Disclaimer: This is a story of fiction for adults only and does contain vivid sexual content.

It had been a long week and I had just recently broken off a 10 year relationship with my 40-year-old gay lover, a college professor. I was somewhat sad and depressed so I thought I would treat myself to dinner at the restaurant that he and I ate at often.

I had a couple of cocktails (I guess a substitute for cock), a nice appetizer of oysters and crackers and was starting to consume my main course of prime rib when the maitre d' seated a young man just across from me. I was shocked to observe his attire at a 5 star restaurant. The men guests were expected to always be in coat and tie. I was dressed in a light blue shirt, red tie, black pants and suit coat. I had just finished a full day in contract talks with a group of businessmen from Canada.

The young man looked to be no more than 20 years-of-age and was wearing a pair of well-worn baggy blue jeans that were barely hanging on to his hips. He had on a faded New York Giants football jersey and a L A Dodgers' baseball cap turned backwards. He also had on a pair of new Nike tennis shoes. He had brown hair with a buzz haircut and dark brown eyes. He looked to be about 5-feet and 10-inches tall and weigh around 150 pounds. He was sporting a very sexy slim and close cut facial hair (beard) running from his temples across his chin. The rest of his face was clean-shaven. He had very small diamond earrings and as he took his seat I could see in his very tight jeans the outline of a monstrous cock running down the right side of his leg. WOW, he was hot.

Although I'd never had a sexual rendezvous with a twink, lust began to consume me. I felt my cock began to grow and become harder and harder. I was shocked how I was lusting after this young stud. There was something about him that had me crazy to just strip him of his clothes and make mad love. I could not believe how much I wanted this young cute hot guy.

But I knew there was no way this young stud would be interested in me, a middle aged guy, but one that was in great shape. I worked out four times a week, stood 6-feet tall, weighed a hard muscled 185 pounds, dark black hair, deep brown eyes, and had a smooth mostly hairless chest, stomach, abs and legs. My sex partners had all loved the slim trail of hair running from my belly button to my crotch. They had deposited lots of their semen on that happy trail of hair over the years. But this young guy probably had a girlfriend that he fucked ever night.

As several of my friends were having dinner at the restaurant and also not to be too obvious and invasive of the young man's privacy, I was careful to catch only a quick glance at him when the waiter distracted him. But man was I ever lusting after him. At least, I could get a vivid picture in my mind and then go home and masturbate like a wild animal pretending he was fucking me with that horse cock.

OH FUCK, HOLY LOUISE, soon the young man began to flirt with me as he glued his sexy piercing eyes on my face and into my eyes as he gave me the most suggestive and sensuous smiles. He had thrown caution to the winds. It had become clear that he he did not care who observed his solicitous behavior of coming on to me. Normally in this setting with some of my friends present, I would not encourage flirting but lust became my master and caused me to also throw caution to the winds.

For the next 20 minutes, we both shared our signals that we had the hots for each other. Could it be possible that I would end up this evening with this hot twink in my pants and me in his? I also had a special weakness for a guy wearing a baseball cap backwards---there was something so sexy about that look on a young stud. How about you readers? Do you get hot seeing that picture on a young guy with a ball cap turned backwards?

When his fruit salad arrived, I almost shot a load in my shorts when he looked at me, took the banana down his throat until he finally began to eat it as he beamed with a mischief smile at me. There was no doubt that this young sexy guy had the hots for me and wanted to suck my cock.

How would we make the move to hitch up after dinner and how was I going to exit the restaurant without showing my rock hard erection? I had lost my appetite for the prime rib and was hungry for the creme in those nuts of his. I just wanted this cute guys raw meat. The young man rushed through his dinner and I could see he was ready to get it on with me.

Oh my god, all at once he got up still showing that big snake in his pants---it was obvious that he was rock hard and he used his head to signal for me to follow him to the men's restroom. There was no mistaking that he was hung like a horse and he seemed not to care that the guests could see his boner in the outline of those tight pants and of course showing off for me.

