Disclaimer: As was true in Part 1, Part 2 is a story of fiction. This story is only for adults and does have vivid sexual content.

NOTE: Please see Part One that was also posted here today before reading Part 2.


Oh Fuck, these two busboys and college baseball players, Dylan and Bo, were hot and sexy just as Tommy certainly was. I felt like I was having a wet dream and fantasying about three hot young studs. This could not be happening to me, a 45-year-old middle aged horny gay guy, getting it on with three 20-year-old testosterone hormone filled and driven young hot crazed sex machines. I pinched myself to make sure that I was not just dreaming.

Shit, Bo was a beefcake that was the hot perfect catcher on the local college baseball team. He stood a stocky six-feet and weighed at least 210 pounds along with dark tanned skin of a stud. He had dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. He had an average amount of body hair, pumped and ribbed bulging chest, very expanded huge male breasts with very dark hard nipples, muscled big neck, huge hard legs and thighs and he must have at least a 9-incher with a very thick cock shaft. Yea, as he entered the stall, his cock was dripping a few drops of pre-cum.

Oh fuck and there stood Dylan who was equally hot. I estimated him to be about 5-feet and 10-inches tall, weighing around 160 pounds, very light blonde hair with deep ocean type blue eyes, sexy dimples when he smiled, very thin athletic swimmers body featuring a mostly hairless body, the most beautiful face with a very prominent set jaw and shit his dick was rock hard and slick from the leaking pre-cum. He looked to be about 7-inches when totally hard.

Both guys had their cocks out of their pants before entering our stall. It was obvious that they did not want to waste any time before getting down to steamy sex.

Tommy, the obvious sex whore around town, was already getting hard again even though he had just come. Even I was beginning to get aroused once again despite that I had just shot a load. It had been several years since I'd experienced such a quick recovery after ejaculating but these studs had me lusting after them. Tommy from the first moment I'd laid my eyes on him in the restaurant had some kind of animal primordial control over me. I think I could let him fuck me all night with out stopping. It was like I had been able to turn the clock back to my horny days as an 18-year-old constantly horny teenager. WOW, I wanted to be dominated by these three super young sexy dudes.

"Dillon, these are my horny fuck buddies Bo and Dylan. Fuck, aren't they hot and fucking sexy. They are as big of whores as me. They love to get their cocks sucked, suck other guys' dicks and man can they fuck ass as well as take those boners up their asses. Fuck Dillon, look at your blood red face and yea I see movement in that manhood of yours."

"Hi Bo and Dylan, my name is Dillon and yea your buddy just gave me a hell of a blowjob and I got his rocks off for him. Man, did I ever come."

Tommy spoke up again and said: "Guys just like I said earlier when I invited you to join us in our stall, Dillon is the best cocksucker I've ever found. And as you know, I've had some very hot mouths on my tool including you two. He will make you see stars and have the most intense orgasm of your life."

At that moment I was both nervous and excited about what would happen to me.

I did not have to wait very long when Tommy took charge. He had Bo go and lock the main entrance door to the restroom that was for employees only. Then he said: "Dillon, I've figured out that you are totally smitten by me. From the minute I took my seat in the restaurant across from you, it became crystal clear that you lusted after my body. Even though you might have thought you were being discreet, you failed in that attempt. Now I'm your sex master. You'll do whatever I ask. Tonight you are going to be our bitch. It really turns me on that you lust after me and I do really like older men---they know how to suck and fuck."

This sexual command from Tommy had caused my cock to begin twitching and swelling as well as I felt a strong stirring in my loins. I was Tommy's bitch whenever he wanted me tonight or any time in the future. I was under his spell.

"Oh Fuck yea, Tommy, I'm yours. What do you want?

"Dillon, you bitch of mine, you are going to suck Bo's cock while Dylan fucks that bubble pink ass of yours. Then you are going to get that man pussy of yours drilled by my 10-incher. I know you want it bad, as you could not take your sexy eyes off my boner in the restaurant. After tonight, you will not walk straight for a week. How is that for a fuck?"

