Chapter 4

Chapter 4: And Tyler Makes Three

I’d passed all my classes with flying colors; ecstatic basking in the glow of academic achievement, knowing I’d made the Dean’s List. My mind kept replaying certain events of that first semester, especially what transpired the night before. After weeks living together Ryder and I finally broke the ice giving into our lust for each other, engaging in mind blowing sex after sharing a dorm room filled with sexual tension all semester.

Professor Smyth stood in front of our class in proper suit and tie rambling on, just running down the clock on our last day in class. I thought about my older siblings all off doing their part to keep our country safe, and my parents, the empty nesters, off on a Christmas cruise; but moreover, my thoughts were on my eagerness to spend winter break with Ryder in Colorado engaging in endless sex.

I couldn’t get images of Ryder’s big beautiful cock out of my head. Our libido, uncaged from months of hibernation, spawned a ravenous sexual appetite between us. We couldn’t get enough of each other’s bodies, but there were only so many hours in which to accomplish so much that night. After we turned opposite each other on my dorm room bed I’d been daunted by Ryder’s meaty cock that confronted me. A lengthy thick cock; but moreover, the awesome size of its cockhead intimidated me.

A cockhead so fucking big it barely fit it into my mouth. No way could I get the entirety of Ryder’s hard cock all the way in my mouth, slide down to the base and feel his bush tickle my nose. I kept asking myself how the fuck did porn actors in the videos take those huge cocks shown. How did they deep throat those eight to ten-inch mother fuckers?

Surely, the actors in the videos had tricks up their sleeve or down their throat to accomplish such a feat. I could only imagine that these porn actors used circus performer’s sword swallowing techniques to get these mammoth monsters down their throats, or up their ass. I tried to get Ryder’s cock in my mouth and down my throat, but kept gagging and never could take more than a couple inches. His fat cock and even fatter cockhead filled my mouth to the max.  

As I slouched in my desk chair, daydreaming about sucking Ryder’s cock, paying no attention to the professor’s inane ramblings, my mind kept replaying events from a few hours before. I didn’t believe how fast things materialized between Ryder and me. In a matter of minutes, we went from roommates having an innocuous conversation to sucking each other’s cocks. I looked forward to couple weeks of fun in the snow and a lot hotter sex. 

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my left shoulder returning me to reality along with a familiar voice saying, “Class’s over Rob.”

Looking up I realized the hand and voice belonged to Tyler Giacomo, an older student who sat next row beside me in class, now standing next to me. Near enough to me that I recognized the smell of leather from his black leather pants, vest and boots. With Tyler standing and me still slouching in my desk chair I caught sight of a prominent bulge in the crotch of his tight-fitting leather pants. “Come on let’s go grab a beer to celebrate,” Tyler said.

“Gotta get goin,” I replied, “need to pack for winter break.”

“Bullshit Rob, semester’s over, let’s get a brewski to celebrate passin fuckin English Comp class.”

Somewhat aroused after eyeballing such an appealing well-defined bulge and the fragrance of leather, I began conjuring up a mental image of what Tyler might look like in the buff all bone up. “Let’s do it,” I said grabbing my backpack throwing it in front of my body to conceal my arousal.

The two of us had never been close friends; however, I’d secretly fantasized about the alluring man who sat next to me during class. In fact, on many occasions I’d envisioned us getting jiggy. That leathery fragrance that wafted across the aisle aroused me on many occasions throughout the semester, setting off lustful fantasizes. 

From our initial class icebreaker introductions, I remembered him being an Army veteran attending college on the GI Bill. I followed Tyler to the parking area where he said, “This is my bike. Come on get on, so we can get the fuck outta here to find a place that’ll serve you.”

“Don’t have a helmet.”

Tyler’s tossed me the extra helmet that’d been hanging on his bike. I got on the bike behind him, put my arms around his midsection and we began riding off campus. I fantasized about putting my hands deep inside the waistband of his of his leather garment, finding his splendid cock and begin bringing it to life as we rode.  I had no idea where the fuck we were heading, but Tyler seemed to know. 

