I remember the day like it was yesterday, I had a friend over for the day, he was planing to spend the night. I had known for several years that I had this insatiable desire to see guys dicks, and I wanted to feel them, play with them, and enjoy them. No matter how hard I tried to get away from my inner personal desires, I found it was not a happening thing, I had had desires for guys and their cocks for several years, actually, since I could remember. I used to spy on my uncles, at the farm, and watch them when they bathed in the barn with the hot water hose and I would see their cocks and I'd get stiffies, and rub it untill it tickeled so bad I couldn't stand to touch it.

Well my little friend, Charlie, and I were in the tool shed in back, and I had his pants down to his ankles and I had his cock in my mouth sucking like a crazy man, I was loving the taste and the velvety feel of his cock in my mouth, Charlie was breathing really heavy and I was so friggen happy that I was making him enjoy what I was doing, I wasn't paying attention to the shed door. Charlie kinda said hey Tim, I'm gonna start squirting, I grunted an approval, damn I knew I wanted to taste someone elses cum, I had always liked to eat my own, and then Charlies cock started pumping a load of boy cream into my mouth and I knew right then and there that I was going to be doing a lot of this, I smiled at Charlie and looked up I had my cock in my hand jerking off as I sucked Charlie, and Charlie was still naked from the waist down. I opened my eyes and there at the door of the tool shed was my father, I was shocked and, All my Dad said was, 'Well Mother Fucker I have raised a God Damned Faggot' He came over and yelled at Charlie to get his ass home and told me that we would find a Doctor who could get this shit 'Straightened out in me'.

My Father raved and ranted for a month, about where did he go wrong, and If he had known he could have changed things, He even wondered it I had inherited it from my mothers side of the Family, there was no one from his side that was ever a 'fucking faggot'. You know, all the usual blame laying bullshit.

Well First off, let me tell you something about the way things were in my life. My Father was a general Foreman, More of a superintendent, for this huge construction company, it had offices based in several states. He was regional manager of several crews and He based his part of his job at the office we had in our house.

By the time I was seventeen I was already aware I was totally and irreversably 'Gay'.

And I had been seeing a phychologist and doing the preliminary questionaire, filling out paperwork, answering stupid questions like Do you masturbate? Do you like the feel of another mans penis? are your nipples sensative? just downright stupid questions. The one I liked best was which do you preferre 'oral or anal sex' with a man? I answered 'Both at the same time: one in each end. LOL.

I for some reason had developed this animal sexual magnatism, and It was so friggen easy for me to get a guy in the sack, I had even developed my technique so finely that I could get married, straight men to the place where they would let me suck them off. I was enjoying the hell out of it, and this part my Father never did find out about.

I remember, the young Psychologist, Dr. David Strong, He was about six foot tall, handsome as fuck, I noticed a wedding ring on his hand and He had the most gorgeous looking face on a man, His eyes were deep blue, his hair was sorta medium brown, close cropped longer than miliatary, but not long, he had a beautiful complexion, and as soon as I saw him I was intent on having him before I was thru.

I remember the first day under his treatment program, I was setting in a chair in his office, the door opened and he came in, and walked over, and looked at me and smiled, and he said, Hi, you must be Tim Wilson? I said yes, and you are Dr. David Strong, He said yes, Then he said now lets see here, as he opened my file, He said I want to ask you some questions Tim, I want you to be honest and frank, Nothing you can say will shock me, tell me the truth and give me the intimate details. I said sure, I'm probably not gonna say anything you haven't heard before, he said Im sure not.

He began to ask me about how did I feel about mens bodys in general, and sexually, and he leaned back and put his hands around behing his head, God I was getting excited looking at him, he had this beautiful long sleeved blue shirt on, a nice tie, and dark blue dress slacks and a black belt with a silver buckle, he had loafers on and his wedding ring sparkled with a diamond in it. He was effin gorgeous, I noticed the outline of a nice cock laying down his leg next to his zipper in his trousers.

