As I mentioned in the last chapter I've decided to refer to my adventures as a diary instead of FINDING OUT I LIKE IT because as we all know, I do like it. I like cum and I like cock so there is no finding out any more, just finding it.

Some of you have told me via comment and email that always describing myself and the men in my life is annoying, so I am going to give a summary of each of the men and just refer readers back to the this entry to get up to speed.

Chad - me, the self-proclaimed cum slut and size queen. 5'10", 165 pounds, dishwater blonde hair with blue/green eyes.

Jake (the asshole) - the guy that I'm totally attracted to. 6'2", probably 190 pounds, brown hair and hazel eyes and on the baseball team with a big dick.

Patrick - my best friend. 6', in great shape with Nordic coloring.

Shane - my boss at the campus bookstore and aspiring porn director. 6', maybe 180 pounds, with dark hair and eyes. Also another big dick.

Jim - the manager of men's clothing store in the mall. 6' with dark hair and complexion. You guessed it, another big dick.

Grant - the star pitcher (how appropriate) of the baseball team. Same size as Jake in all ways.

Cargo Man - I don't know his name but he's always in cargo pants. 6"4" with a cock to match.

I will describe ancillary men when necessary.

Spring Break has ended and its back to the books at the community college I attend. Since my admission to State will be based on last semester's grades I've taken a pretty light load (of classes) this semester. I am taking a civics class, another math class, an intro to psychology class and an aerobics class. I'm also still working at the campus bookstore in an attempt to save up money for next year, a new car to replace my piece of shit Chevy, or to get an apartment so I can finally get away from my Mom and Dad. I wasted a lot of my money during Spring Break so I ended up cutting my bank roll in about half.

Since its Monday, Jake expects me to meet him at the glory hole in the basement bathroom of the library. It's only been two days since I sucked Jake and he fucked me but I am still looking forward to this afternoon. My first order of business was to go to the campus bookstore to see Shane, by boss, and find out what my hours at work would be. I had seen him only a few days ago at the Adult Entertainment Exposition and Awards. While I did a lot of sucking and fucking in an attempt to garner votes for his movie, I hadn't spent any 'quality' time with Shane.

Since no body really buys books any more the store was relatively empty when I arrived, I went in search of Shane. I found him at his desk looking bored as hell.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"Being back here after Vegas is a little boring. Congratulations on your award as best newcomer in a gay movie by the way." Yes, I had won an award but didn't find out about it until the next day. "Chad, I hate to tell you this but I'm going to have to let you go. Most of the books are being bought on line so we really don't need as many people on site anymore. You were one of the last one's hired so I have to let you go first. I'm really sorry." Shit, there went my chance to make a little more money. "I hope that you'll still come around to visit, if you know what I mean." Oh, I knew what he meant. Shane liked to have me suck him or fuck me behind a line of bushes right next to the entrance to the building.

Between that and the way he acted in the move I was starting to think that Shane was a bit of an exhibitionist. What could I do to let him know I really appreciated his hiring me in the first place and that there was no hard feelings.

I knew that he really liked public sex with the high chance of being caught. Besides the bushes by the bookstore, the glory hole in the basement of the library, and my car there wasn't any place else I had sex on campus. No wait there was the times on the loading dock, in my professor's office and under a lectern. I even had done it in a custodial closet. Oh yeah, outside of the Registrars' office, the locker room, and the theater. I really am a slut. Where could I take Shane that would be special? I knew.

"Follow me." We walked out of the campus bookstore and walked across the campus ending up at the intramural fields. It was pretty early in the day but there were some guys practicing what looked like rugby, not being a sports fan, except for baseball I, wasn't really sure. I led Shane over to one of the dugouts that was used when an intramural softball or baseball was playing. I had never seen the Rugby team use them but they would be nearby.

As soon as Shane and I got in the dugout I dropped to my knees. "Feed me your cock."

He looked at me then he looked around then looked at the rugby team. I think I had him in his zone. "Yeah mother fucker suck my cock." He undid his jeans and pushed them down. Now I was in a position that the rugby players couldn't see but they could see Shane. I grabbed Shane's cock at its base and started to rub it on my face. "That's it cocksucker, let me know that you want it." Shane knew how to put me in my zone too.