Finally, we pulled up in front of a ramshackle building on the south side of campus. Tyler parked his motorcycle among the other bikes. A group of overweight bearded rough looking characters stood around outside smoking. Some nodded others gave high fives or fist bumped with Tyler. Inside, I could tell by appearance, music and smell, this was definitely a biker hangout. 

The bartender waved at us saying, “Afternoon Sarge.”

Tyler flashed the bartender two fingers, sign indicating two beers, and then with his hand on my back of my left shoulder and neck he guided me to a secluded booth in the back. The bartender brought two cold bottles of Alaskan Amber to the table, sitting them down in front of each of us he asked, “So, did you all pass all your classes?”

“Thank God yes. That’s why we’re here Dan,” Tyler said as he paid for the two beers. “By the way this is my classmate Rob. I brought him by, so we can enjoy a beer and celebrate.”

The bartender said, “Nice to meet you Rob,” as we shook hands he asked, “of course, you’re twenty-one, right?”

Before I could answer Tyler spoke saying, “He’s almost twenty-two, looks young for his age, huh.”

I appreciated Tyler speaking up as we began drinking our beers and talking. Talking about nothing but everything that seemed important at the time, finally I asked, “Why’d you invite me to have a beer with you Sarge?”

“Call me Ty....No longer an Army Sergeant…Civilian now, trying to get away from that nickname,” Tyler said. “I don’t have any real friends here at the university. Most of my friends hang out here at the bar; besides, you’ve never given me any shit about being a war veteran like a lot of the liberal shitheads around the university…Always treated me with respect.”

“Military brat…Come from a strong military family,” I said.

The bartender brought two more beers setting them down in front of us. I reached in my pocket, pulled out a ten-dollar bill before Tyler could say anything, paying for the beers. “Ty, thank you for your service…I’m not saying that like a lot folks, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.


“My brother’s an Army First Lieutenant over in Afghanistan, another brother’s PFC doing advance training, and mom and dad suffering empty nest syndrome are off on a special 14-day Caribbean Christmas cruise.”

“Where’s your brother in Afghanistan?”

“Place called Korengal last I heard.”

“Valley of Death…Been there done it…173rd…Hope your brother makes it back from Afghanistan okay,” Tyler said, “Oh, thank you for being my friend this semester Robby.”

I didn’t think I’d been that much of a friend to Tyler throughout the semester, but apparently somewhere somehow along the line I’d made a lasting impression on my classmate and new friend. We continued talking. I put thoughts of Ryder out of my head for the time being. Tyler asked, “You wanna see where I live?”


“Little room out back.”

We picked up our beers walking towards the rear entrance. Outside, a row of four small transient cabins, inside I said, “Damn, I thought I lived in a small ass room.”

“Bed, toilet and shower’s all I need,” Tyler said. “Many times, over the past six years, during my deployments, I had none of that shit. Have a seat while I take a shower.”

While Tyler began removing his clothes I casually glanced around the room. After he removed his vest and pull the black T-shirt over his head, exposing his bare well-defined chest, I became aroused by his upper body even with the scaring. The well-defined pecs with prominent brown nipples caught my attention, thus far a physique that indicated he paid attention to his dark hard body. 

“So, where you from…Before Army days?” I asked, “You know, what’s your heritage?” 

“New Your, upstate…Scottish Italian,” Tyler said, “Why you ask?”

“No reason…You gotta really nice body, very exotic looking.”

“Thanks,” Tyler replied, “try to take care of it.” 

By then Tyler had stripped down to nothing but drawers, underpants reminiscent from Army days. With Tyler’s back to me he dropped his drawers revealing bodacious buns with shallow dimples. Reaching into the shower stall he turned on the water, and then turned facing me while the water warmed. Damn, he had a hot fucking body. I swallowed hard while silently clearing my throat as Tyler turned, disappearing into the shower stall. It was evident something aroused Tyler.

“You know what it means if you tug on it more than a couple times?” I said.

“No jackin off in the shower today, otherwise I’d be in here for a couple hours.”

