It was the middle of August when my little Honda civic pulled onto the campus of State University that I chose to go to, I hadn't realized just how expansive that campus was, god it was big.

I got signed in at the Administration building in the Admissions office and was assigned a Dorm Room, It was a temporary room that would be where I stayed if I chose not to pledge into a Frathouse.

I looked over the list of choices of Frathouses, which I knew of and some I had never heard of too.

I knew my High School grades and all were up to par, actually I had recieved a scholarship for half of my four years in State, and I was very happy, yet I was saddened because I knew no one here at the college, and I had to leave my old friends, but as life dictates, you move on, thats part of life, meeting new friends and going on with life.

I went to a couple Frathouses and met with the leaders and some of the guys and several wanted me, but I wasn't too sure they would if they knew I was gay.

After about two weeks of toying with the idea in my mind, I decided to not join, just stay in the Dormitory.

I told them in the Admissions office and then went to start my final unpacking. I had not unpacked my stuff untill I made that decision.

I hadn't taken a shower since I got there and I got a wiff of my underarms, sweaty, and I smelled like the south end of a north bound hog, I really was ripe.

I got some shampoo, soap, tooth brush, and paste, a Towel and wash rag. and headed for the dorm room showers.

I walked in just as someone was shutting off the shower water, and I knew someone was in there.

I stripped naked, wondering who I would see if I went on in. and I walked around the corner and crashed into Trent, we bumped so hard I dropped everything that I was carrying in my hand, and his towel fell from around his waste, I knelt down to grab my things off the floor, and I looked up and was looking straight into his crotch, his cock was about an inch and a half from my lips.

Fuck man, talk about a situation, I truthfully wanted to lean over about two inches further and take Trents awesome looking cut cock into my mouth so bad, I was almost aching. I just looked at its size, its gorgeous pinkish blue head, and its thickness for several minutes, speachless, Trent never moved, I looked up and saw his face looking down at me smiling, 'Hey man, If you want it, just say so, It can be had,' then he giggled, he reached down and lifted me up with his right arm, god Trent was built like a freight train, powerful arms, he was a shot puter on the college Track team, and a line backer on the football team, I had never seen such a well built speciman of a man.

As we stood there looking into each others eyes, I was noticing his cock started to rise up and thicken even more.

I knew how it felt, mine was almost at full mast as I hurried on into the shower.

To be honest I had never had a sexual experience with a guy, but I was wanting to, oh god I was wanting to.

I got my shower and almost cum on myself in that shower while washing my crotch area, I couldn't get my mind off Trents awesome looking cock. I know it had to be close to nine inches of very thick, very hard manmeat.

But I also knew if he didn't swing that way it could have cost me my life if I had tried something. I just needed to let it go and get on with school.

I saw Trent about six or seven times and every time I would see him on campus or in the Dorm hallway, he would smile and wink at me, God he was gorgeous.

Now I wasn't built shabby either, but nothing like Trent, he was a god.

Girls swooned over Trent, other jocks were always standing around talking to him, he was like an untouchable, but for some reason he always made sure to say hi, or speak to me.

I guess it was about a month later when Trent came over to me at the school snack bar, I was getting some chips and a soda and was going to set down at the table and work on a paper I had to do for my Anatomy class. I had chosen a sorta of medical career, actually a pharmacist, but I needed a grade in Human Anatomy Advanced and its ralationship to medical drugs, and their affects on the human body.

I was setting there at the little table working on some notes for this paper and I heard, 'Hey man, is this seat taken?' I looked up and it was Trent, god I felt chills as I looked at his awesome body. Every part of Trent just oozed hot, lusty sexuality, and he was so damn good looking that it was unbelieveable.

'No, No, man please, have a seat, What brings you here on a beautiful day like today?'

'Well to be honest Travis, (my name), you do, I have been wanting to have a private chat with you for several weeks now. Could we go back to the dorm, where its more private?'

'Well yeah, something wrong?'

