I get home from school Friday evening in a hurry. Both my parents were out of the house all weekend. My friend Dan is supposed to come over today. Dan and I are both seniors in high school. On Fridays he doesn't even ask to come over anymore he just says 'hey I'm coming over today'. Which don't get me wrong, turns me on. I'm not positive he knows I'm gay. I doubt he knows I masturbate to him alone in my room every night when he comes over. The two of us are good friends. Sometimes I wonder if he would let me suck his dick. Dan is more handsome than he realizes. He does Taekwondo, and is very stocky (I like that in a guy). His dirty blonde hair is pretty short yet gorgeous. And his laugh, just thinking about it makes my dick twitch. When he looks at me with a raised eyebrow I get so turned on I try to hide my boner. Dan's best features are his feet. They could have belonged on the body of a roman prince.

When he gets to my house we play xbox. Well normally he plays xbox I just admire him and try not to get noticed. The other day we were playing Street Fighter IV against each other. He was very good, I was alright. I got a little too turned on when he beat me that day. I beat him once or twice he must have beaten me twenty times.

'Chris man you suck dude, you're not making this very fun for me when it's this easy to beat you.' He said this both laughing and raising his eyebrow at me.

'I'm sorry Dan I don't play this game very much, I should go to my room now it's getting late.' I was so horny and I needed to go to my room lock the door and jack off to the image of him laughing at me.

'If you were sorry you would make it up to me - hey where are you going.' I wished I could have made it up to him but I was way too horny. What happened next began a night I would never forget. As I was walking away my shorts got pulled down by my friend Dan. I tried to hide my boner and pull my pants up but it was too late he saw my hard dick and held it in his hand.

'Hey Chris this is kind of hard isn't it, you must be turned on right now huh? I wonder what could have made you so god damn horny.' I just couldn't talk it was like when he touched me I was his property. And then he asked the question.

'Do I make you horny faggot?' and he let go of my dick.

'Well... um... I - ' He didn't let me finish my clumsy sentence.

'It's a simple question Chris, you either say yes, or you say no, can ya do that huh, can you?' my knees were weak my dick was still out and hard with some pre-cum.

'Yes' I muttered in shame. He laughed.

'Well duh I can tell from your drooling dick, how do you really want to answer me Chris?

'Yes sir... you make this faggot very horny.' Dan roared in laughter. And I gave up I was kneeling on the floor to him while he did this.

'Atta'a boy' he said while messing with my hair. 'I want to see you jack off to me only this time I want you to do it in person.' I thanked him and put my hand on my dick. But he took my hand off and game me his sock to jack off with. Dan took off his shirt, and was left only wearing his shorts.

'Go on, touch your self fag, your dream hunk is right here.' He spit on my face when he said this.

'Oh sir th-thank you.' His dirty sock made my four inch dick crazy with pleasure. I didn't hesitate to get going to my hard drooling dick.

'I wish you could see how pathetic you look right now.' I looked at Dan's feet in my shame, but he ordered me to look up at him. As he flexed his arms he said:

'This is what a real man looks like, do you like what you see fag?'

I didn't need to respond when my pathetic dick squirted cum it was self evident I liked what I saw.

'Op there it goes, that was fast fag, kiss my toes and thank me.' I cannot begin to explain the shame and humiliation I felt. To masturbate to my friend while kneeling, and thanking him, I was mortified. Yet as I kissed his toes and thanked him, I liked the feeling of pleasing a real man.

To be continued...




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