I started by telling him about when I first noticed guys cocks, and how I would get a boner watching my Uncles take showers and I have always wanted to touch the guys dicks, He said, Tim, I want you to tell me In detail what you liked to do with guys, you know what do you do when having sex with a guy? I started to say, Well Dr. and he said wait one minute, I want you to relax and lay down on this couch, I layed down on his couch and he set on a little hassock thing next to me with his pad and pencil.

I was laying there and saying Well Dr. I see a guy that I want to get sexual with, well sorta like you for instance, He smiled and swallowed, and I said, then I come up to them if I feel comfortable with them, and I first take their tie off, and I looked up and reached up and undid The Drs. tie and slid it off,he just looked at me sorta dreamy like, then I unbuttoned his shirt, like this, He was just kinda looking at me kinda longling, and said then what? almost studdering as he spoke, I said, Then I take their shoes off and I took his shoes off and he was talking funny, like he was having trouble breathing, I said then I might kiss him, I leaned up to the Drs face and kissed him on his lips, he closed his eyes, layed down his pencil and pad, and I had my hand around behind his head, and pulled him into my mouth, and he was tongue kissing me and wimpering and saying damn, man, Im suppose to, I mean we are suppose to, I meant to say, I want to, and he stopped trying to talk and just went Ughm, and started kissing me feverishly, at that time I knew I had him, I slid my hand up against his cock bulge which by now was like a rock, and sticking out hard and long. His cock felt like it was about eight inches, He just groaned and said, and this is how you do it, and kept kissing me.

I reached over then and undid his belt buckle, and opened his trousers, I reached in and pulled out a gorgeous circumsized cock, God it was gorgeous, I noticed its beautiful pinkish purple head, swollen and hard, Its scar dark, I noticed the color change from the tannish shaft, to the scar, and then to the pinkish to the head, and the veins running its length hard and thick, and I started stroking and He just went weak in my hands and I leaned over and started slowly licking his shaft and smelling his freshly bathed awesome smelling cock and balls, clean and beautiful, He just let me do my thing, and within an hour after going in for my 'straight Treatment' I had undressed the young Dr. and give him a full length cum blasting blowjob, and He loved it, and did his cum ever taste good. When I finished sucking the last drop of cum from his cock he looked at me and said 'so That is what you do when you have sex with another man?' I said, 'orsomething similar' he smiled and said, 'well, that will be all for today', I want you back for another session next week, is Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 fine, I have left an hour open, I said fine, Dr, See you next Tuesday, I smiled and winked and threw the Dr. a Kiss.

I took his 'treatments' for at least eight months almost weekly, the treatments usually consisted of me either sucking him off, or getting his gorgeous cock in my ass, which I also love with a passion, I even got to bust the good Drs. Ass Cherry with my seven Inch Cock, and he liked that too, But one thing for sure, He knew what gay sex was, first hand, after those treatments.

Time went on and Now five years later, I am still the same ole me, Loving cock and getting fucked like a maniac.

Well My Father was so friggen pleased that I had taken all my treatments like a proper little good boy, I guess He thought I was straightened out, He never did know that I had beed having sex with my pyschologist like a friggen madman.

I was now twenty two years old, working as my Fathers assistant, and I worked out of the home office.

Mom was away in California, visiting a sick Sister. I was home by myself, Dad had gone to one of the other work sites that he was superintendent of, and he wouldn't be back for at least two days, I was here with a folder, holding the payroll for the site across town, It was my place to get it to them on Fridays.

I was setting at the table in just my sleeping shorts, and the doorbell rings, Its Todd, one of Dads Site Foremen, I said Hey Todd, come on in, I was just having some coffee, I said have a cup? he said sure man, that sounds good, he said I come to pick up the payroll for the men at the site. I said, 'I have them right here in this manilla envelope', He said, 'Great'.

Todd took the envelope and I checked with him to see if all the guys checks were there, they were.

I couldn't help but notice Todd was wearing a flannel shirt, with the sleeves cut out, and Blue Denim jeans.