I teased him as long as I could before I had to put his cock in my mouth. After so many months of doing him it felt right and it fit just perfectly. Shane had an impressive cock, just a little bit smaller than Jake the asshole's. I let him fall out of my mouth and then still holding the base of his cock started licking up and down the shaft having my tongue trace every vein that I had gotten to know so well. After doing that for about a minute I started licking his balls plus the area between his balls and his asshole. That sent him over the edge. "Come on faggot, eat my cock." He grabbed the base of his cock and aimed it at mouth. I licked my lips. "That's right, you're hungry for my cock."

I put the head of his cock in my mouth again. With my hands I pushed up his shirt and ran my hands over this pecs and abs. I loved the way his skin felt, especially when his body stated to get hot from me working his cock or when he was fucking me. Little by little I took more of my cock in his mouth. He finally couldn't take it anymore, he grabbed my head and started to pull my mouth over his whole cock. I opened my throat and took it all, like I usually do. "Getting close asshole, get ready to drink my cum." With a few more thrusts Shane flooded me with his seed. I drank it all. When we had both calmed down, Shane said "that was fucking awesome, being out here, I wonder what would have happened if those rugby guys had seen us. And I'm still going to fuck you."

"We did see you faggots."

Our heads spun, there were three of the guys from the rugby team in their shorts and rugby shorts looking hot.

"You put on quite the show. That looks like one talented mouth on you" speaking to me. "We just came over to get some water but had to watch, we want you to stay around until we're done with the game. We might even ask some of our friends to come join us. You faggots are going to have fun." Looking at each other one said "you know we better have Ben stay with them so they don't decide to leave on us. Ben, we will tell the other guys that you needed to rest your leg, which you think you might have pulled something." Turning to us the guy who had been talking said "see you shortly girls." They ran back out on to the field.

Ben actually must have hurt his leg because he raised it on the bench and started to stretch it. He turned to me "why don't you massage my leg? It could use the attention." I stood and came over to Ben. "Sit down." I did. I started to massage his calf. "Higher." I moved my hands up and was starting to massage his quads. "Higher". By this time I was I was close to his crotch which was obviously growing and pushing his cup out. "Why don't you push up the leg of my shorts and pull the cup out of my jock." I did. "Now push my jock to one side so you can massage my cock, I know that's what you want to do." He was right. I glanced over at Shane who was now fingering his own cock which he had never put away. Using long strokes I massaged the player's nice cock, long and thick. I must say I have a lot of luck in finding large cocks. I must have a second sense. "That feels good faggot, keep that up."

I leaned in to take the head into my mouth. He gently pushed my head back. "Not yet. The boys would be pissed if you sucked my cock before they could watch or have a chance themselves." I continued to 'massage' Ben's cock until it shot off all over the ground. "Pull the jock back and put the cup back in its place." It was a little difficult with his cock still engorged but I was successful. I guess Shane must have cum a second time because when I looked over at him I could see his pool of cum on the floor of the dugout.

We heard some hoots and hollers from the field, the practice must be over. The 14 players still on the field came jogging to the dugout with two of them carrying a cooler between them. When they got to the dugout beers were passed around including ones for Shane and me.

The guy who had spoken earlier said "ok guys, here's the deal. We aren't going to take advantage of these faggots. We don't want to be kicked out of the league because we fuck some faggot that reports it. Let's see if we can figure out something that works for everyone. First, I think we should let this guy," pointing at Shane, "go ahead and fuck this faggot," pointing at me, "when we caught that he said 'I'm still going to fuck you. So let him have a piece of that nice looking ass. We're going to make a game out of it. Every time the faggot moans," pointing at me, "we each take a swig of our beers. The guy who has managed to drink the most beer only by taking 1 swig per moan, gets the faggot," pointing at me again, "for himself. Is that ok with you?" looking at me.

"Sure, sounds like a fun game."

"Hear that boys, he consented to a little fun, we're good. Ok bud," looking at Shane, "he's all yours."

Shane must have felt like a pig in shit, he was going to have an audience watching him fuck me. Actually I liked the idea to. These guys seemed like they wanted to have some fun. Make it a show is exactly what Shane did.

"Get out of your clothes."

I guess I may have done a little strip tease. My bad.

He turned me toward the back of the dugout. "Spread your legs, yeah like that, now stick your ass out, good. I want these guys to see the pussy I'm about to fuck." I actually made my ass open and close.

