Having enjoyed the charms of my wife, Judith, only to turn her willingly over to some vigorous swordsmanship by her own husband, Thad, in the back seat of the Bentley parked in their front court, the maddenly naked Cynthia Standall turned her full attentions on me.

She took my hand and pulled me through the entrance into their cliffside mansion. She gaily ran me through the house and into what must have been the master bedroom and beyond. We stepped through a bank of open sliding glass doors onto a large flagstone patio in somewhat of a triangular shape, with the glassed wall of the house creating one side to my back, the rise of cliff above on the left, and a low rock wall on the right, beyond which the mountain abruptly plunged down to the lights of the city below and the ocean beyond. The long arm of an L-shaped pool stretched out before me and then made a turn toward the right and ended in an invisible barrier cut between the rock walls, making it appear as if the pool cascaded down the side of the mountain cliff. And for all I knew from my present perspective, it did. A couple of pool deck lounge chairs were positioned on the patio in the crook of the L, and on my right, between where I was standing and the rock wall, was a rope hammock suspended on a sturdy freestanding frame. Muted lighting around the patio and in the pool itself gave the area a mysterious air, and the twinkling lights of the city below beckoned me to dive into the pool, take that turn to the right, and just swim on over the edge of the cliff.

'Where is it you wanted to put this addition?' I asked, mindful that I had been summoned here upon a possible design commission for the architectural firm my wife and I owned. 'My understanding was that it went somewhere out in this patio area.'

'Yes, that's right,' Cynthia exclaimed. 'We want it extending out from the house along the face of the cliff there on the left. A large lounge below completely open to the pool area. Two rooms above; one will be my art studio and the other will be just mine for when I want to invite a special friend over and have some privacy. I turned and looked at her, and she was giving me that come-hither look. I was torn between Cynthia's considerable charms, which were fully evident, as she was standing there, reflected in the pool lights, in the altogether, and loyalty to and concern for my wife. But just then Judith resolved that issue for me.

I saw three naked people coming toward the patio area through the house. Thad was dragging a laughing Judith along by one hand, but there was a third naked figure, the generously built black chauffeur trailing along, holding Judith's other hand. At the frame of the glass doors from the bedroom onto the patio, Thad let loose of Judith and came out onto the patio and plopped down on one of the lounge chairs, where he had a good view of the entire patio. Judith, however, stopped at the frame of the door and turned toward it, letting her arms slide up above her head to the corner of the frame. The black stud went down on his knees behind her and had his lips and tongue working her asshole in no time at all. Before I turned my attention back to Cynthia, I saw one of his big-fingered hands come up between Judith's thighs and four fingers spread out on her lower belly. I had no doubts where the middle finger was buried. Judith was obviously enjoying the attention. She had her butt jutted out and her back arched, and she was laughing a tinkly laugh.

I turned as Cynthia put a hand on my forearm and started to speak. 'The best place to get a perspective on the addition we want, though, is from the far end of the pool there. Let's swim over there and see what we can see.'

'But I didn't bring any bathing trunks,' I said dumbly, still somewhat disconcerted by Judith's wanton behavior.

'Precisely,' Cynthia said with a laugh. 'And neither did I. Strip and leave your clothes over on that chaise next to Thad, and then I'll race you to the other side.'

I did so, somewhat embarrassed, even though Thad and I had already been about as intimate as we could have been, because Thad closely watched me undress and made little clicking sounds with his tongue. He playfully reached out for me when I had stripped down, but I evaded his grip and went back over to Cynthia and neatly dove into the pool and swam to the other side. I lifted myself out of the water and turned, my feet and calves dangling in the water and took a perspective of where the addition was to go, my mind already racing on design possibilities.

This thought process was short-lived, however, because Cynthia surfaced between my open thighs, pulled herself up with arms that she wrapped around my waist and her mouth went directly to my cock. I could fully understand how Judith had so easily surrendered to Cynthia's charms. Her mouth was amazing. Soft, but able to take me all in and to apply pressure points with her tongue, teeth, and cheek walls to all of the sensitive spots. She brought a palm of one of her hands around, spread it on my belly, and gently pushed me down on my back and let the hand run up to my chest, where it played in my hair.

She was driving my cock wild, and I felt I need to be more active. I came back up, and the first thing I saw, across the pool, Backlit by the bedroom lighting, was Judith and the black stud. Chocolate on milky white. Judith hadn't changed positions, but the stud had. He had stood, and his pelvis was cuddled into Judith's buttock now. I could tell by the angle that he was fucking her in the ass. His hand was no longer coming up between her legs, but was snaked around the top of her thigh now, heel of the hand on Judith's lower belly, and at least two fingers buried up her cunt. His other hand was cupping an ample bosom, two of his fingers trapping a very erect nipple between them, and Judith had her head turned and thrown back so that they could maintain a deep kiss.

