In part one, Dirk, the virgin gay college graduate student and Seth, the straight dude, graduate student and hot athlete, spent Saturday night in Dirk's dorm room where the intoxicated Seth seduces Dirk and fucks the hell out of Dirk's wet pussy. They are so consumed with lust for each other that they agree that Seth will give up his girlfriend and Dirk will become his bitch.


On Sunday morning Seth and I woke up around 8 AM, we were still horny and we exchanged steamy blowjobs dumping our cum in each other's mouth, showered, went to breakfast and attended Catholic mass. After the mass, Seth went to workout with the college swim team and I went to the library to finish a term paper.

I got back to the dorm around 5 PM waiting for Seth to join me for dinner at the university cafeteria. By 6 PM, he had not shown up causing me to worry. My cell rang at 6:15 PM and it was Seth. As I answered, I knew something was very wrong. Seth was sobbing and could barely talk. I asked: "Seth Babe, what is wrong? You sound so upset."

Between soft sobs, he said: "Baby, I've got terrible news. After mass, I got a call from my girlfriend and she told me she was 8 weeks pregnant and that I was the father as she had only had sex with me. Then my father called and me and in  no uncertain terms instructed me to leave school, come home, marry my girlfriend and begin working at his corporation to provide financially for my new family. I quickly packed up and am now driving home. I'm so sorry to tell you the news over the phone but I could not face you. Dirk, I rally messed up and one night in the heat of passion I fucked her with out any protection and this is the result. She also lied to me and said she was on the pill but now I know she lied because she wanted to get pregnant as she wanted to force me to marry her. I so love you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I now have no choice in the matter. I hope you find an amazing hot dude."

As tears streamed down my face, I responded: "Oh Baby, my heart breaks for you and me but I must accept your decision. You really have no choice. I love you and take care. Maybe some day I'll find a true love."

When we hung up, I flopped down on my bed and began to sob uncontrollably for the longest time. Finally, I took a shower and went out to my favorite pizza place for a late dinner. As I got back to the dorm around 11 PM with blood shot eyes, I ran into Tyson in the hall, the hot wrestler on the university squad. He had the room next to mine in the dorm.

Tyson, a 20-year-old junior wrestler, is a real hunk at 190 pounds as the first string dude at that weight. He noticed my condition and said: "Hey Dirk, what is wrong? You look like you have lost your best friend. Lets talk, come into my room, I'll make some coffee and you can tell me all about it. We've been good friends ever since you moved next door. That is what a good friend is all about."

I really liked Tyson; all the guys called him Ty. I eagerly accepted his invitation as I did not want to be alone.

As we drank coffee, I told him the whole story.

Ty sat down on the bed beside me and put his big strong hands and awesome arms around my shoulders and began to hug me. I placed my head on his huge muscled chest and shed a few tears. His strong voice and incredible stature caused me to feel so safe and warm. He was built like a Greek god but he was as gentle as a baby kitten. He was so kind and very sexy.

TY could have any guy or woman he wanted. I did not know if he was straight, gay or bi-sexual. He had movie star qualities. I'd seen him naked in the gym several times. He stands 6-feet and 2-inches; weighs 190 ribbed and rock hard muscled 190 pounds; the most sexy coal black wavy hair and deep brown eyes; the most rock solid arms with melon sized hard biceps; an awesome smooth hairless dark brown skin or body only with dark underarm hair and pubic hair (he is half American Indian and half Italian making for the most handsome guy); sexy big dimples when he smiles showing those ivory white perfect teeth; high cheekbones; broad shoulders and a very wide neck; and he has a huge fire hose sized 11-inch cock with a mushroom sized cock head and low hanging big brown balls.

All at once he put his big hands on my face and began to press his thick pink juicy lips on my lips and within a few seconds I felt him use his big wide tongue to part my lips as he drove his tongue deep into my mouth. As he began the most arousing sloppy kissing, I felt him use one hand to began rubbing my crotch discovering my now stiff cock. Then lust took over my entire body. He had to be a world champion kisser. I began to use my tongue to battle with his tongue to encourage his coming on to me. Holy fuck, I wanted him to fuck me. Holy shit, how could I fall in love twice within 24-hours? We both were rock hard and ready for action.

Fuck yea, I became totally mesmerized by this hot hunk just as I had done the night before when Seth seduced me with his sexy body, huge cock and gentle spirit. Fuck, I had just fallen head over heals for another hot athlete. Was Ty the guy for me or would I become the campus slut?

After several minutes of sloppy kissing and having Ty stroke my cock through my pants, we stopped and Ty said: "Dirk, I find you so sexy and hot. I have a weakness for blonde guys with blue eye. From the first day you moved into the dorm, I've lusted after you. When I heard you and Seth fucking like two dogs in heat last night, I laid on my bed, got naked and stroked my cock coming all over my chest and face at the same moment I heard you say I'm coming. I could hear all the action through these thin walls. Fuck, I was so jealous of Seth. I hope you don't think I'm a bad guy but I'm glad Seth is gone. Man, I want you so bad. I want us to suck cock and let me fuck that gorgeous bubble ass of yours. Man, you have the most sexy butt I've ever seen. No wonder Seth wanted to fuck you. Lets become fuck buddies. Let me be honest with you, I'm a fucking gay stud who loves a man's ass. I've fucked several of my wrestling teammates in high school in my senior year after we all turned 18. I've also pounded several athlete's pussies here but you make me hornier than any guy I've ever fucked. Man, you have me crazy for that bubble ass. I want you to be my bitch and take my hard cock up that ass ever night."

