These roads are a relic of the past, unpaved, their surface a reflection of the surrounding land. Portions would be hard packed clay, a deep red color, often laced with iron rock. Its surface as hard as any pavement but once wet by the frequent rains it was perilously slick. Other sections could be sand or simply the soil type of the surrounding landscape the road had been cut from as it meandered through the countryside. Traffic was always sparse, even with more people living in the area or cutting through from one of the towns nearby heading to Pensacola, Mobile or Montgomery, for they always took the paved roads, the roads clearly marked on maps, or mapped out in GPS systems, those blacktops that felt safe, familiar in their configuration, their markings of where you were to drive and the signage always giving a sense of place. But for the locals the old rough dirty back roads were short cuts, the only access to some fields, good hunting areas, or that special fishing spot on some creek whose waters slowly cut their way down to the Gulf of Mexico. These roads also were places teenagers would go at night, parking in some fire lane or access road, or simply stopping in some stretch that was very isolated, knowing they had all the time they needed. These dirty back roads were also places some men met, places in-between home and field, places that afforded the time, the setting and the fantasy.


Roy sat in his old Chevy truck, the vinyl seat trapping his body heat making him sweat worse as he waited, fanning the gnats out of his face. He'd been repairing a fence all morning and half the afternoon when his phone rang. Frankie was at his family's old home place, only a couple miles away. He wanted to get together, as he called it. Get together. Not get naked and fuck and suck, but get together. Frankie never could say what they did, never could ask with the words that described what they did, but he always was the one to initiate their getting together. Roy smiled at the thought of it all as he reached down and tugged on the crotch of his jeans, giving his cock room to move, to expand as he thought of Frankie taking him in his mouth.

An old white Dodge truck, jacked high with its four wheel drive chassis plainly visible bounced into view, coming up behind him. Frankie had made it. Roy saw how Frankie slid out of his truck, his short lean body dropping to the ground and when he slammed his door closed Roy saw Frankie was shirtless, his smooth dark tanned upper body sweaty and dirty. The trails of sweat down his chest and stomach obvious through the dirt. Frankie's jeans rode low on his waist; the waistband of his briefs visible, their whiteness lost to the grim and sweat. Roy stepped out and faced Frankie, his stocky thickly muscled body a stark contrast to Frankie's.

"Goddamn you look hot, ya mother fucker" Roy said as Frankie came up to him. He loved the sight of this boy, although Frankie was twenty two, he looked so much younger, his scraggly beard barely coming in, his smooth dark skin without a hair on it, and when he raised his arms Roy couldn't help but notice how very little hair grew in the pits. Frankie always let his hair grow too long before getting it cut, as it was now, shaggy, dripping with sweat, sticking out around his cap.

Frankie loved the way Roy talked to him, nasty, rough, using the coarse foul language his own family didn't allow around them. Roy was thirty four, divorced living alone for the last four years. Frankie got Roy to admit to wanting to be with men, had since high school and now that he was divorced, his life settled into a routine Roy allowed himself the pleasure of his desires when Frankie had come to help him last summer and ended up seducing him in his barn.

Now Frankie walked up to Roy, ran his hand over the thick muscled chest, and eventually wrapped his arms around Roy's neck pulling himself up to Roy, face to face, lips pressed to lips, and Frankie hugged his body up against Roy, let him feel his hot skin and the hard cock he had confined in his jeans. The heat trapped between them as the sun filtered through the pine they were parked within. The dry dusty ground radiated its heat upward. Roy pushed Frankie back, smiling at him as he began to remove his shirt, tossing it in the bed of his truck. As he began to remove his jeans Frankie smiled at him and began to remove his own jeans.

Frankie as always was hard as a rock, the mere thought of sex made him hard and Roy pulled the lean hot body against his own, feeling its warmth, the gritty feel of his chest, dirty and sweaty, feeling his hard cock push against his own, hardening up quickly with the feel of Frankie against him. He pressed his lips to Frankie's, tongues dueling, the feel of his unshaven chin rubbing against the smooth skin of Frankie. Frankie pulled back, and guided Roy to turn around, to lean his large muscular body over the tailgate, to give himself up to Frankie, to let the lean small body push up between his legs, to rub his long lean cock along his ass, to probe along the cleft between his ass cheeks, and not soon enough for Roy, Frankie would finally penetrate him, push his cock into him. Frankie wouldn't last long, not the first time, for he fucked hard, fast, working his narrow hips hard against Roy's ass, thrusting his cock through the tight ring of Roy's opening. Too soon Frankie would pump his cock deeply into Roy, push all the way into his hole, unloading his cum into him, pumping his warm thick cum into Roy.

