Deep Forbidden Desires #2

BY A.Williams

    Alex and Mike sat finishing their beers staring at each other, each had small content smile. As Alex stood and headed for the kitchen he said, "Mike let me get busy cooking that dinner I promised you." Mike followed, "What can I do to help?" Alex tosses him raw veggies from the frig, "Slice these up for me. Hope you like stir fry." "Sound great." Mike replied, as he began working. Alex turn on some tunes and they worked together to get dinner ready humming and dancing around some.

    "Would you like some wine Mike? I have a chilled light white that would go good with dinner." Alex asked. "Wonderful, I'll get it, keep cooking, it smells really good already." Mike grabbed the wine and glass, popping the cork he asked, "Are you home alone tonight Alex?" He poured and handed a glass to Alex while sipping his own, waiting for an answer. "All weekend actually, my parents are out of town until Monday night. Yes... Yes sweet freedom." Mike laughed.

    Soon they were at the table eating steaming plates of steak stir fry with pasta in a light brown sauce. "Damn Alex this is amazing. Do you cook often?" Mike asked. "The older I got the more my parents went out to do "their thing" and left me to my own devices. I soon got tired of pizza and fast-food, so I found some old cookbooks and I taught myself." Alex clarified. Mike chuckled, "Impressive Man, very impressive." He stated.

    Clean up was quick and easy, so they returned to the living room with the wine. They talked and drank getting to know each other. They found out they had a lot in common, they were both only children, no siblings. Both sets of parents liked to travel. Both had applied and been accepted to Clemson University in the fall. Mike on an academic scholarship, major in architectural design. Alex on a football scholarship, major in business management. They both liked classic rock music, the beach, boating, fishing, Black and White movies and the list went on and on. They were both surprised that they liked a lot of the same things.

    Mike noticed the time, "Alex it's Midnight!! I can't believe how long we've been talking and drinking. Shit we put away two bottles Man." They laughed, feeling quite buzzed. "I should be getting home." Mike said and stood on unstable legs. "Man I'm not driving anywhere in my condition and your cars at school. So, looks like your stuck here BOY!" Alex said.

    Mikes dick jumped hearing that word "BOY". He immediately sat back down, "Yes Sir" he said head down. Alexs dick jumped hearing that word "Sir". They both went into full man lust in two seconds. "Mike you can look at me." Mike raised his head and their eyes locked. "Go to the phone Boy and call your house. Don't... and I mean don't hang up until your clear it to stay all weekend. You hear my Boy?" Alex commanded. Mike stood, "Yes Sir I hear you Sir." He went to make his call. Alex could hear him talking and soon Mike returned. He knelt in front of Alex, head down hands behind his back and waited.

    Alexs cock was rock hard and leaking seeing Mike before him, he was so obedient. "Good Boy Mikey, did you get the all clear?" Mike stayed in position and said, "Yes sir, I did Sir." Damn... damn I hope I don't blow... this is hot, thought Alex. "Mikey we are going to my bedroom, you will not speak unless I ask you a question. You will do what you are told when you are told how you are told with no reservations, do you understand Boy?" "Yes sir, Yes sir." Mike answered. "Come with me now Boy" Alex said as he stood and walked upstairs. Mike was on his heels.

    When they entered the bedroom Alex pulled Mike in his arms and kissed him lovingly. He knew he was supposed to be tough but Mike could melt his heart at times. They kissed deeply, standing close, touching, grinding. "Slowly undress me Boy." Alex demanded. Mike did as he was told and that handsome tight muscle body along with that big fat long dick came into view. Alex moved to the bed and lay down on his back, hands behind his head and said, "Strip Boy."

    Mike knew this would be the first time Alex had seen him naked, so he took his time and made a show of it. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, he pushed it off his shoulders allowing Alex to see his hairy chest and treasure trial. Mike heard Alex moan and saw him reach to rub his hard cock as Mikes torso was displayed.

    He unbuttoned his jeans and slowly unzipped them, along with his boxers they were at his feet. He turned around and bent over to remove them. He heard Alex let out a loud growl as his ass spread open, his pink hole twitching. He turned back to Alex his cock engorged and dripping precum.

