hey, I’m not sleepy, so I’m going to walk around for a while” said Ricky as he bypassed the steps to the cabin and kept on walking. He heard the others go in and the door close. He hoped no one followed him, didn’t want the company, and he turned around to check, and found he was alone.

He ambled along the lake in the other direction till he came to the spill way then turned back. He heard the splash of fish, the croaking of bullfrogs and the glimmering light of fireflies as he walked along the bank. Thinking of the two guys they had passed earlier he wondered what they were up to, what kind of partying were they doing?  He passed their cabin seeing all the lights were off except one small one in the kitchen, probably left on for him when he returned. Back tracking he passed the other cabins till he came to the one the guys were in. The firepit was just ash, a little smoke still rising from it, but inside he could hear music, not too loud to disturb others but loud enough he knew the main door was open with only the screen door closed. He saw movement inside, just vague forms in the living room where only a candle was burning on a table.

He stood for a long time just staring at the screen door trying to see what was going on inside. Taking a deep breath, he moved toward the steps, climbing them till he stood on the deck. He was about six feet from the screen door, the music clear enough to recognize and he could see movement on the far sofa.

“Hey buddy…come on in” one of the guys called out and Ricky realized he had been standing out in the open easily seen. One step, then two and he was reaching for the screen door. It squeaked as he opened it and he eased inside, letting the door bump softly back into his frame. He wasn’t sure what he was seeing at first, couldn’t believe it. He stood frozen in place holding his breath.

“Well come on, get comfortable. You want to watch…or would you like to participate?” one of the guys said in a sing song voice.

Ricky stared at the far sofa where one guy sat naked, his cock hard, held by the other one who was on his knees wearing only boxers. The boxers were pushed down below his cock and balls and he was stroking it. “I’ll watch” Ricky finally replied and moved to the other sofa that sat perpendicular to the one the guys were fucking around on. He sat down and for a moment the three of them just looked at each other.

“I’m Todd and this is JJ” the guy seated stated, pointing to his friend. Ricky watched as Todd lay back and JJ bent back to his cock. Head bobbing up and down JJ noisily slurped that cock, worked his mouth along the shaft and over the head. Satisfied they were not going to mess with him, Ricky lay back and looking down his own torso as he watched them. His own cock was growing, trying to stretch out in his shorts. He watched himself manipulate his own cock then refocused his eyes to the guys. When JJ rose up on his knees and slipped his boxers down Ricky was trying to decide whether or not he should take out his own cock. He wanted to free it, to stroke it with his hand as he watched, the urge was overpowering. When JJ stood up and turned to face Ricky, cock hard, a long drool falling from the head Ricky squeezed his cock through his shorts and when JJ moved over Todd and eased down easily taking Todd’s cock, sinking it in his hole Ricky couldn’t stand it and undid his shorts.

He was afraid at first, letting the one flap of his shorts hide his hand on his cock, but as he watched JJ ride Todd he grew bold, not caring if they saw his cock, then wanting them to, and he slid his shorts and boxers down his thighs. Looking down his own torso he could watch his hand move along his own cock, stroking it to full erection. His eyes would move over his t-shirt, then his exposed body, the pubic hair at the base of his cock that he held vertical, hand moving slowly up and down. Refocusing his eyes once again, he was watching JJ, watching how he moved, rising upward then dropping down, roughly, taking every inch.

Ricky suddenly felt confined by his shorts and boxers, and he pushed everything down his legs till he could work each leg out of them. He leaned up and slipped his t-shirt over his head tossing it on top of his shorts. Naked, the dim light reflecting off his skin, he watched himself masturbate, the head now leaking, and he smeared it along the shaft.

JJ rose up, and moved around on his knees up on the sofa by Todd, his chest lying over the arm. His ass was raised up and Ricky watched Todd move behind JJ, hold his cock down and shift forward till the head was pressed between JJ’s ass cheeks. Then Todd shoved forward, hard, sinking his cock in JJ. He fucked him, hard, his hips swinging back and forth roughly. JJ began to get vocal, to beg Todd to fuck him harder.