When Frankie pulled out, his cock still hard, bobbing in the air, a thin line of cum drooling down toward the ground, he turned around and leaned over, hands on his knees. He looked back at Roy who was coming up behind him, his thick club of a cock sticking straight out in front of him.

"Do me, Roy, shove it in me" Frankie begged, as Roy moved into place, pushing his cock up against the narrow round ass. Frankie reached around and spread his cheeks, letting Roy see his hole, see where he wanted Roy to sink his cock. "Come on Roy, put it in me."

Roy pressed the blunt cock head against the opening, still unable to believe something so small looking could take his cock, could open up, stretch and take his cock so easily, but Frankie, as soon as he felt Roy's cock touch him, felt the head press against him, would push back, spearing his ass on Roy's cock. He'd push back, stretching his hole, letting Roy feel the tight ring of his hole grip Roy's cock shaft, to milk it as he moved down the shaft. Roy reached around and took Frankie's hard cock, stroked it in rhythm with his fuck, stroking down the wet slick shaft as he pushed his cock into the boy's hole. Roy watched as the muscles moved under the boy's narrow back, the sweat running through the dirt and he leaned over and rested his broad chest on top of Frankie, feeling the dirty grimy skin against his own and he pumped his hips harder, feeling the tight ring of Frankie's opening milk his cock, quickly bringing him to the brink of cumming . His cock ached it was so hard, squeezed tightly in the boy's hole, pumping through his hot wet insides, and he bear hugged the small body tightly, lightly bit him on the neck and came, pumping his cum deep into Frankie, pushing his thick white seed into him.

When Roy stood up he saw both of them were sweating profusely, and both smelled of sex, of cum. Frankie smiled at him as they got dressed so they could get back to work.

"You coming over tonight?" Roy asked when they were dressed.

"Of course, but it'll be after dark for I have to get finished today and it'll take the rest of the day."

"Well... I'll see ya when you get there."


Tommy was pushed over on the tailgate as his mysterious stranger pumped thick hard cock into his ass. Tommy felt the firm large hands holding his hips while the thick cock was pushed in and out of his hole, fucking him hard, slamming hips to ass so firmly the truck rocked underneath Tommy.

This late night meeting had been going on for only a short time, just the last four weeks, but every Friday night, around midnight, Tommy would come out to this stretch of road, a sandy desolate section that passed through miles of pine, and he would wait, naked, standing in the headlights of his truck, playing with his cock, sliding his hand along its hard vein lined shaft until he could see headlights approaching, never for certain it was his mysterious stranger, always afraid, his heart racing so fast, that he could be wrong this time. But he waited, exposed, until the familiar headlights of the Land Rover pulled up and he would drop to his knees, waiting.

This ritual started by accident, a mere chance encounter. Tommy had came out here after his frustrations got the better of him and he had simply parked in the middle of the dirt road, unzipped his jeans, pushed them down to his knees and stroked his hard cock till he came. He liked it out here in the open country, the sky never dark, filled from horizon to horizon with stars, with shooting stars and the occasional lights of a plane. After that first time he would come out here whenever he wanted to jack off, to be outside, out here in the humid night. The second time he got out of his truck and standing at the open doorway he pumped out his load onto the ground as he looked up into the sky. Then he got more daring, and began to turn off his truck, letting the darkness descend on him as he pushed his jeans and boxers to his ankles, taking his hardening cock in his hand where he would stroke out a load, shooting it on to the ground. Then he began to take off his clothes in his truck, getting out naked, letting the warm night air blow over his exposed skin, exciting him further as he walked away from the safety of his truck, moved out in front of it, out in the open, and he stroked his cock, feeling the need to cum rise up quickly, and he would look up at the star filled nighttime sky and cum, shooting thick wads out, harder than when he came at home lying on his bed.