    "Come lay on top of me Mikey," Alex said, his voice full of lust. Mike approached the bed slowly and gently laid on Alexs warm hard body. Forehead to feet they felt the heat of each other, the power of skin rubbing skin. Alex placed a small sweet kiss on Mikes full lips but soon his hand was on his neck pushing hard, their mouths locked trying to choke each other with their tongues.

    Alex flipped Mike on his back and looking deep into his eyes, suddenly his intention to basically rape Mike changed completely. He saw the trust in Mikes eyes, he could see into his sweet soul, see the desire to loved and cherish him. Alex stopped on a dime, raised up off of Mike and sat on the edge of the bed in silence. Face in his hands, he realized he was crying. Alex never cried he was hard. He played hard, work hard and fucked even harder, Alex never let his feelings show. It was his time to be confused.

    Mike sat up and softly rubbed up and down Alexs back. "Why did you stop Babe? Are you okay?" He asked. Alex pulled himself together, wiped his tear soaked face and said, "Mike I have had handfuls of hook-ups with guys, more with women but that's all they were, HOOK-UPS.

    With you I'm feeling things I've never felt before, seeing things in your beautiful brown eyes that are confusing me. I want to stop now, I want to hold you, cuddle you and fall asleep with you tight to me in my arms all night. Is that ok Mike?" Alex asked. "Yes babe... I would love that." They settled into bed and in seconds they were fast asleep holding each other tightly.

    Mike woke with the warm sun on his face alone in the bed. He rolled and felt Alexs side of the bed still warm, he pulled his pillow to his face and breathed deep. Mike loved Alexs manly scent it made his dick chub up and tingle. Slowly he left the bed, put on his boxers and went in search of Alex. He found him in the kitchen, coffee in hand deep in thought propped against the back door jam in only a jockstrap. Mike grabbed a cup and sat at the table.

    Mike could not help but to admire Alex, he studied him closely as he looked out the back door still unaware of his presence. His blonde hair shining in the morning sun still in disarray from sleep. His face so perfect and smooth with that square manly jaw line. His pouty lips so soft and moist. Mike watched his muscles ungulate under his skin as Alex raised his cup for a drink. He thought all that training had Alex ripped and sculpted with just enough bulk to be extremely sexy.

    Mike continued gazing at him, his eight pack abs, his huge tasty package, his large smooth tight ass. Lower still, his almost hairless thick strong thighs and developed calves even his feet were sexy. Yes... Yes he was perfect, Mike thought.

    Alex noticed Mike sitting there ogling his body, it brought a smile to his face. He cleared his throat, "Morning Mikey, sleep well?" he asked in a sultry voice. Mike broke out of his trance, "Yes Babe... uumm... Alex I did sleep very well." Alex laughed, "That's ok Mikey, I like you would name me Babe, claim me as your own. Do you feel I'm yours Mikey?" Mike did not respond.

    Alex walked to Mike, got behind him and nuzzled into his neck, he breathed in his wonderful smell and placed kisses and love bites on his sweet skin. "Tell me Mikey, am I yours... do you want me all to yourself?" Alex whispered in Mikes ear. Mikes body was getting hot, his breathing faster as his dick got stiffer. He stood quickly and grabbed Alex in his arms.

    Mike held Alex tight in his grip, he pressed his lips to his hard pulling back he said, "Stop playing with me Alex, you know I want you, all of you. Goddamn it stop fucking with me and FUCK ME ALREADY!!!" Alex loved this asserted side of Mike. Alex said softly, "Mike I don't want to fuck you Darling, I want to make love to you. My sweet, sweet Mikey, please I want this first time for us to be loving and tender." Mike melted in his arms.

    "Darling come with me." Alex grabbed Mikes hand and pulled him to the bedroom. Alex pushed Mike on the bed and gently pulled off his boxers. "Mikey I want some of your sweet cum first." Alex said. He slowly licked Mikes dick from balls to leaking tip. He worshipped his cock as Mike had done to him. Alex loved his smell, the taste of his cock but most of all he loved the taste of his sweet precum.

