There was two bits in my pocket and wonder how far they’d go or find some sort of work that would pay me. Billy, who owned the “Wander Inn”, had let me sleep there long as I kept up my ‘payments’ by sucking him off pret near all day. Jezus, could that man pump the cream. Only thing...Billy’s wife, Crystal, caught us but wouldn’t buy it, us saying his zipper was stuck. Stupid Cunt. Sobered up enough to check the books and seen I wasn’t paying regular or at all. Just before chucking out her latest load of empties she says to me, get us paid up or get out, they’s laws about screwing over landlords and you broke ‘em.

No point in saying anything to Billy, he wouldn’t fight her, he’s a twat himself, one thing of his I never shoved in. The only good thing, if ya wanta see it that way, was now she made her speech, she’d put the nipple on the Taj Mahal gin bottle, two fifty a quart-it came in a two quart size but most alkys were too bombed to successfully lift it-at Barney’s liquor store, and wouldn’t rejoin the living for….til eventually. (Barney told me, “Jim, I only sell that shit for pure alcoholics, I wouldn’t use it to start a fire, you drink that crap at your own risk. Look at Crystal, or the wreckage that used to be Crystal. One good thing, when she croaks, Billy won’t have to have her embalmed, she’s done that for him….”

Barney was my real buddy. One thing, I didn’t drink which made me odd man out in his place, for another, now and again, hell it feels good, any man knows that, he’d have me give him a real first class blow job, let me have some of the food they also sold from his mini mart. Bottle of milk, bread, gov’ment cheese (really good or so I found) some cold cuts that expired yesterday….plus when the truck came in from Shreveport, he’d ‘hire’ me to help unload it...being sober I didn’t drop the cases and didn’t steal the contents. Just now I needed a buddy cuz maybe not today or tomorrow but Crystal, the meanness in her, was gonna get me 86’ed and I didn’t see my way to sleeping out of doors. Because of the booze, legally I couldn’t sleep in his back room so all I could do was see if he had an idea...and, as happens, he had.

Seems one of them traveling carnivals was coming into town, what they call an ‘advance man’ had stuck his head in the door, see if he could put a poster in his window advertising it, had me pull it down. There was a county fair starting in a couple of days so Barney said, go on over there, you’re a big strong cuss, they can always use muscle putting things up, maybe throwing people out...he knew they always hired locals...Guess I knew where I was headed. Thanked him then started the couple of miles to the fairground also known as Pickle’s pasture. He gave me a large cold soda on account it was a long walk on what was fixing to be a hot day. Told you he was a good guy.

The road over to the fairgrounds was mainly past houses so it was pretty much shaded, helped with the heat. Came to one house where a young guy was pushing an old reel type lawnmower. Must have been a newly wed cuz if he’d been around a while, well you could tell he hadn’t lived there long, still some packing boxes around the side, he’d a had a power mower. Called out to me…

“Hey, buddy, you got anything to do right now that you could interrupt and help me mow my share of green acres?”

I strolled over, nice looking young fellow, maybe five, ten years younger than me. With his T shirt off and tied down over the mower handle easy to see he was one well built fine looking stallion-this last cuz he was going commando-you could see his equipment running down the left side of the nylon jogging shorts. Right there I decided that, yep, I most surely could help him. First thing was a good piece of advice; “When you’re mowing, wear boots, not sneakers, boots unless you don’t think you’ll miss your toes.”

He looked me, kinda snickered. “Yeah, never thought of that.”

I don’t need to guess, they don’t have lawns in prison. Also...he was easy to tell things to. One thing, in the joint, he was no shot caller, ...all.

 But somebody’s bitch? I’ll put money on that.

Hadn’t opened the soda Barney gave me so handed it to him while I took over the mower-pulled off my shirt, tossed on a bush, full open, better to have it fresh later on.

“Go sit...Get this done in a jiffy and anything else you want me to do.”

“Mister, I’m standin’ in your debt cuz after moving in...I’m all poohed out. Just wanted the lawn to look nice for Darleen when she came home from work, nurse over by the hospital, regular RN, makes good money, too.”

I saw some ink on his arms, back, one on his neck so I knew something.

“How long you been out, son? State or Federal?”

“Shows, huh?”

“I know prison ink when I see it.”

“Yeah, well, did five for the state, missed doing Federal time on account of I didn’t cross the state line.”

