After six years in the Marines, I was looking forward to my discharge.  On my last weekend in the Marine Corps, my best bud took me out to celebrate. Jim and I had been the best of friends ever since we were on leave a few years back and happened to discover each other through a glory hole in the restroom of a downtown hotel.  Once we found out each of us was gay, we were very close.

We had one last fling, spending almost the entire weekend in bed having sex. We had managed to keep our private relationship a secret since gays in the military were not allowed. On the day of my honorable discharge, as Jim and I said our good-byes, I could see tears in the corner of this hot masculine muscular Marines eyes.  We vowed to keep in touch and as soon as I was settled, I sent him my address.

I had been raised in a huge metropolitan city and was wanting to begin a new life in a slightly smaller community.  Having no family, I was free to go where I wanted.  I preferred the western states and checked out several of them.  Then, while visiting a nice friendly middle size town in Colorado, I saw an advertisement that a local company needed a dispatcher.

Having been in communications in the Marines, I knew all about many different systems.  I could operate, and repair and rebuild them from the ground up. Wanting a job with a slower pace, and liking what I had seen of the city, I decided to apply. 

During the interview, when the owner found out about my radio experience, his eyes lit up.  He began telling me about how the equipment needed to be upgraded but new good quality  equipment was expensive.  I decided to make sure that I had the job by asking to see his equipment.  Radio equipment, that is.

I convinced him that his equipment needed to be replaced and suggested a brand.  He was surprised at the affordability  and questioned it's quality.  I guaranteed him that he would like it.  Three days later, he had an all new communication system.  He had invited me to be there when the first call was made and said that if he was satisfied, I could have the job. 

He then had the current dispatcher radio one of the techs in the field.

"Base to Ray.  Come in please."

"This is Ray and what happened to the radio.  It's never been this clear."

About that time another tech radioed in and also commented on the clarity.  Mr. Caldwell looked at me and smiled then said, "Lets go talk about the job."

We left the radio office, which was connected to the warehouse, and returned to the main building and to his office.  He informed me that the company, Galaxy Air, Heat, & Plumbing, offered service twenty-four/seven, and the position open was the overnight shift Monday through Friday nights.  On Saturday and Sunday nights the position was filled on a rotating basis by the techs.

"Mark, the hours are from six in the evening to six in the morning. I'm sure you noticed the single bed out in the office.  On the night shift, you are free to sleep just as long as all calls are answered, and a technician is dispatched.  The map shows where each tech lives so you can find the one closest to the job site."

After discussing the salary, which was much more than I expected, he asked if I was still interested in the position.  Without hesitation I said yes. 

"Can you start tonight?" he asked. 

I said yes  and as I filled out my paperwork, I told him that I did not yet have a place to live.  He told me that I could stay there in the office until I found an apartment.  I left and returned with what items I had with me.  I sat and watched the day dispatcher and in just an hour or so I had things down perfectly.

When my shift started, the current night dispatcher arrived, thinking he would be training me.  However, the day dispatcher spoke to Mr. Caldwell and told him how fast I had picked up the duties, and as the night shift began, Mr. Caldwell sat back and watched.  After receiving four calls and handling the dispatch perfectly, he looked at the night dispatcher and said, "Joey, I think Mark can handle everything.  We won't need your services any longer."  Joey grabbed his things and stormed out of the office..  It was then that I learned that Joey had had numerous complaints filed on him bye not only customers about the way they were treated on the phone but by the techs when he called them on the radio.  Mr. Caldwell had given him two weeks to find another job.

"I'm headed home now," he said, "but my number is there by the phone.  If you have any questions give me a call. Feel free to take a look around.  Through that door is the warehouse.  All vehicles have a remote to open the gate to the yard.  If you are at the desk, you can see them on the security camera when they drive in as they return from a job."

He left and I looked around. The warehouse and dispatch were in a building separate from the office.  The security cameras gave me a clear view of the lot and warehouse doors and completely around the office.  If anyone worked late and came out the door toward the dispatch office they would be seen on camera.

Mr. Caldwell had told me that between calls, I was free to do what I wanted. There was a small TV, fridge, and microwave.  I also had my laptop.  I had just turned on the TV when I saw a tech pull into the yard.  He parked in front of the warehouse door and went in.  I watched as he brought out items and put them in his truck.  Afterward, he pulled around to the dispatch door and came in.

"I heard we had a new night dispatcher and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Clint Jacobs," he said offering his hand.

"Nice meeting you," I replied as we shook hands. "I'm Mark Rogers."

As we talked briefly, my heart raced wildly. Clint appeared t be in his mid to late twenties, and had jet black hair with a neatly trimmed black moustache and goatee.  The collar of his shirt was open and revealed the upper part of his hairy chest.  The way his shirt and pants fit, it was obvious that he was extremely well built.  I noticed him begin to smile slightly and I then realized that he had seen me looking him over.  I realized that I had not been discrete. 

I asked why he had come to the office after his call and he said that it was company policy that every tech return to the warehouse and replace whatever parts that they had used so that their truck was always fully stocked.

"So I'll be seeing every driver after their job."

"Yea, unless they have been dispatched to another job before the other had ended.  Then they will come in after the second call."

Clint hung around for a while and visited and I began to notice him looking me over. As he did, I could see a bulge begin to show in his jeans.  It was then that he said he had to leave.

As he walked out he said, "Mark, I live just a couple of blocks from here, so if you need anything don't hesitate to call me."

"I appreciate that," I replied.

Clint would stop by and visit after everyone else had left and we started to become friends. Then after a few weeks, Mr. Caldwell came to me as he was leaving one evening and said, "Mark, I just want you to know that I've had calls from some regular customers and they have told me how courteous and pleasant you are on the phone and even the techs are saying how nice it is to deal with you.  I appreciate that."

"I'm just doing my job," I told him.

Clint began visiting almost every day.  On his days off, he would stop by with burgers, or some  other food and we would have dinner together. Then one evening when he was on his day off, he came by in shorts and a tight tank top. My heart raced as I got a good look at his muscular hairy chest. After we ate the dinner he had brought, he sat across from me and as he spread his legs, I could see up his shorts and realized that he was commando.  My own cock began to stiffen and it was very obvious.

He had definitely noticed, and soon his began to come alive also.  Then, he smiled and stood up and began walking closer to me.  As he drew closer, he began to lean forward, bringing his face closer to mine.


I know part one was boring but I felt that I needed to give some background first.  Part 2 gets hotter, I promise. 



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