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After the unusual encounter with Jake the asshole in the library bathroom I decided to go home and start work on my application for State. I was feeling good about it since I had gotten all A's in the Fall. My ACT test scores weren't that bad. The one thing on the application that had him a little worried was activities and volunteerism. He guessed he could put being in 'West Side Story' and being the assistant manager of the baseball team last for extracurricular activities, but unless you call getting as much cum as possible or working on making Jake a better person volunteerism I was screwed and not in a good way.

The next day after my civics class was over I spoke to my civics instructor and asked if he had any good ideas for some volunteerism that he could recommend. We bounced a couple of ideas around such as volunteering at a hospital, visiting the elderly, etc. but none of them really appealed to me. The last idea he brought up was doing some volunteer work at the naval base in San Diego. The instructors' brother was in the Marines and had told him that there was always a need at the base when ships were in for liberty or repairs. Sometimes it was helping them find places in San Diego for some fun and other times it might be teaching them how to use Face Time or Skype to talk to their families. Being surrounded by some hot marines and navy guys sounded appealing so I said I would like to do that. Since I needed to get my application in to State sooner than later I decided I need to go as soon as possible. I called the Commander's office at the base and told him that I would like to volunteer. He was more than willing for me to come and that by the time I arrived he would have an assignment for me. He asked that I arrive by Wednesday night because an aircraft carrier, battleship and a destroyer would all be arriving that night.

Unfortunately it would mean that I would have to miss almost a whole week of school. My civics instructor told me if I wrote a paper about the experience he would give me extra credit so I should be ok. When I spoke to my psych professor he said the same thing because he thought it was very worthwhile to assist our troops any way we could. My math professor wasn't so nice about it but finally I got her to agree that I could take the test that was scheduled on-line. Aerobics I wasn't worried about, I just told the instructor that I had been called out of town and she said she understood.

San Diego was about a 6 hour drive from where I lived so I left mid-morning on Wednesday in my piece of shit Chevy. At least it had some repairs recently while I was in Mexico so I hoped that there wouldn't be any problems along the way. Luckily there wasn't. When I arrived at the guard house at the entrance I was directed to a visitor parking lot and was given directions to get to the Base Commander's office. I had packed pretty lightly, just some underwear an extra pair of jeans some of my favorite t-shirts, flip flops and my toiletries. It was all in a back pack that I slung over my shoulder as I headed to the Commander's office. While there were some civilians and women who worked on base most of what caught my eye was the gorgeous men in uniforms of all types. I couldn't help but stare and some of them caught me looking and smiled.

I entered the Commander's office and it was a hustle of activity. Enlisted personnel and officers were moving about the office very fast. A receptionist led me to the Commander's office. While looking like he may be in his late 40s or early 50s he had a great body under his tailored uniform. His salt and pepper hair made him look even more distinguished. "Mr. Cartwright, it's nice to meet you. Please accept my apology for all the hub bub, there are an aircraft carrier, a battleship and a destroyer all coming in to port today. Makes for a crazy time."

Another man had entered the office. He too could have been on poster but this time for the Marines. His uniform was tailored perfectly. It showed of his broad shoulders tapering down to his waist. You could also see the shape of the muscles under his sleeves. The front of his trousers was also tailored well leaving no doubt regarding what was underneath.

"Chad, may I call you Chad? This is Staff Sergeant Davis, he will be your de facto supervisor while you are on base. Please feel free to go to him if you have any questions."

"Hello Chad." Davis put out had meaty hand and shook mine which seemed like it got lost in his.

"Nice to meet you Sir."

"I'm not a Sir Chad, you should refer to me as Staff Sergeant."

"I understand, Staff Sergeant."

The Commander spoke up, "now that introductions have been dealt, you'll have to excuse me, lots to do before the ships arrive." The Staff Sergeant and I walked out of the office and out of the building.

"Chad, we really appreciate you being here but with all the personnel that are going to be flooding the base shortly we aren't able to provide you with one of our visitor quarter apartments. Unfortunately I had to assign you to an E1 -E3 unit. It's a barrack made up of Privates that have been here 6 months or less. That means you have to share a room with one other person and share a bathroom with three guys. It's the best I could do on such short notice. Will that work for you?"

Sharing rooms with three young marines, I would say so, "Yes Staff Sergeant."

"Good, let's go over there, you can drop your gear and meet the guys."

We walked up to a building that looked like a dorm on a college campus. Went up the stairs to the third floor. The door was open to the room I would be staying in. There was a marine on his bunk in just a pair of Marine issued underwear. As the Staff Sergeant came into the room he jumped up and threw a magazine under the bed in the process. It was obvious that the Private had a woody from whatever he was reading. The Staff Sergeant did his best to ignore it as much as he could. "Let me introduce you to Chad Cartwright, he will be bunking with you for the next week." I could see from Private's eyes he wasn't happy, he probably had had this room as a single for a while, I also could tell from his look that he knew I was gay. "Get him acclimated to the building, give him a tour and take him to the dining hall for dinner."

"Yes Staff Sergeant."