Well, that meant it was likely robbery, he probably used a gun-also  he was at least a two or three time loser, the first two probably as a juvenile.

“Shit happens. Just you might remember to keep your shirt on, every cop that goes by is gonna know, probably stop, ask know the drill. Can’t touch you but the hassle ain’t worth it. ‘N someday when they ain’t got nothing else to do, take you in, run you for warrants and holds….guess they need the practice.”

Did a couple of backs and forths-Jesus I hate reel mowers. I could see he was relaxing, figured I already knew what he didn’t want most folks to know...and one or two things we hadn’t discussed yet.

“You got some trimmers? Get it edged by the driveway.”

“Nope, I don’t know what all she got while I was...away but...don’t think so. Hey, this is real kind of you, gotta give you something….five bucks insult you?”

“Never insulted a man by paying him what you can...glad to do it for you. And Darleen.”

“Yeah, she’s gonna be real pleased….I guess you guessed she bought the house an’ all….trying to really get it in shape for her. Hey, when you finish that, come on in, look around, see anything you can do, I’d find a way to pay you.” He shifted gears in a way for what he said next. “I can make brooms and license plates but that’s about all.”

“Aw, I bet you’re smarter than you think...takes that for man to survive the P house.”

“Well, it’s good of you to say that….hey, we’ve got air conditioning inside an’ after you look around, tell me what you think I can give you a ride where you’re going on my bike….How about it?”

“Sounds like a fine offer to me, take you up on it. Tell you what, I’ll finish here, you go on inside and scrape the sweat off, I’ll be in directly.”

He have me a thumbs up then disappeared through the front door.

About half the lawn had been done when I took over so there was less than 20 minutes worth left...but it was getting hotter by the second and using a fucking reel mower just made it worse. If I could have, I’d have stripped down to my skivvies just to give the sweat someplace to run in the little bit of wind there was. He seemed a nice young man so, when I finished, looked around for anything else easy and quick to do that would spruce the place up, couldn’t find anything so headed in. Quick tap on the door, heard him yell to come on in so I did.

If I’d been hot outside, it was suddenly hotter inside. He was stark naked, sitting on the kitchen table, legs wide open, fondling his balls. Smiling.

I leaned against a door jamb. “Still miss some of the things you can get in prison, huh.”

“Still give you the fiver….suck it then, buddy, I want to be fucked so hard and for as long as you got it in you. See if you can do as good as some of the guys inside.”

“Well then, you got it a bit off, see if you suck me first, then while I’m checking you to make sure your drain didn’t freeze in the winter, I’ll be growing a new vat of my own cream. Specially just to leave in your ass. Hell, ask me sweet and I might just have to eat it back.”

His smile didn’t need words, just slid off the table, down on his knees. Did that faster than it took me to peel all the way. Socks too. Put one arm out, grabbed the gun barrel, gave it some strokes then pulled me toward him, the door to the hangar was already for something to be parked in it.

One thing about guys who were trained inside, they learned a tendency to go too fast just because you never knew when you’d be interrupted by a guard, unless the guard was next in line, or some other dude who was a shot caller and felt, just then, like calling the shots. Good way to train newbies, well, newbies when they got outside, is to hold their jaw and their throat. A little choke hold took their mind off what was in their mouth so they’d pause and work on that. Tell you this, give me a former prisoner anytime. No whining about where you were going to do it, how you were going to do it and if you’d do it again if their mouth did a good job. Good looking as he was, and nicely pumped, probably with the other iron throwers, he must have been real popular. I was getting the best the state prison system had to offer in just- turned-out-cocksuckers, no wondering if he could take it in the ass….only- thing to find out was how deep.

Actually, it’d been a while since I got sucked, seemed like I was always on the sucking end so this, and he really knew how to do it, went quick. Enough shot out to paint his tonsils if he still had ‘em. ‘Nother thing, guys in prison always swallow. Specially if they were somebody's bitch and had been loaned to some one. Good way to pay off a debt, send your boy around, let ‘em do whatever they wanted then send him back. Easier than spending real money of which few ever had much. Commissary could pull money out of your pants faster than a whore giving a quicky.

He leaned back, I leaned down to lick a little of me out of his dimple.

“Got a name? I’m Jim.”

