Porno producer Dylan picked up young hitchhiker Tad. Tad gave Dylan a hot blowjob in the car and Dylan fucked Tad later that night at the motel. Upon arriving the next day at Dylan's xxx adult studio, Tad had all 15 stable studs kiss him and suck his cock before he selected hot Italian Sean for his first fuck on camera.


After about two weeks as the newest member of Dylan's stable studs, Tad had become friends with all the guys that ranged in a age from 19 to 33.

On a Monday after lunch, I called a meeting of my 16 stable hunks. It was a production meeting for our next video. I asked: "Guys, does anyone have a suggestion fort a hot scene and especially something rather unique ans a little kinky?"

"Yea, I do Dylan. Bruce, one of our devoted followers and fans after reading about the film "Daddy Picks Up Horny Hitchhiker Part One," requested that we have more action between all 16 of us," suggested Tad.

"Well, Tad, what do you have in mind?"

"Dylan, how about having me suck each guys juicy cock until he is rock hard and then I will take his cock up my ass until I have sucked and been fucked by all 15 of my buddies," responded Tad.

"WOW, what an exciting idea Tad. I knew when I picked you up on the highway that I had a sex addict. Well guys are you up to the challenge?"

All the guys answered with a fuck yea. They began to grab their crotches, as I noticed huge bulges growing in their shorts. All the guys were dressed in red shorts and polo shirts. Could Tad take all 15 cock in one afternoon?


We all went to the shower and took a long time cleaning up including a very detailed douching of our asses. Soon we were sparkling clean.

Dylan and his crew meanwhile set up the cameras and a setting for the action. I was given the freedom to direct the action for this video as I was the main character of the orgy.

I took Sean, the beautiful Italian, that had fucked me that first day at the studio and had him get on his back on the bed. I got between his legs and came down on that handsome dark cock. I jerked him off, sucked on his hot balls and finally came all the way down on his throbbing big cock. I sucked him until he was profusely leaking precm. I stood up, straddled his rock hard pole and began lowering my pulsating hairless ass all the way down to the base. I bounced up and down on his cock until I felt a series of spasm like feeling in his cock. He warned me he was coming as he shot a huge series of blasts deep into my ass. I pulled off his cock as his cum poured out and ran down my thighs.

I had 25-year-old Gabe, a big blond former college quarterback, stand up against the wall facing me. I knelt down and took his slick 8-inch white cock down my throat and began a sloppy blowjob as I sucked in his precum. I sucked him with great speed as he used his hips to thrust his cock in my mouth. Since he was a quick comer, I only sucked him for about two minutes before I got up facing the wall and had Gabe get behind me. He put his arms around my chest, began licking my neck and I felt his cock enter my ass. He used his hard big hips to drive deep into my ass. He fucked me with great force while breathign hard on my neck. Man, he was a super fucker as he power drove his cock deeper and deeper into my guts. Soon he unleashed a a monstrous rope of thick cum deep into me. He pulled out, turned me around and shoved his cum covered cock head down my throat. I cleaned his cock dry.

Next was cute light brown haired 19-year-old twink Mike. He stood only 5-feet and 6-inches and weighed 145-pounds. I put him in the big chair, got down on my knees and grabbed his shinny precum leaking 7-inch cock. I kissed his cock while I gathered the leaking cum and swallowed. He bucked like a bull as I sucked his steel hard boner. After some 5-minutes, I got up, faced his beautiful face and brown eyes, climbed on top of him and slid my eager cum soaked ass down to the base of his cock. He used his sexy hips to meet my my ass with his hot cock. Soon he whispered: "Oh shit, all that cum in your ass has my cock so slick. Here I come." For a little guy, he blasted a big pool of jizz deep into my ass. I got off, he grabbed my ass, put his tongue up my ass and sucked gobs of juice out of me.

I decided to next select both 30-year-old John and 33-year-old Gary for the next fuck. John was a slim six-foot and 175 pound African American with a big black 9-inch cock. Gary too was African American that stood 6-feet and 3-inches, weighed some 220 pounds; he had a thick 9-inch big black cock who was a former hockey player. I placed them side by side on their back on the bed. I got between them and took turns sucking those big black shinny cocks. After about 5-minutes of noisy sucking, I got on my stomach, spread my legs far apart and eagerly took Gary's python up my man pussy. I had John get above my head as I continued to suck his huge boner. When Gary crossed the blue line and shot a river of cum in me, I yelled with such pleasure that John shot his load down my throat. He could not hold back.

