It was after midnight and the night time air was still warm and humid, but it was cooler than inside. Evan was sitting on the low wall that split the courtyard area, one side open to the sky, with tables and chairs scattered around and the other side under a canopy with an outdoor bar and a few more tables with chairs. He held his empty cup, a few ice cubes quickly turning to water in the bottom along with the twisted remains of a slice of lime, as he listened to the muffled sounds of the music inside the club. He'd come outside to cool off, if such a thing was possible in air still in the eighties, but inside, the small club with its dance floor spanning nearly all of the central area of the main room was packed as usual on a Friday night, and this was a club where people came to dance. Yes, they came to be seen, to be voyeurs, to flirt and drink and gossip, but they mainly came to dance. The club didn't play the popular pop songs, the songs on some chart of top hits, the mild electronic dance music, or some other mainstream genre, instead the club played the stuff that was abrasive, the beats hard, deep, pounding against your body till it felt like your heart was about to explode. Music that felt dangerous, a tinge of nastiness, and it was perfect for the club wasn't the normal club with a very defined patron, wasn't aimed at solely straight or gay people but to anyone who wasn't afraid to mix it up, to mingle with either sex, to experiment with either sex, to dance with either sex.

Evan moved to the city right after college, and was just beginning to feel really on his own, really starting to get settled into living his own life. All through college there had been times when he allowed himself the pleasure of his true desires. The weekend in Atlanta where he met Allan at a bar and spent the rest of the weekend holed up in his Midtown condo, the time he and a couple of friends went to a frat party and he ended up back at some guy's apartment, or the last year when he secretly dated Jordan, the art major he met one night on campus walking home from the library. But it all seemed temporary, unsustainable, and with his parents paying all his expenses he was afraid to really live openly as gay. Six weeks ago he arrived in the city and it took him a couple of weeks to find his way around, to get his apartment set up and to find places to go to meet other guys. The first couple weeks he went to one gay bar after another and each time he had fun, met a few guys he enjoyed hanging out with, even bringing one guy home but there was something about most of the guys, as nice as they were, that did not fully capture his imagination, that made some strong attraction between them come to fruition. Then he ran into a couple of guys at a coffee house, one of those small independent places tucked into some old refurbished building in an arts district and they told him of this club. It was in an old warehouse but wasn't some large vast space, but a narrow small space tucked behind several other larger buildings in a part of town that was still struggling with its industrial past.

Those two guys had been right, there was something different about this place, the way so many people seemed bisexual, how there was this tension, at least for him, in meandering through the club, checking out the other guys, wondering if they were gay, bi or straight, wondering if they only like to play with their sexual identity after a few drinks and whatever else some of them did, to see what it was like to have sex with another guy. Evan wasn't looking for some confused straight guy who was just curious, who wanted to mess around one time before going back to his life he considered normal. But Evan did like the hunt, the search for the guy who enjoyed the diversity of those around him or was using this diversity as a threshold to the other side, a place of transition.

Evan hoped off the wall and made his way back inside, squeezing his way to the bar. It was that hour of the night when the club was at its fullest, the dance music the loudest and most people were in full hunt mode, searching for the person who was looking back at them, ready to make a connection. Evan would wait, let the crowd thin down, the dance floor open up some, and those that really enjoyed dancing, those that wanted the space to move, and to have room to move around the others on the floor. He scanned the crowd and once again he notice him, over near the DJ's booth, standing in the darkness, just out of flashes of strobe light, just beyond the reach of the moving lights twirling over the dance floor. Evan had noticed him before, had moved close to him so he could see him better and to watch him, see how he responded to the atmosphere, see where the gaze of his eyes landed and he noticed how the guy watched the other guys on the dance floor, those dancing together, cutting up with each other, flirting and joking around. Evan couldn't help but notice the way the tall lean body would lean against the wall, casual, uncommitted, the way his black pants fit tight to his long lean legs or the way his shirt was cut to fit his lean upper body, tightly conforming to his body. The guy wore his hair short on the sides but the top was long enough to sculpt it up, let it stand up in an explosion of spiky peaks, with the jet black hair crowning his head in some twisted organic form that added to his appearance, to the mystery of who he was. But the guy wouldn't make eye contact with anyone, rarely moved except to go to the bar or to the bathroom and Evan eventually moved on, thinking the guy was more the voyeur type, someone who liked to watch, but for whatever reason didn't participate.