Ricky stroked his cock in rhythm with Todd’s fuck, just as he had down with Matt. Furiously he stroked himself till he couldn’t take it. Hips pumping upward, hand a blur on his cock, he felt the cum surge through it, felt his cock flex in his grip and he came, thick wads arching out of his cock and spattering his chest. Once, twice, his cum landed on his chest, then it landed on his stomach in puddles as he continued to cum while watching Todd push JJ down, holding him by the hair, throwing a rough fuck into his ass. Ricky stroked his cock till it ached, too sensitive to touch and he fell back, breathing hard, the smell of his load heavy in the air around him. He ran a finger through it as he watched Todd cum, watched how he slammed into JJ, hammering his hips against JJ’s ass as he shot his load deep within him. When Todd was spent he pulled out and fell into a seated position behind JJ and looked over at Ricky, smiling.

“That was some load you shot. Such a waste. JJ why don’t you clean the boy up?”

Ricky started to say something, tell them it was alright, but he couldn’t get the words out as JJ crossed the room and eased down on the floor beside him. He watched JJ lean over and take his cock, using just his mouth. He felt the suction on it as JJ milked it for every drop, drawing his lips up the shaft. He watched JJ move to his stomach and drag his tongue through one puddle after the next, licking it up. The feel of JJ’s tongue was ticklish and Ricky stifled a laugh, then he fell still as he watched JJ move up to his chest, to the bigger puddles. JJ put his lips to each one sucking it up, then he surprised Ricky, moving over to one nipple and he sucked on it bringing the nub to full hardness. Then JJ bit it and the pain was a shock, more shocking the pleasurable aspect of it and Ricky took JJ’s head and moved it to the other one.

Ricky got hard again and soon he was watching JJ suck him, head bobbing up and down. He didn’t know how JJ did it, all the sensations he was feeling in his cock, but all too soon he was flooding JJ’s mouth.

Finally spent, Ricky realized he had been gone too long, and he also worried about the smell, the scent of sex that permeated the air, knowing some came from his own body.

He slipped his clothes on, told Todd and JJ goodbye and eased out leaving the two guys snuggling on the sofa. He walked as fast as he could to the cabin. Quietly he eased the door open and slipped inside. He turned the light over the cooktop off and used the light of his cell phone to make his way to the bedroom he was sharing with Mark. The room was pitch black for the curtains were pulled together tightly allowing any of the moonlight into it. He grabbed up his towel and eased into the small bathroom between the two bedrooms where he took a quick shower. Drying off he realized he had been such a hurry to get his shower he forgot to get a pair of boxers to put on. He didn’t think much of it, knowing Mark was asleep, so he eased back into the bedroom still using his cell phone for light. Pulling out a pair of boxers he laid the phone down on the nightstand and bent to put them on.

“Where have you been” Mark whispered sitting up in bed.

Ricky looked up and saw Mark looking at him. It was awkward for reasons he suddenly didn’t want to explore and he slipped his boxers up his legs and into place quickly.

“Just walking around” he finally replied moving to the bed.

“For…an hour and half?”

“So…now be quiet and let’s get some sleep.”

How long he laid there wide awake he didn’t know but he felt Mark move multiple times, twisting and turning, and he wondered if Mark was also awake or if he did this in his sleep. At one point, he felt Mark’s foot touch his calf and he found himself frozen in place, holding his breath. It seemed like the foot rested against him for a long time but eventually it was gone. Sleep finally came and it seemed he had barely closed his eyes when Nathan was at the door telling them to get up.

Late that morning they finally put on swimming trunks and headed for the floating pier. Ricky had been amongst them, laughing and cutting up, till they neared the cabin, the one with the two guys, the one he spent part of the night watching two guys have sex. He slowed to the back and as they passed he looked over to see the guys were gone, a cleaning crew going in to prepare it for the next renter. It was a relief, actually, for he knew he would have been tempted to go back tonight, and if there had been a next time he wasn’t so sure those two guys would have let him just watch. They may have wanted more of him, more than he was ready to do with them.

The rest of the weekend went as planned. They swam in the lake, fished in the afternoon and spent the night hanging out in the cabin or on the pier. The next morning, they went back to the floating pier and swam till lunch. After lunch, they walked around the lake, packed up late that afternoon and headed home. Nothing was out of the ordinary, except Mark seemed to be keeping a distance from him during the day and evenings and when they turned in last night he acted normal. No twisting and turning in his sleep, or accidental touching.


For days upon their return Ricky masturbated constantly, for days afterward, two, three, four times a day, till the cum dribbled out of his cock. He was reliving that night watching those two guys fuck then JJ sucking his cock, and it made him have an erection that wouldn't go down. After a few days he finally made himself stop instead choosing to ride his bike to wear himself out. For the next few days he rode early in the morning and again in the afternoon till his legs ached and he was exhausted.