I managed to hide my stiff cock under my dress coat as I gradually followed him to the restroom after a reasonable time. I was still more cautious than he. But what a great night this was turning out to be.

As I entered the restroom, I noticed a sign that said "For Employees Only". Great this was not for the restaurant guests and would be more private. He was at one of the urinals with his giant cock in his hand. He certainly was not pissing but stroking that giant tool. He motioned for me to join him.

He unzipped my pants, pulled out my steel hard leaking cock, put his hand on my red-hot tool and took one of my hands and placed it on his giant boner. Both our hands became covered with the pre-cum from the oozing cocks. Then he said: "Hi, my name is Tommy and I could tell you were hot for me when I entered the restaurant, yea? I also find you so sexy. I love older men and you are a gorgeous stud. How do you like my 10-inch prick in your hand? Look how thick it is. Does it feel good in your hand? I want you to give me a blowjob. I'm horny as hell. You know how it is with us young bros, we are always horny and need to get off. Man, you are so hot. Can I fuck that tight ass of yours? Man it looks so hot. Do you think you can take my entire dick up that ass? Most guys can only take about two-thirds of my manhood. Before some

employee comes in here, lets get in that big stall where we can fuck around. See the door is all the way to the floor so we cannot be seen. I've fucked guys in here before while guys came in to piss and they had no idea that I was sucking cock or fucking ass. If someone comes in, we just have to be quiet until they leave. By the way, what is your name?"

"Shit fuck yea, I've never been this hot for any guy before. I almost shot my load several times watching you during dinner. When you licked that banana down your throat, it had me on the edge. I had to look away to settle down my nuts and semen. Man, your cock is so big. I've never seen one that big and thick before. Look at those pulsating veins running down that big v-shaped vein. I've never seen such a big cock head or piss slit. You must shoot gallons of semen out that piss slit. Oh I forgot, my name is Dillon."

With our cocks still out of our pants, we got in the stall and locked the door. Tommy was so hot for me that he began to undress me until I was butt naked. He then took off all his clothes. My crotch and throbbing cock were then just a few inches from his face as he knelt down. I felt his hot breath on my pubic hair and cock head. Man, I was in for a great tongue washing of my balls and cock. He grabbed my balls and lifted them up tight in his hand as he began to take my purple cock head between his lips. He clamped down hard on my erect cock and began the most erotic sucking as he pulled more of my pre-cum from my piss slit. It was obvious that he craved cum.

Gobs of his saliva poured out of his mouth. ran down his chin, onto my cock shaft and onto my balls. The feel and smell of his spit and breath had me wild with lust.

He came off my steel hard cock and began to take one of my balls at a time into his very hot mouth and wet tongue. I had never had anyone suck my balls with such force. He seemed to be trying to suck my creme out through the rough skin on my nuts without exiting my cock.

He wasted no time as he began to take my cock inch by inch deep into his throat. Soon he was deep throating my entire aching wood. He would pull off my cock except for the head and then use his lips to squeeze it hard before swallowing again my entire boner. He repeated that over and over as I became wild with desire to be sucked and fucked. At the same time, he was pressing his hand very hard on my balls. The feel of his lips, tongue, mouth and throat on my cock attempting to milk my creme out of my cock and his fondling of my nuts had me near a climax. I knew I would not last long.

"OH Tommy, suck my cock and fondle my nuts. Man, this is the best blowjob I've ever had and I've had lots of guys sucking my tool. Yea, baby that is it. Suck me, suck me, oh fuck yea, your hot mouth feels so great on my throbbing cock. Yea, shit squeeze those balls. Milk me as if I were a cow. I'm about to come. If you do not want my three week supply of thick salty sticky cum, you better pull off."

That made Tommy even hornier as he squeezed my balls very hard and used his lips to suck hard on my cock. That did it as I erupted with a huge mother load of cum. The orgasm was so strong and intense that I counted eight big shots of ejaculate go down his throat. He sucked until he had drained me of ever drop of my creme. He pulled off and licked his lips as if he had just finished his favorite dessert.

I took his New York Giant jersey and cleaned my cock. He reacted: "Man, that is hot. I will never wash that jersey and take it to bed with me with that dried cum."

