Chapter 4

Read a story of beggars which, for a change, is not a tragedy. It is love, friendship, beauty, liberty and happiness the faces of life which are shown here. You can read my trilogy either in Spanish, Luces de la Tierra, in or in English, Lights of the Earth in

There I was, jacking off on all fours watching that hot man’s naked body having a shower. My father had not wiped his ass previously and now was washing it in the shower and lathering it up and I had a wonderful view of that sexy butt as I was frenetically jacking off. Once it was clean, he turned and I saw again the vision of that sexy rod I had already tasted and I knew I would cum, so I shamelessly blasted a new load, but instantly told him.

-I know I’m able to cum today ten more times, Sir. So I will start anew watching my master’s perfect body and getting horny at the vision.

He smiled at me and I could see how hard he was then and as he soaped all his body up he also started to wank.

-I don’t know whether I have stated things clearly enough, Jesse. And I have some things to say as we are both here happily jacking off. First, my dear son, as for the name, remember I will never call you slave, only Jesse and at any moment you can call me master, sir, dad or Norman, if you want, even now.

-I’ll call you by your name tomorrow, Sir.

-Good, but remember no wrong moments after now to call me the way you prefer. One more thing: you’ve heard me say that I could beat you tomorrow. Of course that would only be if you ask me, and only for your fun. I can never go beyond your pleasure, Jesse, and I will never punish you. Imagine I order you a blowjob or something and you don’t want to do it. I will talk about it with you. There’s nothing stronger than words and we are friends today and forever. So of course you can say no. Think about this: your father can go mad if you refuse and beat you as a punishment. I will never do that. If I did, it would mean abuse: so do you understand, my sweet Jesse, that I can never make you do something that you don’t want to do?

-I understand, Sir, but do not worry. I want you to beat me for my fun.

-One other thing. I could fuck you tomorrow or not. You may also come naked to bed with me and just give me blowjobs, which is something that now I am sure you would like to often do. In case you don’t want to be fucked, tell me, and after you’ve had a thorough shower and given me a blowjob here in the bathroom, you can already call me dad. If after all you say nothing, I will understand that you want your father to fuck you after all and then the moment I shoot my first load into your ass would be the right moment for you to call me dad again.

-Very good, Sir.

-And this is very important. Never once in your life I can do anything to you that you don’t like. And you can always say no. We are friends and that’s more important than being master and slave; we’re such good friends that we can talk about anything or do anything with each other for our mutual fun. And I want you always proud. If one day I see you ashamed of anything you like, anything you do, or desire to do, I will have to stop this game for good. So always be proud, Jesse. And free, so free that freedom can be written in capital letters.

-There can be nobody in the world now freer than me, free enough to say to my father that I want to live like this, always pleasing you sexually, Sir, always degraded and playing with excrements. I’m crying now, Sir, just moved thinking how happy I can be for the rest of my life.

-And I would also prefer a disobedient slave so that way I can know that I am making you happy for life, and never torturing you. Your happiness this afternoon has moved me and that’s the way I want to see you every day after now, ashamed of nothing, enjoying everything, enjoying life cause we are friends and we will have fun together. But let me repeat this very important notion: a master may have the temptation to think that he is master of the universe, but I can never do that and you must have this notion crystal-clear. Never allow your father to do anything that you don’t like. Be rebel and if you have to shout at me angrily, do it. Be forever the freest man on Earth.

I was about to cum again just hearing my father’s common sense. I suddenly knew what I had to do. I looked at him and said.

-Listen to me now, Sir. You want a disobedient slave and I will be disobedient at this precise moment. I am gonna break one your laws right now. So look at me, Norman Burke, I won’t wait till tomorrow for calling you by your name, because I am now not only your son but also your friend and friends call one another by their names. You are not only the most arousing person in the world, Norman. You have contrived a way to make your son happy for life, accepting everything I am, all I have learnt about myself, getting shocked at nothing. And you have made me free, so now as the free man I am I will implore you, Norman, make me your slave for life. We are friends and we will always be and I will talk to you every day to tell you how things are going, and if there could be a new thing I would like you to do to me or if there’s something I don’t want to do anymore. Trust me, Norman, and we will always be the best of friends. I am really proud of the father I have and I hope you are always proud of the son you have. I want to play with you for life. And once I’ve said all this, I will call you sir again till tomorrow I can feel your semen in my ass, for of course you will fuck me, Sir.

