The Story as Told By Dylan

As I crossed the border between Washington State and Oregon, I noticed a sexy young hitchhiker. He had long curly strawberry blond hair that was waving in the wind. He was wearing short shorts that showed off his beautiful hairless legs as well as a big tool between his legs. He had a two day facial stubble that made him even more desirable. As I stopped, I became instantly hard. WOW, he was just what i needed for relief and a new stable stud for my movies.

As I pulled over I said: "Hi, would you like a ride?"

"Yes, Sir, I have been waiting here for over two hours for a ride. I am headed to Los Angeles hoping to become a movie star."

"What a coincide. I live in LA and I am returning to the city after a month's vacation. Put your bag in the back seat and get in."

"Thanks, Sir. I just got lucky. I hope I can ride all the way to LA with you. By the way, my name is Tad."

"Glad to meet you Tad. My name is Dylan."

"Thanks Dylan. I am from a small town in Indiana where I grew up on a farm. I recently graduated from Notre Dame University with a major in theater. I dream of becoming a famous movie star."

"Tad, this is your lucky day. I own a film production company in LA. I can see that you are a very hot stud. Do you mind giving me your vital stats?"

"As you can see, I have hazel eyes, strawberry dirty blond hair, weigh around 145 pounds, stand 5' and 8", a rather rugged farm boy body and I am of Irish and Danish stock. I am 22-years-of-age."

"Tad, I think you are very sexy. Look at that huge package between your legs. Oh shit, I just embarrassed you, didn't I? How big is that tool? That information is important in my business."

Tad turned blood red with a flushed face. "Dylan, no one has ever asked me such a personal question. What kind of film company do you have? I guess I must get use to the liberal ways of LA, right? Well, my cock is 9-inches with a very big shaft. It looks like a beer bottle as to size. If you must know, I also have big balls and I guess I have an unusually big load of cum when I ejaculate."

"Hell Tad, you are just the type of stud I am looking for to join my hot stable of studs in LA. I have an adult XXX Gay film company. I hope I did not just turn you off. I hope you want to continue riding with me to LA. I admit that you just made me rock hard. Man, you are one hell of a cute farm boy."

"WOW, you are the first person I have ever met from an XXX-rated film company. You need to know that I am a virgin and I have never seen an XXX rated Gay film. Dylan, because of your liberal views and business, I confess that I am attracted to men. I was the quarterback on our high school football team and I was always horny in the locker room or shower with my cute teammates. Almost ever night, I went home and masturbated shooting one of those huge cum loads. I have know for a long time that I was Gay but my conservative parents and community would die if they knew I was Gay."

"Tad, this is perfect. You are Gay, a virgin, innocent and yet a body to die for. You would be a huge hit in XXX Gay films. Man, I want you to try out with my company. I am now 45-years-of-age and well past my prime as a Gay actor but I am a very successful producer and director. I was a popular performer with my 10-inch cock back in the good old days. I could make you one of the hottest performers in the industry."

WOW, Dylan, your invitation is so exciting and at the same time very scary. Could I ever get my big cock up on camera?"

"Tad no problem. I know all the tricks in getting you horny."

"Oh my god, Dylan, you are turning me on right now. I confess that I find you really sexy. I believe I like older men."

Oh Fuck, Tad, I am horny as hell after you told me that you think you would like sex with older men. Come over closer to me, unzip my pants, pull out my aching 10-inch cock and come down on my big python while I try to continue driving. Spit on it and try your first blow job with a man."

Tad jumped at the invitation. He unzipped my pants, reached his hand into my over heating crotch, pulled out my oozing precum cock and spit all over it. Before long, he began to take my huge cock inch by inch down his young wet throat until he actually was deep throating my hot cock. He became like a wild primitive animal as he devoured my cock going up and down with great speed. He slurped and slobbered as his spit ran down down my cock and balls. At the same time, he fondled my very hot balls. I did not last long realizing how hot it was to have my cock sucked by this young virgin. I pushed his mouth off my throbbing cock and burst a huge series of blasts all over his face. This was Tad's first facial and he loved it. He took my cock back down his throat as he sucked me dry. Then he took his hand and collected my cum off his face and fed both of us the seed.