I got on my knees and pulled his huge sausage close to my mouth. At that point, Tommy grabbed his horse cock and began to hit my face with it. The big cock felt like a hammer hitting my face but it was so hot and sexy to be whipped by that cock. It was so big, hard and rough as he pounded my face with his favorite body part.

I was sure that I could never take all that horse cock down my throat without doing permanent damage to my tonsils and the back of my throat but I so wanted to try. At that moment, Tommy grabbed the back of my head, pushed my mouth on to his cock and used his huge cock to part my lips. He used his stiffened missile to began fucking my mouth. He was not going to stop until I swallowed all 10-inches of that giant sausage no matter how bad it hurt me. I whimpered in pain but I actually loved having that horse cock in my mouth. It smelt and tasted so manly. I was so turned on by Tommy's rough fucking of my mouth with his trophy. I was so proud when I finally took all it deep into my throat. Man, this sex was better than any sex I'd ever had and yet we were just getting started.

As I sucked that big missile down to the base, my nose was buried in his patch of pubic hair. With my mouth stuffed of cock and my nose covered with his pubic hair, I was barely able to breath making me feel dizzy but so turned on.

As we began to moan and release sex induced loud sounds, I realized that Tommy was a screamer during sex. He began to scream like some wild beast such as a cougar as I went wild sucking his cock. He began to beg me to suck him dry. Tommy could be heard outside the restroom door that caused someone to enter. Soon I heard one of the guys say: ""Dylan, there goes Tommy getting his cock sucked again. Shit, I bet it is that older gentleman that followed him into the restroom. Lets get into the stall next to them and listen and yea we can suck cock too."

I became desperate to pull off Tommy's cock and get dressed but Tommy thrust his cock deeper into my throat as he held the back of my head tight and said: "Fuck no, don't stop sucking my cock that is only Dylan and Bo from the local college baseball team and also busboys here at the restaurant. They are fucking horny homosexuals that I have pounded their man pussies several times and had them suck my cock. They work for my mother who is the manager of this restaurant. I bet they would love to join us for a four-way. They are just like us, two horny fucking fags."

Not only was I reassured and relieved but became even hornier as I sucked Tommy's cock with two hot guys listening. I sucked Tommy's cock more forcefully but also began to squeeze his nuts very hard. Tommy resumed yelling and screaming with pure lust and desire to get his nuts off. He begged me: "Daddy, that is it, suck my big cock, you're going to make me come."

Then I heard from the next stall: "Dylan, that is it, yea suck my dick, yea, lick my balls. Let me come when Tommy does."

That put Tommy over the edge as his cock actually swelled more blocking my windpipe as he pumped gobs of his seed down my throat. He almost drowned me in his flood of cum. As he pulled his cock out of my mouth, I spit a huge pool of his man seed out of my mouth and all over his cock. He then made me suck his cock again to clean off the sticky cum.

Then we heard from the other stall Bo say: "Dylan, stop sucking my cock. Lets join Tommy and his older friend so we can met Daddy for hot sex."

Soon there was a knock at our stall door and one of the guys said: "Fuck, open that fucking door and let us in. We need to join you and you can suck our cocks or we can fuck."

Tommy recognized the voice and replied: "Fuck yea Dylan, you and Bo get in here and meet Daddy. He will drive you wild with his experience as an awesome cocksucker. You'll not last long in his mouth. Man he is super with those lips and tongue. He must be a world champion cocksucker. I've never had a more intense orgasm than this one."

Tommy opened the door and oh shit there stood two gorgeous young sizzling hot athletes about 20-years-old with their huge young cocks sticking out of their pants dripping that awesome pre-cum Man what beautiful cocks they had.

I now knew why Tommy could be served in the restaurant without formal attire. His mother was the manager.

Although it was Tommy that made me crazy with lust for more sex, I also was excited about his two fuck buddies. Yea, a four-way was so hot. But I hoped that Tommy would be become my regular fuck buddy---he was the hottest guys on then planet.


Naughty Eric


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