-Jesse, my darling, you are special and saying what you have just said you have made me calm, at least till tomorrow. Now let’s always live giving fun to each other. I cannot hold it any longer and need to cum. I don’t want you to stain my dick, but if you approach me, you could open your mouth and I might cum inside.

Of course I approached him, and walking on all fours. Fortunately I had again the gift of tasting a new sample of my father’s jism. After drinking it, I returned to the dog language and barked four times, thanking him again.

-I am sufficiently clean now. I will go naked to bed and I will beat off at least once thinking of today’s events. You can enter the bathtub now if you want.

Of course the moment he got out at last, I went in, filling the whole tub with excrements. I started jacking off again before he threw a kiss in the air to me and withdrew. Now I would spend the whole day till tomorrow at six in the tub and I knew well the first thing I would do was jacking off alone with the image of my father and about everything that had happened today.

I had so many images that I did not know where to begin, but I began honouring my father moving my fist to my hard cock and I was soon pumping it thinking of the last words that sexy man had just said to me as he was having his shower. The common sense of that hot man I had for a father made me wild and I masturbated sure enough of the fun I would have with him for the rest of my life. Soon I was frenetically hurting my dick with my strong strokes as the memory of the smell of Norman Burke came to me one more time. I knew tomorrow I would be pleasing him in bed like a bitch and I knew he would smell clean. I wondered what his clean tastes would be like. I knew I had to cum again and that first ejaculation in the tub had to be with the memory of my father’s armpits. I shot a load on my chest and as I saw I still desired many more cums, I had to think now about the taste of his excrements.

I started remembering the delicious taste of his piss, but I had his and mine on my body and did not know which was his or which was mine and did not taste it. I slowly remembered the smell of his farts and the taste of his gobs and his snot. I had some snot on my body which could only be his, so I picked up some from my chin and ate it. Now I knew I wanted to eat something from him as I was remembering the vision of my father shitting or puking on my body. I tasted first some of my shit on my back and ate it with no disgust. I wanted to compare and took a small turd resting on my left nipple and tasted it now. I would say both tasted just as good, but my father’s shit was more arousing, knowing it had come from his sexy ass. I wanted to cum again and I blasted a new load prior to remembering the taste of his puke. The only puke I had on my body was his and I was quietly savouring it as I was whacking off when my sexy naked father entered the bathroom for the first time.

Of course no sooner I saw him, I opened my mouth wide enough and he smiled at me and started to rain some more of his tasty piss again into my mouth. I did not stop my cock all that time; I was drinking and masturbating at the same time.

-Are you having fun, Jesse? –My father finally asked me.

-It is wonderful spending tonight in the tub, Sir, picking excrements from my body, eating them and masturbating all the time remembering their taste and the different tastes of every part of your sexy body.

And then as he had promised he started to wank again to my rhythm. There I was, naked and covered in excrements, seeing how my father had fun at his dick, smiling at me and telling me he had jacked off once in bed and busted a big load. Soon we both came, me on my chest, he in my mouth one more time and finally he told me so long, Jesse, and withdrew again.

Now I had to masturbate thinking about incest, about the vision, smell and taste of each part of my father’s body. This masturbation was long, I had cum so many times that now I could hold my next orgasm for hours and I spent minutes remembering and honouring my father’s feet, then his ass and next his pits till I finally allowed myself to think about his tasty dick again. Even so, thinking about his cock, I could resist for longer than ten minutes and I had still some time to imagine that sexy rod up my butt. I finally came and two minutes later my sexy father entered again and of course I opened my mouth.