Monday of the next week he had to help his dad with some chores so it was after lunch before he was able to ride. He slipped on a pair of black bike shorts and a tank top and headed out. He rode the familiar two lanes roads in the area, mile after mile, till he was covered in sweat and his legs began to fatigue. He turned at the next intersection to head back toward his home, about ten miles away.

Head down, eyes on the road in front of him, his mind unfocused, drifting from one idea to the next. Thoughts of sex, those two guys two weekends ago, and fantasies of hooking up with someone, then he would think about leaving home for college, the anticipation of being on his own and opportunities to meet guys having to be much better than it was here in this rural countryside. Just finished with a climb up an incline and relaxing with getting back to level terrain he heard a vehicle approach from behind. It was a small Chevy pickup and he knew it had to be Mark. He sat up and pedaled slower as the truck came up beside him slowing to his pace.

"You have nothing better to do than ride that bike" Mark called out as he pulled along side.

"Nope...unless you have a suggestion" Ricky replied.

"I'm going to go swimming on the river. You want to go?"

"Anyone else going?"

"Nah...I just got off work and haven't called anyone yet."

"I'll go but need to ride home and get a towel..."

Mark interrupted him, "Oh hell we can get you a towel at my place. You can swim in those ridiculous shorts and if my folks are still gone we can slip a few beers too"

Bike in the back of Mark's truck they soon pulled into the drive to Mark's home where he pulled around to the rear. Ricky followed Mark in, going from the small utility room where they got a cooler and a beach blanket, to  the short hall where Mark pulled down two towels out of the linen closet, and finally to Mark's room.

"I'll just throw some shorts on and we'll get out of here" said Mark as he went over to a chest of drawers. He pulled out a pair of  cut off jeans, a pair Ricky had seen Mark wear before at one of the swimming holes. They were worn and the frayed legs were short.

Ricky began to leave the room but when Mark didn't seem self-conscious he stayed for he wanted to watch, look at Mark’s compact body with a sense of sexuality. Mark didn't turn away as he stripped  off his shirt and jeans, then surprising Ricky, he pushed his boxers down.  Naked, Mark reached for the cut offs lying on the bed while Ricky stole glances at his body, the lean smooth build, the flaccid cock that lay heavy over the sac. He'd seen Mark naked before in the locker room at school, but it seemed different this time, just the two of them in his room. He watched Mark tuck his cock into the shorts, fasten the buttons of the fly and waistband. The jeans were so worn the flap wouldn't cover the button completely.  Ricky wondered how the fly stayed buttoned considering how ripped and torn the button holes had appeared. But he liked Mark in them, for there was something kind of sexual about it, even slutty in a way. Mark slipped on a t-shirt that had the sides ripped out, with the result his compact body was barely covered and Ricky turned toward the door to leave the room, adjusting his cock quickly so Mark wouldn't see how he was responding.

There were three swimming holes in the area, one at Clarkson Creek bridge on Highway 32 where everyone went the most, one at Cold Water Creek bridge on Pine Hill Road, a dirt road that kept some of the others away, and another one on Cold Water Creek, a few miles further down Pine Hill Road that was an old logging camp. The access road was a washed out narrow lane that cut through the woods for nearly a quarter of a mile.  It was even more remote and less frequently visited than any the other two locations. Ricky wondered which Mark would choose, knowing which he wanted them to go.

They rode quietly for most of the trip, and when they did talk it was about college, both to leave in the fall for different universities. They talked about their excitement of being on their own also admitting to some  anxiousness at being a freshman, afraid of appearing naive or dumb. Ricky looked out the side window smiling when Mark turned on Pine Hill Road. When they crossed the bridge over Cold Water and continued driving he had to turn away again smiling as he looked out the window. Mark was headed to the old camp site and knowing that it being a Monday they stood a good chance of  having the place to themselves.

The small truck bounced along the rough rutted trail, some places so washed out Mark had to slow to a crawl. Ricky notice right a way there were no tracks from others having driven down the trail. At the old camp site, where only a few foundation piers were left of the buildings, Mark pulled under a large oak and killed the engine.

"Looks like we have the place to ourselves. Grab the cooler and I'll get the blanket" said Mark as he opened his door to get out.