Finally he changed his routine one final time. He left the truck running, the headlights on and when he was naked he moved out in front of the truck, out in the light, exposed, feeling vulnerable, his natural olive toned body, lit up by the bright headlights, his jet black hair shiny, starkly contrasted against his skin. He was lost to his fears and his fantasies, eyes closed, and did not see the headlights coming up behind him until it was too late. When he heard the Land Rover pull up he turned away, trying to cover his hard erect cock. He didn't see the man get out and come up to the front fender, lights still on, making him a dark silhouette.

"Don't be afraid" was the first thing the man said. "Go ahead, I want to watch you."

Suddenly the fantasy became a reality, someone was watching and he timidly began to stroke his cock getting it back up to full hardness. Slowly he worked himself back up.

"You have a beautiful body, so masculine, so rugged" the man stated. The compliment worked for he began to stroke harder, to let his hand travel the full length of his cock, now fully hard. "Yes...yes, stroke that cock."

When he had shoot his cum across the dusty road surface the man moved back and got into his SUV. The light came on only for a moment but Tommy saw his face. Handsome, dark skin, clean shaven, dark hair, dressed in a suit. Who was this man traveling this desolate road in the middle of the night. As the man pulled up alongside of Tommy getting back into his clothes by his truck, he lowered the window.

"Do you come out here often?"

"Ah...well, not really."

"That's a shame. I normally take the main highway, but a wreck made me take this rural road tonight. I would take it again next Friday night if...well, if you were to be here waiting."

"Maybe...maybe I could be here."

And so they began to meet, the next time the man watching as before but the following Friday he came out into the light, stood in front of Tommy, reached out and touched him, stroked his cock, felt the full hardness of it. Then he had put his hand on Tommy's shoulder, pushed down gently and guided Tommy to his knees, with the hard rocky road surface digging into them. As Tommy settled on his knees he saw the man working his zipper down, put his fingers through the fly, tugging at his boxers until he freed his cock, brought it out into the open, out into the light. It wasn't fully hard and the loose skin hung over the sensitive head.

"Suck me farm boy, suck my cock" he commanded. Tommy had never done it before, hadn't really thought of himself doing it until he met this stranger, and on this particular night he leaned forward and took the cock into his mouth, sliding his lips over the shaft, tonguing the loose skin, tasting the man.

The next time, Tommy was in front of his truck, naked, his cock harder than before, the excitement building up waiting. The man had arrived a little later than usual, and Tommy was near cumming. The man made him stand up, move over to his truck, putting his hands on the hood, letting the man feel his body, run his hands over his back, his ass, probe between his cheeks and Tommy let him, leaned against his truck, legs spread out and when he felt fingers probe his hole he pushed back, taking them, letting them stretch him open, preparing him. Tommy felt the man's cock penetrate him, push into him roughly, stretching him open, the man leaning against him, his hot breath on his neck.

"Take me farm boy; take my cock in that tight ass."

He had fucked Tommy roughly, a fast brutal pace, eager to empty his nuts into Tommy's ass. He fucked hard until his cum began to pump back out and drip down Tommy's thighs. When he pulled out he spun Tommy around and kissed him on the mouth. The contact was electric, so different than when Tommy had kissed girls in high school, so rough and masculine, and so pleasurable.

"Next week have your truck facing the other way so we can use the bed."

That was all the man said afterwards as he disappeared into the night.

Now Tommy was lying over the tailgate, naked, his ass full of cock, thrusting through his tight opening, plunging into his depths with every body slapping thrust. The man was always wearing a suit, his tie loosely trailing over Tommy's back, tickling his skin, sending shivers up and down his spine. Tommy had not said anything in the last three meetings, been afraid to say what he was thinking, but now, with the man's lips touching his neck, moving along the edge of his hair, shifting around to his left ear, tongue probing its shape, Tommy cried out.

"Fuck...fuck me."

He had asked for it, had admitted to taking this man's cock in his ass, of wanting it, wanting to feel it penetrate him, push into his body, to pump its warm seed into him. The man laughed in his ear and pushed hard into him, over and over and over, he shoved his cock into Tommy till he began to thrust harder, short jerky swings of his hips and Tommy knew he was pumping his cum into him again, like last week, and like last week he pumped his cock till his cum pumped back out and trickled down Tommy's thigh.