A flash of anger went through my body, and I grabbed Cynthia by the back of her head and started to pull her head back and forth in deep strokes, fucking her face savagely. I expected Cynthia to object, but, instead, she pushed me onto my back again. Then she brought my legs up so that my heels were dug into the edge of the pool, and she stood up over me.

'Here, stroke up into me,' she instructed. She positioned her open mouth so that I had to thrust up into her with my hips and wrapped a hand around my balls at their base, so that when I thrust up, they were extended down. It didn't take long in this position for me to cum in heavy bursts in her mouth and all over her face.

Cynthia laughed and let loose of me. She yelled a cheery 'I'll race you back to the other side.' Then she had turned and was stroking neatly across the pool. I followed, but she'd had quite a head start, and I had just been exerting myself to the limit. When I came up the side of the pool toward the house, Cynthia was there, her legs open, her cunt in magnificent invitation. I thrust my head between her thighs and started searching between her vagina lips with my tongue. When I found her clit, I pushed back its hood with my tongue and began to go to work on Cynthia, trying to bring her as much pleasure as she had brought me. I brought a hand up and started exploring beyond her clit with my fingers. She sighed and moaned for me, getting wetter and wetter.

I heard two splashes and felt the answering wave turbulence, but I was too preoccupied in giving Cynthia pleasure for some time before I looked around to see who had joined us in the pool. Cynthia's body started trembling and then lurching, and a sudden shudder, followed by a contented sigh, and Cynthia's collapsing onto her back on the patio signaled that she'd had an orgasm. I looked around then and saw that Judith was now sitting on the side of the pool at the shallow end, and Thad was between her legs and facing her. The bobbing of his butt cheeks back and forth indicated that he was fucking Judith rather vigorously. She had her hands laced around his neck and her torso arched back. He was holding her at the hips on either side and he had his mouth buried in her breasts. With each forward thrust, he reset her tits aquiver. I put my face back between Cynthia's legs and brought her to a second, more prodigious and prolonged orgasm than the first with my lips, teeth, and tongue.

I was about to rise up and cover her and fuck her deep, when I noticed that Thad had broken off his plowing of Judith and was back on the chaise lounge. My cock was bursting again and aching to be buried in someone, but I looked up and Judith was standing there near Cynthia and me and shivering in the night air.

'Oh, you poor dear,' Cynthia cooed as she nimbly pulled away from me and got up to her feet on the pool deck. Thad threw her a towel, which she expertly caught in the air and wrapped around Judith. 'I'm being such a terrible hostess. Here, let's get you a shower and the chlorine out of our hair.'

They turned and padded back into the house. The accommodating chauffeur was no where to be seen, for which I was very thankful. I didn't want Judith to get too addicted to chocolate.

I heard a clucking noise behind me, and I turned to see Thad motioning to me. He had another towel, and my clothes were on the lounge chair next to where he was seated, so I went to him. I could see as I approached him that his dick was still rock hard, so I guessed he hadn't consummated his mating with Judith at the pool's edge. There was that, at least, although she certainly seemed willing to give it out to everyone and anyone tonight.

off, and Thad pulled me to him by my hips. He took my still-hard cock in his hand and rubbed the exposed head of it on his cheek. He was stroking his own cock with his other hand.

'As you can see, I saved myself for you,' he said in a husky voice.

'I don't know,' Thad,' I replied, somewhat nervously. 'You and your wife have pretty much tired me out. I'm not used to such vigorous activity.'

'I understand,' he said, but understanding didn't mean that he stopped stroking either my cock around his face or his with his hand. 'Perhaps you'd like to take a little rest. Doesn't that hammock over there look inviting?'

It sure did look inviting, and I gently pulled away from him and walked over, still naked, and climbed up and lowered by belly onto the rope netting. I had set the hammock to a gentle rocking, and the lights of the city below and the breeze flowing up from the ocean and caressing my nakedness soon had me drowsy. I turned my head toward the house and saw that Cynthia and Judith were just finished drying each other off with towels and were settling down on the bed. They had both a vibrator and a purple dildo shaped like a pretty formidable cock, veins and all, to play with, and they had started with passing the vibrator back and forth and using it on their curves, crevices, and nipples.

Watching them as I got drowsy kept me hard, and I soon found that someone was fumbling with my dick from below, pulling it through the wide netting of the rope hammock, and enveloping it in a wet, warm mouth. I looked down and saw that Thad was under me, giving me sensuous head. He was doing marvelous things with his tongue and teeth on and around the rim of my glans. His tongue kept darting into my piss slit, harvesting the precum as I produced it. He licked down and up the sides of my cock, tracing my veins with his tongue. He then deepthroated me several times, holding his teeth at the root of my cock, very still, as I throbbed inside him. His tongue went to my balls, through the openings in the rock netting, and he tongued and nibbled at those until I was moaning deeply. He positioned the top of his head just below my belly, and set the hammock to glide back and forth vertically. He held his mouth still and open for my cock to slide in and out of while the hammock rocked.

