From Part 2.....

Then, about two months after I had started sucking Brad he stopped by after he got off and after entering the office he stripped and told me to do the same.  Since he didn't suck, I usually stayed clothed, but I honored his request.  As I began sucking his cock, he leaned forward and grasped my cock and began to fondle it.  I was in heaven.  Before long, he gasped, signaling his climax and I hungrily devoured his huge thick load. 

After swallowing it all, I pulled off and as I did, he leaned forward and I soon felt his lips on mine and his tongue in my mouth.  I eagerly accepted it  and offered mine, which he eagerly accepted.  We kissed passionately for several moments when he looked into my eyes with a strange look.  I hoped it meant what I was dreaming of.


Part 3........

Brad slowly began lowering his face and licking my chest. Seconds later he was gently sucking one nipple then the other.  After a moment, he gently went to his knees and after looking back up into my face, he smiled then slowly swallowed my raging hard cock.  He worked his way down slowly until he had me balls deep in his throat.

This hot young stud began working his hot mouth back and forth on my cock and soon brought me to a raging climax. Like an experienced cock sucker, he eagerly accepted my entire load and after milking my cock dry, he looked into my face, smiled, and swallowed.  after standing, he kissed me again.

After the kiss I quickly asked, "What the fuck brought that on?"

"Ever since Rex started sucking me, I've been curious.  When I came in here tonight, I just decided that it was time to go all the way."

"Well, what did you think of sucking your first cock?"

With a big smile, He said, "I fucking loved it.  I can guarantee it won't be my last time. It's just the beginning of a new lifestyle for me."

"Well, Brad, all I can say is that my cock it available for you to suck anytime you want it."

"I'll remember that," he said, then added, "I can't wait to see the look on Rex's face when I drop and start sucking his cock."

"Do me a favor and wait until you and he are both in here with me.  I want to see it also."  He promised that he would.

Two nights later, Rex had a late call and returned to the warehouse shortly after Brad got off work.  Brad was in my office with me while waiting for Rex.   Of course we were both naked as we waited.  When Rex entered the office and saw us both naked, he smiled and said, "I sure hope it is me that you two are waiting for."

"It is," I replied.

Rex immediately stripped and immediately began looking back and forth at Brad and I trying to decide who to suck first.  Then before he could decide, Brad stepped up to him and in an instant, he dropped to his knees and quickly swallowed Rex's quickly stiffening cock.

The look of amazement on Rex's face was priceless as he watched Brad hungrily suck his cock.   He looked at me and said, "Mark, you're going to have to wait.  I want to watch this action."

"No problem," I replied.  "You looked as shocked as I did when he sucked me the other night."

Rex gently played with my hard cock as we watched Brad suck Rex to a roaring climax.  Rex soon fed Brad what he had been working for and we watched as Brad completely swallowed his reward. 

"That was a fucking dream come true," Rex said s Brad stood to kiss him.  After the kiss, Rex looked at Brad and asked, "How would you like to fuck your first man while I take care of Mark."

"Fuck yea," Brad replied.

Rex swallowed Brad's cock to moisten it with his spit then turned to me and as he bent over to swallow my cock, he looked back at Brad and said, "My ass is all yours, baby."

Rex swallowed my cock and as he began sucking me, I leaned forward and spread his ass cheeks apart for Brad's entry.  Brad placed the head of his cock against the target and began to push.  A short moment later, the head of his cock popped ion and after it did, I told him to continue pushing until he was all in.  As he did, both he and Rex moaned in pleasure.  Then, once he was buried balls deep in Rex's ass, he and I began kissing passionately as he began pumping in and out of the hot hungry hole.

It didn't take long for either of us to climax.  Just as Brad yelled out a loud moan when his climax began I did the same as I began filling Rex's mouth.  Needless to say all three of us were completely satisfied.  We had hot three ways often after that.  I also got my share of Brad's hot cock up my ass.  Then about a month later  Rex took Brad's cherry as I watched then took my turn.

Between Clint, Rex, and Brad, I had my share of hot male sex. Neither Rex or Brad knew about Clint and Clint knew nothing of them.  But I knew that eventually everyone would know about everyone.

A few weeks later, I had sent Butch Taylor out on a call just after eleven that night.  Butch was twenty-nine and married.  He was an ex-Army ranger and very muscular and good looking.  Forgetting to follow procedure, he failed to radio in that his job was finished and he was returning to the warehouse to restock.

It was shortly after two in the morning as I sat completely nude, totally engrossed in a hot gay suck and fuck orgy on my lap, when Butch quietly entered my office.  My back was to the door and he could clearly see what I was watching, and my state of undress.

The first sound was when he said "Hot movie. My favorite kind."  I jumped as if I had been shot, shocked by the sound of his voice.  I turned quickly in my chair to see him behind me, his pants unzipped and his huge hard  cock and balls exposed and him stroking his cock. 

He stepped up next to me and after seeing my cock steadily softening he smiled and said, "Man, don't let him die.  Let me blow some life into him."  He quickly dropped to his knees and after turning me to completely face him, he quickly swallowed my cock and began bringing my tool back to rigidity.  Once hard, he began to deep throat me and soon received his reward.

After swallowing then standing, I looked at him and said, "It's only fair I do the same to you."