-I have so much snot on my nose, Jesse, that it’s hard for me to even breathe, and I thought: what the hell? I’m sure my beautiful son would like to eat it again.

-Wait, Sir. Your snot is so delicious that I want to cum with it too.

And I started my umpteenth masturbation then with my mouth wide open awaiting his tasty snot. Shamelessly he took some time emptying in my mouth his left nostril, so much snot he had. I was about to burst when finally smiling at me he discharged his right nostril and I did cum. After that moment I lost count of how many times I had cum so far, of the many times I still had to cum with him that very first day.

-I will piss now.

My father had no doubts now that I would drink his piss and there I was with open mouth and smiling, awaiting something more to drink. It was two more minutes of rancid piss that I swallowed totally certain about myself, of how much I enjoyed that taste.

-There’s still more.

And saying nothing beforehand to show what it would be, he started to rain a lot of puke again on my body. My mouth was still opened but he started filling my whole body first, starting at my hard cock and slowly going up till he reached my open mouth and discharged a great amount of tasty vomit into my stomach again. I was masturbating but could not cum. But he asked me whether I would desire some more. I said yes, Sir, please sir, believing he would piss me again or spit, which he had not done. But he said.

-I think I could even shit a small turd at least into your mouth. Do you want daddy to take a dump there, Jesse?

-Please, Sir, it’s so erotic to know where you are going to shit now. Take a dump in my mouth, please Sir.

I saw again his sexy ass but now it became pornographic to see him squatting near my lips and starting to fart. I wanted to be his toilet, used for everything. He could after now do anything in my mouth and as my mouth was far from his ass so as not to stain it with the many types of excrements I had on me, I saw his shit slowly coming into my mouth. It was only one small turd but he had made that effort to make me happy and I clearly wanted to show him my mouth would be now his dump. Of course when I started chewing that small sample of his shit, I blasted a new aroused load.

He left me then and I knew sooner or later I would have to sleep but I thought I could not go to sleep without a new masturbation thinking about him. So now it really was an hour when I jacked off thinking about everything at the same time. Images overlapped and I was honouring my father’s sexy body, his masculine smell, the glory that incest was, the taste of each of his excrements… I did it too: I shat a bit as I was jacking off just for my fun, not really hungry, and of course I ate it too. I continued imagining what it would be like when I had become his slave in earnest, degraded forever as I had learnt I wanted to always be; I pictured him beating me, fucking me and everything aroused me. And at last I shot my most massive load that day.

I finally decided I had to sleep and I would have fun with my dick again tomorrow. I think I was sleeping from two in the morning to half past nine, when the smell of coffee woke me up. There my naked father was and he told me.

-I want you to eat nothing more than excrements till six o’clock, as I told you, but I know you need a coffee every day before coming to your senses and first you will have breakfast.

-I want to start jacking off as I am having my coffee, Sir.

-Good, both of us together.

And we started again. Seeing my father having fun at his dick again was all I needed to be quite horny as the day was starting and I had coffee and wanked watching his sexy dick till he told me he would cum first for he wanted to cum on my coffee. I said “very good, Sir” and he busted his load inside my cup. I still had not cum but the moment I could perceive the taste of his semen in my coffee, I came again.

-I had to wank one more time in bed last night and then I had to come and piss but you were fast asleep. How it moved me to see you thus. You were even hard in your sleep and I imagined you were perhaps dreaming of me. You were smiling and I thought I would piss on your body after all and I did. I did not piss in your mouth though it was open, cause I did not want to wake you up.

-So hot to know that you pissed me too when I was asleep, Sir.

-Do you want to spend until 6 today in here, Jesse?

-Yes, Sir.

-Ok, I’ll enter sometimes to piss or more and we can jack off together many more times. Do your balls hurt?

-No, Sir. All my balls are telling me today is that they want to produce a lot more semen to be all day cumming.

-Perfect, Jesse. I’ll leave you now.

