Deep Forbidden Desires #1

BY A.Williams

    I have always wanted to control my man, to make him summit to all my wishes and desirers. No questions, no thoughts of his own pleasure, just mine. I am Alex Keyes an 18 year old Quarterback at Summer High School, playing the game of a straight guy. I have known I was into guys for all my life but I had to become someone else to please my family.

    I meet "Him" by accident one Friday night after practice when my car would not start. I was all pissed off as I yanked the hood open and peered in. "What the fuck, great way to start the weekend." I yelled, kicking the tire. I heard someone chuckle, turning around I spotted "Him". He walked up wearing a killer smile and asked, "Can I help?" I replied, "I fucking hope so!"

    "Him" moved some cables around and said, "Try now man." The engine roared to life as "Him" smiled. "Glad to be of service, my name is Mike." He extended his hand for a shake. I reached his hand and as we touched I felt sparks fly into my 13 inch cock and all over my body. I held his hand in mine, "I'm Alex so great to meet you in my time of need." I did not release his hand needing more of those sparks.

    Mike was shorter than my 6' 4" frame, slim with a gorgeous face and deep brown eyes. I longed to kiss his deep red full lips. He could be the one I could love and make my dream boy. With our hands still together, I pulled him to me. He did not resist, good sign, I thought. We were close, I could smell him and feel his breath on me, "Mike I need to thank you for your help, please come with me to my place for dinner, I'll take you home after."

    I could feel his hand shiver in mine as he said, "Um... er... ok." I opened my car door and helped Mike inside. I let my hand run over his ass and leg as I placed him in my car. I was rock hard and leaking with desire, damn I wanted him in the worse way. I have never been so turned on.

    We rode in silence. Each time I glanced at Mike he was eyeing my package. I knew he could see the wet spot forming on my faded jeans and it made me even hornier. When I reached down and adjusted my aching cock, Mike let out a low groan. "You like what you see Boy?" I asked in a deep demanding voice. "Yes." I heard him whisper. "Speak up Boy, I can't hear you." I demanded. "Yes." he repeated louder. "Yes ... Yes what Mikey?" "Yes Sir." he said, his voice shaking. I grabbed his hand and squeezed hard, "Good Boy Mikey, good Boy."

    We continued on our journey. Mike laced his fingers into mine and pulled my hand to his lap. I noticed his erection for the first time, nice I thought, very nice. I felt Mike raise my hand to his face and then the heat of his soft moist lips against my skin.

Over and over he placed soft kisses there. Then he began to suck each of my fingers. So seductively he sucked, slurping each of my fingers moaning all the while. Fuck I felt like I could cum, "Mikey are you my needy bitch?" He stopped and said, "Yes Sir, take me, I want to service you Sir." I shot my load right then, fuck this is hot, so very hot!

    Finally we were at my house, my parents' house. Mike sat obediently and waited as I came around and opened his door. As soon as we were inside he was on his knees, head down and arms around his back with hands clasp together. Damn... hot damn, I had chosen well.

    I circled him slowly admiring his form. I stopped in front of him my feet apart in a wide tall stance, "Mikey, you can look at me." I said in a smooth seductive tone. Slowly he raised his head and our eyes locked. He had large puppy dog brown eyes and I thought they were absolutely beautiful. My heart began to melt. I regained my composure and cleared my throat, "Mikey, you made me cum in my pants... you said you wanted to service me... come to me now and clean my dirty cock." I ordered.

    He crawled to me and undid my jeans letting them fall to the floor. He slowly pressed his face into my wet manhood and breathed deeply. I rubbed his soft brown hair and pushed his face harder into my crotch as I ground my hips back and forth. I could hear him gasping for breath but he only pushed into me mouthing my cock thru my tight soaked boxers.

    "Mikey get me undressed," I told him breathlessly. He stood and pulled my shirt over my head then slowly lowered my boxers. He sucked in his breath and moaned loudly as my hard wet leaking cock came into view. As I stepped out of my jeans and boxers I said, "On your knees Boy and clean me up good."

    Swiftly he was on his knees and took my cock all the way down his throat to my big bush. "YEA... OOO FUCK YES YES... EAT MY FAT COCK BOY." Mike wasn't just giving me the best blowjob of my life, he was worshipping it. Noisily slurping and sucking, spit running to my balls, tears running down his gorgeous face, the whole time our eyes locked together.

    When he grabbed my balls and pulled hard I slung my head back and let out a deep loud yell, "HELL YES...OOOHHHH FUCK MIKE... DON'T FUCKING STOP... UUUNNN YEA,YEA, FUCK YYYYYEEEEESSS!!!" I was pounding into to his face now, slamming into his throat, my need to cum was all that mattered.

    My balls started to churn and draw up tight and I felt my explosion start in my toes. "GET READY BOY... FUCK... FUCK... YESSSS OOO FUCK I'M CCCCCUUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGGGG."        I felt it race up my legs, through my ass, then balls, down my shaft and massively explode out of my piss slit into his eager mouth. I felt jolt after jolt of ropes of cum shot hard from my aching cock, such sweet release all I could do was moan loudly and hold on to Mike's head.