"Chad, come to my office at 9 tomorrow morning and I'll set you up with an assignment." Then he was gone.

Of course I had on my usual uniform of jeans and a tight t-shirt. It was obvious that the Private was checking me out as I stuck out my hand. "Nice to meet you, sorry that I'm invading your space."

"You know it, I've had this room to myself for most of my time here and now for my last week I've got to share with some sissy college kid." He hadn't told me his name. "You look just like the fags that we had in high school, although I do have to say you look in a lot better shape."

His boner hadn't gone down since I had arrived, I couldn't help but look at it, which must have been apparent to him. He grabbed his crotch, "like what you see faggot? I bet you'd love to swing on it for a while.

Trying to change the direction of the conversation, I didn't want to screw up, no pun intended, for my chance to get a good recommendation from the Staff Sergeant. "I didn't catch your name."

"No you didn't 'cause you're just focused on my cock. You can call me Sir."

"Isn't that reserved for officers?"

"For us, but not for you."

From the room on the other side of the connected bathroom came, "who you talking to you ass wipe?"

"Come over and meet our pet for the next week."

Two marines came through the bathroom, they too were only wearing their skivvies. As is the case with all Marines they were in great shape. They had pecs sculpted by pushups, shoulders by overhead lifts and pull ups, legs from dead lifts and squats, and abs from just hard work. The almost six months they had been here had really honed their bodies to perfection. Of course, me being me, I couldn't take my eyes off the three of them. "He seems to like what he sees."

The guy who told me to call him Sir reached under his bunk and pulled out the magazine he had been reading before we arrived. It was one of those jugs and butts rags. "God damn Staff Sergeant came in just as I was about to bust a nut. I can't wait until this 6 months is done so we can get off base more often and finally have some fun. Might not be a bad thing that we have a pet for the next week."

While all this talking was going on I had started getting a boner. "Shit, looks like the faggot is getting off on us just being in our skivvies." Then he said to one of the other Privates, "shut the door and turn the radio up a bit louder." The Private did both.

"What should we call this faggot? I know let's call him Nancy since he's a Nancy Boy. Come here Nancy."

I stepped closer, "Yes Sir?"

"Reach into my boxers. Do it."

I reached in and felt his cock which I couldn't resist, I loved the feel of it. I had to wrap my fingers around his shaft which started to thicken.

"See guys, I knew that Nancy would like to feel my cock. I think he should feel yours as well." He didn't have to tell me twice.

I went over to the other guys and using both hands reached into the boxers to feel what they were carrying around in them. All three of these guys had pretty impressive dicks, they had nothing to be ashamed about.

The guy called Sir pushed his boxers just below his dick and balls. "Come here Nancy. I want you to taste some Marine meat." I turned back around to him and leaned down to taste his cock. He must have just had a shower because it tasted clean and fresh. "Ya like that Nancy?"

"Yes Sir."

"Then why don't you take in some more." I pulled the head of his cock into my mouth. While I was working the head with my lips and tongue I felt a couple of hands on my ass."

"Feels like he's got a pretty nice ass Bill." Now I knew the man you had me call him Sir was named Bill.

Bill grabbed the part of his shaft that wasn't in my mouth, "do you think that your ass can handle this?"

One of the other guys put his hand inside the back of my jeans, of course I had no underwear on, and he fingered my hole. "Sure feels like it. Nice and warm like some pussy"

"Nancy, get up. Take off those jeans."

"Yes Sir." I kicked off my shoes and got out of my jeans.

"Turn around, we all want to see the ass that's going to get some pieces of Marine meat."

"Yes Sir." I couldn't control it but my cock was getting larger with each command he gave me.

"Jesus Christ Bill, it looks like he's going to like what we feed him and fuck him with."

"Nancy, lean over and take Pete's cock in your mouth. Yeah, just like that." Pete moaned in pleasure. Bill spit on his fingers and started playing with my hole. First one finger, then two. "Gotta get you ready for my baby maker Nancy." I felt a third finger go in and he turned his fingers around in my hole. "Oh yeah, he really wants some." He stuck a fourth finger in and I moaned against Pete's cock. He turned his fingers again. "Shit, I think by the end of the week we might be able to double fuck Nancy."

Bill removed his fingers and without any warning shoved his cock all the way up my ass. "Like that Nancy?" I mumbled something that sounded like yes on Pete's cock. "Oh man, he must have tight ass muscles, even though I had four fingers in him he's still as tight as a virgin."

