From Part 2.....................

i lay next to him and in seconds we were both casually stroking our cocks,our eyes glued on each others hard cock.  Then,  after a moment  he said, "Why don't i change position and we can jerk each other off?" 

'Sure,"i replied before he flipped around into what is normally considered a sixty-nine position.  Once inposition, he gently took my cock in hand and began gently stroking me.  As i grasped his he said casually,  "I take it this is your first time having another guys cock in our hand?"

"Yes it is, but i must admit that it feels nice."

"Well, i love having another hand stroking me off," he said.

He shifted  his position slightly,and i suddenly felt his warm breath on my rock hard cock.  It was extremely exciting and sent chills through my body.


I wondered if Duke was going to go further,and if he did, how would i respond.

He changed his position  slightly bringing his cock closer to my face.  I was scared as hell at the feeling i was having, wanting to taste his cock.  Then it happened.

Suddenly, it happened. I gasped as i felt his warm wet mouth close around my cock as he began sucking it.  The feeling was beyond discription as my heart raced out of control.  I definitely had the feeling that this was not Duke's first time sucking a cock.  My curiosity got even stronger and i couldn't hold back.  After taking a deepbreath, i openedmy mouth and tookhis cockin my mouth, immediately tasting the sweetness of his precum. 

Using my tongue, i made sure i cleaned it all off, and worked to get more out of his cock.  Then,  i began to work my mouth up and down his cock.  The more i sucked, the more i loved it.  I could feel my own cock nearing its climax and wanted his to do the same.

Suddenly,my cockexplodedand i felt Duke hungrily accepting all that was fed to him before eagerly swallowing my complete cum load.  Then, his cock head began to swell and an instant later exploded,filling my mouth with his thick cream.  I did as he had done and collected every drop.  After savoring the delicious taste,i swallowed,  knowing i wanted to suck cock again.

Duke changed his position again and without warning, began kissingme slipping his hot wet tongue into my mouth.  Instinctively, i responded and offered my tongue.   I knew instantly that it was better than any kiss i had ever had with a woman.

As we parted, he smiled and said, "I have wanted to suck you since that first day you watched me get sucked."

"What? i had  no idea!"i replied.  "Have you ever  sucked the kid?"

"Nah.  First off, he will have sex with any male that can get it hard, regardless of how dirty they may be.  And second, he's not my type.  I want sex with a man that knows he is a man and acts like he is a man."

"May i ask a question?" I asked.

"Ask anything you want," he replied.

"How long have you been into men?"

"Mark, I have known since middle school that i liked  looking  at men's cocks.  As i got older that  desire grew stronger.  Then at seventeen, between my junior  and senior year of high school, a classmate ofmine invited me to go camping with him and his  dad. We were in the same grade although he was a year older than me.  Ater we arrived at their cabin,  he suggested that we collect some fire wood.  Once we  were away from the cabin,he stopped and started stripping saying he loved beingnude out  in the woods and told me  to  join him.  i did and afer seeing his cock i started getting a boner.  He saw it and he started getting hard. He stepped up  next to me and said he had a remidy for my boner.  He smiled and squatted down and started sucking me off.  I fucking loved it.  After he sucked me off, I decided to do the same to him.  I wasimmediately hooked  on cock  and cum."

"Like me," I blurted out.

He laughed and  continued. 

"We gathered some fire wood and dressed before going back to the cabin.  Once back, while his dad unpacked out food, Tim and i went out and sucked each other again and kissed a lot.  Then he asked  if i wouldlike  to go nude the entire time we were there.  I askedabout his dad and he smiled, and said he would tell me a secret if i promised to keep it to myself.  I agreed and he admitted that he and his dad went nude when there and had sex together.  I was in total shock.  He then admitted that they sucked and fucked each other all the time .  I so  wanted to see his hairy muscular dad totally nude so i agreed."

"What happened ?"i asked.

"Well, within minutes we were all nude and a short while later Tim's dad was sucking my cock while Tim fucked his dad in the ass.  After his dad sucked me i sucked his dad off.  I also lost my virginity that night letting them both fuckmy ass.  I have been into cock ever since."

"Fucking unbelievable!" I said.

"What was hotter is the fact that Tim and i both played football and had sex with our coach. He loved sucking cock while he got fucked so as one of us fucked his ass he sucked the other. this happened three to four times a week.  Plus i visited Tim  and his dad often and had sex with them."

We kissed again and soon cuddled together before going to sleep.

The next morning we had another sixty-nine  before agreeing that Duke would no longer have sex with the kid and we would begin having sex with each other.

We went our seperate ways that morning,both looking forward to our next  meeting.  after that day, Duke and i spent every meeting in each others arms having sex.  He loved me  fucking him as wekissed and i finally let him take my virginity.  After several meeting with him fucking my ass, i began looking forward to having him in my ass.

I soon realized that i had a problem at home.  I knew that being married would never work with me being gone all week. Besides, I was enjoying the sex with Duke much more than i was with her.  I ended our relationship.

Then, on one meeting  with Duke i admitted that i was wanting to go to a local gay bar at home but felt like i would  be cheating on him.  

"Baby, i have sex with guys when i'm home and you should do the same.  Should the time ever come that we become  a couple then we can discuss having sex with others then."

I agreed and asked if he had sex with other truckers.

"All the time.  Itis amazing how many truckers are into sex with another man even the married truckers. I would estimate that it is fifty-fifty on  whether they just get sucked or suck  and get fucked."

I began having sex with other truckers on my travels and guys frm the bar.  I never had any idea how much i had mised by just going with women.   I met a guy nearmy age at the bar and he and his older lover tookme home for a three way and it wasawesome.

Months passed with Duke and i having our sexual  encounters at the motel.  Then one day, he asked if i was happy with my  job.  When i  asked why he said, "The company is talking to me about going coast to coast and want me  to have a co-driver.  i'd love that person to be you."


"Mark, i have fallen in love with you and want you with me all the time.  I can get you enrolled in driving school and assigned as my co-driver."

"How sure of that are you?" i asked.

"The guy that assignes hich drivers go together loves my cock in his ass and mouth.  All i have to do is tell him he can't have it and i  get what ever i want."

"Duke,your bad," I  said with a laugh,then added,"By the way, I've fallen in love with you also and would love nothing more  that being with you twenty-four/seven.  How soon would  it be?"

Ater a hot kiss, he said that he had already checked and the next driver class started in three weeks.

I said  i could give two weeks notice then put my things in storage and then start school.

I did as planned and started driver school. After three months,i was certified asa commercial driver  and Duke and i were  assigned to the long haul routes. We were assigned a tractor with an oversized sleeper, made for two people, thanks to his trick  in the office, whom we had engaged in three ways with on numerous ocassions.

We hit the road and on our first night on the road, we christened the sleeper by having a sixty-nine then laterf ucking each other.  We  had sex with other drivers at least three or four times a week,and with non drivers the resto the time.

Duke and i have been together five years now and have regulars in most major cities across the US.  I give thanks every day that i got curious.



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