Suddenly it was one thirty in the morning and the crowd was down to a little over half its original size. The dance floor had opened up and those dancing were those who truly liked to dance, who found the rhythm, the beat of the music playing and moved with it, each in their own unique way. Evan went to the bathroom and after pissing and washing his hands, looked in the mirror. His Nordic ancestry evident in his reddish blonde hair and his fair pale skin of his face, his cheeks their rosy tint, and he ran his wet hand through his hair that he wore short, a mimicry of the 1950's flat top which allowed the hoop rings in each ear to be visible. He tucked his old worn white t-shirt, the neck stretched and twisted out of shape, into his jeans that were worn and frayed, their low waist cut riding low on his slim hips, the tattered hem of the legs lying over the black military boots he wore..

Back at the bar he ordered another drink and turned to watch the people on the dance floor, watch how they moved, to see who was hooked up with whom, to see who was alone, ventured out on the floor by themselves, unconscious in their being on the floor alone or in the way they danced. As Evan took a sip of his drink he suddenly was aware of one presence on the dance floor he hadn't expected. The jet black hair, its spiky crown rising and falling over the others and Evan suddenly knew, knew without a doubt, the guy had been waiting, standing back patiently for when the floor would open up and the DJ played the more obscure stuff. Evan quickly finished his drink and sliding the cup across the top of the bar, made his way to the dance floor.

Suddenly the DJ cut the lights and hit the strobes, blasting burst of light across the dance floor, the fragmented animated movements seemingly losing their flow of time, and Evan moved among the others, moved with the grinding beat, a sound like a saw cutting metal. He moved past many he recognized, had seen here each time he had come to the club, part of the regulars, and he would nod an acknowledgement to any that looked his way. Evan didn't rush across the floor, but prowled across its stained wood surface, slick with spilled drinks, watching his prey move in his own circle, arms moving out in a slow graceful arcs as his body moved up and down, shifted around, his feet seeming to slide over the floor without moving. Evan watched him, noticed how the guy had his eyes closed most of the time, not caring who was around him, unconcerned of how others would be looking at him and Evan smiled, knowing he had been wrong in his assessment before and he shifted closer.

The music transitioned to another genre of sound and the lights came back up, bright white beams slicing through the air and Evan moved in closer, close enough to get a real sense of this person, to see how they were about the same height, but Evan slightly heavier in build, a little more definition to his body. He danced close to the guy watching him, knowing his presence wouldn't go unnoticed. The guy turned away in his movement and when he turned back around his eyes were open, and he was looking at Evan and when Evan smiled at him he smiled back; then looked down, eyes closed again, loosing himself in the music. Evan wondered if he was just being nice when he smiled back for the way he seemed not to acknowledge him otherwise. But then he noticed the guy was dancing closer to him, his hands moving out almost touching him, then he turned and with his back to Evan and moved within Evan's space, so close Evan could see the smoothness of his neck, exposed between his hair and collar, he could see the three hoop rings in his right ear, aligned along the edge of his earlobe and he could see how smooth his skin was along his long thin arms, which showed no signs of hair along their length. Evan moved with the guy, let his arms move out and in rhythm with the guy's arms and he kept the distance between them close, their bodies moving in parallel with each other. The guy spun around suddenly, coming face to face with Evan, with eyes that looked black in the glare of the dance floor lights. Then the sound of music was broken by a voice, the guy's voice, throaty, a husky smoky voice and Evan instinctively leaned toward him.