I didn't even try to hold myself in check, and soon had shot off down his throat. He cleaned my cock off with his tongue, and then I was left at peace to slowly drift again. I looked over to see that Cynthia's vibrator had disappeared up Judith's cunt. The women were kneeling on the bed, facing each other, on their haunches, and they were passionately kissing.

I was nearly asleep again, when the hammock started its vertical sway once more and my butt cheeks were being spread. Thad's lips and tongue were at my ass, and it slowly puckered and opened to deeper thrusts of his tongue, and then his fingers. I was groaning and grunting from the pressure, but it felt too good for me to suggest that he stop.

And then I felt the full weight of Thad's body on mine. His strong thighs were encasing mine. His barrel chest was pressing into my shoulder blades. His elbows were holding my arms close to my side. His pelvis was pressing into my hips, and his engorged cock was insinuating itself between my thighs, under my balls. I was ready for him now, wanting him. I raised my hips, and his cock just glided into my ass and slowly up to the root. We lay motionless except for his pelvis and my hips, both undulating in languid and syncopated motion. He was deep, deep inside me. He somehow got one of his hands wrapped around the root of his cock, and he was rotating his tool around my ass walls, deep, sending my muscles into convulsions of ecstasy. He was kissing me in the hollow of my neck, and I was giving him deep-throated moans of confirmation that I'd never had a sexual experience this intense.

When he was done with me, I drifted off to sleep. When I woke, he was gone. I looked into the master bedroom, and I saw that he was in a chair watching what I thought was Cynthia only writhing in slow motion on her back on the bed. A closer look, however, revealed that Judith was under her and holding the purple dildo at Cynthia's rear entrance. At least I assumed it was the dildo I'd seen earlier. There wasn't more than an inch of it showing outside of Cynthia's ass.

Cynthia saw that I was awake and motioned me to come into the bedroom. I slowly approached the bed and then mounted it, straddling Cynthia with my hips over her face. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked it until I was hard again. Then, with Judith still under her and slowly stroking the dildo in and out of her ass, I moved off the bed and approached Cynthia between her legs and let my cock slowly enter her and run to the end. Thad leaned over and took possession of his wife's clit with his thumb and forefinger, and we made her writhe more and sign and moan louder. He took two fingers and ran them down the side of my pumping cock inside her, giving both Cynthia and me a whole new, exciting sensation.

I was surprised by feeling a body come up from behind me. I looked down to see two chocolate arms coming around my body, and two large hands covering my pecs and stroking my nipples. The chauffeur had joined us, and before I could have second thoughts about that, he had tipped me up over Cynthia so that I now was fucking down into her, and his cock was plowing up my ass. The ride was a long, wet one for all of us.

Later, after Judith and I had gone off for another shower in one of the guest rooms and were dressed, we returned to the door of the master bedroom to view Cynthia and Thad happily humping each other in traditional missionary style on the bed.

We were whispering to each other on whether we should break in and say anything to them before we left, when the chauffeur appeared at the end of the hall and motioned us to him. He had also showered and now was decked out in casual, but very expensive-looking slacks and a shirt.

'No need to say good-bye to them,' he told us. 'They will be going at it for hours now. Cynthia's a little frigid with Thad, you see. She has to be stimulated for them to click as they should.'

He continued on as we processed this. Had Thad just been using the two of us to get Cynthia's engine going. Was the architectural job only a hoax? 'We would like to know if you are still interested in designing the house extension for us.'

'We?' I couldn't help blurting out.

'Oh, I see,' the chauffeur said with a big smile, followed by a laugh. 'Of course you don't know. Cynthia and Thad are actually employees of mine, close associates, but all on my dime. I own the house and all of the business paying for this. But I don't like to socialize or acquire my own amusements on my own. Cynthia and Thad do that nicely for me.'

Yes, quite, was all I could think to say to that. But I certainly wasn't stupid enough to say it out loud.

'So does that change anything?' he politely asked. 'Does that mean you are not interested in working on the redesign of this house and all it entails including all it has entailed this evening?'

Judith and I just shook our heads in bemused surprise, but Judith, the minx, managed to come out with 'Oh, no, we'd love to work with and under all three of you on this, umm, project.' He then politely and quite civilly escorted us to our car, and we started the journey back to the mundane world, never again to be the same in our perspectives.

Surprisingly, I was still so horny from all we'd experienced this evening that I pulled off in the park at the bottom of the mountain on the way back and pumped Judith deeply and endlessly on the trunk of the Mercedes. I admit that I was more than a little curious how her attitude toward me and our own sex life would be after this experience. It didn't take long for me to figure out that we'd do just fine just with more than a little more variety, intensity, and open mindedness than before.



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