“Kelly, an you sure do taste good. That shit we eat in there, cum tastes like vomit only thing is it feels good when you shoot.” He shook his weasel just to make sure everything was gone.

We switched. “I’m gonna do you slow so don’t get froggy on me or I’ll have to find the garden hose and tie you down”….something in his eyes. “Cocksucker, you’d like that….”

“Guy inside had a private sort of place, spent fuck, a lot of time tied down, just let me out to hit the yard, he wanted some muscle on me…..some dumb guard leaned over ‘n when he leaned up, cuffs was gone. Answer your question?”

I just smiled, leaned back then put my hands behind his head and hauled his head into the two leg garage then parked it on the pole with precum dripping.

His eyes rolled up at me, big smile, guess he liked what was pointing at him, lots a guys did. My daddy may have been a scoundrel, that’s what mom called him but he sure knew how to breed stallions. Guess that was part of why they broke up. Seems I got two half brothers, stallions themselves, by two other women. Jose, the one by the Mexican lady was a professional wrestler, did pretty well but the champeen of all of us was Philly, married twice and up each time. I was best man at one of them, she held his hand but you could see that wasn’t what she wanted to get her fingers around. We all kept in touch now and again. Could’a hit Philly but...he’d bailed me out twice so just kept that for a much rainier day. And Jose? Well, a couple of times he’s asked me to be his corner man….assuming the corner had a bed in it and the address said…. “Motel”. Great guy, taught me a lot and, hell, I’d be happy to bottom for him...only problem was he’d really get into it and forget we weren’t going for two out of three falls.

Kelly had clearly done this before. A Lot. You know how you can buy weights to make your nuts low hangers? Well, this kid had a tongue that could have gone one on one with a Boa and won. Shee-it. He started in my fur and was working his way down. Now I was the one needed to be strapped down, shaking already, he was GOOD and was gonna get better. Bet he could out suck a plumber cleaning a sewer. And, oh Jesus, I needed this bad, hard to remember when I one more ‘household chore’ after this.

Watching his head and feeling his mouth, his tongue, the warm, moist interior where my dick was happily pumping up ready to spew, I knew this man wasn’t going to stay home much, either that or Darleen was going to have to accept an unpleasant fact about her husband….although if she thought it through, which she wouldn’t, she could be looking a large producer of non-declarable income. I didn’t care, I was getting to that point where my mind canceled out most logical thinking just boring in on one man, one mouth, one tongue and one loaded did just… ….the…of..Bingo, Shoot one, shoot two, shoot three. And holy Jesus, here’s a limp fourth. Kelly was swallowing faster than a slot machine eating an American Express card.

We both fell back, he on the floor, me on the table. After that last pair of inhaling each other, a pause was indicated, even necessary.

From the floor I heard a voice. “Can you really fuck after that?”

“Buddy, I can fuck after that, after dinner, after having left myself on the milking machine for longer than the manufacturer recommends. So, yeah, I can fuck, fact is, I can see the flag pole raising right now.”

“They’d have loved you in prison.”

“Yeah, well, I wouldn’t have loved them, the atmosphere would have killed it for me. Speaking of that, where’d you like to continue or, my suggestion, we find a shower and sluice off. Also play a two man game of hand ball.”

He staggered up, steadied himself on the table. “It’s the old fashioned kind, just a tub and a curtain.”

“Got hot water?”

He looked peculiar. “Well sure….”

“ Then don’t worry about the decorator details just lead me.”

One thing, two men in a tub shower….gets you in and out cuz that porcelain and soap and standing up, fast way to fall down. Almost suggested to fuck towels, just step out on the back porch and let Mother Nature dry us...didn’t but it was a good idea.

Back in the kitchen, told him to get on his back on the table, legs up over my shoulders and I’d get in. Good strong legs that led down to a hole I knew had already been opened. Plenty.

“You sure about this? I just milked you not ten minutes ago.”

One fast, hard thrust got my dick almost to his prostate. “Yeah, I’m sure. Getting me drained just gets you a longer time for us to play horsey, you’re the mare. Now shut up unless you wanta moan and let me do what I know how to do.”

