The year was 2002 and I had gotten a scholarship to a University for Literature & Journalism, I arrived at the University on a Friday afternoon, and I was setting in the registration office when In walked this young adonis looking of a guy, in cutoff denim shorts, the first thing I noticed was the muscular legs and how long and sleek they were, not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, and a large bulge laying down his leg.

Now I am a gay man about 19 yrs old and I do notice such things on other men.

He walked in and set down on the little seat next to me and layed his portfolio on the bench and looked over at me and smiled and stuck out his hand and said Hi! I'm Devon Landshire, I shook his hand and said Hello I'm Dennis Walker. He said I'ts very nice to meet you, I'm here on a track and field scholarship, and I'm hoping to be an Olympic contender, mostly a mile runner, I said man that's impressive, and then I said, I'm here on a Scholarship for Literature and Journalism, He said wow! dude, you must be really smart to get that. I said I've done alright.

Well He said maybe we will be placed as dorm room mates that would be awesome, I thought to myself only if I can eat you alive, your so fucking handsome, but I wouldn't let you know that. Facially he reminded me of Denzel Washington the actor.

Well they let us team up since the secretary had heard us say we wouldn't mind being room mates, and I looked like we might even have some classes together, Devon said Hey dude, this is just awesome, I ain't so good in my book learning, but maybe you can help me, I just said, sounds like a winner. Well we went to the dorm and found our room on the 3rd floor. They were nice rooms and had two twin bed across from each other and a sorta study room, a walk in closet and the whole nine yards.

I ask Devon if he was middle eastern because his Hair was jet black and he had very dark complection, He said no he was a mixed, His mother was a black woman and his father was a white man, He said you don't have a problem with that do you? I said no way man, Your just a dark complected Human Male to me. and we will be great friends I hope, He smiled kinda like he had been worried or something.

Well we got our cars unloaded and our stuff brought up to the room and Devon said Hey, Dennis lets go exploring and see where all the classes are and the track is located, I will spend a lot of time there, I said sounds good to me.

Well we went exploring and found most of the classrooms we will be sharing our classes in, and then we found the Gymnasium and Track and Field area. Devon was In awe at the immmense size of the place, I was kinda star struck by it too.

We went back to the dorm room changed to go to supper at the school cafeteria, and the food wasn't bad but the more I was around Devon the more I wanted to eat him. Dam he was one hot dude.

The night time finally came and I said I getting ready for bed and Devon said that's a good Idea, and I stripped down to my boxers, Devon had boxers too and we kinda made a pact to be free with each other about walking around the dormroom in our underwear or whatever, and since we were roommates just sorta let it all hang out so to speak, Devon stripped down to his boxers, that first night, and Muther Fuck, His cock, was 'Jinormous' I was so fucking long the head which still had its hood covering hung out from under the leg of his boxers and was like a fire hose, I swallowed my tongue and thought only a female horse or cow could handle that thing. I mentioned it to Devon about being so long, and he just kinda laughed, Man, guys used to call it the Georgia black snake back in high school. I said I can only guess why! Devon laughed, Well I shut off the lights and I layed under the sheet across the room from Devon and couldn't keep my mind of that big cock in Devons boxers, and I had to take my cock in hand and relieve the pressure it was making on my body.

The next day we had classes and I helped Devon with his papers he had to write for the homework assignment. Devon and I were becoming close and I never heard him talk about girls or anything, and saw no need to ask.

I was always going to watch Devon practice on the field and He was really fenominal in the area of sports, just not very academical. I did one time walk into the shower area after they were done practicing and I had to leave those gorgeous bodies were working a number on the cock straining in my trousers and I was feeling a little light headed because of it. I waited outside the locker room on the stairway and finally Devon came out and said Hey Dennis man, where did you go, Man you could have stay inside untill I was finished, I replied, Not really, and I smiled.

We went to the cafeteria for supper and then I had to go to the Library, I needed some reference books, I told Devon I would be gone about maybe two or three hours studying in the Library.

I got to the Library and couldn't find the book I needed (It had already been checked out) and I just thought I wait a few days, and I had the Librarian put me next on the list for that book.