"Dylan, how did I do for the first time? Do you think I have potential with your studio as a hot stud? I loved the taste of your cum. I think I can become a wild cum eating stud."

"Oh Hell Tad, you would be a huge success in my films. My other stable mates would fight to be your sex buddy. Guys watching your films would shoot one load after another and watch your fuck scenes over and over. Does that turn you on to know you would make other guys come?"

"Oh man Dylan, let me try out. I am about to shoot my load just dreaming of that possibility."

We got a motel room in Oregon. We showered and went to dinner. Soon we were back in our room and I was ready for sizzling hot sex. I convinced Tad to let me fuck him. He shared with me that he had often fantasized about being a bottom and getting fucked with a huge dick like mine.

We soon weer naked. I put Tad on the bed on his back, placed a large motel pillow under his ass, lubed his ass and cock, lubed my cock, put his legs and feet on my shoulders, and began inserting my 10-inch steel hard cock deep into his young smooth pink pulsating ass. I was so pleased how Tad opened his ass to receive such a giant tool. The feel of his soft ass flesh on my cock was awesome. Also the feel of his ass muscles throbbing against my cock was erotic. He began yelling out in pain but begged me to continue putting my cock deeper and deeper into his guts. He bucked wildly making me horny as hell. I felt shivers running up and down my back.

"Daddy, fuck me, oh yea, fuck me Daddy, give it to me. Come in me."

The fuck was so hot. The dirty talk set me off. I shot a river of cum down Tad's ass channel. It was such a feeling of eroticism for both if us.

Two days later we arrived at my studio. I called the other 15 stable studs into the studio to meet Tad. They ranged in age from 19 to 33. They all had hot bodies and big dicks. When I introduced Tad, they all sprouted huge hardons as they saw this new stud.

Shy Tad shocked me when he said: "Hi guys, now I must select one of you to fuck me on camera. I want you to line up in a row and as I come down the line, pucker up those red sexy lips and give me your best french kiss and then get down on your knees and give me a sample of your best blowjob. When I finish with all of you, I will pick the winner to fuck me."

The guys began to quiver and rub their cocks in anticipation of being the winner. Each guy gave his best shot at kissing and sucking Tad's hot cock. I began filming this really hot scene for a future film.

When they all had kissed and sucked Tad's cock, Tad turned to me and said: " Dylan, I have made my selection. I select Sean, the dark handsome Italian. He is a super kisser and wow, he knows how to suck cock.

Oh hell, I was going to get a great scene. Then Tad made it even better when he asked me to have the other 14 studs pair off and suck cock and fuck while he did the fucking scene with Sean.

I took charge as the director and selected the partners. I had them all undress and put on red, white and blue briefs. Then I called action.

Tad said: "Sean I want you to fuck my ass. But first suck my cock and I will suck your big boner. Lets try a 69 before you fuck me."

Man Tad was learning fast about gay XXX Gay sex video productions.

Soon all eight couples were on the floor sucking cock, rimming ass and then fucking like wild beasts. The groans, moaning, hard breathing and sloppy sounds filled the entire room. This was my best orgy scene ever.

I especially was turned on by the rough fucking Sean was giving the new boy Tad. They weer going at it like two dogs in heat.

The smell of man sweat and gradually cum had me jacking off. I soon blasted a load all over my legs.

All eight couples came at about the same time. I had never seen so much cum draining out of asses and being eaten by the partner. What a huge cum meal.

As the guys ran off to the showers, I stopped Tad and said: "Tad, I will prepare your contract to be one of my best stable boys. You are a winner."

"Oh Daddy, I am so happy. But do not forget that I love older Daddies. Lets find time for you to fuck me in the future."

"Yea, Tad you have a deal."



Naughty Eric


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