One of the players said, "Jesus Christ, look at that."

Shane still had his cock out and he started to finger it, getting hard for me. Some of the players started chanting "beat that meat, beat that meat." Shane seemed to like that. Shane spit on his hand and started to rub his saliva around and in my asshole. Another player said, "Damn." Shane spit again and started to slick up his cock.

He got behind me, grabbed ahold of my ass and turned me a bit, he wanted to make sure that all the players could see what Shane was doing and so I could have a better look at the players. Some were already rubbing the front of their shorts. Shane pushed the head of his cock against my hole and I moaned.

"One!" I could see that they all took big swigs. I guess they all wanted my ass.

Shane slowly pushed more of his cock in and I pushed back. Some player said "wow, he must really want that cock."

With one more push Shane shoved the rest of his cock up my ass. I moaned again.

"Two!" All the players raised their beers, one of the bigger guys turned the bottle over so his team mates could see that he had finished a beer in two swigs.

Shane started slowly sliding his cock in and out, in and out, in and out. I pushed back when he was pushing forward and Shane hit my prostate. Moan.

"Three!" More drinking.

Shane seemed to like having an audience so he picked up the pace and used all his strength to pull me onto his cock. Moan.

"Four!" Same big guy turned yet another bottle over. A couple of guys must have been a bit more competitive because they kept their bottles to their lips trying to take in all the beer before they had to stop their swig.

Shane did a few more thrusts and then he quickly pulled out. Moan. "Five!" Shane, being the showman that he was becoming, started stroking his cock like mad until he shot his third load of the day all over my back. Cheers, hoots and hollers from the players.

The guy who had been doing most of the talking said "ok, who gets him now?" The big guy, in a very low register said "me, I get me some of that faggot pussy."

Shane stepped out of the way and the big guy stepped up behind me. He turned me away from the wall and made me get on top of the bench on all fours. He pulled his shorts, jock and cup off and straddled the bench. He took some of the sperm off my back and rubbed it all over his cock and slammed into me and I do mean slammed, almost like he was out on the field taking out an opponent. Even though he didn't have any finesse he kept hitting that special spot and even before he came I shot my load all over the bench causing the team to cheer again. "Shit man, you made the faggot cum." A few more grunts from the big guy and I felt him fill my ass. He pulled out and slapped my ass "now you know how a rugby player and hard."

"OK guys, we agreed that it was just one of us. Looks like a couple of you came just watching though." Laughter. "Hopefully this faggot will come back to one of upcoming practices and play with us again. Thanks man." The players picked up their cooler and walked back toward the campus. They did really look hot in their shorts and rugby shirts.

Shane stared at them as they walked away then turned to me "Thanks, that was awesome!" and he gave me a big huge. "I've got to get to the store, let's get back together soon." I watched Shane run back toward the main part of campus.

I looked down at my watch, shit, it was almost time for me to meet Jake the asshole at the library glory hole. I got my clothes back on and started to run while I finished buttoning my jeans.

When I got to the basement of the library I went into the bathroom and found that it was empty, Jake must be running late. I took my place in the center stall like usual. I heard the outer door open and someone took the stall that Jake usually doesn't use. I glanced through the hole and saw a clean cut preppy type. Without any ceremony he pulled out his cock and stuck it through the hole. Never one to turn down a cock I pulled the head of his cut cock so it was just inside my lips. I used my tongue to taste the head. This guy must use some cologne on his cock because it smells good but has an alcohol taste. The guy moaned. I sucked more in, while it wasn't huge, it was a good sized cock so it filled most of my mouth but didn't hit the back of my throat. I could feel that his body was bouncing on the stall wall to try to get more of his cock in my throat. He started to moan and I could tell he was getting close. The outer door opened again and whoever it was took the other stall and I assumed was looking through the hole to see what was going on. All of sudden the door to that stall slammed open and then the door of the other stall sounded like it was being ripped off its hinges. I heard Jake say, "get the fuck off that cock." It felt like preppy guy's cock was yanked from my mouth. "That mouth is mine, if I ever see you anywhere near this faggot again I'll kill you. He must have had the guy by his neck because I could hear him being dragged to the bathroom door and thrown out. The door to my stall opened while Jake was pulling out his cock. "Never forget that your mouth and ass are mine and mine alone." He stuck his cock in my mouth and then gently rubbed his hand on my cheek.


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