As opposed to getting screwed in prison, we had time and once he calmed down, he was in for a long trail ride. ‘Nother thing. This was a man who had earned his muscles, made me think I’d found a partner to go along and see what sort of help they needed at the fair-two strong guys are always better than taking a chance on some loner who may be a drinker or a druggie or wanted in every county cept the one he was standing in. A pair looks more like two guys that got laid off at the factory or whatever and needed the work He’d said something about taking me on his bike….didn’t think that meant “Schwinn” and showing up on a big boy’s bike looked better than just hoofing onto the property looking for work; That happened everywhere but two of us, the bike, we were good prospects. Our hard bodies wouldn’t hurt either. The prison ink? Nobody who works for that kind of business hasn’t been around ex cons if they’re not one themselves. Kelly showed good, put a tight white T around his biceps and barrel chest and you got yourself one Grade A, strong employee….Oh, yeah, he looked good, no doubt a lot of ladies-and some men-would find him more of an attraction than the cotton candy seller.

Kelly was a good fuck, deep, knew how to work those muscles inside him, had hold of me almost immediately which I repaid by swelling up. Made us both happy. Good slow pace, his eyes closed, bit of spit came out the corner of his mouth, yep, we were good for this for a long time.

On the wall was a picture of a young couple, just married. Since he looked like the man on the table in front of me, she was probably Darleen. The usual, he said he’d been gone five years so if he was lucky all she’d done was put on some fat, if he was lucky. On the other hand, she got back a better stud than the one she sent away. Kelly had not wasted his time working out and it showed big time. While I relaxed in and out I put together a little idea that would help both of us….no question he’d go along-he was the sort who pretty much did what he was told. Fuck, what else was he doing? They’d just moved or, my bet, she’d just bought this place, probably until he was getting out, she’d had some cheap apartment, saved her money and now had a  hot husband and a real home. Next thing on her to do list? Kids. The way he was enjoying our activity said to me that even before she got the ring on her finger, he’d been pole axing men….didn’t sound like a fit father to me. Wouldn’t do it to him but there was a way of slugging a guy a couple of times that guaranteed fatherhood was not in his future. Laughed to myself, thought about going back and letting Crystal have it down there; She was the one with the balls. Even if they were fricasseed in gin.

Kelly was tired. Not tired of me, just physically tired. When I told him his getting me emptied out guaranteed I’d be up and in him for a long, long time was no bull shit. Helps when the man you’re plowing is a stud and you give extra credit if they know what they’re doing. Yeah, I’ll take a newbie, specially if he’s straight and doesn’t know what he’s about to get. Get a group of guys, one of whom is pond scum, so they decide he needs a lesson in manners drilled into him. Best way is to tie him down some way or another then tell him he’s about to have a thrill he’s never had. Oh, and when the thrill is gone, so would be his virginity; Hoped he’s always wanted to be fucked by a man cuz that’s what was about to happen.

Don’t usually like an audience but, hell, they’re paying me so they’ll get pay back for whatever shit he’s pulled so, guys, pull up a chair, watch closely, cuz when he gets popped, you’ll know it. One thing in these situation you did not do was get your man handle near his jaws. Nope. Even if some took out a full set of choppers, even if secretly it ‘felt good’ one thing he would not let the guys do was see him eat dick. Okay with me. Even getting your cum spout mashed down between two jawbones, even covered with flesh, hurt like hell and could do substantial damage to something you did not want even slightly hurt.

Can’t say, apart from the money, I got anything out of that. Now and again I’d intentionally stuck someone I did not like and that was okay, felt good to me cuz I knew why I was doing it but just for the money-which I always  needed-no jollies. I knew the poor bastard was hurting as well as humiliated and, for real, I wouldn’t do it unless I knew he really had it coming. Meaning someone had to take me aside and give me a couple of reasons….not just some frat boy thing like, “he lost a bet” or “part of initiation”, sorry, that’s school boy shit and if they want it done well, they’re men, they got cocks, let them stuff him.

I was still in him but just there, no action. He’d shot a good one cuz he was licking the parts of his face he could reach. Something just told me, an intuition, don’t know but there’s one sure way to learn, ask.

“Why in the hell did you get married. You cannot tell me you went to prison all innocent, a virgin to your toes...”

He squirmed a bit which only told me I was right.

“Told me she was knocked up….fuck, I only punched her but one time and three weeks later, boom I’m gonna be a daddy. Off to the court house, I do, you do, married. Course a coupla months later...wanta take a guess?”

“Hmmm….got it down to one of two….lost the kid or the gadget she used has been recalled, gave a bunch of false positives. Bout right?”

