Donnie invited me over to work on his term paper. I'm not a major brainiac, but I know how to take notes and it's easier to study notes. Donnie has horrible writing, and he takes shit notes. I knocked on the door, and he answered, shirtless. He's a couple inches taller than me, and is on the JV football team. He should be a linebacker in the nfl, except he's really lean. His curly dark hair was wet and pushed back by an underarmour sweatband. Sweat covered his face, and down his neck and chest. 

He smiled as he opened the door, leaning back, and motioning me into his dorm. His roommate worked full time, in between classes, doing odd jobs. They had a good layout, with their bunks stacked on the short wall, utilizing one of the closet cutouts, and had installed a clothes bar across the other wall, over their tv and ps3. Donnie had a rollout mat in the middle of the floor, with a folding bench and dumbbells on the floor. Clearly, his workouts were paying off. I felt my dick harden in my jeans, as I walked by him, inhaling his sweat and musk. He closed and locked the door behind me, as I sat on the lower bunk. "That's...actually Chad's bunk. But here." He slid the bench over toward the desk at the edge of the entertainment area. His mac book was already on, and his itunes were paused on Taylor Swift. I cocked my head, and gave him a look like, "dude, seriously?" He laughed, and closed his computer. "Ok, if you're going to judge, we're not going to study." "I wasn't judging, you just don't seem like the kind of guy to..." "Listen to TBreezy?" 

We both busted out laughing, and he turned toward his clothes rack, grabbing a towel to wipe himself off with.He told me about a new workout he was developing, and trying to pitch for a video term project. He casually stripped down, while he talked, and toweled off his sweaty, hairy crotch. His flaccid dick swinging around, loosely. I tried not to look, although I think he knew that I knew that he wanted me to look. I started to get my computer out, and start it up, while he stood, naked, talking about something else now...what was it? Oh yeah, ordering pizza whle we studied. I was fumbling with my ipad, to pull up my notes, and he was still talking...naked... 

 "So ready to go?" "Wait, what?" "Shower." "I'm...not sweaty." "You said you would go with me." "what?" "Ha..awkward. Ok, well maybe I'll shower, and come back?" "Ok...yeah, if you want. Or I can leave and we can do it later." "No, no, no...I'll just stay. If you don't mind my stinky ass." I giggled. "No, I don't mind." He winked at me, and sat on his mat, crossing his legs. From my point of view, I could only see his flexing chest and hairy abs, and thick bush of pubes. It was so enticing...erotic...and I was getting harder. I cleared my throat, while I pulled up my notes. " what age to child psychologists predict.." "Wait. Are we really going to talk about this?" I looked over at him. and he had a smirk on his face. "Isn't that why I'm here?" "My paper is already done. I thought we could..." He cupped himself with his right hand, pushing his shaft and balls up, in plain view. His shaft was thicker than it was a moment ago. 

 "I've noticed you checking me out dude." He let go, scooting up, onto his knees. He crossed his arms, raising his shoulders a little, with a smile. I looked down, and he was getting hard, right before my eyes. Almost literally. "Go ahead, take it all in. I want you to." I stared at his dick. His caramel skin was glowing, and the shaft of his dick was a little darker than the rest of his body, but got lighter as it hardened. It slowly rose, while his balls raised, to the sides of the base of the shaft. His shiny black pubes were curled in tendrals, and faded the higher they went. His abs were flexing, while he balanced himself on his knees. I saw the little dark hairs up his naval, They were short and curly. He dropped his arms and leaned back, on his heels, his hands resting on his thighs. 