I grabbed Ty's crotch and felt his throbbing horse cock and said: "Baby, after last night, I think I have to have cock ever night and I want it to be your cock. Fuck, you turn me on even more than Seth. Man, I'm so glad you had me come into your room. Fuck me now, please. You're such a hunk, a man's man, you smell so manly and wow what a body."

We rapidly shed our clothes and Ty took charge of his new bitch which I really liked. He had us lie down on the carpet, get into a 69 position, as we began to lick each other's cock shaft, thrust our tongue in each other's ass crack, finger ass, suck ass, run our tongues up and down those vein covered cock shafts and finally we slid our buddies' cock deep in our throat from the tip to the base of the cock. I felt Ty's coal black pubic hair began to tease my nose as I swallowed his giant sausage over and over. Shit, I was able to deep throat that giant missile making me so proud of my talent to deep throat that horse cock. The feeling of his warm mouth and tongue massaging my aching cock along with his warm breath on my ass had me ready to shoot my load.

Although this was only the second dude to suck my cock, he was the champion far exceeding Seth's attempt at sucking my dick. Nothing could take the place of Ty's experience of sucking all those jock's big athletic cocks. Man, I wondered how many cocks had he shoved in his sexy mouth. The pure ecstasy of Ty's sensuous use of his tongue and lips to suck my cock caused me to forget about Seth and lust after Ty's manhandling of my body. He knew how to give a hard rough mind blowing hot blowjob. My cock had never been harder or more throbbing. Man, what a master cock sucker.

We rimmed ass, sucked cock, fingered ass and spewed salvia drenching those cocks and asses. I was dizzy from the awesome smell of rich odors coming from Ty's big cock and huge brown puckering ass. We both were lapping up that leaking pre-cum and eating it as if it was ice cream.

As we got close to the edge and hornier than a whore fucking an entire football team, Ty took charge again. He placed me on the bed on my stomach, spread my legs, placed a small pillow under my crotch, poured gobs of scented lube on and in my ass, lubed his blood filled cock and I felt his twitching cock began to rub up and down my ass crack and even up the middle of my spine. I began to lift my ass and legs up to meet that throbbing leaking cock and begged: "OH FUCK TY, please stop teasing me and fuck my ass. I want to be your bitch."

With that invitation, I felt that monstrous cock press hard against my sphincter, break my ass open and I heard a loud pop as Ty drove his missile all the way into my inexperienced ass until his warm balls were flopping against my ass. Holy shit, I'd taken that whole 11-inches. I was so proud. As he began to speed up driving that horse cock deep into my ass, I felt that huge tool had stuffed my entire ass. The feel of his pulsating dick against my ass walls, rubbing across my prostate, his pre-cum wetting my ass and his hard rough thrust of that big object deep inside me, I began to yell with pure delight.

"Oh Baby, fuck me, fuck me, yea that is it, don't stop, fuck me all night. Fuck, that cock is so big."

My begging so turned on Ty with an animal lust that he plunked his huge body frame down on my back and fucked me harder and harder as he licked my neck. I turned my face around so he could kiss me. My face became covered with his salvia while my ass was getting pounded with that 11-inches. His warm and sweaty body on top of me caused my stone hard cock to twitch and throb.

Then Ty gave me a huge surprise from his growing lust and desires for me. He got off of me, pulled me off the bed and took me up in his hard wrestling developed arms facing him. I placed my crossed feet around his lower back, placed my arms around his neck and Ty put his hard hands on my butt. He pushed my ass forward as I felt his diamond hard cock drive deep in my ass. Holy shit, he fucked me while holding me in his arms as my hard cock pressed against his stomach leaking pre-cum. He fucked me rough, kissed me rough and spit on my face. His cock explored every inch of my ass as our bodies were totally entangled with sweat pouring off our bodies as I'm sure it did during his wrestling  matches.

We moaned and grunted from the pure pleasure of the fuck and warm bodies touching. Ty began to breath rapidly and he gave my ass one more violent thrust with his rock hard cock releasing a volcanic load of his seed deep in my ass. The feel of his hot sticky cum filling my ass caused me to shoot my huge load on his chest.

When spent, he lowered my body back on the bed, he laid down on top of me and we kissed as my cum began to dry on our bodies. Finally, he lay down beside me and he put his arms around me as we fell asleep.

The next day I began to wonder would Ty really become my lover and I his nightly bitch? I so hoped so. But for sure I knew I had to have a cock up my ass ever night. Would that be Ty's big cock? Would he want me to be his solo bitch or would he want to share me with all those sexy hot campus jocks with a great variety of cocks? Would he want to have an orgy from time to time with the jocks and me?


Naughty Eric


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