I helped him lean up while I slipped out. “On the money, false positives. Course she knows I’m queer, told her but, bet you’ve heard this one…”

“Uh, she said how did you know what you was missing? Just poke her once and you’d be a changed man.”

“Yeah, a married one, more change than I wanted. Was all set to join the Marines and, well, got drunk and tried to knock over a liquor heard the results. Stupid cow waited for me...told her to get a divorce, lordy I wouldn’t fight it but no, she feels bad for what she did, gotta have a home for me when I get out which gets us up to mowing the lawn this morning.”

“Time to hit the water then relax. You’re a good lay, I’m thinking about a way for you and me to partner up….know it’s quick but, buddy, you cannot tell me you don’t want out of this...”

He had a sneaky kind of smile. “Well, just happens I was hoping she’d not show up to collect me an’ I could go on with my life but, nope, fuck, she’s bought us this place...”

“Yeah, you want out. What kind of bike is it and tell me it’s in your name...”

“The one thing I insisted on...also for the insurance, had to be. I got me a big Honda, sure wanted a Harley but the rice burner was cheaper and you can guess who was paying for it….”

“What time does she get home?”

“Twelve hour shifts, around midnight, later depends on what’s going on.”

“If you got enough for one night in a dive, one I know the owner, get the bike, your things and later today, after a shower and a nap...want to show up rested, not like we were desperate…..I’m pretty sure I know where we can get two jobs, I can even pull local references. (I thought of Barney, one call and he’d add Kelly to his list of names he’d vouch for.)

I could see him think it over. “Jobs?”

“Yeah, working for the carnival….and I’m betting we’d be good enough they’d take us on permanent, out of here...It’s not anybody’s dream job, it’s hard work but it pays cash….you’ve got transportation...two of, look at us, cannot tell me we don’t look strong enough to lift or do whatever. Knock heads if it came to it, work security….”

“Fuck, all they can say is no plus nice to know you’d have your own fuck buddy, never worry about….well, just never worry.”

Three hours later we’d parked his stuff back at the “Wander Inn”, I’d carefully paid Billy for the night, then headed back for where they were just starting to set up for Friday night and Saturday. Made sure we both pulled on T shirts that set off our frames (Courtesy Barney; The mini mart had shirts for almost every NFL team-he took Chicago, I took the Packers) each a size too small and being out in the sun on the back creating just enough sweat shine to make us look good.

The one I wore I’d ripped off the sleeves, Kelly, to cover some of the ink, had on a regular one but his worked on biceps almost split the arm hole.

It was easy to spot the man we needed to see, he looked mad, hot, was yelling, waving a pad….yep, that’s the boss. Held onto Kelly, wanted to see something, sorta our ticket in. Spotted it then walked over to the man, stuck out my hand, introduced myself, my ‘nephew’ Kelly and said we were interested in working for him.

He looked stunned. Weren’t many polite people in his world and he was looking at two men, clean, giving their names, not saying they wanted to work but work for him.

“Sir, let me show you how we can help. See that crew over there? The four of them, two sitting down? Okay, call them off and let Kel and me go over there and finish what they’re supposed to be doing….you don’t like the way we work, no hard feelings...boss.”

“Uh, call me Zeke, okay...but you’ll have to get rid of that bunch.” There was a nasty look in his eye but...I kinda expected that.

On the walk over I quickly explained to Kelly all we had to do which was unload whatever they were pulling out then stack it or however it needed to be stored, neatly. As to the jerks...each of us pick one, tell him his work day was done and if they fought back...He just smiled at me. “Yeah, just like prison only no guard to say something.”

It was easier than I thought. A few words that said get out or we’d take turns fucking their eyes out then hefted our bulges….guess they didn’t want that. After dumping them, what they were doing was the classic picking up one thing from here and putting it there….we picked up, asked Zeke where he needed it, got it there then got back to him. He had the two words we wanted. “You’re Hired. When can you start?”

“Just did, what’s next?”