I decided to move the cameras to the shower area. I instructed 27-year-old redheaded Joel, 20-year-old dirty blond Jason, 22 year-old black headed Bret and 23-year-old blond Nick to join me in the shower. They had been so turned on that they had already engaged in hot blowjobs with each other. Thus we got right down to fucking. I put my face up against the shower wall, pushed my butt back toward the hot guys, and had Joel plunge his 8-inch cock up my ass until he unloaded a huge load. Next Jason took his huge 10-inch snake deep into my guts and fucked me for some 10-minutes. He knew how to keep from coming until he had split me open. He had me suck on his fingers until he released a big load. It was then time for Bret to take his turn. His 7.5 inch cock was near coming as he entered my ass. He soon shot a massive load deep into me. Finally, Nick was so ready that when he put his cock up to my entrance he shot his laod before he could eneter. He then took his cock and pushed his cum into my ass.

As we came out of the shower, Jack approached me. Jack a hot browm haired and hazel eyed dude, grabbed me and pushed me up against the bathroom mirror. He kissed me and pushed me down on my knees. He shoved his half dark and half white cock down my throat and began to face fuck me. The hot action was so unexpected that I shot my load all over the bathroom tile. Jack forced my mouth down to the floor and I had to lick up my semen. Then he put the lid down on the toilet, sat down, his big cock stood straight up and he ordered me to slide my ass onto his raging cock. I took all his 9-inch cock down my shute. We fucked for the longest until he blasted a big load up my ass.

It was now time to share my cum filled ass with strawberry blond 26-year-old Travis, the shy one. I really liked him, as he was always so kind and polite. He had been a college tennis player. I got on my back on the sofa, had Travis put his ass on my chest and plung his hard 6-inch cock down my throat. He face fucked me until he was satisfied. He had me lift my legs up onto my chest, he got down in front of my ass and slowly inserted his handsome cock all the way into my rosebud. He kissed me as he fucked me so gently. This was the best fuck yet because he was so good at getting his cock all around my ass. After some 5-minutes he shot a thick string of cum deep into me.

Then I asked 21-year-old guys Curt and Abe, both dark haired and deep brown eyed tanned hunks, to join me on the balcony. I placed both of them against the rail, got down on my knees and took turns sucking their 8-inch hot cocks. They had free flowing precum that wet my tongue and mouth. When I had enough of their cocks in my mouth, I bent over the rail and used my hands to spread my ass cheeks. Curt dove in first and in about a minute he coud not hold back as he spread my ass with a huge load. Then Abe took his turn as he hammered my man pussy until he came. He had a volcanic Old Faithful Yellowstone Park eruption. Cum began flowing out of my ass and down my legs. I was a mess.

I had saved Josh and Jake for last; the just turned 19-year-old redheaded identical twins for last. They stood 5-feet and 10-inches tall and weighed 150 pounds. They were very light skinned with cute 6-inch cocks.

I put the cute twins up on the bed and got between them and began a long series of roating from one cock to the other as I sucked them for the longest time. When I had them rock hard and wild with lust, I got on my back, lifted my legs up next to my head and invited them to fuck me at the same time---a double pentration. I had Josh bring his sweet cock up to my ass entrance and orderd him to plunge into my ass. Then Jake got behind Josh and slowly mangaed to insert his cock just below his brother's cock and go all the way in. They went wild fucking my ass as they moaned and grunted with the ultimat pleasure. They fucked me for at least 10-minutes when we all shot at the same moment. The came inside me as I shot my load on my body.

These two mischief twins turned me on my stomach and began fingering my ass. They piulled gobs of cum out of my ass and onto their fingers. They licked

their fingers enjoying all the jizz. Then they turned me over and took turns kissing me as they spit cum into my throat.

The day was over and Dylan said: "This is a take. Rap it up cameramen. We have a winner here."



Naughty Eric


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