When the man finally pulled out of his ass he helped Tommy stand up, stood him in front of his clothed body, Tommy feeling the soft wool suit against his back and ass as the man reached around and took his hard cock, stroked it, slowly, feeling the smooth skin over the hard shaft and smearing the wetness from the head downward, slicking it up, letting his hand glide along its length. He pumped harder and harder until Tommy began to pump his hips in short jerky movements, pushing his cock into the moving hand until he cried out and came.

"That was beautiful. I shall miss you. This is, I'm afraid, my last trip up here."

Tommy felt a stab of pain in his chest, a sense of something taken away from him, as he watched the man drive off. But as he got dressed and got into his truck he gripped the steering wheel and thought about what had happened the last month. It didn't have to end, not like this, and he knew next weekend he was not coming back to this dirty back road; instead he would drive down to Pensacola, or up to Montgomery, and he would go out to those bars he had thought about but had been afraid to go. Come next weekend he wouldn't be afraid to go. He'd keep this moment, down this desolate stretch of dirty back road as inspiration, fuel for his fantasies.


Billy knew the roads as well as anyone having lived all his life in the area, living in a rusted old mobile home set off in the woods down on Cold Creek Lane with his father, a mean old bastard who worked at the prison over in Escambia County, bragging about how he kept those prisoners in line and when he got home doing the same to his son. Billy was taller than his father, six foot two, but he weighed less than one hundred sixty pounds and his father was strong, even though he was overweight, weighing nearly two hundred and eighty pounds, and he made sure, every day, that Billy knew he was the man of the house; he was in charge. Billy had managed to save enough for an old S-10, an early eighties model who's interior was shot and it overheated constantly during the long hot summer days, but it was his first slim crack at sensing freedom. He worked for Bud Hughes on his farm where he raised hogs and grew a few crops for feed or to sell. The work was filthy shitty work and the pay was low, but having dropped out of high school before he flunked out, Billy didn't have a lot of options.

But these dirty back roads gave Billy something; something he didn't know existed. A month ago it had been raining for days, and the roads were washed out, flooded in the low lying areas and the clay sections so slick they were nearly impassable. Billy had been at Bud's place feeding the hogs and slopping out the barn and was on his way home. He had taken the different route to avoid the bridge over Cool Creek, knowing the water had surged over the bridge during the night and it was still impassable. As he crossed one low lying area and began to climb back up to the plateau of the land the S-10's worn tires lost traction in the slick red clay and before he could correct the slide Billy found himself in the ditch. He sat for a moment unbelieving of his foul luck as the wipers moved vainly across the windshield raking at the continuous rainfall. Then he saw the Jeep approach, a jacked up bright yellow thing making its way up the road behind him. He knew immediately who it belong, for he remembered seeing it in town a few weeks ago when his father had taken him to eat at the McDonald's for his nineteenth birthday. It belonged to Jake, who had been a year behind Billy, who's father owned the Jeep/Dodge dealership in town. Billy remembered Jake as someone who never made fun of him in high school, never commented on his worn dirty clothes, or his struggle with keeping up in classes or not being a part of any group or sports team and on that rainy day he found Jake pulled up alongside his ditched truck.

Billy leaned over the console and opened the passenger door, for the window didn't work, to see what Jake was saying.

"You want me to pull ya out?"

"You got a rope or something to do it with?" Billy replied.

"Yeah, I got a tow rope. Let me pull up in front of your truck."

Billy climbed over the console so he could get out and watched Jake pull the Jeep back toward the front of his truck. Jake climbed down and the rain soon had his white polo shirt wet. Billy couldn't stop himself from staring at the lean body beneath the wet shirt and the way he could see Jake's erasure sized nipples through the translucent fabric. He found himself holding his breath, feeling strange, as he looked at Jake come to the back of his Jeep and swing the spare tire frame out of the way and open up the tailgate to retrieve the tow rope.

"Where's the best place to tie it off?" Jake asked as he looked at the front of Billy's truck.

"I'll do it; this red clay will ruin your clothes and mine are already ruined."