    My torso collapsed on Mike as he gently continued to nurse on my shaft and suck out the last drops of cum. My breathing was ragged and hard as I recovered. Mike was now cleaning my bush and nuzzling my balls cooing softly. I smiled and chuckled as I played with is soft hair.

    My energy returned slowly and I was able to raise my torso off Mike, his face still buried in my junk. I was still lightly trembling from my insanely intense orgasm as I reached down and pulled him to his feet. "Please take a seat Mike, your legs must be killing you by now. I'll go up and dress and be right back." I told him as I guided him to the couch. Mike sat and watched Alex's bare stunning ass walk up the steps. Damn, I hope I get a chance to taste that later.

    All of a sudden the shock of what he was thinking and what he had just done hit him hard. What the Hell just happened Mike thought. I'm not gay! What The Fuck! I just sucked a large dick, swallowed cum and fucking loved it!!!! SHIT... SHIT... FUCK... PISS!!! He jumped to his feet and began to pace back and forth. NO, NO, I'm as straight as a fucking arrow, I love and crave pussy. I've fucked half of the girls at school. How in the HELL did I get into this mess. Mike was so deep in thought and busy pacing, he didn't hear or see Alex return.

    Alex walked to the kitchen and got a cold six pack of Bud and return to the couch. He placed the beer on the coffee table along with is feet, lounged pack, popped the top and took a long swig. He watch Mike wearing out the carpet trying to make sense of what just happen between them and trying to reduce he stress thought Alex.

    Finally, starting to be dizzy, Alex could take no more. He stood and walked in Mike's path. Mike froze in place as he saw Alex standing there. "Look Mike, grab a beer and sit down, man you're making me seasick. Mike did as Alex suggested and downed his beer in one long pull. "Another please?" he asked. Alex handed him another and took his seat on the couch across from Mike. He placed his feet back up relaxing and stared at him.

    They drank their beers never breaking eye contact. Mike spoke first, "Hey man, Alex, I know we don't hang out in the same groups at school, I'm no jock but you have seen me at school with hot chicks on my arm. What I'm trying to say is I am not gay dude." Alex burst out laughing. "That's not how it looked or felt to me a few minutes ago Mike. Come clean, tell the truth, it's only us hear now."

    Mike let his head fall to his chest and shook it back and forth. When he looked back at Alex he saw a look of shock, "I have never done anything with a guy before. Never even wanted to, I don't know how this happened but I'm not lying to you Alex." Alex handed Mike another beer and took one for his self. His mind was spinning, this guy never sucked a cock? That was the best I have ever had, from anybody, man or woman! My God what would it be like after he had some practice?!!

    He had to ask, his tone soft and sweet, "Mike did you like what we did, I mean, did you enjoy sucking me?" "I'm ashamed to admit it to you but I loved it, I was even thinking about tasting your ass when you walked upstairs. Alex I'm totally confused right now," He answered chuckling. "I felt so free not to be the pursuer, to follow and do as I was told. That turned me on, WHAT THE FUCK AM I SAYING!!! See I'm confused." Mike laughed out loud.

    Alex looked at that gorgeous man and asked, "Mike I want to return the favor, can I please give my best blowjob, just as a test, to see how you really feel about all this?" He asked hopefully. Mike sat and considered the proposal. After thinking about this for a few minutes, he wondered how it would feel to have a man suck him. "Yes Alex, if you're sure. I don't want you feel obligated"

    "No Mike I want to very much, so very much." Alex responded. He went to him slowly and placed the first kiss on those perfect lips, they both moaned. They opened up to allow their tongues to slide over each other's and duel for battle. As they kissed, Alex reached down and opened Mike's jeans, he rose up allowing him to get his private parts free, his breath was coming hard and his heart was racing as Alex lowered his mouth on him.

    Alex took all of his thick 10 inches into his mouth and throat. Mike moaned loudly in appreciation as he tightened his muscles to milk his cock. He had never felt anything this good, he would not be able to hold off for long. Alex was in heaven, his taste, his smell was exquisite. All he wanted was to give Mike as my pleasure as he had given him.

    Mike said, " OOO... Alex this feels so fucking good... please more Babe... harder now... damn I'm so close... yes... yes... just like that... fuck!" He worked hard to get his prize, he wanted to taste Mikes cum in the worst way and he had never felt like this about a guy. "Suck me Babe yes... goddamn yes... eat my dick... OOOO... fuck yes... here I cum Babe." His body froze, all muscled tensed and he unloaded tons of sweet cum into Alex's wanting mouth.

    Mike thru his head back and almost passed out from the most extreme orgasm he had ever had. His breathing was labored, he felt as if his heart would beat out of his chest as his body quaked with aftershocks from cumming so hard. Alex sucked out the last of Mike's sweet cum and lay back on his heels licking his lips wanting more. In all his hook ups, he had never tasted semen so sweet.

    Mike raised his head to see Alex still between his legs, he was so stunning, all smiles, his deep blue eyes, his blonde hair, that fucking hard rocking body. "Babe, I don't know what to say except maybe I'm a little gay for you Alex. Please Babe, I'll need more of those blow-jobs to be sure. What do you say Alex?" Mike asked with a smirk. "With pleasure Mike, with true pleasure"

    Part #2 soon


A. Williams

[email protected]


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