The first chance I got when I returned to my apartment I called the number on the scrap of paper with Ron Price's name on it that I'd found in the room where Hank had been sleeping. It worked. Three rings and I heard Ron's "Speak." I also heard heavy breathing and deep moaning in the background.

"Ron? It's Clint Folsom. In New York. Can you speak or are you tied up with something?"

"I'm not the one tied up. And he's probably just as happy to have a rest. But if you'll get your sweet ass over here to Chicago, I'll be happy to tie you up and fuck you silly too. He's kind of cute, but he ain't seasoned like you are. I like a man who can take it hard."

"I'm trying to go on the wagon from that, Ron. But I do think I need to come to Chicago. And I need help. I think Hank is there, and I think he needs help."

"Whatever you need, buddy." Price's tone had turned more serious. He had met Hank during the same case in Colorado during which I had met both of them. There had been a bit of a struggle between Hank and Ron for my attentions at the end of the case, but Hank had stepped back and let Ron and me have an evening of fun, and then had swept me off to New York. Ron hadn't resented that. He wasn't the type to commit to one man. But he'd had the hots for me--he liked the edge of BDSM, which I'd signaled I was interested in too. And he appreciated Hank for letting him have his moment with me--and me for willingly giving my ass to him for the evening.

"Have you heard anything about the Scarlottis going to Chicago to lay low and avoid the short end of a gang war stick, Ron? If they're there, Hank may be there too, underground and no longer tethered to his New York contact."

"Might have heard something about that. Can't say much right this minute."

I could still hear the moaning in the background, but I didn't think Ron's reticence was because I called him in the middle of entertaining himself. I got the message that the topic was too sensitive to talk much about on an open telephone line. But I was too keyed up not to continue.

"Do you think you might be able to get me on the inside with them, so I can get to Hank, and maybe pull him out?"

"Let's you see about how fast you can get here. Soon as I finish with this cutie I've got on the rack, I'll see what I can do."

"You don't have a rack, Ron."

"Oh, yes I do."

Upon reconsideration, I believed him.

Ron was at O'Hare airport to greet me at the plane from New York the next afternoon. The tall, bald former Marine was hard to miss in the crowd in the baggage claim.

"Got a bag to wait for?"

"No, just this suit bag," I answered. "Can you help?"

"Looks like. Let's get to the car."

"I didn't have time to book a hotel," I said as we were riding out of the airport in Ron's vintage Stingray. "What's convenient to police headquarters?"

"Nothin's convenient to police headquarters. It's in the middle of a ghetto--on purpose. It's the only thing that keeps that section of town from internal combustion. But you're comin' home with me and I'm gonna fuck your lights out."

"Now, Ron. Let's get serious. I'm really worried about Hank. And you should be too. Maybe we should go straight to the department. You indicated you had something going."

"Got a man on the inside. He'll help. But nothin's gonna happen on that until tomorrow. He's got to set somethin' up. Tonight I take you apart and make you scream for it. You've been a bad boy. You said you'd visit me in Chicago. Hank even green-lighted it. Said he knew you had to go off the reservation now and then and was glad it would be me--that when I fuck you, you stay fucked for that stuff for a while."

"I'm going too hard on the Hank thing. I don't see having any fun until I know he's OK. We'll work out tonight what we can do."

"And then we'll fuck. I've got a monster hard on for you too."

"No, Ron, not tonight."

* * * *

I was strung up in the swinging sling in Ron Price's basement, having chosen that over his rack. My wrists and ankles were bound high on the four chains running up to the ceiling. Ron, in leather, was standing between my legs, giving me the evil eye, stroking his cock with one hand and pushing the fourth of a strand of six graduated balls on a string into my channel. Head thrown back, in seventh heaven despite my objections, I was gasping and panting heavy.

Ron jerked the string out of my ass and I howled.

"Liked that, good buddy?" Ron asked.

"Oh, god yes," I hissed through set teeth. I didn't want to say yes, but I couldn't help myself.

"That was four," Ron said, as he pressed the end ball back into the channel. I began to pant again.

"Five," Ron muttered a few minutes later. I moaned as Ron slowly extracted the balls this time.

"All Six," he said several minutes later. I was whimpering and babbling something Ron couldn't make out. Not that he cared. He jerked the balls out in one long pull, and I screamed, "Oh Fuck!" and shot my load into the air.

Ron laughed. "Very nice. You remember me now."

He had the Crisco, had greased my hole, and was greasing one of his hands. He was leaning over me and staring down into my face.

"Want to see you take this," he muttered.