I laughed at his reply as visions of the two of us squeezing into the small stall, sensually touching each other, began playing out in my head, arousing me. I couldn’t get the sight of his succulent cock, hanging about three maybe four inches over a nice full dark scrotum with a neat patch of black bush at the base, out of my head.


Now, fully aroused my thoughts were on Tyler’s body instead of Ryder’s as I nosed around his room. Wow! The guy was a true war hero, I thought, as I saw his uniforms hanging in the closet. Although a little disappointed from what I’d seen thus far it appeared Ryder had Tyler beat as far as size. Tyler might be a little bigger than me boned up, but was not as big as Ryder’s impressive schlong. My mind again began running amok fantasizing about how and what it’d be like for us to get down to business. 

Suddenly, the water stopped, the white curtain pulled back, revealing Tyler’s wet body before stepping from the shower stall parading his meat in front of me. Confronted with a full-frontal view of Tyler’s body it was evident he’d stroked his cock a couple times in the shower and now flaunted it for me. Toweling his body dry the coy biker made no attempt to conceal his semi-erect manhood now hanging about five inches over his nut sac. His awesome appearing cock beckoned me. 

My mouth began watering at the sight of Tyler’s semi-erect manhood. I wanted to drop to my knees taking his cock into my mouth to get a full taste. Looking at his body I saw a prominent scar on the right side of his midsection as well as a small red devil hanging from a white parachute tattoo off center above his black bush. I ask pointing to the scar, “What happened? Wounded?”

“Yeah, piece of shrapnel from an RPG, Superficial…Nothing serious. Same for the scars on my body, all from the same RPG.”

“The tattoo?”

“508 Parachute Infantry.”

 After answering my questions Tyler pulled on fresh drawers, finished dressing and then sprayed his body with that leathery fragrance. He picked up the small scissors to begin trimming his moustache and black goatee before heading back to the bar. Inside we were finishing off our beers when I asked, “So what’re your plans for winter break?”

“Nothin, work here when Dan calls.”

“What’s your job?”

“I work security of a night. You know, mainly the front door checking IDs and try to make sure no weapons get inside.”

A familiar ringtone went off, Ryder. “Excuse me got to take this call.”

The frown on my face during the conversation telegraphed bad news across the table. I said good-bye and disconnected.

Tyler sat across from me silent for a few seconds. My look conveyed disappointment. He asked, “Is there anything I can do?”

“Not unless you own a private plane that can fly my roommate and me out to Colorado tomorrow.”

“Why’s that?”

“The private plane Ryder’s dad chartered to take us to Colorado tomorrow morning is grounded and the part won’t be available until sometime next week.”

“Sorry to hear…What’s the story?”

“My roommate Ryder Pleasance invited me to his parent’s big compound in Colorado, outside Denver, to two weeks of winter sports among other things.” I wanted to break it down and tell Ty about the “among other things,” but decided to refrain from spilling the beans.

“I think I may know your roommate…If the same guy, he’s about six two with blonde hair.”

“Yep that’s him.” 

“He and I took Philosophy and Stats classes together this semester,” Tyler said, “he’s one hot lookin mutha…The girls really go crazy for him.”

“Real chick magnet,” I replied, thinking his comment about Ryder being hot did not correspond with his rugged outward appearance and biker image.

“Wish I had something like you guys got planned for break lined up, but I guess I’ll stick around and work through the break.”

“Too bad you’re not coming with us,” I said.

“Even though I’m not going, if you don’t mind let me make a couple phone calls, see what I can do to help you guys out.”

I kicked back watching and listening to Tyler do his thing on his phone. After the second call Tyler said, “I think I may have something lined up. My guy’s gonna get back to me in a few.”

The two of us went back to finishing our beer and talking. The bartender came over asking if we wanted another round. I declined, but Tyler requested a cup of black coffee instead. I signaled to double that order. With our coffee in front of us we continued our conversation. “Yeah, I wish you could take advantage of a winter vacation like we got planned.” 

Something inside told me as we exchanged glances their might be more to Tyler than what I was seeing; it appeared there might be sexual tension developing between us. 