'well might be, depends on how you see things.'

I was puzzeled at his statement. 'I don't understand Trent, whats up?'

'I'll explain it when we get to the dorm room.'

We got into the dorm room and I was thinking somethings wrong, I opened my room with my key and we went in.'

I was standing there taking off my wind breaker and then my shoes, and slipped on my house slippers.

I turned around and Trent was standing there looking straight into my eyes.

'You remember that first day, when you were kneeling there in front of me in the shower room?'

'Yeah, Im sorry I didn't mean to offend you by that, it was an accident.'

'Why would you be sorry?' He asked, 'I loved it. I got so hard from that I was aching, man, I have never got a boner from another guy before, but I loved it, I had feelings that day that I have never felt before.'

'I guess what Im asking you Travis, is have you ever done anything with a guy, you know sexually before?'

'No not yet, but I want to try it Trent, does that make me bad or something?'

'I don't think so, but I want to try it too, Im very interested in what it was that turned me on so, and if it was something I would enjoy doing.'

'Does that make sense?'

I was starting to shake, don't know if it was nerves or what but I was excited, nervous, and shaking, but I wanted to do what Trent was proposing.

'Trent put his hand out and touched my face, and I felt sexual electricity shooting thru me like wild, I reached over and gently started to stroke his face, as my cock started to inflate, we begant to take each others clothes off, with this look on our faces of pure young unabated lust.

I felt like someone had poured hot lava inside my body I was so hot for Trent. we got down to our underwear, we were both wearing briefs mine was white and Trents were black with those light gray waistband.

My cock was about to burst out of the material that held them prisoner. I was breathing like a man about to pass out from the lack of oxygen.

Trent and I fell on my bed and began to make out like first time lovers and I guess we were.

I felt his hard cock about to break free from its confines, and I slid his briefs off his body and his hard cock flopped out, absolutely phenomional, thick, long and beautiful, picture perfect. I started sucking on his nuts and he groaned with pleasure, ' Aw fuck man, I was right, it feels like nothing I have ever felt before. OH shit! man thats fucking great.'

I was really pouring on the heat as I took his cock into my throat, god it felt awesome, the taste of heaven in my mouth, what an awesome feeling I was having.

It was then I felt something hot and wet on my cock, Trent had gotten into a sixty nine position and taken my cock into his mouth, his teeth was a little bit of a distraction at first, but I told him about them and it stopped then and became total pleasure.

I was fingering his asshole with my hand as we sixty nined each other, to his grunts and vocal approval.

I started really getting into the groove of sucking his awesome cock, taking that lovely head into my throat and I felt him stiffen up and start gasping for breath and moaning as his cock started unloading his mancream deep into my mouth and throat.

I felt like one fantastic guy at that moment. I loved it.

Trent stopped sucking my cock to catch his breath and then started up again, it was fantastic, he was going wild, I started cumming with the force of a hurricane and I filled his mouth with my man sauce, Trent just grunted and swallowed it all.

Well we both layed there and got our composure back.

'Wow, that was more awesome than I ever dreamed it would be.' Trent said.

'I know man, my first time was an unforgettable experience for me too.'

We layed there an hugged and kissed and just loved on each other all afternoon and evening.

I forgot and missed a math class that afternoon, but believe me it was worth it.

About a week later I got his letter from the administration building I had been transferred by personal request, I wasn't sure what that was all about but I went to the office to see, Trent had told them he wanted me to transfer into his dorm room, he needed help and I would be a good tutor, yeah like wow, what would we be taking lessons in anyway, I had a pretty good idea.

I moved into his Dorm room and before the week was out, I had gotten the feel of his hugh cock up my turd tunnel, fuck that was painful at first, but, I got used to it and was really anxious to please Trent, and we took care of each others need, both academically and sexually, I love my Dorm room mate. Trent is just as awesome as his looks, and that fantastic cock of his, I will always need Trent in my life, And I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me.



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