Kevin had moved to Berlin with his wife and young daughter, leaving his 18 year old son at boarding school in the U.K. Accidentally discovering a gay bar with darkroom, he had made it his regular haunt on a Sunday night and enjoyed his break from normality. All was well until his son Jeremy came to stay for Easter and Kevin found himself trapped in the back of the bar being seduced by him in the dark. His guilt at having sex with his son soon made way to enjoyment. The story continues:

Kevin looked at the small piece of paper in his hand with Jeremy's e-mail address. Of course, he already knew Jeremy's e-mail address as he was his dad so messaged him a couple of times a week, but the man looking at the piece of paper wasn't his dad, he was the man who had had sex with Jeremy in a dark room twice in the last two weeks.

Since returning to England just three days ago, Kevin had e-mailed his son and had received an enthusiastic reply saying how much he had enjoyed being home with the rest of the family but he had to concentrate now on his final exams as this was his last term before going to university after the Summer break. Of course, he was coming back to Germany for the break and had already told the anonymous German man in the darkroom he wanted to meet for more fun. What worried Kevin was that if Jeremy ever found out that the German was in fact his dad, he may never speak to him again. He was therefore torn between the lust that had developed and his duty to his family.

It took a week before Bruno was created. Jeremy didn't know the name of the darkroom friend so Kevin decided it would be Bruno and opened a Hotmail account accordingly. His first e-mail received an almost immediate and enthusiastic response from Jeremy saying how much he had enjoyed the encounter and he had never been so randy in all his life. He especially said he enjoyed being the centre of attraction when a few others in the darkroom had enjoyed his body too.

Over the forthcoming weeks, Kevin, his Dad kept Jeremy up to date with family life while Bruno kept telling Jeremy what he wanted to do to him. During the course of the messaging Kevin's Bruno found out that when Jeremy had entered the darkroom it was a first. His sexual experiences had been limited to a brief encounter with a lad at school and now some full on fun with another 18 year old in his class called Simon. Simon and Jeremy had taken to exploring the gay scene at a nearby market town, limited as it was, and had had one threesome together. Jeremy went on to say that Simon had been very envious of his Berlin encounter and wished he could have been there. Secretly Kevin's alter ego wished the same!

Bruno asked for a picture of Simon and was amazed to receive not only a picture but a full body frontal with a cute 18 year old (who looked a little younger), standing around five feet nine inches, very, very slim, extremely pale skin with dark red, tight curly hair and a few freckles. His cock looked to be around seven inches long but amazingly thick for his body size. Kevin's Bruno drooled and then realised there were more attachments. The second was his son, also naked and obviously taken at the same time. It seemed so weird looking at his 18 year old son, stark naked and sporting a very stiff cock. The third attachment came as a shock as it showed Simon's cock embedded into his son's arse. Thankfully Kevin could see the top end of a condom but his own raging cock begged release and he wanked himself furiously while looking at these images on his screen before saving them to his secret file.

He spoke to his gay friend Karl, showing him the pictures and asked Karl how he could send a requested photo of himself without giving his game away. Karl set up a couple of action shots when he was screwing Kevin and they looked really good. Kevin had a small tattoo at the top of his left arm so it had to be carefully avoided in the shots. Karl then managed a full frontal of Kevin, with his head slightly turned, his leather jock on and cock showing over the top and just a hint of an artificial goatee beard showing, but no face as such. When Kevin looked he realised even he didn't recognise himself so felt comparatively safe sending the pictures off to Jeremy and Simon.

The summer term was due to start during the last week in July and the Bruno version of Kevin couldn't wait, teasing Jeremy about what he would do to him in the darkroom and what he wanted done. The advantage of a Sunday night for the darkroom foray was that in the early evening at around 9.00 pm just as it opened, it was quite quiet. Nothing much happened until after midnight and even then, Sundays were quiet with a workday the next day.

Jeremy then dropped a bombshell. Simon's parents were going to be delayed in Hong Kong until the second week in August and the school had agreed to keep Simon for the two weeks until they could return and take him to their home in Yorkshire which was closed in their absence. Jeremy didn't want to leave his best friend alone so had volunteered to stay with him at school. This was a blow to Kevin and to Bruno for different reasons.

When Kevin suggested he send out the return airfare for Simon to join the family in Berlin for two weeks it was accepted rapidly and an e-mail arrived in Bruno's mailbox suggesting that the first darkroom meeting in Berlin might be a little more exciting than Bruno had envisaged. Bruno suggested to them that Karl join him too (if only to slightly muddy the waters and stop the two boys trying to work out just what Bruno looked like in the near dark. At least Simon hadn't met Kevin but he didn't want two lads working out the connection. What's the old saying about two heads being better than one?