The rest of that arousing day till six o’clock slipped away quickly and excitingly. My sexy naked father still had to enter the bathroom six more times to piss and incredibly we masturbated those six times and shot six loads. But the fifth time he came in, he asked me whether I would like to eat what he would shit today.

-Please Sir, shit in my mouth as often as you wish. My stomach has become a happy shiteater and wants to be your sewer whenever you want to use it.

-You know we cannot do this every day, Jesse, and sometimes we should restrain ourselves.

-I understand, Sir. But please shit in my mouth this day I am spending inside the bathtub.

-Ok, Jesse.

Then I saw him squatting close to my lips again. Of course my mouth was wide open, awaiting a new heap of my father’s tasty shit. And it came soon, with no previous farts now, but let him always dump his poop in my mouth anyway he so preferred. It was so delicious to spend a whole day eating only excrements that the thought made me cum again, twice that time for I had cum with his piss and now with his shit.

At five to six he would piss me for the sixth and last time, as I had said, and then he told me it was finally six o’clock and I could finally have a shower. But first I asked him to wait. I still hadn’t and I wanted to puke on my body first. He smiled at me and encouraged me. I preferred my father’s vomits because mine was a many-coloured substance with everything. It also smelt good and I tasted it and the taste was also good, but I preferred vomits with no more things, especially his after now. Finally he told me I could start my shower and told me to take long for I had also shit and puke on my hair. He stood there watching me and of course jacking off. My objective now was to get clean and I did not wank. I took five minutes just to wash my hair as I saw how excrements were disappearing through the bathtub drain. He told me my hair was pristine again and I could start taking excrements off my whole filthy body. I was meticulous soaping up every feature of my face. When I was finally in bed with my father tonight I had to be immaculate, almost virginal and I went on meticulous with my chest, armpits, back, arms, till I lathered up my ass with special care, the ass I wanted my father to fuck for the first time today. I took a long time next in my genitalia, getting hard again but not masturbating. I so desired to give that hot man a new blowjob that I wanted to finish as soon as possible. Now a long time with legs and feet till I was finally my clean self again and I noticed that even the bathtub was totally clean now. Just then he shot his load and told me he wanted to resist long now if I desired to give him a new blowjob and invited me to come out of the bathtub at last.

Of course I wanted to give him a new blowjob. I already knew the wonderful taste of my father’s cock and it had been hell for me to see it once and again having fun and not having been able to suck it. As I thought he would prefer to see me kneeling on the floor, I squatted there and with no hesitation took my father’s dick in my mouth again. No sooner I had started to blow him, I began to cry, really moved.

-Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir. In a single day you have made me the happiest boy on Earth. Now I hope you let me suck your sexy cock as many times a day as you want. You decide how many times you want to cum, Sir, but my mouth will always be available. You just have to tell me.

-My hot Jesse, I hope I can spend my whole life pleasing you. You deserve it.

This second blowjob was longer than yesterday’s and now his ass did not smell of shit and his dick was cleaner but even so, this first clean taste I could savour from his body was really mouthwatering too and I knew I would like the taste of his cock always, dirty or clean. It was my father’s masculinity and it would soon be a gusher into his son’s stomach, I promised myself I would be constantly making him cum. Finally my father’s semen started pouring down into his son’s throat when I was not expecting it. I drank with delight showing him a smiling face. Finally he would tell me.

-Come now to the kitchen with me. I will prepare your fish and chips and you can put your clothes back on or sit there naked, as you prefer.

-I will have dinner naked with you, Sir. Only one question: can I touch you as I am eating?

Smiling at me, he answered not only that I could touch all I wanted but after now, any time we were alone at home, I could touch him, naked or not, whenever I so desired. No need to ask for his permission.

Once in the kitchen he came to my lips and kissed me again till he asked me to comfortably sit. He would prepare dinner now. I was easy with that hot man now and I started wanking again as I saw him there naked preparing the fish and chips. I had a glorious perspective of his ass now, moving freely as he was frying dinner and almost sometimes opening up so I could even glimpse some of his butt hair. Finally he sat down naked with me to eat.

