Two months ago I began my first year of graduate school at a university in the South. My major is political science. The first week of the semester I met Seth who is also a first year graduate student majoring in computer science. We both are pursuing a master's degree. We each have a private single dorm room in the same complex.

We became fast friends usually having dinner together at one of the university cafeterias. We play on the same volleyball team representing the graduate students in the campus intramural sports competing against the undergraduate male students from the dorms and fraternities. 

Two weeks ago Seth and I had a grueling set of exams and papers with deadlines that week so Saturday evening we decided to unwind at a local popular bar near the university. Needless to say we had several beers. As we walked back to the dorm, Seth suggested: "Hey Dirk buddy, you have two beds in your dorm room. Do you mind if I crash for the night in your room?"

"Seth, I'd like that and we can get up early, go to breakfast and then make the 11 AM Catholic mass."

I guess I could say that I was very curious about the gay life style but not sure about my sexual identity or preference. But I did not discuss my curiosity with Seth because I knew he was 100 per cent straight and that he had a girl friend back in his hometown. He got back to see her about every four weeks on the weekend. I knew he was fucking her and they had been together for four years.

After Seth got some fresh clothes from his room, he joined me in my room.

After a long day on Saturday of playing volleyball and all those smells on our clothes from the smoky bar, we decided to take a shower before turning in for the night. I invited Seth to shower first. As he stripped off all his clothes in front of me, wow my cock started to stiffen. It was at that moment that I knew I was a fucking gay guy. Seth had a swimmer's body as he had competed on his college swim team for four years as an undergraduate and now was the graduate assistant for the university men's swimming coach.

Although Seth was not a gorgeous magazine model type, yet he was very sexy standing 6-feet and 3-inches tall, weighed a slim smooth 175 pounds, an almost hairless light skinned body, well-groomed brown hair and sexy brown eyes and holy shit he had a monstrous cock that somewhat looked like an elephant's dick. It was really long with a huge thick shaft, as well as very big low hanging balls. He was a real hunk as to his crotch.

I sat on my bed as he showered knowing that there was no way he would satisfy my cravings for him because he was 100 per cent straight with a fucking female bitch that satisfied his cock and drained him of all that creme in his balls. I stripped naked, got ready to shower and put on a robe so when Seth got out of the shower he would not see my stone hard cock as it came my turn to shower.

When I finished showering, I put on a pair of boxer shorts before coming back into the room. Oh my god, there was Seth totally naked. He had pulled off the bed covers on the bed he was going to sleep in, he was lying on his stomach with a pillow under his crotch, he was going wild humping and fucking that pillow with his hot butt bucking up and down as if that pillow was his girlfriend's pussy. Seth did not care that I had caught him fucking the pillow, as  he continued  to hump that pillow while smiling at me.I rushed to get under the covers in my bed across the room from where he was fucking so he would not see my stone hard 7-inch dick. I must add that I'm a very shy guy when it comes to the issue of sex.

I thought I must be dreaming about this hot scene when Seth looked over at me with that seductive smile and said: "Well Dirk, does my fucking this pillow turn you on? I've noticed tonight that you can not take your eyes off my big cock. Does my 9-inch cock get you hot? You're gay aren't you? Yea, you failed to hide that hard on from me."

"Oh Seth, am I that obvious? I respect that you are straight with a hot girlfriend. I did not want to offend you."

I was in shock and I could not manage any other comments other than to utter weird incomprehensible sounds.

Seth continued: "OK Buddy, you're shocked aren't you? Well, I'm straight but for the first time in my life a guy makes me crave him----and that is you Buddy. You make me want to come over there and hold you while I stroke that hard cock of yours. Look at you: you are a handsome 5' and 10" tall doll, rock hard solid muscled slim almost hairless body weighing about 155 pounds, gorgeous blonde curly hair, deep blue eyes and yea I noticed that very slick smooth 7-incher in your crotch. I've always liked blonde girls and now there you are such a hot blonde. Can I come over and get under the covers with you?"

This had to be the greatest moment of my young life with my cock totally out of control pulsating and bobbing up and down and consumed with lust for Seth I said: "OH YEA SETH, please get over here and get in bed with me."

Oh my god, as Seth walked across the room to get in bed with me, his nine-inch huge thick cock  stood straight out and was dripping pre-cum on the floor. I knew he had stained that pillow with the pre-cum. I wanted to shoot my load at that moment as I watched his big cock get closer and closer to me. Oh how I wanted him to use that big cock to fuck my virgin ass. Could I take that monster?

Once Seth was under the covers with me, I felt our clean warm bodies touch as we faced each other and our breaths blew warm air on our faces. The touch of his body and his breathing on my face had my whole body shivering and goose bumps ran up my spine. I'd never been hornier. Then I felt Seth take hold of my throbbing leaking cock and he began to stroke it. This gave me the courage to reach over, grab his giant sausage and I started to jerk him off as his pre-cum wet my fingers. The touch of his velvet big missile and the smell of cum had my heart thumping.

Seth took charge of what was becoming his bitch at least for the evening. As we faced each other and continued to jerk each other off, Seth brought his sexy thick red lips up to my face and he pressed those sexy lips hard on my lips. Within seconds, he used his long tongue to part my lips and I felt him drive his tongue deep into my throat. We began a long series of sloppy French kisses. Soon we were producing gobs of salvia as we went wild with the most intense sloppy devouring of each other's mouth with our battling tongues for position. His breath was so sweet and the taste of his tongue drove me wild for him. We jerked cock and kissed for some ten minutes as our lust grew.