Late July came and a nervous Kevin met the two lads at Tegel airport when their London flight landed. Jeremy was as stunning as Kevin remembered him but Simon had a face to melt the heart. Kevin knew he was 18 years old but his cute, 'little boy lost' look accompanied by his dark red hair and freckles made him look like sweet little virgin, something Kevin knew he wasn't! He had to take on his 'caring dad' mantle so quickly organised the guys and got their luggage packed into his car for the trip back to the apartment. The lads chatted away to Kevin bringing him up to speed with life in the final few weeks as school. Both boys had their places reserved at university (grades permitting) with Jeremy going to Durham and Simon to Leeds. They were pleased that they would be quite close and able to meet most weekends.

Kevin thought, 'I bet you are.'

Once back at the house the place erupted with hugs and chatter so Kevin left them to talk to his wife and daughter while tea was made.

Bruno, Kevin's alter ego, already knew that Jeremy was going to bring Simon along to the bar where they had first met, on that first Sunday. Jeremy had said that Simon was inconsolable with excitement at the possibility of raunchy sex with a stranger. Bruno had told him that Karl would be there too so that no one was left out and once they had hooked up, they would head for the larger of the private cubicles for some fun. Jeremy had gone into great detail about how Simon had asked if he could fuck Bruno and, having seen a picture of Simon's cock, Bruno wanted nothing more than the full length of it up his arse while he sucked his son.

The rest of the week dragged on. The boys spent the day sightseeing and went out on a couple of nights for a drink. Kevin was nervous that they might head for a gay bar, find something more interesting to do, and not turn up on Sunday so he had Karl check out the bar for him. He was pleased that the boys didn't seem to venture in. Jeremy had said that he was still nervous about being in the bars on his own and only the fact that he had been very horny had taken him in that Sunday. Of course he also knew that his dad wouldn't like him wandering the streets of Berlin late at night. The exception was, of course Sunday as he knew the whole family would be otherwise occupied until late.

On the Sunday, Kevin bade the lad farewell and asked them what they were doing, even though he knew full well. They mumbled about 'going out for a burger and maybe a drink' and Kevin left with the excuse ringing in his ear. His wife was already off with her cronies and daughter Natalie was sleeping over at a friend's as school was finished for the summer months.

Kevin arrived at Karl's house around 7.00 pm and sat having a drink. He popped a Viagra as he was determined to get the best out of the night and Karl, excited at his part in the group, did likewise. As they chatted and sipped some wine, Kevin slowly transformed himself into leather-loving Bruno. He stripped naked and showered first, ensuring he was well cleaning for the fucking he hoped to get later. Karl stripped and helped and both men were hard as rocks as they showered together. Once dry, Kevin donned his cock ring, leather jockstrap with the zipped front, black t-shirt and leather waistcoat. Tonight he was wearing denims and he then put his leather studded wrist straps on before attaching his fake moustache. It was remarkable how different he looked, probably because Kevin was a very traditional dresser, the raunchy image before Karl now looked a lot more Bruno than Kevin.

It was almost 9.00 pm and the two men wanted to get to the bar as soon after opening as possible. Karl would hang out in the bar and follow the boys in but Kevin would have to be in the darkroom area before they arrived, just in case Jeremy recognised him as his dad! The bar was quiet, only about six people busily chatting in the half dark idly watching the hard core porn on the TV monitor. Kevin and Karl bought a couple of beers and after sipping a few times, Karl slipped into the darkroom. There were a couple of shapes visible in the far corner but the room was empty otherwise. It tended to stay quiet until almost midnight when drink made people randier. Kevin slid into his favourite spot where he could blend into the dark corner and watch the entrance and the dim light from the bar made it easier to see what entering trade looked like. Tonight he was only looking for two people and no one else and thankfully he was left alone.

As time passed a few drifted in, saw how quiet it was and drifted out. Thankfully it was not too warm an evening. From Kevin's corner, he knew that the two large private cubicles were just outside the little fenced-in area and to the right. He stroked his cock idly as he watched, his heart thumping with anticipation. Then he saw Jeremy enter, followed clumsily by Simon who was having difficulty in the poor light. Jeremy made straight for the area occupied by Bruno and entered the open entrance, feeling his way around the sling and over to the exact spot where they had agreed to meet. As they headed his way, Kevin saw Karl follow on to wait at the entrance. Jeremy came over and stood next to Kevin.

'Bruno?' he whispered.

'Yes,' said Kevin, 'glad you could make it. Let's head for the cubicle.'