Within a few minutes the blanket lay on the sandy bank, their towels and shirts tossed on top, the cooler to one side and they were swimming the river. They raced up and down the short section that ran along the site, they saw who could go the furthest underwater and eventually they were wrestling around in knee deep water trying to force the other into the deeper section. Mark might have had a smaller frame but he proved to be strong, the stamina to hold his own against Ricky.  Muscles straining, the pushed and tugged on the other, fought for purchase on the soft sandy bottom and at times one would take the other down, both submerging in the deeper section. On the sand bar that snaked out from the bank and around the deep section they were wrestling, literally putting each other in different holds. For Ricky, he felt the excitement of it, the exhilaration of the physical contact, the way they held each, the feel of Mark’s body against his own. It made his cock stir.

They froze suddenly when Ricky had Mark in a bear hug from behind, arms wrapped tightly around his upper body and realized Ricky was erect, his cock pressed against Mark's ass. Mark didn't pull away and they stood bent over in the knee deep water with Ricky tight to his back.  Slowly, so slowly, they eased up to an upright position with their bodies still pressed together.

"Ricky..." Mark whispered as he put his right hand on Ricky's thigh right at the lower part of his shorts.

"Yeah" Ricky replied, his mouth right at Mark's ear, his voice barely audible. He felt Mark's fingers touch his leg just below his bike shorts and felt the rest of Mark’s hand through the fabric. His cock flexed for he couldn't contain himself, losing all control. He pushed his cock against Mark's ass.

"Will you show me how?" Mark asked and Ricky initially considered balking at the suggestion he knew what Mark meant, but he couldn't do it, didn't want to deny it and he moved his hands to Mark's chest, each one flat against the warm skin and slowly, moved them downward. When he felt each one move over the wet denim he whispered in Mark's ear; "okay."

Pulling away, Mark took him by the hand and led him out of the creek to the blanket. Mark turned to Ricky as they stood at the foot of the blanket.

“You’ll show me?”

“Yeah. Lay down” Ricky replied giving Mark a nudge toward the blanket. Mark sat down and looked up as Ricky pulled his shorts and briefs down, slipping them down his legs and off each foot. His cock was hard and stood straight out. He stroked it as Mark watched, feeling the hardness within the smooth skin. Easing down on his knees between Mark’s legs he pushed him onto his back following till he hovered over his body. One hand holding himself up he reached with the other for Mark’s shorts as he leaned further down till they were kissing. They kissed passionately, roughly, both desperate for this contact with another. Tongues dueling, Ricky pulled at Mark’s shorts feeling each button slip free and he had them pulled open. Blindly, searching with his hand he felt Mark’s stomach, the up and down movement of breathing, then moving his fingers slightly over Mark’s skin he felt it, Mark’s cock, hovering just above his abdomen, so rigidly hard it was flexing up and down, and he took it, stroked it lightly with his fingers. Mark moaned into his mouth and bucked upward with his hips. Frantic in this need for contact Ricky grasped him tightly in his fist and began to stroke, slowly, just enough to push Mark’s aroused state to the breaking point.

Ricky rose into a sitting position and tugged the jeans shorts down, worked each leg free till Mark lay naked before him. He stroked Mark’s thighs with his fingers then he moved them to Mark’s cock. He stroked it, gently at first then with more urgency and he tugged onthe sac and finally, Mark begging for more, leaned down and slipped his lips over the flared head and swallowed inch after inch. He sucked it, moved his head up and down its length. While he worked the head in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, he put two fingers in Mark’s mouth. Mark knew what to do sucking them in, wetting them. Ricky then used them to probe Mark’s opening, rubbed those wet slick fingers over it with circular motions that caused Mark to spread his legs wider. When he pushed one finger in, breached the tight opening and penetrated Mark he felt him quiver. Mark’s entire body shook and tremble as he sank his finger all the way in. He probed the opening, worked it loose as he sucked Mark’s cock.

Mark raised his knees up, his feet set close to his ass, legs spread wide apart, giving Ricky all the room he needed. Ricky inserted his second finger, stretched Mark open wider. He felt the resistance, the way Mark trembled with the thicker penetration, and he slowly inserted the two fingers, pushing them inward all the way.

