I had been with my partner at the time for about 6 years and as happens, we started to have an open relationship. It was a don't ask, don't tell sort of thing.

A bit about me, 35 at the time, 5'9" 160, lean muscle build, big thick thighs from biking and a butt that black guys loved. Curse or a blessing to have a bubbly butt, I never seemed to have trouble getting a nice fuck when I was horny even though I have a nice 8" cut dick too. The guy I'll tell you about below would on occasion say to me as he fucked my brains out, "Dam you got a nice dick for a white boy," but I knew my place.

Anyway, one week in February, I was getting ready for a trip to the Middle East and had the day to myself in the house packing and getting ready for the 14 hour flight to Doha. Around noon I was all set and logged onto manhunt. After hitting my saved search of "black hung tops," it didn't take very long before a guy my age started to chat me up and said he'd come over.

He turned me on from the moment he started to talk. It was a combination of sweet and nasty. Telling me he was gonna split my ass open while kissing me and when I told him I had bright green eyes, he was even nastier telling me that he was going to breed my ass full of cum for my flight. Apparently, blond hair and green eyes combined with a nice round ass were his thing.

I got showered, put on a jock strap, grabbed my poppers and did my usual watching from the upstairs window for my "trick" to arrive. I saw him walking along the street wearing a ball cap as I requested and I couldn't help but smile. He looked gorgeous and judging from his build, he truly was 5'10' and 190lbs of solid black muscle.

He rang the bell and I let him to a bit shit-eating grin which was the beginning of nearly three years of on and off with this guy, even to the point where I left my partner for him a couple of years later.

I don't remember every detail of that first day but I do remember the connection we had. His 8.5" cut cock which he forced down my throat until I gagged. Him fucking me raw and then making me clean off his dick. Very intense sex.

He got me doing things right from the beginning that I'd never done before. He'd fuck me from behind slap my ass, grab me by the throat, pull me up, kiss me and say things like, "You're my boy now." And this was all the first time we ever met and fucked.

It was a good three hours of him dumping loads in my guts and I promised not to clean my ass for my flight. I obliged my new daddy and found myself waking up somewhere during the flight that evening with his babies oozing from my well-fucked hole. I got up and went to the bar on board for a little cocktail and flirted with the cute flight attendant making drinks. Something about knowing that I had just worn this stud out made me feel very sexy and attractive.

As I mentioned, fast-forward 18 months which was the next time I would see this guy. My partner and I were even more distant by this time and after I saw this daddy on manhunt again, within hours, we had picked up where we left off. This time though, there was even more of a connection between us and he made it very clear that after breeding me for several hours I was his and his alone.

This turned me on so much and honestly made me do stupid things. For instance, because I was with someone still (technically), he said that his boy couldn't be fucked by anyone else. I did it. I loved it for some reason even though I knew he was fucking anything that moved.

It didn't matter that much I guess because when we were together we had an amazing connection. On about the third time around, in the intensity of him fucking me hard with my feet on his shoulders (his favorite position) he muttered, "why don't we both say what we at the same time."

I must have been totally stoned on poppers because I looked really confused but he said "I love you." In response this, we kissed and I grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way in popping the top of my ass with his big curved cock as I begged for his babies in my guts. Sometimes we'd smoke weed and we would fuck so hard that the bed would slide across the room. Once while bent over the couch, he cracked one of my ribs and one night (and not to be totally gross), he fucked me so hard and long that he tore me a bit. When he finally pulled his softening dick out of my hole, the cummy ass juice was red with blood and after apologizing we giggled when he said "I've always wanted to fuck someone's brains out until they bleed." I'm pretty sure that after we stopped laughing he fucked me again. One night we counted and he came 6 times in my ass and once in my mouth. The last time he blew in me he whispered "dam! you wear daddy out," and he collapsed on top of me. All I could do was lay there smiling knowing that I had done good and wore him out taking dick all night long.

This connection continued on and off for the next year or more. At times, we had "claws" for each other. We'd shout at each other in anger for whatever reason, ignore each other and try and move on.  I was probably more pissed off because I didn't get what I want and I was growing weary of being his part-time boy. Then after a period of cooling-off, we'd reconnect and I'd be in a jock strap on all fours begging for daddy's big dick and his cum. Seriously, if I had been in possession of a womb, I would have had quintuplets by this sexy man. Sometimes we would work out together and he'd get rock hard holding onto my arms as I did chest press and I'd giggle when he would say things like "your green eyes make my dick hard." I'd look down and see the outline of his almost 9" cut cock in his shorts.

When I was in the city, I wore a suit and tie to work and he wore hospital scrubs mainly. One of my favorite things to do with him was meet at a relatively formal hotel lobby bar and flirt endlessly over a cocktail until he'd take me to the bathroom stall and force fuck a load of his nutt down my throat. I loved sucking his cock in bathroom stalls. We had a couple of places like this, one right around from my office which at times saw people pounding on the upstairs bathroom door if we went so far as him fucking me with my suit around my ankles. What can I say, I cannot keep quiet when being bred.

I loved seeing him in his scrubs after a day the hospital. His cock was always musty and I worshipped his dick anyway he told me to, on my knees, being a complete pig.

This continued on, sometimes I would excuse myself to get groceries and then text my partner that there was a traffic crash and I'd be late just so I could stop by his house and he'd fuck a load into me. Back and forth like this, amazing sex but equally as amazing, we had maybe 2 dates in all this time. I rarely saw him on weekends knowing full well he was with other guys, but he continually told me I wasn't to fuck anyone else. I was his boy.

As cliché as it is, all it took for me was to be bent over and have him whisper in my ear "who's boy are you?" and then I'd be content until the next time I was sitting on his dick.

In between New Years and Christmas one year he surprised me by saying he was stopping by. He teased me endlessly about that night because while my partner was in the basement, I took daddy upstairs to show him some painting I had done and while sucking his dick he said again "I love you, leave him for me." I never stopped smiling which he thought was the cutest and eventually I did leave my partner ostensibly for him.

Things didn't work out quite the way I planned from that moment on. Maybe once I stopped being the married man the thrill of the hunt wasn't there, but he and I never ended up being Daddy/boy full time.

I moved away first to NYC and the across to Europe and so have only seen him on one occasion which was a nice reminder of how sexy he is. We never fucked again but occasionally we will have emails or texts back forth talking about hot nights we spent together.



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