On his first thrust he had hit my magic spot which made me suck Pete's cock even harder. The other guy was beating his cock as he watched Bill plow my ass and Pete feed me his cock. Bill grabbed my hips and thrust with more urgency, I could tell he just wanted to blow a load. At the same time Pete grabbed my head and just kept ramming the head of his cock against the back of my throat. Third guy was saying "fucking shit, give him your cocks, he looks like he's ready to take your loads, come on do it, make Nancy take them both." I guess Bill and Pete just needed some encouragement because when he finished that sentence I could feel Bill fill my ass and then Pete shot his load down my throat. They both pushed their cocks as hard as possible in their respective holes. The third guy begged Pete to pull out of my mouth because he was ready to shoot and he wanted to see me take his load. Pete did pull out and the third Private tried to get me to take his cock into my mouth. Instead I just opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He got the message, he shot his load on my tongue, and there was so much it dripped off my tongue onto the floor. Bill's cock was still hard and he kept plowing my ass like a madman. "Gonna give you a second load cocksucker." His cock was so slippery now due to the load he had already blown that he was able to do very fast thrusts. He kept pulling my hips so that he could get his cock in as far as possible. I finally couldn't take it anymore and shot my load on the floor where it mixed with the Private's cum. When I shot my ass muscles contracted, Bill grunted and I could feel his second load paint the walls of my ass.

Bill pulled out. "Let's get ready for chow. Nancy, you stay here and lick all that cum off the floor. Even though you got three servings of protein, we might bring you something back. We want you to be ready for tonight, I think we've got something you're going to like. The three of them went into the bathroom to get ready while I started licking the floor.

After about an hour the 3 marines came back to the room. They had a Styrofoam cup with them. "Hey Nancy, we got a couple of guys at the mess hall to go to the head and beat off into this for. We wanted to make sure you had enough protein to make it through the evening we have planned." Bill handed me the cup and I took the lid off. The cup was about 1/3 full with fresh cum. I don't know how many guys that took but I was impressed. "Go ahead and drink it faggot then take your clothes off again."

"Yes Sir." I savored the taste of the mixed cum and then removed my clothes for the second time today.

"We've invited some of the guys who gave so freely to a poker game tonight and you're going to play with us. Of course you won't be playing with cards, you'll be playing with Marine meat."

5 more guys showed up bringing with them a table and chairs so they could all sit down. Chips were passed out and then cards were dealt. It was typical bet, raise, deal, fold until someone won the hand. "OK Nancy, you're part of the pot. You blow the guy who took the hand for as long as it takes for someone to win the next hand. Get under the table and start with your first piece of meat."

I got under the table and got between the legs of the Marine that had just won the hand. His cock was already getting hard just knowing that he had won the hand. I started stroking his cock while the next hand was dealt, when I started to put the head of his cock into my mouth I could hear the first round of bets. The guy I was sucking seemed to be having a hard time concentrating on the game. Another hand was won and I moved on to the winner. It went on like this for a while. There was never enough time for me to bring anyone to orgasm the way the hands were going. Everyone had won at least one hand so they were all getting so horny they were stroking their cocks under the table as I kept moving around.

Bill said, "I think we should up the ante boys, I think that anyone who goes all in and wins gets Nancy for the rest of the night. Is that ok with you cocksucker?"

"Yes Sir."

Cards continued to be dealt and bets made. It started to seem like some of the guys were so horny and wanted me so bad that they started making bad bets, including Bill. After 6 hands no one who had gone all in had won. It was now down to the last two. Neither of them were a part of the original 3 Marines I had met. I could tell Bill was pissed off by what he was saying. The guys who were out had shoved their chairs back but I could still see them beating their cocks. I felt sorry for them, I was so close yet I couldn't do anything to help them.

From what I could see from under the table both of the remaining Marines had pretty substantial cocks but the guy with the big thighs had the bigger of the two. I heard that guy say "all in". I heard the other guy swear and then get up from the table and walk out. Sore loser.

The big guy leaned back in his chair and spread his legs. I took that as the clue to start working on his cock which was at full mast. I placed my hand around the base of the cock and started licking his balls. The way he was moving his legs I could tell that he was enjoying what my tongue was doing. When I started licking up his shaft he pushed his chair back and stood up with his cock sticking up at an angle almost touching his belly button he grabbed me from under the table. "Come on".

We started down the hall and in front of each open door he made me get down on my knees and work his cock as the guys in the each room cheered. As we moved down the hall more and more Marines came out of their rooms and watched the big guy get his cock worked on at each subsequent room. Like I was the Pied Piper they started to follow us down the hall each wearing their boxers and stroking their dicks. When we reached his room I looked back and saw every Marine on the floor out in the hallway watching. I guess the big guy thought they should have a little more of a show. He made me get down on the floor and then he picked up my legs so that I was just resting on my shoulder and my neck, it was pretty painful. Then while standing but leaning forward a bit he pushed his cock against my hole. He was really giving his dorm mates a show. He kept pushing in but very slowly until they guys in the hallway started encouraging him to give me more.

The position I was in was very interesting, instead of pulling me by my hips to take in more cock he just pulled up on my legs. I put my hands alongside my body so I could use them to both balance myself but to also push up against his log of a cock. He became a wild man as his fellow Marines cheered him on. With a grunt he came but just as he had pulled out. My ass hole and balls got covered in his cum. He yanked me up and pulled me into his room. He looked out of the door at who I assumed was his roommate, "looks like you'll have to find somewhere else to crash tonight bro." The big guy shut the door and he took me across his desk, on his lap in a chair, and on my stomach is his bed. He came three more times as I did.



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