Suddenly Tyler’s phone ringtone went off. He answered, after a few seconds, smiling at me he said, “I got you set for takeoff to Denver at 08:00 hours tomorrow, so call your buddy and let him know what’s up, so I can confirm.”

“Do you mind giving me a ride to my dorm room?”

“Hell no…Come on let’s go. I’ll explain things when we get there,” Tyler said.

As we left the bar the bartender said, “Tyler, remember you’re workin tonight.”

“Yep,” Tyler said as we headed out the door to ride off towards campus. Once at the dorm I asked Tyler to come in, meet Ryder and explain things. As we walked towards the room I called Ryder to give him a heads up that we were on the way inside. I wanted to make sure he was dressed and presentable. 

Knocking on the door I went in first with Tyler following. Ryder appeared a little shocked seeing Tyler. I didn’t have to make introductions. The two did the pound hug and fist bump because they already knew each other.

“I got you guys a flight lined up for tomorrow morning,” Tyler said.

“Damn charter aircraft went down a couple hours ago. The crew found the problem while refueling and the fuckin part’s critical, take a few days to deliver. If I’d known sooner and had more time I could’ve gotten us a commercial flight, another charter or rented a car, but this close to Christmas that’d be almost impossible,” Ryder said.

“Understand…Glad to help you all out,” Tyler said. “Friend of mine at airport operations looked around and informed me there’s a private charter jet leaving for Centennial Airporttomorrow morning, close enough?”

“Fuckin outstanding, Centennial’s not that far from parent’s place.” 

“Departure at 08:00 hours, three seats unfilled, because the occupants were forced to beg off. My friend contacted the contractor who charted the aircraft and he’s willing to take you all for damn near nothing to fill seats and defray costs, but he needs and answer ASAP.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ryder said, “confirm it.”

“So, what’re your plans for break Ty?” Ryder asked.

“Nothin spectacular…Nothin like you two got planned,” Tyler said sounding disappointed.

“Do you live on campus or off?” Ryder asked.

“I gotta room behind a bar south of here where I work. Robby’s been there.”

“Really,” Ryder responded, “how’s that?”

“We stopped off to have a couple beers…That’s when Robby got your distress call,” Tyler said.

“Aren’t you goin home for Christmas and New Year’s?” Ryder asked.

“Nope, no home to go home to, just hang around here and work.”

“Really, no parents?” Ryder asked.

“No parents, no wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, not even a cat or dog,” Tyler said. “For six years the Army’s been my family and now that’s gone.”

Ryder and I looked at each other quizzically as if mentally comparing and questioning the next step, the next question. After a few seconds Ryder broke the silence asking, “Ty, why don’t you come with us to my parent’s compound? Spend winter break with us…No parents after Christmas Day, just a bunch of guys getting together for winter break.”

“I’d really like that,” Tyler said, “let me call my friend to confirm the flight for tomorrow morning.”

Tyler made the call and while on the phone he said, “I need your driver’s licenses, passports and second photo IDs, so they can do background checks before confirming.”

With all ID’s out Tyler photographed them using his Smartphone, and then sent the data to the contractor. We began making plans for the morning. Ryder scheduled an Uber to pick us up at five a.m., pickup Tyler, and then drive us to the airport. After a few more details Tyler rode back to his room to pack and make sure he could get the time off. 

Once he departed Ryder and I began talking as we packed about the, what ifs, when we got to his parents compound with our unplanned guest. We assumed Tyler to be straight, being in the Army for six years, and how that might affect our sexual marathon plans, but he’d have fun snowboarding.

My phone went off. Tyler saying, “We’re good to go for tomorrow morning.” 

Before the two of us got into my bed Ryder called his mom explaining that he was bringing another friend along for Christmas. He went on to tell his mom that his friend was an Army veteran, true war hero and classmate who had no place to go for Christmas. Ryder’s mom acknowledged the request to bring Tyler. After the call we jumped into bed where we exchanged blowjobs, then before going to sleep set the alarm for three-thirty, so we could shower, dress and be ready for pick up at five.

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