He had steel toed boots on, and He had these jeans that were sorta faded, especially where his cock layed down besides his zipper, I just stared and said hows every thing down at the site going, he said, man for the first time in a long time, we are ahead of schedule, I said, hey man thats awesome, Dad will be pleased with you, Then Todd looked at me and said I was hoping, from the way you were staring at the bulge in my crotch, that you were pleased with me too. I just smiled, and said Todd, I have had my eyes on you for a long time. He said, And I have had my eyes on you too. I said well then, what shall we do about that?

I realized that Todd was almost fifteen years older that I was, but god man, he was built, and fucking hot looking, I started licking My lips, and My mouth was watering, and Todd just stood there waiting on me to make a move, I stood up and walked over to him and unbuttoned his shirt. Fuck me, his chest was covered with the most beautiful covering of dark hair and it went into his trousers, I reached down after rubbing his hairy chest, centering on his nipples and I noticed his bulge had thickened up and gotten longer, man it looked like a peice of radiator hose, the big one. I was rubbing up and down the length of his cock and could feel the heat from it and it was pulsing in my hand under the material of his jeans.

Todd grabbed me and started sticking his tongue into my mouth and held me up close like a real man, god he was like a friggen Grizzley Bear, he was so powerful, I wanted his body, his cock, his tongue, I was acting like a female animal in heat, I wanted him so fucking bad, I couldn't keep my hands off him.

He said Tim, Lets go to your bedroom, I said that sounds great. Well went back to my room and Immediately He started shedding his clothes, God he was gorgeous, I was in pure Lust with him, I stripped my sleeping shorts off and when he pulled his briefs off, I saw an uncut thick, heavy slab of meat hanging between his legs, damn he was big, I said man Todd, your huge, he smiled and said Tim, its all yours, and we got up on the bed and I took his cock into my mouth as far as I could, about half way, He must have been almost ten inches and so friggen thick it was unreal, I could taste the taste of that awesome uncut meat in my mouth, I loved it, the pre-cum on my tongue was delicious tasting, his nuts were perfectly matched with his huge cock and his hairy body was just awesome he was holding the back of my head as I sucked his gorgeous big cock, Man I was in heaven, He pulled my ass up to him and he pulled my up ontop of his body and he started to eat my ass out, fuck I like to lost it, I was fucking loving it with a passion with a capitol P.

Todd knew what he was doing he was sticking his tongue into my turd tunnel and licking and sticking his fingers in, and after about ten minutes of me sucking his cock and him sticking his first four fingers into my asshole, loosening me up, He said I want that ass Tim, I said o.k. but damn man, Please take it easy on my rectum man, my god your cock is huge.

I got up on all fours, he lubed me up really good, and then his cock, and He pulled his foreskin back and I felt the heat from the head of his huge cock at the entrance of my anal opening, I felt it as he shoved his cock forward and the head went in, opening me up to a painfull experience, but he was so fucking gentle, he just kept a gently pressure up untill his whole cock was balls deep into my intestines, God was I ever full, His cock began to feel awesome the pain had left, and I could feel each time as the bell rim of his cockhead slid over my prostate, for the first time was I fully enjoying the feeling of a cock up my ass, and it was the biggest I had ever had. Todd just layed into me, and said baby I'm gonna show you what a mans all about, and he started fucking me, God did he fuck me, He was taking full length strokes and burying that cock into my ass every stroke in and then he would take it completely out and then stick it back into my ass, I was loving this, and then I knew by the sound of his breathing, and his actions, he was getting more intense, more agressive and more powerful with each stroke and then he started jamming it faster and faster, and He said Oh Fuck Tim, and shoved it to the hilt and I felt the warmth of his cum, as it filled me, I felt the pumping action of his cock and I felt his man love, I shoved my ass back up to Todd's body and started milking his cock with my ass muscle, He just layed over and grunted and I shot my load over my stomach.

This was the most intense climax I had ever had.

Well All in all now I have had sex with at least five of my dads workers, a male nurse at the rehabilitation center, and Dr. Strong.

All in all I think I have gotten much better since I had to take treatment to get me fixed and I am now a better dude for it.

My treatment to fix what was broken really was a good thing for me. I really feel theres no need to fix what really isn't broken to begin with.



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