    Finally Alex engulfed Mikes thick rod and went all out to get his prize. "Yes Babe.... Eat me Alex... Fuck... Fuck that's good." Mike moaned out. "Faster Babe... yes... hell yes... so good Babe." Alex liked the moans and groans coming from Mike, they made him push on. Alex truly wanted to please Mike and get his prize. Soon Mike was getting close, "Damn Alex.... Unn.. unnn...your sssooo gggooooddd... I so close babe... YYYEEESSSS... FFFUUUCCCCKKK IIIMMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNGGG." Mikes body tensed and his dick swelled in Alexs throat. Suddenly hot spurts of cum hit Alex, he drank down every sweet drop.

    Alex stood up licking his lips, as he looked down at Mike he said, "Darling your cum is so sweet I'm beginning to crave it." He laughed at himself. Alex pulled off his jockstrap and laid on top of Mike feeling the heat of his body. "Darling Mike I want you so much... I promise to get you ready to take me and if at any time Darling you want to stop tell me and we are done." Alex whispered lovingly to Mike. "Please Babe make love to me now, I want you so, show me about man love." Mike said.

    Alex pushed Mikes legs back to his chest and looked at his glorious ass and quivering pink hole. Alex looked in Mikes brown trusting eyes and said, "So beautiful Darling, so mouthwatering." He dove in to Mikes ass with full force. Mike had never felt anything this good, Alex was nibbling, sucking and slurping his asshole. Pushing his long tongue inside him and it felt amazing. Mike wanted more, "Please Babe I want you now... please your wonderful cock in me now... please Alex... please." Mike begged.

    Alex grabbed the lube and slipped one finger into Mike. He gasp and Alex pressed two in and found Mikes prostate, he began to stroke in slowly and Mike began to moan, "Yes Babe... hot damn that feels so good." Alex worked in another finger and Mike began to push back wanting more. "Please Babe, my perfect man, please make love to me."

    Alex lined up and pushed into Mikes hole but he tensed up, "Darling push out so I can come inside, relax my sweet Mikey." Alex said softly. With a pop Alex was inside but he held still waiting for Mike to give the go. "Fuck your big, go slow ok Alex?" Mike pleaded. Alex started to push slowly, he talked to Mike sweetly in his ear... "Mikey you feel so hot, so tight, thank you Darling for allowing me to have your virgin ass, are you ok Mikey?" As Alex continued slowly to bury his cock, "Yes babe you feel amazing, don't stop, come deep inside me Babe." Mike said gasping for air.

    Alex leaned down and kissed Mike softly, groaning in the best pleasure he had ever felt. Alex licked and sucked on Mikes sweet lips as his cock bottomed out. They held still kissing passionately and deeply. Alex felt Mike relax and he stared his slow withdraw. His cockhead so sensitive, he didn't know if he could last. "You feel so amazing Darling... Yes sweet Mikey we are finally one." Alex yelled out in deep pleasure as he pushed back in to Mikes ass, he found his stride and Mike was loving it.

    "Babe yessss... babe faster... that's it ooooo fffuuuccck... yyyeeesss pound me babe.... Yes... perfect bbbaaabbbeee... come .. on give it to mmmmeeeee... yes fuuuuccck yes," Sweat poured off Alexs body and he was trying so hard to hold off his orgasm. Alex wanted for Mike to cum while he fucked him. He shifted his body and Mike screamed.

    "Fuck yyyeeesss... right there ...fuck yyyyyeeessss ... fassssstttteeerrr hhhaaarrrddderrr .... Yyyyeeesss Babe fuck I'm cccuuummmiiinnng!! Alex felt Mike ass clamp down and pulse and he shot tons of cum into Mikes ass. Alex was frozen in place, over and over he shot. He blacked out and fell on Mikes cum soaked body. Alex woke a few minutes later to Mike stroking his damp hair.

    "Babe are you mine now... all mine nobody else's? Do you think I can satisfy you Babe? Are you ready to be a one man man?" Mike asked. Alex did not hesitate, "Yes Darling.... My sweet Darling Mikey, for the rest of my life.!!!


A. Williams

[email protected]


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