 His dick was starting to point straight up, and I could see straight down his tightly raised balls, to the little bulge of muscle beneath his balls, to the dark, and hairy crevice between his bulging ass cheeks. He giggled while I squirmed on the bench. "I think you know what I want." He pointed toward his dick. I slid off the bench, and knelt before him. "I...can do that for you, but..." "Dude, I'll take care of you, trust me." I leaned forward, taking hold of his shaft. It felt oily, and soft on teh surface, and as I tightened my grip, I felt the hardness beneath the oily, soft surface. He closed his eyes, as his lips parted. I felt him flex his dick beneath my grip, completely forcing my grip to loosen. I was so turned on.I stroked him for a few minutes, while I studied his rising and falling balls. He started to breath a little heavier, and I felt him falling back. He suddenly jerked, while he stopped himself from falling back, and I let go of his shaft. 

"Sorry, damn it feels great!" He adjusted himself, and lay back on the mat, rolling his towel behind his head. I took hold of his dick again, and started to stroke him up and down. I used my other hand to rub in between his balls, along the bristly, hairy trail. He was starting to dribble pre cum out of the head, and it slowly ran down, over my hand, coating the inner ring of my fist. I jerked him a little more, and then brought my other hand up from his taint, to wipe the pre cum all over his head. I used my palm every few strokes, to swirl over the tip of his head.He would thrust at the hips, and moan a little when I used my palm, but his eyes stayed closed almost the entire time. He suddenly grabbed my wrist, and tilted his head up. 

"Dude, I'm gonna cum. Fuck." I stopped, "Want me to keep going? Or..." "Yeah, fuck. You're great." He winked at me, and rested his head back against the mat, closing his eyes. I stroked him slowly, and deliberately, watching as his balls rose higher, and tighter against his shaft. I made a ring with my free hand, and clamped tightly, but softly around his balls, pushing them down, away from his dick. He moaned, thrusting more rapidly, and making slick noises while his shaft slipped through my pre cum - lubed fist. Suddenly, he let out a grunt, and his face pinched, as he started shooting his load out across his abs. It wasn't a lot of cum, but it was pretty thick. I saw all his muscles clench, and tense, while he curled his toes, and gritted his teeth. "Ah fuck!"He didn't shoot much, but his dick throbbed crazy in my fist. I let go, to watch it jerk up and down on its own, while his lower abs flexed, moving his dark bush up and down. It looked crazy, and funny but sexy. He was really into his orgasm. 

I just about busted in my jeans, just watching him get off. He was all sweaty, and shiny, and muscular. I got up, and sat back on the bench, waiting for Donnie to calm down. He was moaning, and had his palms pressed against his thighs, while his dick flexed up and down. He turned his head to the side, and kept his eyes closed, while he got his breathing under control. In a few minutes, I had my bag packed, and Donnie was running his hands up and down his torso. "Dude, that was...the best. I needed that, for real." "I'm glad I could help." "Do you have to leave though? I can help you out if you want?" He winked, as he sat up, crossing his legs. I smelled cum in the air, mixed with his musky sweat. It was so arousing, I wanted to go to the showers, and jerk one out under the hot streams. I couldn't wait to get alone. "It's ok. Maybe next time?" He smiled a full toothy smile. Damn. 

He stood up as I I got up off the bench. He walked toward me, and lightly hugged me, not wanting to mess up my shirt. I felt his dick poke my crotch, and he jumped back. "Shit, guess I'm still hard as fuck." He laughed, and stroked his dick a couple times, as he followed me to the door. I turned to say something, and he leaned in for a quick kiss on my lips. It was sweaty, and warm. I wanted more, but I wasn't sure where this was going to go."Facetime me in the morning when you wake up ok? We'll make this happen again, promise promise." "Ok Donnie, later." 

He slapped my ass while I walked out, and I smirked, as I walked down the hall. I got to the end, and as I opened the door, Chad walked by. "Hey man, seeing Donnie?" "Yeah, we were studying." "Is he workin out again? That dude's a beast." "Yeah, he was." I felt my face getting warm, and I turned to leave. "Later man." "You too." I texted Donnie that he was about to have company, as I walked down the stairs. "Fuck, I made a mess, lol" he replied. I walked across the commons, with a full erection in my skinny jeans, and couldn't wait to take care of it when I got back.


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