Life as a carny worker is neither fun nor easy. What was good was that it paid cash everyday and once you got in with the people who worked it full time, you got to know what to do, who to help, who to avoid….typical work place sort of thing only outside no matter what the weather and, just now, hot as hell. When we left around nine that night, each of us had seventy five dollars and that was just for part of a day. Speaking to Zeke, I negotiated a number to begin with and, as we got more insinuated into the carnival, I’d see it went up. As to Darleen? Well, when she got home, there’s an old saying, “read it and weep”. Kelly wrote her a note saying she could get a divorce, he was gone, thanked her for picking him up but...he wanted a piece of ass and she couldn’t supply the kind he wanted. Doubt if she took it very well but, hey, she started it with that fictitious pregnancy and her stupid, ‘one time and I’ll make a man out of you.” Sure, bitch. You made him something he already was, just convinced him he’d stay what he was, no crossing the tracks.

One more chore to do. I knew soon as Kelly and I rolled in, Billy’d be at the door wanting his daily suck. Okay, we’d talked about that. He came in, got himself tied down, fucked several times and told we’d need to stay a couple more nights but we’d just paid for them. He didn’t like it? Well, we could go on taking turns until he bled….He was whining about Crystal….and I’d figured that one out….I’m no bisexual but to get what I’ve wanted now and then I’ve had a woman or two-if they’d had the money honey, I had the time and the cock. Catching Barney just before he closed, I surprised him by buying a bottle of ‘better quality gin’, three  bucks.

Took off most of my clothes, pushed in her door, tossed the bottle to her-she did seem pleased-and even more so when I shoved my jock down. It was already hard and she was pretty much naked, least the part I wanted. Hoped Billy could hear her yell and moan….hope she got knocked up….maybe twins and while she paid for my services by almost chewing my cock off, I explained to her the rent was paid or I could come back tomorrow and do it a way she might not like….she looked like that couldn’t happen….so I just rolled her over and stuck my thumb up her nasty ass. “Right there, bitch, right there. Now enjoy your gift and keep your clit running I may know some other guys who will like a free piece of road tested and used snatch…”

Actually I thought about guys we were gonna work with, bet some of them wouldn’t turn down a freebie, maybe even get a drink while working their way in…Who knew? Maybe even want to spend at night wandering in.

I was hot and tired when I got back to our room and Kelly. Nice man, stripped naked, told me to shower, get cool then he’d thank me for his ‘separation’.  I knew I’d made a good choice.

The only good thing I can say about the ‘Wander Inn’ was that it had central air conditioning and only because Billy and his cow lived in one of the units so were not going to be hot. After my shower, the cool of the bed with Kelly ready to come to me for whatever I had in mind was the first good thing of the day. Other than getting Kelly for what I suspected might be the long haul. We were both tired so just curled into a 69, damn near went to sleep there. We’d need to be up early, like 5:30. This was the reputation maker day and to do that, we had to be there, shaved and fresh before Zeke got there. That being shaved may seem pointless but, remember, I wanted to get us on staff, probably security or, to rephrase that, muscle to solve problems. Clean and shaved said we could go from whatever needed doing to, with a change of shirt, be security. (I remembered to see if Barney had two pair of silvered aviator sunglasses on that revolving display he had; Great news, I could pay him full price.)

Zeke seemed surprised and almost pleased to see us.

“You meant it about work, huh?”

“Yeah, what you got for us….?”

“Might as well learn the worst first, Tunnel of Love….that’s where you float through someplace dark with your sweetie and whatever you do in there, just keep the noise down. Putting it together’s a bitch but..prove what you said, it’s over there, that stack of aluminum planks, they all fit together to make a big circle, there’s a tent that goes over it then tap into the fire plug, fill the trough with water. Do a good job on that and...second worst, The Spook House.”

“Take off your shirts...shoulda thought to bring change out clothes...this one is hot and long….” The man did not thing I wanted to ‘pick up’ were two used ball caps, as much for the sun as that they looked like working mens’ gear. By the time the fair opened, I wanted to look like I came with the corn dogs, bawling children and knew where to either take a quick trick or refer one...

Zeke was right. It was hard work, hot, and while we did it, they put the tent up around us which just made it hotter. Near to four the last piece was in place which meant it was time to fill it.

“I don’t give a shit who sees me, I’m striping and getting under that faucet.”

Saw no reason not to join him. Couple of the other guys saw the sense in what we were doing, joined us. One of them, said his name was Cody, ran a couple of the arcade games, told us we’d probably be doing security, drop by he’d show us what to watch out for.