There was a lot of standard food again and I really needed it. But I was still horniest and after he sat I started lustfully touching his chest, slowly resting my hands on his nipples and stroking them affectionately till I decided to come unhurriedly down his belly and caressing his balls, the first part of his body I had been allowed to taste. And finally I grasped his dick and started jacking him off.

-I hope you allow your son now to masturbate you, Sir. I still haven’t.

-I think we should both eat naked after now whenever we so desired. And of course you can always have any kind of sexual fun with me and I will always encourage you to do anything that is pleasant for you.

-Thank you, Sir. –That’s all I said as I was taking care of his cock wanting him to cum again with me. I masturbated at the same time so I was caring for both dicks. He managed to eat but I waited for the moment he shot his load to start my meal. When I saw him cumming I blasted my umpteenth load that day. I started eating but with a free hand now, I was all dinner groping everything of that hot man. Before I finished I told him.

-After dinner, I would like you to beat me, Sir. Don’t worry, remember it is not punishment and it will only be for my fun, Sir. You can start spanking me slightly and I will tell you whether I am enjoying or not and whether I would also like a stronger intensity. But please, Sir, beat your son. I really want it.

-Ok, Jesse. You know I will do anything for your fun and I suspected you could maybe like me beating you too. You are the most arousing boy in the world. You know I will stop whenever you tell me.

-I want to be degraded, Sir. Having sex with my father, eating excrements from time to time and even being beaten, scarcely or hard, I will tell you now, as a good slave should, for no reason at all, Sir, no punishment.

When we finished dinner after a long time necessary for me to have standard food again in my stomach, he told me I could lie on the couch now and he would spank me and I should not forget to tell him what I was feeling and ask him to stop if necessary.

Soon I was lying on my stomach with my ass exposed to him as an invitation to be spanked. He began by kissing my mouth and telling me: “Ok, Jesse, hope you like this too.” And he soon started caressing my ass and his first spanks came, but they were so soft that it was hard to tell from spanks or caresses. I asked him please to spank me in earnest and he began now. I began to beat my meat, just a way to calm him and show him I was enjoying and wanted more.

-You have never spanked me in my life, Sir. And I really like it now. Please go on.

He was for two or three more minutes spanking me till it was me who told him to increase his intensity now. He saw I was rock hard, constantly stroking my hard cock, and he did really increase his intensity now. The harder the spanks were, the more I liked them.

-Please, Sir. I want them this hard and many more please.

He was for two more minutes telling me my ass was getting red and we could not do this often for my ass had to recover its natural white. I said ok, Sir, but asked him whether he knew of some other way to beat me.

-One other day I could whip you with my belt too. But not today. Ok, I can slap you now. Just once and you will tell me.

-Do it, Sir please.

And then his first slap came when I was not expecting it. With such hot man, I enjoyed everything and even the pain. I asked him for one or two more slaps, and he said ok, Jesse, be it as you wish, but it will be two more slaps only and the time of beating will be over.

The first of the two final slaps was even softer than the previous one had been, but the second one was harder and I loved that pain and asked him please to slap me that hard at least once every day. But he finally said.

-Ok, Jesse, this is the end of your first beating. Hope you have also enjoyed.

When I heard him say those words I took no more time to think and told him.

-Now you are to fuck me, Sir. As I know you only want my fun, let me repeat: I have spent a whole day always horny and masturbating over the image of your sexy cock up my ass, Sir. I dream with the moment your semen is in there and I will properly call you by your name again Sir, and I have finally become your slave in earnest, as I want to be. So please Sir, don’t hesitate and pummel your son’s ass.

He sighed but said he was gonna try and still lying on my stomach, he kissed me again first, oh what a sweet man he was, and started to gently stroke my ass cheeks lecherously and went as far as fucking me first with his tongue probing inside me affectionately and with no disgust. But finally I perceived he shrugged his shoulders as if saying, ok let’s try and I could notice my father’s cock slowly coming in, carefully, inch by inch, ready to fuck his son for the first time.

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