'Thank you Sir' I began to stand up, but I stopped as Daniel pushed me back down to my knees.

'You shot your load now it's my turn, you horny fagot.' Dan's semi erect dick started to show as he rubbed it over his boxer-shorts.

'I've never sucked d - '

'You're first time? Sucking dick huh? Don't worry you'll get a lot of practice with what I've got here. You do want to suck it don't you? Do you want to feel what a man's dick feels like in your queer little mouth?' He said this while closing his crotch on my face.

'Y-yes Sir, please I would very much like to - ' he cut off my clumsy sentence again.

'P-p-p-please, what?' he said this mockingly and raising his eyebrow at me.

'To suck your dick Sir, please I'm... I'm begging you.' The shame surrounded my body as I started sweating.

He just laughed, he finally uncovered his beautiful circumcised dick, it was just a bit hard, but still quite large: Three inches longer than my three inch dick.

'If you want it so badly come and get it, you pathetic slave.' I just opened my mouth and got to work. God I loved his smell, it was sweet yet manly. I was addicted to this smell; I lathered his dick with my tong diligently.

Dan would occasionally say: 'slow down it's not a popsicle. You're such a dirty whore.' And finally started face fucking me fast as he was about to cum in my mouth and face:' that's right boy almost done, yea, yea, ohhhh there we go.' Dan wiped the remaining cum on my hair.

'We both got what we wanted today huh slave?'

'Yes Sir' I said to him still kneeling. I wanted to stay kneeling at him for hours, I had a purpose now. My place was at Mater Daniel Bogard's feet, pleasing him, and being humiliated by him.

To be continued...




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