Cody was just full of games, grabbed Kelly and me by our dicks saying, “Oh yeah, I can feel a double fuck right ifs, ands or buts; I got some rubbers and some lube, don’t even bother to dress….nothin’ but guys and half of them will turn up here for the shower….”

Kelly looked at me, wondering….maybe he’d never done a double, maybe he was just take aback….I was wondering what else Cody had in thing, when you’ve got a man spitted on your cock, he’s gonna answer questions….forget he answered them.

One other positive; Cody was a good looker. Just like us, I bet when his game opened, he’d be in jeans that more than fitted as well as a shirt, probably almost buttoned that fit across his chest. Whatever his arcade game was, I would bet it got lots of girls who stared at him while their men (?) steadily lost money and Cody sized them up...wondered who might just come back for another try. Hell, they might even spend a buck to try their luck and, as they pulled out that long green, showed it had  company with Portraits on them. When they pulled out a fifty, I knew Cody would laugh…..

The Cody’s of this world are never quite your friend but they are real important to know. He had a mobile home that doubled as a storage area for the parts of his game as well as the standard stuffed animals that were the prizes. That left, in the rear, a queen sized bed, what was about as small a shower as they could make and still get one adult in it as well as a shitter, basin, which he also used as the coffee station, miniature kitchen, most of a closet were he kept his clothes and that was that.

Our welcome to his home was him up on all fours, one hand back greasing his ass-good sized, knew why he’d said we could double fuck him. Pointed out condoms, tossed us the lube then it was time to climb aboard. Guess Kelly knew how to do it, only went put his prong half way in, waiting for me to work my way under and up. Then it was in like Flynn. Cody didn’t moan until the second time we levered in and out. One thing I could quickly teach him, one of us took the in stroke while the other was pulling out. Gets that chute lining both ways, feels real good and makes it easier for both guys to stay in at once.

We both shot, I’d pulled out to give Kelly full play, get to his prostate...I massaged it from the outside. Yessir, Cody was getting it full play. Just as I could see Kelly was about to shoot, I scooted under our host, got his hose in my mouth waiting, with just some tongue for encouragement, for him to spit out his nice, fertile semen. Which he did, then flopped on his side, a thoroughly spent, happy man.

“Remind me to put your pictures where people can find them.”


He stretched-the sort that would make a cat jealous. “Yeah, place behind the tunnel of love, looks like just a standard board with all the employees pictures but….if you take down a picture, you find it was just the top of several of the same person that were hanging there, gives your name, few ‘interesting’ facts about you and, if you can read Roman Numerals, your price. Two of you, easy, up top with me, Slim, you’ll meet him and one black dude-got to offer all flavors...if he shows up. Last I heard, he’d found some slut over in a motel...worked for free but you had to be able to stand the smell of her and gin.

Kelly looked at me and, somehow, I didn’t loose it. Close but apart from laughing at what was supposed to be funny….Cody went on. About once every third or fourth stop, Zeke appears….course his picture tells you what he’s into and don’t take his card, look for him, even say howdy to him unless you want a set of stripes on your back….Understand he’s got one guy, place we set up every year, whose working on a set of Tiger Stripes, big, wide, deep ones….Each time we pass through, Zeke adds to his collection….Zeke’ll do a good job for you if you do the work he wants, do what you seem to do, clean, sober….just don’t ask him what he does for fun…..and laughed in a way that made me shudder. I’d known one or two ‘Zekes’, not well, but enough to realize what Cody was saying was God’s truth...also, and I was guessing, if that was what he did, I’d bet good money that was NOT ALL he did….nosiree Bob.

Work was what it was and what it was next was...The Spook House. Cody laughed, said he had his own work to do but drop by when, or if, we could still stand. He and Slim usually found a saloon...fill us in.

The spook house had been, at some distant point, the sort of home you could buy, have it delivered on a trailer then put it together. Ours had nothing in it, painted blacks and purples-I would bet that at night, or if you were in the place, fluorescent lights came on or off or twinkled and….it was supposed to be spooky. There were also ‘displays’ of not very convincing dead bodies, a guy or two all in black who’d hop out….supposedly to scare the bejesus out of you. But that’s what happened after we put it together. Oh yeah, and the other part of the house, not painted black and not seen from the front, were a series of cubicles where you could either hire some one, from the display of pictures, or bring your own fun and pay an ‘entrance fee’ to the spook house...that was about twenty times the cost of meandering around in the dark. Lube and rubber dispensing machines were in the hallway, there was even a bath, with a shower-you rented the towels-for those who wanted to emerge looking ‘fresh as a daisy’ or at least not like you’d just been fucking.