"I'm Tony" he said to Evan, a slight smile forming on his lips as he kept his eyes locked on Evan's.

"Evan" he replied as he couldn't help letting a smile break on his own face.

"Dance with me" Tony stated as he turned and began to dance. Now it was different, his movements accommodating of Evan, allowing him closer in the sphere of his space and Evan moved along with him, their touching brief, small gestures connecting the two of them, and they moved over the floor, making their own space.

The crowd thinned gradually, till the floor opened enough for those on it to move freely about, shifting between one another, teasing and flirting with each other, enjoying the lateness of the hour and how the DJ was bringing them along, the music changing again to a seductive beat, slower, the rhythm sensuous, naughty, taboo as those on the floor moved with it, embraced each other, man with woman, man with man and woman with woman, the pairings random, unplanned and among them was Evan and Tony, their bodies bumping each other, their movements mirroring each other as they shifted through the others.

When the music stopped and the lights came on they knew it was the end of the night, time to move on. Evan led Tony out into the parking lot over to his car, where he leaned against it, letting Tony stand in front of him, waiting to see what was next, what Tony wanted; if he wanted to come back with Evan, come to his place, to take things further, or if he wanted to part ways, to leave the night with just the connection on the dance floor to satisfy him.

"You want to follow me back to my place?" Evan asked, his voice betraying the tentative feeling he was having.

"No" Tony responded, looking at Evan smiling, confusing Evan, making him wonder what Tony was up to, then Tony continued. "I want you to follow me to my place."

Evan felt that moment of relief, that moment when the connection became real and he smiled at Tony nodding his head as he replied.

"Okay, your place it is."

Tony lived in a small loft apartment, basically one large room with a mezzanine over the kitchen and bathroom for sleeping and the dining and living area open to the to the tall ceiling above all of which was centered on the large window facing out over the neighborhood growing up around the old renovated warehouses. Tony led Evan up the narrow stairs to the mezzanine where a queen size platform bed dominated the small space, nearly consuming the entire floor area. Tony pulled back the white comforter and white spread revealing the white sheets underneath. The whiteness of the bed in stark contrast to the black platform upon which it rested and the dark red walls of the mezzanine.

Tony turned to Evan and moved up close, so close they could see the color of each other's eyes, the way their pupils were changing in the shifting light and Tony put his hand out, brought it to Evan's neck, taking it firmly, letting Evan feel the warmth of it, the smooth soft palm against his skin, as he pulled Evan toward him till their lips touched, lightly at first, then more urgently, pressing against one another. When Tony's tongue pushed through Evan's lips, probed into his mouth, he felt Evan's tongue moving along side his own. Evan's arms encircled Tony, brought their bodies together, tightly they bonded together as they kissed, as Tony's hand rubbed over Evan's neck in short soft strokes up over his short hair and down to the stretched out neck of his t-shirt. Evan pushed Tony back, eased him toward the bed, felt his body begin to descend and he followed him down, easing down on top, their long legs intertwined together. They continued to kiss, to touch each other, feel the warmth of the other's skin, the smoothness with its firm lean muscle underneath, masculine. Tony pushed his hand underneath Evan's t-shirt, sliding upward, pushing the shirt up revealing the smooth flat stomach and the long torso, so lean, smooth, and he leaned over and kissed one nipple, tongued it till it was erect, then he lightly bit it, tugged at it with his teeth causing Evan to moan, to wrap one arm around Tony's head and pull him tight to his chest, relishing the tug of pain mixed with pleasure.