Next he moved down under the covers, located my hard cock, and holy shit I felt his lips circle my purple cock head and he began to suck hard on my cock. I began to moan and grunt encouraging the blowjob. Before long, he began to use his wet tongue to lick my cock shaft up and down as I bucked my hips to meet his tongue on my cock. Finally, he took my entire dick from the tip down to the base with his chin rubbing against my hard balls while I felt his breath and nose deep in my pubic hair. Fuck he then began to use a couple of fingers to open my ass as he continued the hot blowjob. He was obviously preparing my ass for his horse cock. I was about to get fucked by a cock for the first time. I really began to get so aroused with chills all over my body. I could not believe what was happening. Man I was ready to burst a load.

I felt such intense pleasure that I thought I might pass out. I began to buck my hips and beg: "Oh my god, Seth, Fuck yea, fuck yea, oh holy shit that feels so good. How does my cock taste? Do you like my cock in your mouth? Can you taste my pre-cum? Suck my cock, suck my cock and yea put those fucking fingers up my ass. Ohhhhh, Mmmmmmm. Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk that is so good. Oh, I'm so horny, yea I'm going to be a fucking gay slut after tonight. Man, to have a straight stud like you end my virginity is so awesome."

"Oh shit Dirk, I love the taste of your cock and cum. Yea you smell so good. Man I want to fuck you."

My begging him must have really turned Seth on as he threw off all the covers and once again moved up and gave me more wild kisses as I felt his rock hard cock drive into my abs wetting them with his leaking cock.

Then came the big question: "Dirk Baby, I've never been so turned on before, am I becoming bi-sexual or even gay? I love the taste of your cock and the feel of that hot tight ass. Can I lick your ass and fuck that pussy of yours?"

I just about shot my load at that moment as I replied: "Fuck yea, fuck me, please eat my ass and drive that giant sausage deep in my ass. Will it hurt?"

"Dirk Baby, yea it will really hurt at the beginning and especially since it is your first time. My girlfriend could not take all my huge cock the first few times. She was in big pain. Just relax and breath slowly. I'll be very gentle."

Seth pulled my legs and feet up on my chest as I laid on my back opening my ass for a direct path to my asshole for his cock as my pussy was perched up in the air for him. I was so nervous but I'd never been more excited and eager to get my virgin ass fucked. I felt him began to use his tongue and lips to lick up and down my ass crack, drive his long tongue into my ass entrance and he went wild sucking on my ass. The feel was so awesome and I again felt every nerve in my body began to feel his tongue on my ass. I wanted to scream with pure pleasure. After some five incredible minutes getting my ass rimmed, I wanted his cock so bad up my ass.

Then it happened. Seth got down on his knees on the bed in front of my puckering pulsating ass. He directed his huge cock head to the opening of my ass. He failed to pentrate my ass three times. He pulled back and realized he needed lube but we did not have any so he began to produce gobs of salvia that he spit into my ass. Then he had me produce lots of spit in his hand that he used on my ass and on his cock. He drove that spit inside my pussy and got ready to drive that salvia covered missile inside me. Soon I felt his huge cock began to go inch by inch inside my pussy. I'd never felt more pain in my ass. Shit it hurt so bad but Seth just kept driving that tool deeper and deeper as he encouraged me to relax and use slow breaths until I felt the pain to go away followed with pure lust and pleasure as he began to speed up fucking my ass. He drove his cock all the way in and partially out as he fucked me rough , as I begged for more of that cock.

The lust Seth felt from his big cock exploring every inch of his first man's ass had him wild with lust and wanting a rough fuck. Soon he was pounding my ass harder and harder using his entire 6' 3" frame to drive that dick all the way up my ass chute. I began to yell with uncontrollable pleasure wanting him to fuck me all night. To mute my yelling that he was afraid could be heard in the joining dorm rooms, he bent down and began to give me hot kissses driving his tongue in my throat as he continued to fuck my pussy as we kissed. I could then only let out a weak moan. Every muscle in my body became tense with the awesome feel of his cock up my ass. He was exploring every inch of my soft wet ass and pounding my prostate with hsi hard cock head.

After some ten minutes of the first cock that had fucked my ass, I felt Seth's cock head swell, his breathing became rapid and he stopped kissing me. He grunted and whispered: "Oh hell, I'm going to come. Do you want me to come inside you?"

I answered quickly: "Hell yea, blast that thick white cum inside my pussy. Give me your ropey thick semen now." 

At that very moment, I felt blast after blast of his huge load deep in my ass. When he was finally spent, he pulled out leaving a massive pool of cum in my ass. He brought his cum covered cock up to my lips and I sucked that tool dry enjoying that resdue of cum.

Seth was so thoughtful knowing I needed to get my nuts off. He went down on my rock hard cock, took it deep in his throat, used his throat muscles to grip my cock and after no more than 30 seconds, I dumped a huge load of my semen deep in his mouth as he swallowed most of it. He kissed me so we both got the taste of cum.

Then with his sexy eyes looking deep into my eyes Seth said: Baby, no woman's pussy ever felt that good with my cock in their pussy. Your tight ass gripped my cock and the feel of your ass walls rubbing against my stone hard cock were beyond words in pleasure. Man, I've just discovered that a man's ass is made for another man's cock. I could never get enough of your tight ass. Man, this was the best fuck of my life."

"Oh Seth Baby, you can have my ass anytime you want it. I too was beyond pleasure feeling a man's cock up my ass. I guess I'm a bottom bitch. I'm yours now."

We spent the rest of the night sleeping in my bed with the cum covered stained sheets as this cum drained out of my ass.

We agreed that my ass would take his cock anytime he wanted it. I was going to be his bitch when he was horny. It was obvious that Seth would not be going home except for the holiday. He had found his pussy on campus and that was my ass, his new bitch.


Naughty Eric


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