He took Jeremy's hand and Jeremy took Simon's hand and they led each other out and to the left to the larger of the two big cubicles. Karl followed on and the all slid inside just in time as a small entourage of older queens came trooping in, excited by the appearance of two young 'Greek gods' in the darkroom area.

Kevin locked the door once all four were inside and said, 'Hi,' again.

Jeremy whispered an introduction to Simon and Karl whispered who he was before Kevin felt a hand stroking his crotch.

'I've missed this,' he said to Kevin, 'and Simon here can't wait to get fucking.'

Jeremy kissed Kevin fully on the mouth and as he did so Kevin felt another hand stroking his exposed cock. He knew it was Simon.

'I'll go talk to Karl,' said Jeremy, 'while you and Simon get acquainted.'

Simon was very soft and smaller than Jeremy and Kevin had to stoop to kiss him. His mouth was soft and moist and his lips very tender. His facial hair was soft with light stubble but was almost that of a younger boy. Kevin put his hand down to find that Simon had already dropped his jeans and the piece of meat that stood out convinced Kevin that this was no boy. The uncut brute was between eight and nine inches and thick as his arm. The foreskin was slightly peeled back and the moistness of pre-cum could be felt at the head. Kevin dropped to his knees and took as much as he could into his mouth, sliding the foreskin back and forth as he worked his lips around the head. As he sucked, Jeremy and Karl's cocks came to either side and he ended with a feast of cock meat which he sucked in turn. Clothes were coming off above his head and each guy hung his little bunch on separate hooks for easy identification later. Soon apart from boots and shoes, all were naked and, as Kevin turned once more to kiss his son, he felt Simon's cock already at his buttocks.

'He wants to fuck you raw,' whispered Jeremy. 'I struggle to take him so he has never had a chance to fuck a guy properly before. I usually fuck him. Can you take it?'

'Try to stop me,' said Kevin with his Bruno, pigeon English accent.

Jeremy went to Simon and helped him stretch a condom on his cock. Kevin lubed his own arse as he wanted to be sure there was enough. He then heard Jeremy ask Karl if he would fuck him and Karl said he would so a similar lubrication went ahead there.

Kevin bent over the bench against the wall of the cubicle and Simon started his onslaught. He was going a bit too fast and Kevin had to take the cock and gently and slowly guide it into his arse, stretching his ring slowly. Not such a problem with his son who was bent, facing his dad with Karl already well into him and fucking him quite hard. Jeremy kissed his dad as softly as the hard fucking would allow and as Kevin concentrated on holding Jeremy's chin with his fingers to steady his mouth, Simon's impatience made him make one final push forcing his whole cock into Kevin.

'Fuckin' Hell,' he said in a very English accent then quickly muttered a few German swearwords before Jeremy could question his sudden Englishness.

Simon muttered over and over again, 'Oh my God, Oh my God,' as the smooth tight tunnel of Kevin's arse enveloped his cock and gripped it's entire length as he started to really get fucking. Kevin used his hands to grip Simon's hips behind him holding his body tightly to his to make it seem as one.

There was a sudden cursing as Karl's excitement ruined his involvement as he shot his load into Jeremy's arse. He uttered apologies but said he had been just too excited.

'Forgive me,' he said donning his clothes as he slid out of the cubicle. It took all his efforts to push back the audience who were grouped outside the door trying hard to seeing the dark and also trying to get in.

Kevin was having none of it and firmly locked the door while still impaled on Simon's cock. Jeremy then offered his cock to Kevin's mouth and started to face fuck him. After a few moments he pulled out, grabbed a condom from the bowl on the shelf and stretched it on to Kevin.

'Fuck me,' he said.

Kevin stood, with Simon still attached and Jeremy slid himself back on to Kevin's cock. The fucking began with Kevin pushing back on to Simon and forward into Jeremy. The rhythm worked really well and it wasn't too long before Simon announced he was going to cum if he didn't stop.

'Can I taste you both?' asked Kevin.

Both boys stood, with Kevin lying back on the bench and gently stroked their cocks as Kevin wanked his. When Simon came, his thin, warm fluid shot out like a hosepipe and splattered rather than sprayed his face. Warm splashes hit Kevin's face and neck in copious quantity and as he was just trying to get some in his mouth, a second eruption coated him from the other side. Kevin managed to cover the head of Simon's cock and finish the last few dollops before sucking Jeremy too and cumming on his own belly.

All three were sweltered and Kevin was awash with cum. The boys kindly ripped some paper towelling and helped him remove the worst of it. Kevin carefully wiped around his sodden moustache ensuring that it stayed in place.