“Fuck…” Mark cried out as he felt Ricky manipulate his hole, twisting and turning those fingers around, pumping them in and out, till he was trying to push his ass toward them, trying to get them deeper into his body. It was too much and Mark bucked upward, shoving his cock to the back of Ricky’s throat and came. Cock flexing with every ejaculation Mark emptied himself in Ricky. When finally spent he fell back breathing hard.

Ricky pulled free and moved upward over Mark, each hand holding a leg behind the knee. He folded Mark over, pushed each leg down till the knee rested on the blanket on either side of his torso. Mark’s ass was turned up and Ricky simply moved down to it, let his hard, dripping cock land on the opening and he kept pushing down till the head breached it. He pushed down slowly, letting inch after inch penetrate Mark, as he felt the way the tight opening milk his cock. He kept pushing down going deeper and deeper till his abdomen rested on Mark’s ass.

Ricky looked at Mark, with eyes closed and head thrown back, and he leaned down and kissed him on the neck then the ear.

“You have all of me” Ricky whispered.

“Do me…do me Ricky” Mark uttered, his voice barely audible.

Ricky swung his hips upward then pushed back down, slowly, over and over till he could piston easily through Mark’s opening. His paced increased, thrusting faster and faster. Mark’s hands held his arms then one moved to his chest raking over his skin. The touch spurned him on, made him drive into Mark harder, till his abdomen smacked against Mark’s ass. When Mark raked over a nipple he pinched it, twisting slightly as he did, the pain/pleasure caused Ricky to pull upward higher, his cock slipping free, then he slammed back in, busted through Mark’s tight opening and slammed inward all the way. After a few times he settled down to a rhythmic fuck, cock firmly within Mark as he pumped with his hips.

Mark’s hands came to his waist and he felt the fingers dig into his sides, and sensed an urgency to the way Mark clung to him. He kept up his pace, physical, body to body contact till they moved slickly against each other. Ricky’s body ached with his exertions and he slowed then pulled out rolling on his back beside Mark.

“Get on top…sit on it” Ricky demanded between heaving breaths.

Mark moved over him, legs either side of his hips and he watched how Mark held him, lightly between two fingers keeping his cock pointing straight up. He watched Mark ease down till the head of his cock pressed against the tight opening till, once again, he breached it. He watched his cock disappear till Mark was seated firmly on his hips. Mark’s cock bobbed up and down over his stomach and drool fell to his skin pooling on it. He wiped it up with his fingers and used it to lube Mark’s cock, stroking it slowly as Mark moved up and down.

Mark’s tight compact body glistened in the sun light, every muscle evident beneath the skin, straining with his exertions as he moved faster and faster. Ricky kept stroking him, faster and faster, keeping pace with their fuck.

“Fuck…fuck” Mark cried out as he ground his ass down on Ricky’s cock and rocked his hips thrusting his cock through Ricky’s fist faster. “I’m going to cum” Mark uttered and Ricky felt the wads hit him in the face, then his chest and finally the last dribbled out on his stomach. The smell of sex filled the air and he pushed Mark off getting him positioned on hands and knees. He moved in quickly, cock thrust into Mark’s opening then his hips moving furiously, abdomen smacking ass, over and over and over. He held Mark by the waist and rocked his entire body back and forth increasing the feel of their fuck, the way it felt on his cock, sinking all the way into the depths of Mark’s hole. The heat of it, the soft slickness of its depths.

“Take me…” Ricky uttered as he shoved inward all the way feeling his cock flex then explode, ejaculating wad after wad into Mark till he was spent. He slowed, and felt his cock move through the slickness, felt it lube his cock, and he stayed hard, still so very aroused. He kept going till once again he was fucking, fucking with every ounce of strength he had left. He held Mark in place, hands firmly locked over each shoulder as he drove his cock into his hole. He was shocked how quickly he felt his second release, the need to cum. He felt his first load lubing Mark’s opening keeping it slick and wet and he hammered it with his cock till his second load filled Mark’s depths.

Lying side by side, eyes closed and breathing hard, neither stirred for a long time. Ricky never felt so alive, his skin still tingling with their fuck. He heard Mark move by him and felt the touch. Opening his eyes and sitting up on his elbows he watched Mark run a finger over his skin as if trying to trace him. He watched that finger closely, feeling it contact, the soft ticklish nature of it. He watched it move over his left nipple, circle it, then rub over the hardening center. It moved downward and circled his navel then followed the thin trail of hair downward till it was running down his cock. He watched Mark take him, begin to stroke his cock till he grew erect again, his cock thickening, elongating to its full length. He watched Mark use his thumb and index finger to circle his sac, tug on it till it was tight and his nuts were pushed to the base. It was painful in a way but his cock flexed with it.