He leaned down and kissed me and said, "It's all yours, stud."

I slowly and lovingly sucked him to his climax. Once I had received and swallowed his thick huge load, he said, "Baby, I've never in my life had a blow job like that.  You're awesome."

"Just a lot of practice," I replied causing him to chuckle softly. 

Not only were Clint, Rex, and Butch sucking  and fucking me but I was sucking and fucking them. Then there was Brad whom I was doing the same with.  My job basically was paying me to have sex with some hot guys and I was loving it.

Time went by and the sex was continual and I was nearing the end of my first year as dispatcher.  Then it happened.

It was a Monday afternoon.  I had observed all the office personnel leave the main building including Mr. Caldwell.  He was only a few years older than most of his employees, but out of respect we called him 'Mister'.  He was in his mid to late thirties and worked out at the gym almost daily.  His hair was a light brown and just beginning to thin.  His eyes were a sky blue and piercing.  He was married but I had heard that there lived in separate bedrooms.

Once I was sure everyone was gone, I began surfing in my laptop watching gay film clips.  I soon found a hot one and as I watched it I dropped my pants to the floor and began stroking.  I was engrossed in the two hot muscular bearded studs sucking each others huge cocks, when I heard someone behind me clear his throat.

I turned in shocked reaction to find Mr. Caldwell standing near the warehouse door completely naked and stroking his hard thick cock. 

"Relax," he said.  "Everything is cool.  Why don't you go ahead and get completely comfortable?"

As he stepped closer, I began removing my shirt and as he stood next to me he smiled and said, "Just as hot as I knew you would be."  The next thing I knew, he was holding my hand and urging me to stand.  Once I stood, he wrapped his muscular arms around me and began deep throat tongue kissing me, as one hand stroked my rock hard cock.

After the kiss he dropped to his knees and turned me around and the next thing I felt was his hot wet tongue burrowing into my hole.  I moaned loudly as he ate my ass.    He then turned me around and began sucking my throbbing cock.  But before I climaxed he stopped and stood and we kissed again.

After the kiss, he smiled at me and asked, "Did you ever think you would ever get the chance to fuck your boss?"

"Hell no," I replied.

"Well, your getting the chance now.  I want you as far in me as you can get.  Fuck me hard and deep and fill me with your seed."

I did as I was told and moments later I was pounding against his ass as hard as I could before finally bursting forth with my load as deep in him as I could.  After pulling out, I asked if I could have the pleasure of sucking him.  "If you want to," he replied, "but it's not necessary.  I got what I wanted."

I dropped and swallowed his cock and soon brought him to his own climax and it was huge and thick.

Then, as we stood there, he said, "I was going to hire you even if you hadn't known about radios.  That's how hot I thought you were.  As I tried to devise a way to get you, I began watching some of the security video and found that several of the techs were staying in the office longer than necessary.  I also saw the kid from the restaurant going in.  I was fairly sure then that something was going on.  it cost me a bundle but I got him to tell me all about what he knew.  I know Rex is involved.  As much as Clint is here I'm sure he plays, but what about Butch?  Tell me the truth.  It won't affect their jobs  in any way."

I told him everything from the start with Clint up to him walking in on me.

"I have always told myself that if I had at least two employees that enjoyed men, I would get a divorce and be myself.  Now is the time."

He started having everyone call him by his first name, Greg.  I never told the others what had happened that night that I fucked him.  Within six months, he was divorced and had managed to keep his estate. 

As he met one on one with Clint, Rex, and Butch, he invited them to a barbecue at his place the following Saturday.  They were told that I would be picking them up that afternoon early.  After I had picked the last one up, they began questioning me , wanting to know if I knew what was going on.  I could truthfully tell them that I knew nothing.

I had been given the code to the gate and was told to bring the others around the house to the pool area.  I did as I had been instructed and together we all found Greg nude with a beer in his hand.  He turned and protecting what I had told him said, "Gentlemen, I have had a private investigator check all of you out. I know for a fact that you all enjoy sex with other males.  So do I, so get comfortable and make yourselves at home..  Men, anything goes."

Within an hour the sex had begun with Greg starting it off by getting me to fuck him.  it was a hot afternoon orgy. and it was repeated about twice a month.  Butch ended up divorcing so he could live the life he wanted.  Greg was generous and gave the four of us nice raises.  He had also began having sex with Brad and had paid tuition for two years of college.

Sex continued between us all in my office on a regular basis, and often there were me and two other in action.  Then, after a few months I got a call from Jim, my Marine bud.  He had finished his tour and wanted to see me.  

He came to visit and after I told him everything that had happened, he jokingly said, "Can I get a job?"  Jim and I had awesome sex during the day before I left for work.  I soon talked to Greg and he invited Jim and I over for dinner that weekend. 

Of course, it ended up in a hot three way with Jim and I staying the night and sharing Greg's bed. Jim had a lot of accounting experienced and Greg financed him going to school to become comptroller.  Jim and I became overs but he knew I would be playing at night when at work.  And I knew that if the guys happened to be off that he would be hosting them at night while I was at work. 

Greg eventually eliminated the techs that were straight and replaced them with all gay techs.  You should see us at out holiday parties

THE END..........                       Coming soon.....Military Hookup



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