Tony moved back and Evan sat up and pulled the shirt off, tossing it on the floor. Evan began to undo the buttons of Tony's shirt working down from the collar, opening it up as he went, revealing the pale smooth skin, lean, so similar to his own, and he leaned down and kissed the exposed flesh, put his lips to it over and over and over, moving down as he opened up the shirt. He pulled the tail out of the pants and began to undo the belt, the button, and finally the zipper, spreading them open revealing the briefs beneath, the crotch bulged with Tony's growing erection, and Evan didn't stop, but leaned down, pressed his mouth to the bulge, ran his lips along the obvious form of the shaft stretching out the fabric. It expanded some more, pushed over to Tony's hip, pushed up against the thin fabric. Evan reached for the waist band of the pants and griped them along with the briefs, sliding them down, tugging them down, past the hard cock that flopped free, past the balls lying between Tony's legs, still loose in their sac, and downward, along the long legs. Evan took the hard cock in one hand, held it up and he leaned over and put his mouth over the head, sliding his lips down the shaft and his other hand tugged on shoes, socks, and finally the pants and briefs that were bunched around Tony's ankles until he had him stripped. Quickly, Evan moved on top of Tony, letting him feel the roughness of his jeans and the smooth warmth of his upper body as Evan held Tony's arms down, kissing his neck, tonguing his ear, running his nose through the stiff black hair smelling the mixture of Tony's sweat and the night club still lingering in it and he pushed down harder, ground his crotch into Tony's hard cock and shoved his tongue deep into Tony's mouth.

Tony rolled Evan over, shifted over, and reached for his belt. Soon Evan was naked too, Tony on top of him, rubbing cock to cock, feeling their bodies slide over each other, warm and smooth. Tony shifted down, letting his cock drop between Evan's legs and he began to probe Evan with it, push the spongy smooth head against him, and pump it along his ass. When the head slid over Evan's hole, rubbed over it, sending sensations of desire racing through him, he pushed against it, wanting it, wanting to be penetrated. Tony rose up on his knees, took Evan legs and laid them on his shoulders, with his ass spread open, waiting. Tony rubbed his hard cock along Evan, let him feel the smooth cock head rub over him down there, along his ass, over his hole, testing it, feeling its tightness, then Tony pushed against it, felt an initial resistance, but Evan pushed against the probing cock with his hips and the round blunt head penetrated, breached his opening. Evan arced back with the pain, the pleasure, of the penetration, pushing down with his hips, taking more of Tony's cock.

Tony waited only a few seconds then he pushed his cock into Evan, slide the hard shaft through the tight opening, eased it all the way in till his hips pushed up against Evan's ass, his cock completely buried in Evan's hole. He eased back and felt the tight ring of the opening milk his cock, and he eased back in, pushing all the way. Over and over, he eased back and pushed back in until Evan loosened up and Tony felt Evan begin to push up to meet his downward thrust, and he began to speed up, to work his hips faster and faster, until his pace was fast, his hips slamming down hard against the upturned ass beneath him. Evan was beginning to grunt and moan, his hand lightly holding Tony's hips, feeling them move back and forth, fucking his ass, shoving hard thick cock through his hole. He leaned up and put his lips to Tony's neck and he could taste the salty skin, the heat of it warming his lips and he wrapped his arms around Tony's neck and held on as Tony swung his hips back and forth, faster and faster, shoving cock deep into Evan.

"Fuck me harder" Evan whispered in Tony's ear as he rubbed his hands down Tony's sweat slicked back and took hold of each ass cheek, feeling them swing up and then down as they pushed hard cock into his hole. Tony felt his need surge through him and he rose up over Evan, gave himself room to really swing his hips hard and fast, slamming his cock into Evan so hard the bed rocked and creaked. Tony thrust his cock into Evan over and over and over until he felt the aching hardness of his cock swell up, his muscles of his body tense tightly and he shoved in hard, slamming his hips hard against Evan's ass as he exploded deep in him, shoving his spurting cock all the way into Evan until his thrusting cock became slick and started to lose its full hardness. Tony collapsed on top of Evan, his hot sweating body trapping him on the bed.

"Fuck" Tony grunted and finally rolled over off Evan. They lay there for a few minutes, each trying to get their breathing back to normal. Evan's cock was hard, arced over his stomach, a drool of pre-cum trailing down from the head.

