After a very long and hard week of work I wanted to relax and let loose. I had not looked forward to a weekend that much in a long time. I got home after drudging through Friday evening traffic. I was so anxious to get the weekend started that I couldn't decide what to do first. I decided to start my own Happy Hour and poured myself a well-deserved glass of wine. I started to relax and come to grips with my true desires. I was horny and needed to scratch that itch.

I sat down and started surfing the web while I enjoyed my wine. I also added on to the Happy Hour with a little help from some medical grade smoke. I was feeling great and really needed to scratch that horny itch. I logged on to one of the popular cruising websites and hoped to get lucky.

As I was browsing through the profiles I saw one of a guy that I often daydreamed of. We had chatted several times but never had hooked up before. I was very shy and not aggressive. Those two attributes are not ideal on hook-up sites. So I often found myself lonely and horny after cruising the sites. I hoped that Friday night was going to be different. I promised myself that if he did contact me I would try and change our never meeting in person status.

It must have been my lucky night because he contacted me and we began to chat. I think my personal Happy Hour lowered my inhibitions. I was much more aggressive than ever before and he picked up on it. He had often accused me of being a tease. I really was not, but understood his feeling that I was.

I told him I was horny and looking to change that. He told me that would be easy if I let myself go and follow his direction. I told him I was ready and he instructed me to get cleaned and ready and the meet him for another drink. I hopped up and did as instructed. I didn't know what the evening would bring, but I was ready to experience my fantasies about this hot Daddy for real.

I had never been to the bar he told me to meet him at, but I was familiar with the establishment. It was a leather bar, and although the leather scene turned me on, I had very little experience in that world. The bar was very dark inside and had lots of guys dressed in boots and leather. The music playing was Goth and not my usual choice, but on that night it was very intoxicating. I knew I looked out of place and took a seat at the bar as my fantasy man had instructed me to. He had told me that he would approach me. I was nervous and excited all at the same time.

I had only seen pictures of him online, and hoped that I was not being "catfished". I ordered a beer hoping it would relax me a bit in the unfamiliar environment. While I sat there and drank my beer I was approached by a few guys, none of which was the man I was waiting for. I was starting to relax a bit after the interactions with the guys who had approached me. I finished my beer and decided to order another.

The bartender delivered my beer and as I was about to pay him, my fantasy man had somehow managed to sneak up on me and told the bartender to pour him one and that he would be paying for his bois drinks. He looked even better in person than he had online. I was so turned on and the way he called me his boi so fast got my heart to racing. What had I gotten myself into?

As we drank our beers we got to know each other a bit better. He let me know that he had been in the bar the whole time watching me. He wanted to see how I interacted with the other guys and if I could follow instructions. He told me I was a good boi and that he was pleased, I was told to call him Sir. We finished our beers and he said he needed to go to the bathroom. He grabbed me by the hand and had me follow him there. We went inside and there were a couple of guys making out in an open stall. We passed them and went to the urinal. At that moment he took complete control of me. He ordered me to take out his dick and hold it for him like a good boi. I had never done that before but got right to it. As I unzipped his pants I pulled out a cock much larger than it looked in pictures. As I held his big warm member and could feel the warm piss flowing through it my cock was getting hard. As he finished he asked me if I like holding his cock? I said yes Sir. He said good because that night I was going to learn to love his cock.

I began to put his big dick back in his pants before being instructed to stop. He told me to get on my knees. I had never done anything like this in public, but didn't want to disappoint my fantasy leather daddy now that I finally had met him. I dropped to my knees and was gazing directly at his huge cock. It was so thick and had such a big mushroom head. My mouth began to drool a bit I must admit. I wanted to please him so much, I hungrily began to suck him cock. It was so good and I loved the way it felt on my tongue. I could feel it getting harder and bigger in my hungry wet mouth. I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined myself doing something like that in a public setting. While I was doing it I didn't care who saw me, all I wanted was to please my Daddy's dick.

He began to thrust his hard dick deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat. He moaned louder and louder with each thrust as well. He was also shouting directions in-between the moans. He told me to show these boys how much you love Daddy's cock. I was so hypnotized by the whole experience I had almost forgotten about the guys making out. By now they had stopped making out and enjoyed watching my performance. I could feel my Daddy's cock pulsing and he grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth hard and deep. I do not know how I managed but I was able to take all of him. After a few furious moments of face fucking, he began to shoot in my mouth and throat. It tasted so good and I was so turned on I greedily swallowed it all. He asked they guys if thy thought I had done a good job. They said yes, and he agreed. He gave me permission to put his monster cock away in his pants and told me I passed the first test.

We exited the bathroom and he said he wanted to get out of there. He led me outside of the bar and asked where I had parked. I told him in a nearby lot and he said good, we could walk to where we were going. I was ready to follow him anywhere. He grabbed me by the hand and told me to hold his dick through his jeans as we walked. I did as told. It felt like I was under his spell. We walked a few blocks to a popular leather/adult bookstore. We went in and he had me sit in a chair by the door. He went to the counter and I could hear him telling the clerk that he needed a collar for his new bitch and that he needed a couple of other toys. After he completed his shopping we left the store and continued our walk. He asked if I was ready to let him take control in the manner we had previously chatted about. I said yes, hoping I had not forgotten about any of out chat sessions.

Wee stopped by the grocery store and Daddy asked me what I wanted to drink. I told him vodka and he bought some along with some mixers. We left the store and continued to walk a few residential blocks. I was so entranced that I barely paid attention to the path we had traveled. We approached a small house and he took out his keys to unlock the door. Just before he opened the door he let me know that once I crossed that threshold I was under his complete control. I agreed to his stipulation and followed him inside. After he closed the door he told me to wait at the entrance on my knees. I did as told as he left me there in deep anticipation of what was to follow.

