Joe was my Father best friend since High School as they were both prankster and got into trouble on and off unit they both settle down in the Mid 70's. Joe was every High School girls dream which he was very good looking standing close to 6 feet tall along with long curly brown hair with deep dark greenish brown eyes to die for. Most of his classmates called him Buck since he look very close to Buck Roger from the 70's TV sitcom.

My parents had to go to a wedding about a 6 hour drive from my home when they told that I would have to stay with Joe and his new girlfriend barbie for the weekend. My Dad had just drop me off at Joe new Condo shortly after I got home from school on Friday. Joe new condo that had everything in it from indoor pool, steam room, And a state of the Art fitness room. 

The time was well after 7 pm when Joe made us some home made Mac & Cheese along with the best German Sausage that I ever had. I was looking at my new swiss army watch and notice that Barbie has not come around to for a visit with Joe. " Hey Joe what time is Barbie coming over at "? He gave me a funny and told me that it is going to be just you and me since Barbie had to go home for a weekend due to her Mother health problems lately.

The supper went down very well when we both decided to put on a DVD after the dishes and kitchen were all clean up. My eyes were amazed when he order the movie called Deliverance which was a huge hit in the mid 70's. I saw the movie a few times because I had such a crush on John Voight and the Burt Reynolds type look, Funny to say that Joe moustache were the same that he wore in the movie. 

The sex seen from the movie made us both hard when I made the first move on Joe as he was wearing his tight pair of white Adidas track shorts with the 2 red stripe on each side of the shorts. Joe was real nervous when we started to kiss and grope each other on the living couch before we went into the beed room.

Joe was the first cock ever that I suck which his cock was a good 7 inch cut that fit my mouth very well. It did not take to long after that we started to 69 each other and both shot off  a load all down both of our throats. This was the first time ever tasting cum before which I found out to taste very swear and salty.  I was very proud that Joe was the first man for me to take my load and have sex with.

The weekend went by really fast that on the last night of me staying at his place he took me down to the steam room to meet his friend Carl. The room was real hot when Carl came in and flap down right beside me. Carl had just retire from the Police force were he work their for well over 35 years. He was built like a brick shit house for someone who just turn 62 years of age. 

It never took long after that the 3 some started between us all, And that he will be the first man to enter my virgin hole. He kinds of reminds me of a young version of Actor Ed Harris from the 80's movie The Abyss. He was cover with blonde hair from top to toe and had a very nice semi thick 7 cut dick.

Joe then decided,That he would be best to continue this up in his bedroom. The room dome lights were turn down on very low when he began to help Carl place my legs over his broad hairy shoulder and help him pour some KY Jelly over his hard dick. I then watch Joe walk behind Carl and started to play and pinch his hard nipples as he started to enter my hole.

I took a few gasp and moan of great pleasure as his cock slivers it way all inside me, " Fuck Carl it feel great as he started to pound my ass good and hard. Joe was getting real turn on from it all as he stood right behind Carl playing with his huge set of balls and biting his hard erected nipple before he started to jerk off all over me after each of Carl hard deep strokes.

" Fuck Carl love your cock "

" I new you do Jamie "

" Fuck him harder Carl "

The fuck became very sexual intense as all 3 of us were now moaning of great sexual pleasure has the fuck is going on for well over 15 mins now. 

" Fuck Im close Jamie "

" Come Sir '

" Please Carl shoot "

" Almost their "

" Holy shit "

" Here it is comes "

Joe and Carl shot off at the same time as their bodies jilted forward  and backwards from the orgasm they both have.

" OMFG Guys that was hot "

" Fuck Jamie never shot off a load like that before "

" Please take your time and pull out of me very slowly "

" Know problem Jamie "

 I Began to gasp and moan of pain as Carl slowly pull his semi hard dick from my ass. The time was well after 11 am when all 3 of us were in Joe shower getting hose down with soap and water. Carl then got dress and left shortly after 11 30 to head home for the night.

 I made it back to my house just after 2 pm with Joe and waited form parents to show up. The doors finally open around 4 when all 4 of us gave each other a huge hug to welcome everyone home.

The End




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