I felt the tips of four fingers at my rim and I began to writhe. "Oh, god, no, Ron. No fisting. I've never taken a fist before."

"I was thinking the whole forearm," Ron said. Then he laughed.

"Dammit, no, Ron. I can't take that!"

"I was just joshing you," he said as he pulled away. "Punishing you for not coming to see me until your Hank was in trouble."

"Our Hank, Ron. He's your friend too."

"Yeah, but we don't fuck--or at least haven't yet."

Ron left me for a minute then and was back with some sort of leather cylinder, with silver studs on it that he dangled above my face.

"I'm gonna fuck you with this. Just so you won't forget." He tightened the studded leather sheath encasing his cock, grabbed my hips, and raised them, and plunged his enhanced cock deep inside.

"Yes, yes," I involuntarily cried out and started to counterstroke my pelvis against Ron's.

"Come for daddy again," Ron growled as he started pumping hard.

* * * *

"Sorry, forgot to tell you I don't have a guest bed," Ron said as soon as I opened my eyes the next morning.

Ron was standing over the bed and looking down at me. He was drinking coffee from a steaming mug. I couldn't help but notice that he was rock hard again. I couldn't remember anytime during the evening or night that Ron hadn't been rock hard.

"A guest bed would have been useless," I said. "Now, if you'll untie me, I'd like some of that coffee too."

"Got the coffee on a burner. It'll keep. And a meeting is set up for 10:00 a.m. We got time." He set the mug down on the night stand and came onto the bed on his knees between my legs. Rolling my hips up and spreading my thighs wide, Ron split the distance with his rock hard cock, and we were off and riding again.

* * * *

I had a sense that we were really getting somewhere when Ron and I entered the doors of the upscale men's gym. Two goons were standing on either side of the door once we entered, and the male receptionist at the front desk, who looked like he was pretty flighty and limp wristed on the best of days, looked like a scared jackrabbit. He looked a bit better when he had cleared Ron and me through, as he had been directed to do, without the two bruisers at the door seeming to notice. Ron had his arm around my waist, giving the impression, we both hoped, that we were two regulars coming here to work ourselves up to a nice little fuck in one of the massage cubicles.

We made a brief appearance on the gym floor to keep up the charade that we were going through the motions to reach more privacy. It was that sort of club. Others did it all of the time.

The guys we were hoping to see were there--along with far too many guys for Ron and me to handle alone. But we hadn't planned to handle them alone. All we were supposed to do was to make sure the Scarlotti brothers, Ricardo and Guido, were there--and Hank--and that Hank was OK. If the setting wasn't as expected, we were supposed to come right out again. I also wanted to get close enough to Hank in private to let him know the Rapinos were on the way, so the police had decided to take the Scarlottis in now--and that Hank would be taken in too, but only to be separated off and relieved of his assignment.

Hank was spotting Ricardo, the older brother, at the barbell bench, and the younger, in-better-shape, and better-looking brother, Guido, was doing chin lifts on a high bar.

Ron went immediately to Guido and offered to spot him. Guido gave Ron a "you are the god of my dreams" look and, almost with tongue hanging out, said that would be great. Once Ron had put his hands on the young gangster's waist, he was in charge.

I managed to catch Hank's eye, but Hank shook his head slightly and then nodded toward the back of the gym.

"OK, Ricardo, that's good for now. Let's hit the sauna," Hank said in a loud enough voice for both Ron and me to hear.

"Another ten minutes. I can do more," Ricardo answered in a voice that was not to be ignored.

Guido and Ron were already headed for the showers. I stayed, doing pushups and keeping my eye on Hank. Some premonition was telling me that we needed to do this quickly. The police unit standing off from here would be getting antsy. And I wanted Hank to know what was coming so he could duck if there was gunplay.

It was more than ten minutes, more like twenty, before Ricardo was ready for the sauna. I let him and Hank go out to the showers, waited five more minutes, and then followed them.

They were both coming out of the showers as I came into the locker room. They had towels around their waists and I almost melted at the sight of Hank. I wanted him between my legs so bad. It had been too long.

I couldn't help that I gave him a lustful look. Both Ricardo and Hank noticed. Hank laughed and said, "You coming into the sauna with us, stud? You're looking ripe for the plucking. Don't come in now, if you don't want to be reamed real good."

"Yeah, I'll be there," I mumbled and stumbled into a shower stall, only half thinking about Hank's quick thinking. I caught a glimpse of Hank putting a hand on Ricardo's belly, and heard him say, "I got enough cock for you both Ricardo. Don't be jealous. And I know you like to watch. He's a real honey. It will be fun."

