I was a country boy, just turned 18 and the place I lived was quite a secluded area, We lived back in the country several miles from the nearest farm and I was just raised not very social I guess, My Mom and Dad were old fashioned country folk, we had the Farm background and the only social life I can remember was going to church in town once a week on Sunday.

Well work was hard and life was always rough, we did all the old hard life stuff, Mom always gardened, canned her own food, made her own bread and we raised all of our own meat, Chickens, Hogs and Cattle I had developed a firm grip by milking the cows twice a day, and damn man that grip came in handy at night when I layed in bed gettin ahold of my nice thick cock, I had seen my Paw in the back of the barn taking a piss one day and his cock looked humungous. And I was kinda envious and hoped mine would someday grow to look like that. And I guess It did after a while I just had to complete growing.

Well My Paw had a younger brother who was about five years older than me and He would come to visit. I always loved Uncle Mitch and we would roughhouse together and wrestle and for some reason I had a strange attraction to him, He was tall Muscular, I mean Hard farm labor muscular, had a smile that would Make anyone jealous, was kinda dark haired, wavy, and his deep brown eyes were just oozing sex appeal, altho I didn't know that was untill sometime later.

Anyhow Uncle Mitch came to visit one day, I guess I was 18 years old, I was really happy about his coming and Mom and Dad was going to be leaving for Aunt Hatties Funeral, Down Hazzard Kentucky way, and they would be gone for about four or five Days.

We saw them off from the Greyhound Bus Station in town, said our so longs, and started back to the farm, Uncle Mitch said, Hey Danny want to get a dairy cream or something? I said sure! and we went to the Dairy Cream Ice cream store and got a cone and started down the road back to the farm.

Well we got to the farm and It was Milking time, and We went to the barn and got the buckets and sat on the milking stools and started milking the Old Jersey cows, Uncle Mitch looked at me and said You know what Danny, I said no, What? he said this was my inspiration for Jackin off, I said What? He said you know Jackin off, Its just like Milking a cow only you use your pecker, I just kinda blushed, I said yea I know, and He just smiled, Then he said you do it too, don't you? and I said kinda blushing Yea! I learned how when I was about twelve. He said no shit, I didn't learn to jack off untill I was about fourteen. I smiled and Uncle Danny said would you like to do it together, I had never given any thougth to doing it with another guy before I just knew when I did it I would fantasize about my dad's cock I had seen in the barn, I had no experience with a girl or any such thing, I just said Yea I guess, sure.

That evening Uncle Mitch and me decided to go skinny dipping in the creek down from the house, there was a pool in the creek and It was pretty deep, deep enough to swim in. We got to the Pool and Uncle Mitch slipped off his levi's and took off his white briefs and I didn't see his cock yet but He ran for the creek pool and said last one in's a rotten egg. I just hurried and really sorta embarassed about stripping in front of Uncle Mitch. He looked back at me and said don't be embarassed Danny, I know what a cock and balls on a guy look like, get naked and come on in. I did but the problem is, I got a friggen hardon like a fence post and when my cock gets hard it stands straight up, almost touching my stomach and it is thick and very noticable.

Uncle Mitch saw it and just smiled, and he said something kinda funny, I can tell we're going to have some fun tonight, and just swam out into the pool with a big smile on his face. Well we played in the water for about an hour, dunking each other and sorts just water playing and Uncle Mitch just said Man it's time to go and He walked out of the water and grabbed a towel and started drying off, then he turned around and I was still coming up out of the creek and I got a full Monty view of his crotch, Fuck Me, Now I hadn't seen his cock until now and believe me I was shocked, He was bigger than my Dad, His friggen cock was about three quarters hard kinda leaning straight out and down and had to be a good ten inches and thick as my wrist, It was friggen Huge, I swallowed hard and thought, man I thought I had gotten big, Big cocks must have run in Dads family.

Uncle Mitche smiled, when he saw my face, and said something wrong? and I said oh no, not really, He looked at me and smiled and said, Danny your doing it again, I said What again, and he nodded down toward my cock and It was standing straight up hard, I kinda blushed and Uncle Mitch walked over and wrapped his hand around my dick and sorta squeezed and stroked it up and down, and said that feels great, and I said in a wimpering voice, I know it does, Uncle Mitch said after a bit, when we get home we'll take care of both our problems, I just kinda smiled and looked into his gorgeous eyes and said O.K.