Billy got down on his knees, feeling the wet muddy ground penetrate his already soiled jeans. He looked below the bumper and tied off the rope to the chassis. As he tried to stand up, Jake reached out to help him and both lost their footing in the red slick clay and tumbled down on the edge of the road and rolled down in the ditch. Jake landed in the bottom of the ditch with Billy on top of him, the cascading water running over his shoulders and down his torso. Billy was paralyzed at first, the close contact after his earlier thoughts seemed so taboo, but Jake began to laugh.

"Goddamn this is some slick shit, isn't it?" Jake asked Billy.

" is" he replied.

Billy tried to get up and fell back on top of Jake; then slowly crawled on his hands and knees up to the level road surface before trying to stand. Jake stood up in the bottom of the ditch, his clothes soaked and dirty. Billy looked back at Jake, his lean body so evident beneath the wet khaki shorts and white polo shirt, the way the fabric clung to him. Billy looked down and saw Jake's cock bulging out the crotch. When he looked back up he saw Jake smiling at him.

"Let's get you pulled out" Jake said as he walked toward his Jeep. Billy went back to the passage door to climb in and looked back at Jake who was stripping off his clothes as he stood by the door of his Jeep. Jake looked over after he got his legs free of his shorts and saw Billy staring at him.

"I don't want to mess up the interior anymore than I have to so I'm tossing these filthy things on the floor mat" he yelled back at Billy as he tossed the shorts into the Jeep, standing there in just his briefs, nearly transparent from being wet. Billy nodded but couldn't respond, so he climbed into his truck trying to not think about seeing Jake, seeing his lean smooth body, the way his pecs were so defined, the flat stomach and the narrow waist, and further down, barely concealed in the briefs, bulging out, his cock.

It took only a minute for the Jeep to drag Billy's truck back up on the road and as Billy got the tow rope untied from his chassis he saw Jake's legs standing near him with rivulets of rain running through the sparse hair, saw his long feet settled into the muddy road surface, and glancing up he saw the cock and balls pushing out the front of the wet briefs. He stood up and held out the tow rope for Jake to take, who had the other end coiled up in a loop.

"Thanks Jake" he said, diverting his eyes downward, afraid Jake could read in them what he was thinking.

"Hey man, I couldn't leave you stranded."

Jake coiled up the tow rope and put it in his Jeep and came back to Billy who was still standing in the road, afraid to look at Jake in the eye but not wanting to let him leave yet, torn about what to do, afraid to admit it. Jake came up to him, real close this time, standing so close he thought he could feel the heat of his body they way he felt hot inside, his heart racing.

"'s ok ya know" Jake said, his voice barely above a whisper and Billy looked up at him, looked into his bright blue eyes, the way his light brown hair was matted over his forehead, the way his cheeks were flushed red and the way he was looking at him, a slight smile on his lips and Billy couldn't stand it, not a moment longer, and he reached out, his hand shaking, his fingers not quite straight, tentative in their approach, as he moved toward Jake's chest, lightly touching him between his pecs, feeling the warmth of his skin, the smoothness of it against his calloused hand. Jake reached up and took his hand and rubbed it up and down his chest and when Billy stopped watching his hand being moved over Jake's chest and looked back up into his eyes Jake leaned forward and kissed him. The kiss tentative at first then passionate, their natural aggressiveness awoken, pushing their desires out in the open. Billy pulled back and dropped to his knees, no longer afraid, willing to let Jake see him do the things he only fantasized about before, as he buried his face into Jake's crotch, rubbed his lips over the wet fabric, mouthing the hardening cock just beneath the wet fabric. He moved swiftly, not thinking, just acting, quickly, tugging down Jake's briefs to below his balls as he leaned forward and took the engorged cock between his lips, let it slide through them, over his tongue and deep into his mouth. Jake's hands came down on his head, lightly running fingers though his dark brown hair, tickling him, encouraging him onward. Billy pushed his mouth down the hard shaft then pulled back, feeling the smooth skin slide over his tongue. He worked his mouth at a furious pace, his desires driving him maddeningly forward, wanting to feel Jake's cock fill his mouth, to feel it deep in his mouth, to push Jake to the point of cumming so he could taste him, to have the warm cum fill his mouth before he swallowed it.