It was quite a scene when I got into the sauna. Ricardo was on his belly stretched along a bench on the back wall and Hank already was riding his ass.

Ron was standing in front of a bench at the side, and Guido was collapsed on the lower bench in front of him, arms and legs akimbo, and his tongue hanging out like Ron was already finished fucking him. This, I was sure was the case.

"Ricardo, you gotta get some of this guy," I heard Guido say in a weak voice.

"You want this stallion to fuck on you for a while?" Hank asked Ricardo, bending over to put his mouth next to the gangster's ear. "If so, that other nice piece has just come in the sauna. He looks like a pretty boy who needs to be messed up a bit--like you like to watch. I could see to his needs and you could watch me stick him while this other guy rides you. I can take him hard, just like you enjoy watching."

Ricardo grunted his assent, and Hank came off the high bench and walked directly to me and backhanded me across the face. Genuinely surprised, I stumbled back. He had a hand around my neck and punched me in the stomach with the other. He'd muttered "stomach punch" to me, so I had time to tighten the muscles and draw my midsection back so that the blow looked a lot worse than it felt.

Ron was riding Ricardo's ass now and they were both watching Hank and me and laughing.

I collapsed on the bench, making it look more of a surrender than it really was. Hank grabbed the back of my head with one hand and gave me a mean-looking actor's punch to the face with his other fist and I screamed for him and imploded within myself. He grabbed my thighs and pushed my knees up to the wall beside my shoulder and leaned in and pushed his cock between my lips. I sobbed for him and gave him head. After he pulled out of my mouth and stage-punched my face again, he was leaning over me and fucking my hole while we turned our heads and whispered to each other. I was playing practically unconscious and moaning a low, hurt moan.

Ricardo had come and was telling Ron to get off him.

"Raiding any minute now," I whispered in Hank's ear. "Rapinos are coming to get the Scarlottis, and they know the Scarlottis are in Chicago--probably know they're here in this gym. Jesse was a bad cop. We haven't known what was with you for more than a week. Gotta get you out of here."

"Copy that," Hank muttered back.

Then he lifted his head and turned it toward Ricardo. "Little bugger's begging me for a DP, Ricardo. I wanna do him in the shower--maybe with this big stud here. OK with you? I'll bring him back to show you the damage afterward."

"Oh god, no!" I wailed for him.

"Yeah sure, whatever you want. Ream him a new one," Ricardo muttered, still fully satiated from Ron's cocking of him.

"Come on, cutie. You too, stud," Hank said, motioning to Ron. He dragged me up, and literally threw me through the door of the sauna and I landed on the wood decking of the floor between sauna and the showers. Hank and Ron came through the door after me.

All three of us heard the muted popping noise coming from the front of the gym. All three of us knew what made noises like that.

"The Rapinos already," Ron muttered.

"Yeah, probably," Hank answered. "Too soon and too much shooting for the good guys. Here, there's a bank of individual showers behind this one. Best we can do for now."

Ron pulled me up off the floor, and we followed him around the corner and to the last shower cubicle in the row. We stuffed ourselves in the cubicle Ron backed to one wall, me backed into Ron, and Hank facing me.

We were all naked. We were all hard. We were all excited and randy. While we waited for what we knew was coming when the Scarlottis were found in the sauna, we all were breathing heavy. Ron began stroking his cock up the small of my back and Hank was dry fucking me between my thighs.

We heard the shots that got the Scarlottis and then silence.

"Guys, we'd better--" I whispered.

"Won't the cops pick the Rapinos up on the way out? We've got several minutes. It's been too long without you, Clint." Hank's voice was thick with want, even though what he was saying made a certain amount of sense.

"I was promised a DP," Ron muttered, feigning his gangster voice. "And seeing Hank beat on you made me all hot and bothered."

"Come on, guys."

"I know you can take it," Hank said.

"Oh fuck, oh shit," I hissed. Ron, having lifted my feet off the tiled shower stall floor with hands at my waist, was already inside me and was rolling my hips up for Hank to join him inside me.

"Shhh," Ron hissed in turn. "Keep it quiet. Take it like a trouper--like the slut we all know you are."

Hank was pushing up into me too. I was huffing and puffing, but trying to control my sound.

"Good for you now?" Ron whispered.

"Yes. Oh shit," I hissed.

"Gotta make it fast. A lot of friction. Both pumping," Hank muttered through clamped teeth.

Oh shit, oh fuck. Mooaannnn. I shot another load.



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