We got back up to the house and fed the animals hay for the evening feeding and bedded down the farm animals. Then Uncle Mitch said now for the fun and games and took me young eighteen year old hand and led me to the bed room. I felt like a little kid and just followed we started stripping and by the time we got naked we both had rageing hardons, Uncle Mitch just kinda groaned and said Danny your beautiful, I said So are you Uncle Mitch, I don't know where that statement had come from but I knew I meant it. Uncle Mitch then said lay back and I did with my hands up behind my head, My cock was laying stiff and rigid up on my stomach and Uncle Mitch just gently started looking over my body and saying your gorgeous and gently rubbing my stomach and playing with my nipples which I did not know were so friggin stimulating but like little electric jolts were shooting from my nipples down to my cock and it was sorta jerking upwards each time Uncle Mitch hit one of the nipples, which were hardening up like they too were getting a hardon. I thought that was cool. Uncle Mitch looked into my eyes and said Danny, Can I make love to you? I said help yourself, although I didn't know what making love to me was, I know my body felt like it had been infused with High voltage, my breathing was like it was labored and was almost panting, I just generally felt totally different and I knew my cock was leaking this clear liquid and it was kinda stringing down to my stomach and my cock wanted to be touched, and Then Uncle Mitch looked down and I did too and I noticed Uncle Mitches cock was leaking that clear liquid and he said Danny that's pre-cum, a natural fluid you body creates for lubrication for sex, I said really, and he took his hand and started slatering mine all over the Head of my cock which had come out from under it's foreskin, Aw Fuck man, was the first thing to come out of my mouth, and I just kinda jerked in the stomach, and Uncle Mitch just said it gets better and better, I looked at Uncle Mitch and said Do what ever you want that feels fantanstic, and Then Uncle Mitch said, What ever I want? I said yea, And Uncle Mitch leaned down over my crotch area and started saying just beautiful Danny and he put his heavy strong hand onto my nutsack and started stroking my balls and massagiing them and fuck man I like to went into orbit, that felt so fantastic, and Then He did something I never had thought of he leaned over and took my pre-cum dripping cock and slid his mouth over it and said just fucking awesome man, I felt like I would explode the feeling was like nothing I had felt before untill this time and he started sucking on the swollen head and sliding his wet, hot, mouth up and down my cock and I thougt I had died and gone to heaven, man I had jerked off before, but this was way above the feeling of jacking off, it was an explosion of feeling like nothing I had ever experienced before I was humping upward toward his mouth like mad, and he was taking my hard cock deep into his throat and I was grunting and moaning and saying things like Uncle Mitch, awe shit, awe shit, oooooooooooooooh fuck man, and Uncle Mitch just kept sorta grunting and sucking and sliding that hot wet mouth up and down and licking the head like a lollipop, I could feel the build up, each time he would take his hot mouth down and bring it back up I felt like my cock was a little bit bigger and harder. He was working it over like a starving dog and I was lost to the world and finally he took my cock all the way to the hilt and held it there and swirled his tongue aroung it and sucked and I felt that rush of semen as it volted up from my nutsack and started up thru the ureatha of my cock an I yelled Oh God Uncle Mitch I'm gonna squirt it now, and he just went faster and harder and I felt it blast into his hot mouth and he just started slurpping and swallowing and never lost a drop, I kinda thought he would be mad at me but he started licking and slurpping and getting every drip of my come. I was totally exhausted when he finished working me over and I noticed he had cum on himself. He said Danny that was awesome I said did you already shoot, He said Yea I stroked off with my left hand while I as sucking you, I said awe man, Uncle Mitch, I want to get you off too. He said hey sport, now you owe me one. I just smiled and said that's a promise. We went to sleep and woke like refreshed children he next morning and Uncle Mitch leaned over and kissed me on the lips and I felt just wonderful about that, truth be told, my mom is the only one that had ever kissed me on the lips before but not like Uncle Mitch, Fuck It sent waves of desire thru me like never before, I was learning things about sex and life I had never given thought to, and I was loving it.

Later that Day we were getting Hay from the loft in the barn and we set down on a bail of hay to rest and I leaned over to Uncle Mitch and kissed him on the lips, He just looked at me and said I guess you want a repeat of last night I said unh huh, and smiled, He stood up and took off his shirt and I noticed his chest lightly hairy and his chest muscles bulging out, I had never seen a mans chest in this light before, how sexy they were and how beautiful, He took off his trousers and then his underwear and I saw just how beautiful his cock and balls were and I stripped and leaned over and started licking all over his chest and neck, I tasted his manly sweat and the saltyness of his body and I leand down and licked and nibbled his nipples and he started moaning his body odor was fantastic an I was getting so turned on from just his manly smell alone, I was so fucking hot I felt I wanted to eat his whole body, Uncle Mitch said Danny Lay down on this Hay and we did, I was all over him, and I said It's my turn to make love to you and I started doing him like He did me last night, I played with his balls, which were like two large eggs and his huge cock was like a steel spike and I slid his foreskin and tasted that cock head and smelled that odor that only an uncut cock had and It was totally intoxicating I was going wild with lust for his body and I started sucking his cock and I wanted to swallow and He started saying yea man, cuck that cock Danny, yea suck it, awe fuck man, and he started stroking his body upward with my head movement I was totally gone into it I wanted that cock all the way down my throat and I wasn't gonna stop untill I had it. I slowly learned to relax my throat and finally after several trys and gagging myself crazy I finally mastered it, Uncle Mitch said man, your gonna be a master cocksucker and I felt really proud of my self, and I had just started deep throating his beautiful cock when I felt his body start to stiffen up and his cock felt like it was getting bigger He put his hands on the back of my head sort raised up his knees and started lifting his hips up and saying Oh Fuck DAnny, Oh Fuck man, Oh Shit and made this very Loud Groaning long MOan and started shooting his nut juice into my mouth, I had tasted mine cum a few times and liked it, but his was a little different than I remember mine tasting, It was sweeter and more like bleachy tasting a little acrid but I liked it and If I came out of Uncle Mitches cock I wasn't gonna let a little taste difference stop me from making My Uncle Mitch happy, And I think I did, He sorta fell back and layed there for a while and then after getting his breath back to normal, say Muther Fucker Danny that was awesome, are you sure that was your first time sucking a guy off, I said Yep Uncle Mitch, that was my firt time doing anything like that with any other guy, He said, Well Danny were going to be best buddies from now on, I was so fucking proud I had pleased Uncle Mitch. Later that week Uncle Mitch introduced me to the glories of fucking another guy and finally I let him fuck me, I felt like I had had a barrel stuck up my ass but I got to likeing it and we do it all together now, I really Love my Uncle Mitch and I think he loves me too.



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