A few moments later he returned with the bag from the leather store. He told me to strip and leave my clothes at the door, and get back on my knees. He told me good submissive bitches don't wear clothes in his home. I replied Yes Sir, and knew he had started to take control as I had dreamed about. I stripped quickly and resumed the position. Daddy pulled out a leather collar with the word bitch written on it. As he placed it around my neck he told me I had gotten the treat for performing so well at the bar in the bathroom. I was glad I had pleased him and proud of my reward. He then handcuffed my wrists together, and connected a leash to my collar.

He went to his couch and took a seat after he undressed. My mouth began to water again hoping Daddy would let me suck on his delicious dick some more. It looks so good hanging between him muscular legs. I crawled over to him and started to suck his cock feverishly. He instructed me to slow down, telling me that he didn't want to cum just yet and that he had a better destination in mind for his second blast. I wondered where that was.

I slowed down and slowly worshiped my Daddy's cock. I wanted to make it nice and hard again. After a few minutes of sucking that delectable shaft he stood up and grabbed the leash connected to my Bitch collar. He headed toward a different room in the house. I followed along behind him like the horny bitch I was. It turned out to be a bedroom designed for play. It had a sling and a wall and dresser full of toys all out on display. I got flustered just seeing it. He picked me up in him muscular arms and tossed me on the bed on my back. He spun me around and had my head hanging over the edge of the bed. He positioned himself so that his cock was directly pointed towards my hungry lips. He began to fuck my mouth and he was determined to make me swallow the whole thing. I managed to get it all the way down after relaxing a bit and getting used to his size. As I was enjoying his cock being thrust in my throat I could feel him pull my legs back and apart so I was spread eagle. I could feel some restraints being fastened to my ankles to keep me in that position, but I could not see anything but Daddy's big dick. I felt a warm tongue flick on my freshly shaved boi pussy. I wanted to moan so badly but could not with my mouth stuffed with the huge fucktool.

He began to eat my hole so good that I had to feel him inside me. He was fucking my mouth all the while that he was eating me. I was in heaven. He then began to finger fuck my hole starting with one finger and then working his way up to three. His hands were big, but I knew it was no comparison to his cock. I wanted to fell him inside me but all of a sudden I felt something a bit larger than him fingers going inside me. I wanted to scream but again I cut not with my mouth busy being fucked hard and deep. He asked me if I liked the special toy he bought me that evening. I replied Yes Sir with a mouth full of dick. I don't think he cared what my reply was.

He pulled out of my mouth and kept the huge toy inside me. He opened a bottle of poppers he had pulled out of the bag from the earlier shopping trip. I could see him take a few hits before he poured some on a handkerchief and placed it over my mouth and nose. My whole body relaxed and I needed to be filled by my big cocked Daddy.

He positioned himself on top of me and started to lube my hole some more. He made me feel as if I had a wet dripping pussy that needed to be fucked. He then began to enter me. I could feel the big mushroom head pressing against my walls as he slid all the way inside me. I screamed out in pain and pleasure. He laughed and told me to relax, that I was going to have to get used to his dick if I was going to be his good little bitch. His size filled me up and I was feeling every inch of his tool. I asked him to stop. That was a mistake, or in retrospect maybe it was fate.

At that moment, he slapped me and told me to shut up and relax. My place was to do whatever pleased him. He started to fuck me so hard, and with each thrust I began to get used to his size. I was starting to love every moment as he plowed me ass. I started to moan out in ecstasy. He told me a good bitch moans to let his Master know that he is appreciative. He liked how easily I adapted to the position as his sub Bitch. He fucked me so deep and hard and that mushroom head was massaging my g-spot. I was begging Daddy to fuck me harder.

I could not hold back much longer. I could feel myself getting closer to shooting with each repetitive rubbing of my g-spot. I asked Daddy if I could cum. He said I better not until he said I could. I was made to take some more poppers and Daddy opened my boi pussy up like never before. I could feel my hole gaping like it never had before. Daddy owned my pussy and he knew it.

He began to thrust harder and with a feverish pitch. He was tearing my walls up and I loved it. Daddy had made me his cock-loving Bitch as he had said he would. His breathing started to get harder and I could began to feel his cock pulse like it had in my mouth earlier at the bar. He asked me if I was ready for him to cum. I said Yes Sir. He told me I could cum after he was done, and that is how it would always be. He told me a good Bitch always make sure his Master cums first. Again, I said Yes Sir and hoped I could hold out until he had cum. He began to moan and asked if I was ready to be his new Bitch. I said Please Sir. As I did so I could feel him start to shoot his load inside me. He must have shot a good six or seven times deep inside me. As I felt his hot spunk coating my inner walls I could no longer hold back and my cock began to shoot. There was cum everywhere, I had shot my load with only being fucked by Daddy. He told me that is the sign of a very good Bitch boi.

He unfastened my restraints. He told me I had done well and that he was pleased. He told me that since I had been filled with his seed in both ends he owned my holes. He told me get dressed but to keep the collar on. I was instructed to go home and take a picture with the collar on and email it to him immediately when I got home. I was to go onto the site and change my relationship status from single to being taken, and post the new pic with my collar on as my new profile pic.

I went home, and on the drive I could still feel Daddy's seed running through me. I was so glad that I had decided to meet my fantasy man in person. After I got home I did as I was told. I decided to take a nap. When I woke up I got back on the site, hoping to see my Daddy online. I searched for his profile and after reviewing it I see he has added new photos. As I browse through them I see the picture I emailed him with the following caption " My New Good Bitch" I was so happy that Daddy called me his and I could not wait until our next adventure.....




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