As they dressed the boys talked enthusiastically about the session. In their excitement to plan the initial meeting they had made no further plans and were suddenly aware of this fact.

'Can't we meet somewhere so that I can see what you look like?' asked Jeremy.

'Maybe,' he said, knowing that he couldn't. 'Let's e-mail during the week and we'll discuss the next session before Simon goes home to England.'

The boys left, fighting their way through desperate, groping hands as they left. When Kevin eventually left he heard a few comments about him being a 'lucky bastard.' Of course luck didn't really come into it at this stage.

Waiting, as usual, Kevin left the darkroom shortly afterwards and said his goodbyes to Karl who was talking to someone with a self-satisfied look on his face. Kevin left by the side door and made his way back to Karl's on his own to clean up and change into normal clothes before heading on home. He was back before either of the boys returned and he went to bed, still feeling his usual guilty self after these events.

Back at the bar, Karl was bursting with enthusiasm. After all he had just fucked his best friend's son. The guy he was talking to enquired as to the source of his exuberance and Karl felt he had to tell someone, so he did.

On the Monday, Kevin in his guise as Bruno made arrangements with Jeremy to meet both him and Simon again the following Sunday but when he returned home as Kevin that night, he was informed by Jeremy that Simon's parents were going back to Britain from Hong Kong a week early and Simon was keen to see them so had booked an earlier flight home to be with them. Jeremy was putting on a brave face but Kevin sensed his pal, was a bit more than just a friend and he was quite upset that he was leaving.

On Tuesday at work, Kevin's Hotmail account had a message, as he expected, from Jeremy, telling him that he would be alone on the Sunday and not with Simon. Kevin certainly was going to miss that enormous cock going back inside him but Jeremy said he would be happy to 'fuck his brains out.' The remainder of the week had Jeremy and 'Bruno' discussing in details what was going to happen in the privacy of a private booth in the darkroom the following Sunday.

Kevin was aware after Simon's return home on the Thursday, that Jeremy was sullen and withdrawn. He was also aware that that Jeremy's meeting with Bruno was important in keeping his libido going and Kevin was looking forward to a really hard session, without Karl this time.

When Sunday came Kevin walked into the bar as usual to be met with a surprisingly busy crowd. It was the most people he had seen in the bar this early in all the time he had been coming. He also had the distinct feeling they were looking at him but shrugged it off when Karl said he was imagining things. Kevin had a sinking feeling when he went to the darkroom to find it was also busy even though no one seemed to be doing anything. They were just standing around. He fought his way to his favourite corner and waited. He could just make out the entrance in the dark though he had to focus hard with the movement outside his little area. He saw Jeremy working his way through the crowd and virtually fighting his way over to the corner.

Once Jeremy realised he was beside Bruno, he whispered, 'What's happening?'

'I've no idea,' said Bruno, 'but let's make our way to a booth.'

Every booth, though not actually occupied, had someone standing just inside and blocking the entrance. The two guys tried them all but couldn't get into any of them. No one was having sex and all were just standing around, some feeling their crotches and some openly wanking exposed cocks.

'What can we do?' whispered Bruno.

'We can cancel the sex or we can use the open public area,' said Jeremy nodding to a surprisingly quiet part of the darkroom area with a padded bench in the middle.

'I can't subject you to that,' said Bruno.

'What if I said it would turn me on?' said Jeremy.

There had to be around thirty to forty people in the darkroom and Bruno was a little nervous but Jeremy with the lack of caution that only an inexperienced, horny teenager can have, took his hand and lead him through the throng to the bench. He started to kiss Bruno and caress his crotch and the crowd slowly closed around leaving them just enough room for their action.

Jeremy whispered,' This is making me so fucking horny. I'm going to fuck your brains out and everyone's going to see.'

He took complete control and stripped Bruno out of all his clothes until he was naked apart from his shoes and socks. He licked him, sucked him, kissed his nipples and then took his cock in his mouth. There was enough light for the audience to see the action though the light distorted features. Soon Jeremy was stripped too and his hard cock stuck outwards and upwards as Kevin/Bruno dropped to suck it. The foreskin was already soaked with precum and Kevin slurped, pulling the foreskin back to expose the head before engulfing it with his mouth. Jeremy was becoming loud.

'Yea suck me, suck my cock,' he shouted, obviously enjoying his role as porn stud. 'I'm going to fuck your arse until you're raw!'

Kevin heard a murmur of agreement from the assembled audience the from somewhere at the back in German, he heard someone say, 'Yea that's it, fuck your Daddy!'

Kevin froze.

After a few seconds, he decided that it was just a phrase, after all the word 'Daddy' is often used when a younger guy has an older guy.