"Roll over" Evan said to Tony, and Tony rolled over on his stomach, raising his ass up spreading his legs, waiting. Evan moved up over Tony, straddled the round ass below him and pushed his cock into the cleft between Tony's cheeks, probed between the cheeks, rubbing the head getting his cock harder, bringing up his need, his need to feel his cock sink into Tony, to penetrate his hole. Tony grabbed handfuls of the sheet and pushed up holding his head down. When Evan felt the hole, felt that tight little opening tease his cock, he pressed against it, bore down on it, pushed his hips down until he felt his cock breach the opening, penetrate the tight ring and push into his hot depths. He eased in, slowly, teasingly, slipping his cock into Tony, feeling the tight ring milk his cock.

Very quickly Evan was working his cock back and forth, pumping his hips up and down and working his cock through the tight ring of Tony's opening feeling it loosen up. He fucked hard, fast, wanting to get off, wanting to push his cock into Tony's ass, and he hammered his hips into the round firm ass below him. Evan held his body up over Tony, felt the way it made his body feel tight, his muscles tensed up, as he worked up a furious pace, the sweat beaded up on his skin, dripped out his hair and ran down his face. He slammed his hips down time and time again, shoving his cock into Tony until he felt the hard swell of his cock as he was ready to cum. He shoved into Tony a few times with hard rapid fire thrust until he was pumping his cum deep into Tony, shoving his shooting cock into him feeling his load slick his path through Tony's insides. When he was finally spent he dropped down on Tony, his slick sweaty body lying over Tony as he took his hands into his own and held him, kissing the back of his neck, that smooth soft skin just below his jet black hair.

After a few minutes, Evan rolled over and spooned up next to Tony as the sun began to filter through the blinds. As the city awoke on Saturday morning Evan and Tony finally fell into a deep tired sleep.

The Saturday night patrons packed the small club once again, with the dance floor a sea of bodies, moving at their own rhythm in the flashing roving lights appearing as one mass of shifting form. The regulars, those that came only here, to this club, to dance, to drink and to socialize with their own kind didn't notice two were absent. The two tall lean guys who had danced together last night till time for the club to close were not here and their absence went unnoticed, except by one. Luke roamed the perimeter of the dance floor scanning the crowd and quickly realized they were not here. He'd seen the one with reddish blonde hair before over the last couple of weeks and had not had the courage to approach him, was unsure if the guy was gay or straight, but he had seen how the guy watched others, especially some of the other guys and he had hopes. Last night he saw the guy hook up and Luke felt a mixture of frustration at not being the one and a certain relief at knowing the guy was willing to hook up with another guy. And the other guy, new to Luke, was so similar. Even with different hair color they had bodies that were tall and lean, skin that was fair and looked so smooth. He didn't know which he preferred the most.

Luke made his way to the bar when the club hit the hour when the crowd would thin down and only the hard core regulars would remain. As the dance floor took on its late night intensity, the tone of the music became harder, edgier, the beat pounding through the air. Luke saw a few people come back into the main room and among the crowd he saw two heads taller than those around them, one with jet black hair and one with reddish blonde hair, and he knew it had to be the guy and his hook up from last night. He saw them come to the bar, talking among themselves, laughing and joking around and when they had their drinks they turned to look out over the dance floor.

Luke, feeling his drinks giving him some additional courage, moved over to them, coming up in front of them.

"Hi, I'm Luke" he stated as he came up to them.

"Evan" and Evan turned to motion to Tony, "and this is Tony."

"I saw you guys last night" Luke admitted, looking back at the dance floor quickly, then back to the two guys, "and loved the way you guys danced together."

"Really" Tony replied unsure how to take the comment.

"Yeah..." and Luke hesitated, not sure if he should, then he took a deep breath and looked at the two guys, a week smile on his face, his uncertainty evident on his face, "I was wondering if...well..."

"Go ahead and ask what you want man" Evan said to Luke, smiling at him, allowing him to relax a little.

"Well, will you guys" and he moved close to them, into their space, bringing himself into their realm, "dance with me?"



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