Another night, another stike out - not that I was surprised. The past 4 weekends I've come here, I've managed to attract not a single eye from anyone. I've been coming to the infamous gay club Angels On Deck in hopes I've founding true love - or at least a sweet hook-up - but to no avail. All the muscular-bodied men would run off with the thinner, feminine men and I would be standing by myself next to the bar once again.

I had my eye on this sexy man in a business suit with the sexiest, thickest Australian accent you could imagine. I offered to buy him a drink. He accepted, thanked me, and then walked off with someone who looked 18. I was days away from my 27th birthday and I was still a hopeless virgin.

With a last tequila shot, I waved down a cab and went back to my apartment. My lone, single apartment. I can't even call it a bachelor pad because that would require frequent sex visits, which I clearly did not have.

I collapsed on my bed in my drunken state and laid with my eyes shut, dying to pass out to unconsciousness.

I must've been laying there for a while because as I was about to fully fall asleep, I heard a faint tap on my door. I chose to ignore it and wait for it to go away but the knock returned several moments later. I groaned and sat upright on my bed. My brother was the only one who would be knocking at this time.

'What do you want?' I called out.

I swung the door open and nearly fell back in shock as I saw who it was. It wasn't my brother. It was a man whom I had never seen before, but the most important part was how absolutely handsome he was. Very short, dark hair with a manscaped dark-haired beard, brown-almost-caramel coloured eyes and the whitest teeth that somewhat reflected off the light being shone down on him. His arms were visibly colossal and his chest looked big enough to support a building.

'Oh,' I mumbled.

'The hot water's out in my apartment and I really need a shower before I go to sleep. Would you mind if I used yours?'

I was in complete awe. Here this sexy, sweaty man was asking me to get naked in my apartment and I didn't know what to say. After a few moments of readjusting myself discreetly, I nodded and stepped back to let him through.

'Thank you for this,' he said, keeping his gaze on me, 'my name's Chuck. Pleasure to meet you.'

'Vaughn,' I mumbled in reply. I took his hand and shook it, the roughness and sheer size of his masculine hand was a turn on enough for me.

I showed him where the shower was and where the fresh towels were and watched him as he disappeared into my bathroom. I could've been imagining things but I'm pretty sure I saw him wink at me before he shut the door.

If I wasn't mistaken also, I'm pretty sure I didn't hear the door lock either.

My heart was racing and my mind was wide awake; I circled around my apartment anxiously, tapping my fingernails on the kitchen counter as I pondered on the current situation. Was his wink some kind of invitation? Did he not lock the door on purpose? Was his shower really out of action? Someone like me had never encountered such experiences so I didn't know what to do.

I heard the shower water beginning to run and I closed my eyes and sighed as I pictured the water running down Chuck's muscular, toned body, the water glistening over his giant pecs and chiselled abs.

I popped a boner thinking abotu his thick buttocks and I knew I had to have him. I had to or I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

I kicked my shoes off and took my shirt off, standing outside the bathroom door with ntohing but my jeans on. I barely breathed as my shaky hand reached for the doorknob and finally settled on it. I looked down at my hand. I couldn't believe I was about to do this. This could be fatal.

I slowly turned the doorknob and gasped when I saw that it wasn't locked. I continued to twist and soon the door quietly swung open, my hand still grasping onto the knob for dear life. I pushed it open a bit further and saw Chuck in his naked glory, his back to me revealing his firm, muscular buttocks and his tree trunk thighs. He was washing his upper back and shoulders with soap but still didn't seem to notice me behind him.

I unbuttoned my pants and quietly pulled them down, my boner already leaking pre-cum. I grabbed it and fondled with my balls for a moment when-

'Took you long enough.'

Chuck turned around and stared straight at me with a smile on his face. My eyes fell down from his face to his dick which was standing erect, facing straight towards me. I stood there motionless as Chuck reached down and began to stroke himself invitingly.

'Take my hand and make my dreams come true,' he said, holding his hand out for me.

Going on a whim, I entered the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I eagerly kicked my pants off and rolled my briefs down, my dick springing to life. Chuck pushed the door open and I hesitated before I stepped in, feeling the warm water cascade down on me. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me against to him forcefully.

Chuck immediately grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine, his tongue immediately invading my mouth, massaging mine with his. I felt limp in his arms and nearly collasped at the severity of the situation. Chuck's hands felt down my back and grabbed onto my butt and squeezed it roughly.

'Touch me,' he whispered.

I eagerly followed his command and let myself feel the man's sexy body, starting from his shoulders and down to his massive pecs where I teased his firm nipples. I squeezed his pecs and moved down to the contours of his abs and then, without hesitation, I grabbed his dick which was just big enough for both of my hands to grab. He let out a soft moan next to me and he soon began to suck at my neck.

I jerked him off a bit, my dick aching for attention. I let one hand go and began to jerk myself as I jerked him. Chuck was busy playing with my nipples and making out with all parts of my body.

'Suck me,' he ordered.

I hurriedly got down on my knees and despite being a beginner, I went down on his thick rod like a hungry animal. I tasted the soapy water around his cock and licked around the thick cut head before going all the way down on his tasty cock. Chuck placed his hands on the back of my head and began to face fuck me, his huge ass tensing as he thrusted into me.

I fondled with his balls with one hand and sucked and jacked with the other, his moans of pleasure urging me to continue pleasuring this sexy man.

Soon I felt his dick quiver and his body tense and soon he shot his load into my mouth in what appeared to be gallons of manjuice. I swallowed it along with the water and the taste, although not over-the-top pleasant, was still quite satisfying.

I looked up at him and he simply smiled down at me, his big arms pulling me up to my feet.

'Take me,' he said.

He turned around and slightly bent over, presenting his thick, muscular ass to me. He reached down and inserted a finger into his ass with ease, prepping himself for me. I looked down at it and licked my lips.

Slowly and carefully, I held my dick and eased it through his anal opening and into him. I went slowly at first and pushed my way in until I was completely engulfed with him. And then I began to pump in and out of him. My balls slapped against his ass as my dick thrusted into him, bringing him and myself to a pleasure I never knew existed.

His warm ass constricted around my dick and I knew I was going to shoot. I gripped onto his shoulder tighter and closed my eyes as I felt that warm sensation in my body. I was going to shoot. I groaned out loud and felt my dick pump its load of sweet, juicy cum out.

I woke up, startled, my chest panting heavily. I looked around my apartment and saw that I was on my bed. I looked down at my crotch and saw an obvious wet patch. It was just a dream. A hot and sexy wet dream.

I sighed and got dressed into fresh clothes and threw the cum-stained underwear and pants into the washbasket. I was rolling a shirt over me when I heard a faint tap on my door, similar to that of my dream Chuck's doorknock.

I glanced at the door and my heart began to race. It was Chuck. I could feel it. My dream man wasn't a dream after all.

I eagerly twisted the doorknob and pulled the door back.

'Vaughn,' my brother Luke said, 'I need some money. Could you lend me $1000?'



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