Jeremy had turned Kevin around and had him bent over the bench. He spread Kevin's buttocks and delved his tongue in to lubricate. All around, pants were halfway down and cocks were being wanked. Jeremy made a really messy, slurping job of Kevin's arse, giving a vocal commentary when he could of what he was experiencing.

'God you're so tight. My tongue feels so good in your hole. I can't wait to screw your arse!'

Another voice said, in English this time, 'Go on let's see you fuck your Daddy.'

Jeremy, obviously believing this was some kind of role-play, joined in the fun and started to address Kevin as 'Daddy,' presumable because he thought this is what his audience wanted to hear.

'Right Daddy, I'm going to fuck you now, are you ready?'

A terrified Kevin grunted a 'yes.'

He felt the cold lube spread on his hole and the exposed moment when Jeremy stood up to stretch a condom over his cock. This was followed by the pressure of Jeremy's cockhead against his hole and the gentle pushing to open the ring to allow access.

'Oh Daddy, that feels so good,' said Jeremy. 'Take my big cock all the way.'

His cock slid into Kevin with little resistance and Jeremy started to fuck, referring to 'Daddy' as he went. As he fucked, all Hell let loose and hands started to paw them both. Kevin could feel hands between his legs, gripping Jeremy's cock and feeling its progress in and out of his hole. Fingers joined Jeremy's organ as it pushed. Someone straddled the bench and offered his cock to Kevin and Kevin accepted. He was sure many hands would be stroking Jeremy behind him and judging from his frantic groaning, Jeremy was enjoying the attention.

Kevin could feel the warm splashes as members of the surrounding group couldn't contain themselves and warm splashes of cum were gently splatting on his back. At first it was just the odd spray as guys couldn't quite aim away but as the fucking became intense, the volume increased until Kevin could feel it running down his back and side.

Jeremy had a firm grip on Kevin's hips as he thrust his cock fully into Kevin. Kevin turned slightly to see what was happening and saw two guys taking turns to kiss him. In the gloom behind, Kevin was aware that someone looked like they were fucking Jeremy as he fucked Kevin.

'I'm going to cum in your arse, Daddy,' said Jeremy as he thrust one final hard push into Kevin and he felt the blood course into Jeremy's cock as his cum disgorged into the condom.

That released a deluge of cum and as Kevin turned to see what was happening his face and neck were sprayed from all directions as others tried to coincide with Jeremy's orgasm. When Jeremy pulled out, Kevin turned and a tall bearded guy dropped to his knees and engulfed Kevin's cock quickly and expertly bringing him to a swift and copious orgasm in the guy's mouth.

Once again, as the crowd dispersed, Jeremy thoughtfully ripped kitchen towel and helped Kevin mop up. No reference was made to 'Daddy,' and the only comment he made in the ensuing silence was, 'That was fucking awesome.'

They quietly dressed and Jeremy was ready first so he said to Kevin, 'I'll e-mail you,' and left.

When Kevin came out into an already much quieter bar, Karl was standing sheepishly in the corner.

'You told someone who he was, didn't you? Kevin asked.

'Just one person,' said Karl.

'Just one person with a lot of friends,' said Kevin angrily. 'That could have ruined everything, don't you realise.'

Kevin was really angry as he left and went back to change at the flat before heading home. Jeremy was already in bed.

When Kevin returned from work the following night, Jeremy was sitting in the lounge, 'Dad, I don't want to upset you but I want to go back to the UK for the rest of the holidays'

'This is a bit sudden isn't it?' said Kevin. 'Where would you stay?'

'Simon's parents have said I could stay there.'

'But why, Jeremy, is something wrong,' asked Kevin.

'I'm kinda missing Simon,' he replied and then burst into tears.

As Kevin comforted him, Jeremy confessed that he was gay and Simon was, in fact, his lover. Kevin was thankful his wife and daughter were not at home. Simon's words were pouring out now saying how he had met someone here in Berlin and he thought it would take his mind off Simon but it hadn't. He said it had made him miss him all the more.

Kevin, of course, said that whether he was gay or not he would still love him (conveniently missing out that he already had, in more ways than one). When Simon calmed down, Kevin suggested they make up another excuse for Jeremy's return for his mother and they decided that they would say that Simon's parents wanted the boys to join them on a holiday in Scotland.

In some ways, as Kevin said goodbye to his son on the Friday morning, and Bruno had already said his goodbyes through the internet, he was secretly glad that the episode had been forced to finish without Jeremy being any the wiser. He also felt much closer to him knowing both him and his partner, more intimately than they could ever have known.

Of course, Sunday was only two days away!!



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