Mark then nudged his side and told him to roll over. On his stomach he felt Mark kiss his shoulder, then down along his spine, soft kisses, lips barely touching the skin. Then he felt Mark kiss his right cheek, firmer than before, as fingers probed along the cleft of his ass. He felt those fingers rub him, felt them touch him, press against his tightness and he pushed upward with his hips.

Mark straddled his thighs and he felt it, Mark’s cock, being pushed down between his cheeks. He felt it nudge against his tightness, felt the pressure of Mark trying to penetrate him. He pushed his ass upward again and felt it, the pain of being stretched open, the way Mark’s cock breached his opening and slowly sink into his hole. He felt every inch slip past the tight ring of his opening, a pain mixed with pleasure, the fullness of the penetration. He sensed Mark’s movement, shifting over his body and he felt the pull in his hole, the upward movement of Mark’s hips as he began to fuck him.

Mark fucked him slowly at first, pulling inch after inch upward then driving it back in so slowly he could feel the movement of every inch. His own cock ached with its hardness pinned beneath him and clutched at the blanket as he took it. After a few minutes Mark began to fuck faster, to slam down against his ass. Once again, the sound of their bodies coming together echoed along the river. Having come twice already, Mark fucked for a long time, hammering his hole. He took it, every penetrating push inward. It made him see stars, his mind lost to the sensations of their fuck. Nothing else mattered and he undulated his body with Mark’s fuck, pushed upward when Mark drove inward. He felt the ache in his cock, then the surge of release. Mark pushed inward and drove his hips downward and he came, pumping out another load. His whole body shivered with release, every muscle tight, his breath taken away. He felt his opening spasm around Mark’s cock as he ejaculated each time, till finally, exhausted, he fell still, spent. Then he realized Mark was lying on his back breathing hard.

“Fuck…that was hot” Mark uttered between breaths.


The rest of the summer passed quickly, Ricky finding Mark a willing partner in their exploration of sex, trying different positions and more daringly, different places. They knew for each of them it was an education into sex with another guy, what pleasure they could give someone else and could receive back in return.

The fall arrived and Ricky found himself standing outside the dorm that was to be home during his Freshman year. It had been a busy few days, packing up what he could take, getting his textbooks and supplies he would need then getting on campus searching for where to park. He was finally standing outside the dorm, one duffle bag over his shoulder and pulling another suitcase along. He would go back for the rest of his belongings once he knew where his dorm room was located. He looked around the commons between the four buildings and watched the other guys playing football, some sitting in small groups talking or playing guitars, and he saw a few guys off by themselves, listening to music or reading. Looking at each one he sized them up, a measure of how attractive he found them, whether or not he thought there was even a chance of sex with them.

He knew first impressions could be wrong but he was going to have fun finding out. He went into the dorm and knowing he was in room 312, on the third floor he found the elevator and rode up. In the corridor, he walked down it slowly, pulling his luggage along, looking in each open door. The black haired guy in room 302 lying on his bed napping, the red head standing in the door of room 308 talking with a blonde, both nodding and saying hi as he passed and the tall guy, brown unkempt hair wearing just basketball shorts, his long lean torso on full display, he passed in the corridor all captured his eye. At room 312, his room, he found the door closed. He wondered if he should knock, then thought that was daft since it was his room too. He opened the door and eased in finding a guy putting on a t-shirt, arms held up working it over his head. For a moment, he saw the guy’s body, the lean build, the fair skin and sparse underarm hair. When the shirt came down he saw his face. Light brown hair, almost blonde, and a baby face, the guy looked young, boyish. He smiled, flashing his white teeth, not quite perfect with the canine teeth slightly longer than the others. His cheeks dimpled and Ricky fought the urge to stare.

“Hey…you must be Ricky. I’m Ian. I guess we’re roommates this year.”

“Yes” Ricky replied, to both questions.

“Is that all your stuff?”

“No, I’ve got a few more things in the car.”

“Well toss that down and I’ll help you get the rest. I’m starving and don’t want to go alone to eat. You hungry?”

“Yes” Ricky replied. He was hungry, in more ways than one.

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