I walked back to my dorm room and I noticed the door was locked, and we never locked the door on each other as long as one of us was there, so I thought maybe Devon had gone some where, Well I was in for a shock. The main dorm room door leading out into the hallway was in the study room, You had to go thru the study room to get to the bed room, and so I didn't notice Devon in the study room and I quietly slipped into the room and thought maybe he's taking a nap, I need to be quiet. I slightly opened the door and there on his bed, Fucking Naked and holding that eleven inch cock, Hard and glistening in the light was Devon, He was stroking It like a muther fucker, My cock did a lurch and immediately needed some attention. I was starteled a little by it but Devon never slowed down a bit, I thought he would have heard me, but I noticed he had a portable CD player with headphones attached on his head beating his cock to the Music. and had his eyes closed. Man was that Hot, I almost swallowed my tongue, I wanted that hot, Dark, Hunk of meat in my mouth or ass so bad, I could taste it. He just kept the stroking up and then He did something totally unexpected. He raised up and I saw him raise his left hand up and I saw a fucking King sized Dildo in his left hand, it had to be 9 inches and quite thick thru, and he had already lubed up his asshole I guess, and he raised his knees up to his friggen shoulders and I saw him plunge that huge dildo up his asshole, fucking Lordy, it was absolutely Hot! My cock was out in a flash and I was stroking watching Devon fuck himself with a dildo.

I heard him grunt as he shoved it up his turd tunnel and start stroking it in and out and sayin oh, muther fucker that feels good, all the while stroking his gorgeous cock I saw him take that dildo all the way to the hilt and sorta set down on the remainder and make sure it stayed in his asshole, Then I heard his loud, Oh!Jeeezus, awe fuck, and He started blowing out cum all over the place, up on his chest and in his mouth, which I noticed he licked up and took his long fingers and wiped up the rest and ate it, and I knew I had to have this absolute STUD.

I waited untill I saw him finish and pull out the dildo and I walked in with my cock in my hand, and I said Devon I have wanted to have sex with you for so long now, Man My nuts are aching and Need releasing, I didn't know you were like this, Devon was starteled and then said you saw? I said, I saw! He said man I didn't want anyone to know I was Gay, I said fuck man, I'm gay too, whos gonna know, I have admired your body since I saw you in your boxers that first night, Devon said. Really, I wish I had known, I have jerked off to your body while you weren't looking quite a few times. I said, Well Devon things are about to change, And I leaned over his body, naked and gorgeous and started licking the remainder of his cum off his body, he just layed back and groaned, My cock was about to explode and Devon reached over and took it into his hand, and I said It's only eight inches long but it's all I have Devon said, Man it's beautiful, and I want it here and he pointed to his mouth, Man His mouth was just flaming hot, wet and he could take it all the way to the nutsack, fuck it was awesome, his tongue was doing a dance on the head of my dick. He started sliding my cock into and out of his mouth and putting pressure on the head of my dick and the feeling was astronomical, I was a fucking gonner, Devon was rubbing my nutsack and sucking and then he pushed his slicked up index finger up my manhole, It felt like a small six inch dick and it was wonderful, I said you want to fuck me, and he said not tonight but later deffinately. The next thing that happened He said Dennis, lay down on your back and I did and Devon took my hard cock and set up on top of me and gently let himself down onto my cock, and he said Oh Fuck mand I love this, and he started riding me I had it to the balls deep in his poop tunnel and he was stroking his Georgia Black snake like a madman. I was watching him and His cock was almost close enough to my face that i could touch it with my tongue, and I did, He said totally awesome dude, totally awesome, He was fucking me, like a madman and I started up with the grunting and groaning like crazy cause He was milking my cock with his sphincter muscle and I couldn't last any longer I started thrusting up into his ass and He started breathing heavy and shooting a load all over my face and chest and I started unloading in his ass, we were just going wild.

After a while we started comming down from our climatic high and just sorta layed back in each others arms, He said Dennis man, that was fucking awesome, and I said I know, WE have to do this more often and He said Without a doubt.

Well We enjoyed each others bodies quite often and tasted each others man cream, Well to be quite honest we had a hell of a year with each other in College, Devon improved in his academic lessons and started making really good grades and I started being better at the healthy stuff like running track with Devon, I guess during the years of college we were actually lovers and I accompanied him to the Olympic Trials and then back. I have really enjoyed what I had with Devon and Will never forget my time at college with him.By the way I did get to see what that Georgia Black snake felt like in my ass hole and It Was as they say down south 'Fucking Bodatious'




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