Billy drove Jake quickly to the point of being achingly hard, his need to cum rose so fast, he felt his hands ball into fist clutching handfuls of Billy's dark brown hair, holding his head steady as he took over, pumped his hips working his cock through the tight lips and over the slick wet tongue. He drove into the mouth hard, jerking the head back with each forward thrust.

"Take it...oh man...take it..." he moaned as he felt his cum race through his body and blast out of his cock. The suction of Billy's mouth increased, drawing out his load, sucking up it and swallowing it.

Then they realized they were actually standing out in the open in the middle of the road and as Billy stood, wiping his mouth with his forearm both became self-conscious, aware they needed to stop. Jake leaned forward, kissed Billy on the mouth, holding him by the neck.

"That was great. What are you doing Friday night?"

So it began between them, the hanging out together which surprised Jake's friends, but neither ever let them find out the truth of their bond, the connection they made on that rainy afternoon out on that slick red clay dirty back road. Occasionally they still met on some stretch of it, a rendezvous that was primitive in their urges.

This time Jake had called him on the cell phone he had given him, something he could never afford himself, and told him to meet at the bridge over Cold Creek. It was only eleven o'clock in the morning, far too early for those who came to swim in the slow moving cool waters. He pulled his truck down off the road and into a small clearing just out of sight of the road. A few minutes later Jake pulled in behind him. Their encounters were quick, out of necessity but also something that seemed to fuel their sexual desires. Billy was already naked, his skinny frame no longer something he was self-conscious about, not with the way Jake made him feel. He leaned on the lowered tailgate as Jake stripped by his Jeep. Jake was soon in front of him, down on his knees, sucking his cock, hands kneading his ass, fingers working their way into the cleft, searching, probing, working toward his opening as he worked his mouth along Billy's cock. Jake knew what Billy wanted, what he needed, and as he took Billy's cock till the dark pubic hair tickled his nose, the scent of his body filled his nostrils, his fingers rubbed over the opening, pushed against its tightness, and when he felt Billy's natural movement of his hips, unable to hold back, Jake penetrated him, pushed one finger deep into him, spreading his hole open. Billy groaned and pulled his hips back, pulling his cock back through the hot wet mouth and pushing his hole down on the finger buried in it. Jake kept his ministrations up, working two, then three fingers into Billy, feeling him loosen up, his hole open up, ready, eager for his cock. When Jake pulled off Billy's cock, stood up, Jake didn't have to say anything for Billy was already turning around, leaning over, resting his chest on the tailgate of his truck, his ass spread open, ready.

Jake moved up between his legs, kicking them farther apart as he got into position, rubbing his hard leaking cock over the opening to Billy, the path to his desires. Jake couldn't believe someone who looked so rough, someone who had the father he had could be so sweet, could be so sexual, so submissive in giving himself to someone. Jake penetrated him slowly, pushing his cock into the tightness, working himself all the way in till his hips bumped up against Billy's skinny ass. He held Billy's hips firmly as he began to fuck, to work his hips back and forth, working his cock through the tight hole.

"Fuck...fuck me" Billy grunted out, his natural shyness having dissipated over the last few days, his willingness to express himself, to vocalize what he wanted had added something new to their experiences together. It fueled Jake in ways he didn't understand, made him more aggressive, willing to throw a hard fast fuck into Billy, to shove his cock into him with such force their bodies smacked together, rocking the truck Billy was lying on. Jake felt his cock flex up harder, thicken up and shoot, blasting wad after wad of his thick white cum deep into Billy, his still pumping cock pushing it deep into him. He slowed, pulled back and felt the last of his cum seep out. When he pulled out he helped Billy to stand, helped the tall body come up erect, his hard cock bouncing in front of him.

"Now do me...come on, shove that cock in me" Jake begged as he turned around and leaned over, looking down at the sandy hot ground, his sweat dripping out of his hair and down his face. As Billy pumped his cock in Jake, fucked deeply into his ass they could hear an old pulp wood truck pass on the dirty back road above them, its billowing trail of dust rising up over the scraggly trees along the creek. As the sound of the truck disappeared, its dust settling back to the ground the only sound left was the grunting and moaning as Billy pumped his cum into Jake.



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