Tommy's comment made me go into overdrive. My cock stiffened and got totally erect at the thought of what was about to happen to me with these young hot bros.

Bo and Dylan rushed to get out of their clothes and in seconds were naked with those big cocks stiff as a flag pole.

Tommy had me face the stall partition separating the two stalls where Bo was already standing naked with his back up against the partition and his cock staring at me. I was ordered to get down on my knees and take Bo's huge 9-inch boner down my throat. The raunchy smells of Bo's crotch and leaking cock had me wild with lust as I felt so hot.

As I took that big beast deeper and deeper into my throat, Bo put his big rough hands on the back of my head and began to use them to shove his missile deeper and deeper in my throat. He started to fuck my mouth with the most fierce force I'd ever experienced. His cock was so slick, oozing very salty pre-cum that had cut off my chance to breath through my mouth. I was literally stuffed with that huge cock in my mouth.

Soon Dylan got down on his knees behind my ass, he spread my legs far enough apart to allow his cock an opening to my bubble ass and I felt his cock parting my outer ass ring. With a slow and deliberate start he drove his cock into my man pussy until he was all the way in with his 7-inch cock. Then I felt him speed up as he drilled my non-virgin ass and he used that tool to began massaging my prostate. Man that felt so good. He developed a great rhythm making me so horny as he fucked me. It was super hot.

I began to be bounced back and forth from Bo to Dylan. I pushed my ass back to meet Dylan 's cock and then thrust my face and mouth forward to suck that huge cock of Bo's. It was like riding a roller coast. Man I worked hard to get in the rhythm.

Then Tommy got into the act. He got down between Bo and me and somehow found the room to come down on my twitching cock with his hot lips and tongue. He began to suck my cock as if his mouth was a vacuum cleaner. He was after milking me of another load of milk. I've never met a guy who loved cum this much.

Oh my god, I was getting face fucked with Bo's huge snake, getting my cock sucked by the hot lips of Tommy and Dylan was drilling my ass harder and harder with his red-hot cock. Both my holes were filled with leaking cocks and Tommy was taking care of my aching cock. This wild group sex went on for at least ten sizzling minutes when we all went past the no return. First, I felt Bo's cock head swell even more and he began to flood my throat with what felt like a gallon of his seed as he yelled: "Here I come. Take my cum, you whore, you bitch."

That so excited and aroused Dylan that he gave my ass one final hard thrust with his steel hard cock as he emptied a volcanic load of his jizz down my ass chute. The feel of all that cum flooding both of my holes and Tommy's hot lips caused me to blast a second load of the night deep into Tommy's throat that he drank with no problem.

Everyone was drained except my sex idol Tommy. He put the toilet seat down, sat his butt on the toilet seat with his huge horse cock standing straight up as if it was an iron pipe, had me face him, had me climb up on his lap and ordered me to slowly lower my ass onto his steel cock until he had shoved the entire beast up my ass. Although Tommy's cock was by far the biggest one I had ever had up my ass, his cock slid in rather easy from all Dylan's cum in my ass as a perfect lube. With the warm cum in my ass wetting his cock and the smell of cum in the stall, shit, Tommy lasted no more than 30 seconds when he drenched my ass with a mother load of his warm cum.

I got off Tommy's cock and took turns going down on each guy's cum covered cock until I had those cocks clean of the cum. I loved sucking and tasting three different flavors of cum just like three ice cream flavors. I then kissed the guys to let them get a taste of the three flavors.

Tommy went to the kitchen and got some wet towels so we could clean up before putting our clothes on. That made our exit from the restroom and restaurant somewhat respectful. Oh yes, I had to pay for my dinner before leaving.

Bo and Dylan went to the kitchen to began their shift as busboys.

Tommy said as he and I left: "Daddy, here is my cell phone number, Call me. You are now my fuck buddy and my bitch. I find you so hot."

I responded : "Hell, Tommy, here is my number. I've never enjoyed sex this much. Man, you have me wild with lust for you. There is something about you that drives me wild and insane for sex with you."


Naughty Eric


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