At least it was air conditioned...guess ‘spooks’ don’t like to be hot. On our way out we ran into Cody plus another guy….looked more like a fugitive from the Texas Panhandle. This was Slim, on of the other ‘faces’ on the board and it was a no brainer to see why. Built along the lines of a muscular  Boa Constrictor, he moves effortless as if his cowboy boots had a built in pair of roller skates. The accent, the snap front shirt, the 501’s-bulge appropriately coiled in the middle like a rattle snake with its tail just going down into the left leg….could make a man wonder how long and thick he was when, not if, he uncoiled. And his smile. You’ve heard of a slow smile that builds then bursts forth like sunrise? Slap that on Slim. Shook hands, Cody told him we’d been briefed, we were the new muscle-said he could certainly see why, Zeke done him and the guys on the midway a good turn this time. Asked Kelly to turn, pushed his straw hat back and as casually as if he were checking to see if a melon was ripe, felt his ass.

“I got a front side, too, cowboy.”

“Sure ya do but….Cody’ll tell you, I always park in the rear where they throw out the trash.” He paused just long enough to involve his other hand on Kelly’s other cheek. “You look like good trash to me, you out long or have you done forgot how to suck cock on your knees, blindfolded hands cuffed up behind your boy cunt? This one.” He pushed up the sleeves of his shirt to exhibit some of the same work that Kelly had, bit better, but the best was when he popped the snaps and pulled off his shirt. Great piece of tattoo art, one large Cobra up right, hood open but, as interesting as that was, couldn’t help but notice, low as his britches were riding, the tail went further down.

“I think you need to gobble up some snake piss...that good white stuff.”

With which he pulled Kelly in. shimmied out of his jeans and, yep, there was the rest of the snake, wound around his cock leaving the head clean. Kelly was instantly into herpetology. “He yours?”

I just nodded.

“Well, seems we got us a four handed poker game….we can work on the stakes later.” That smile again. Stuck out a hand that had, like Jesse James, the motorcycle guy, ‘pay me’ inked on his palm. Liked him already.

Kelly suddenly fell back; Slim’s shot gun gave him a blast that….guess he wasn’t expecting. Cum was running out of his mouth, down both sides of his cheeks, but, well trained, he was swallowing.

Had an idea. “Stay there. Cody, you’re up  next an’ I’ll play caboose unless we want to make the train longer and have another go around….” I looked at Kelly while Cody unzipped his pants; Slim leaned back, fingers interlocked behind his neck, colorful cock hanging down, drooling. Couldn’t help myself, took my index finger, pulled it through the sauce, winked at him, stuck out my tongue then coated it. As I pulled it in, had it go under my teeth so some of it got on my lips. As Kelly started in licking his nuts, I pulled him to me letting him take a swipe of  juicy jelly off me before I  got into the kiss.

We’d all found a place that was out of the way, everyone stripped while we enjoyed the water cannon from the fire hose recently used to fill the Tunnel of Love. Took turns deep cleaning each other’s ass...suddenly had a thought… “Who wants to sleep in a bed in a sleazy motel?”

Slim got a mouthful of water then sprayed like a Greek fountain. “Is there any other kind?” Cody rolled on his back. “Naw, not for us, just so long as you don’t need a gun to kill the roaches...”

“Air conditioned, too.”

“That sold it. Lead us to the vents….”

Each man put on as little clothing as he thought made him decent, we headed for where I’d parked the bike, Cody said they’d ‘borrow’ a truck follow us. All I could think of was that old, stupid saying, “Hot Springs Tonight.” Laughed waved Zeke who came toward us.

“I need Kelly, come on.” He got up. “Guys, see you later.” He took the man he wanted by the wrist and moved away.

Both men looked down and not happy. I started after the two but Slim grabbed me, that smile, gone, slits for lips….dead eyes.

“No can do, Jim….you’ll get him back… eventually….”

I looked at the pair leaving us, Kelly was trying to resist but...didn’t know what to do. I jumped up but Slim and Cody grabbed me. “No. We’re telling you, no and pulled me down. I looked into the gloom as Kelly’s white ass grew faint…..

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