From Part1.........

I stood up and began pulling the covers back on the double bed.  With the bed just being a double, I knew that we would be close during the night.  Together, we began to undress and as we did, he laughed and said, "Well, it's not as if we haven't seen each others equipment before."

"So true, but i see lots on weekends at  the gym locker  room."

"I get a workout every day unloading my trailer," he laughed.

Soon we were both naked and after seeing him i had to admit that he did have a body to be admired.  We sipped into bed, side by side and both totally naked. Just before turning out the bedside lamp i noticed that the coversabove his crotch began to rise.  Seeing that, my own crotch began to react.

I pretended to be asleep,wondering what might happen if anything.


Part 2...........

Soon, I could hear Duke snoring slightly, and i reached down and gently rubbed my hard cock.  I wondered if he was boned also.  I turnedontomy right side facing away from him and drifted off to sleep.

At some time later, i awoke to find Duke on his left side againstme me, with his left arm over me and his hand resting  on my chest.  The feel of his hand on me excited me as my heart began to race.  Again i drifted off to sleep and when i again woke  up, i was spooned in behind him with my right arm over  him and holding him close as i did with my current girl friend.  However, this time it seemed more erotic.

When our wake up call came in the following morning, I looked around and found Duke coming out of the bathroom.  "Morning," he said with a sly grin.

"Morning to you too, and what is that grin for?"

"Well, at some point early this morning i woke up  to find you spooned in behind me and your armover me holding me.  I have to assume that you thought i was one of your girl friends, but i have to admit that i liked it."


"Yep," he replied.

"Well, i woke up a one point onmy back and you were up against me,with your hand on my chest, and i have no idea who you thought it was, but like you i liked it even though i have never had it done by another man."

"Well, we can't be held  responsible for what we do in our sleep,"he replied.

"Thank goodness,"I said with a laugh.

We dressed and went for breakfast,agreeing to meet on his next trip through in two weeks.   Then, before we parted, i surprised myself by asking "Want to share a room again?"

"That would be  great," he replied.  

Tht night at my next stop, I visualized his naked body in my head and my cock became rock hard.  My hand quickly encircled it and began stroking it to a roaring climax.  Duke's cock was nice sized and i wndered what it would feel like in my hand. then my thoughts went wild as i wondered what it would feel and taste  like in my mouth.

I eagerly looked forward to seeing Duke again and it seemed like an eternity before i saw his rig parked at the small old truck stop.  When he saw me pull in,he climbed down from his rig and together we headed to the old restroom.  As we stepped in a trucker with snow white  hair wholooked to be in  his late fifties or early sixties nearing his climax in the kids eagery waiting mouth.  We watched as the older  mans huge cock fired huge vollies of thick white cum directly into the kids waiting mouth, coating his tongue. Once the climax was over, the kid eagery swallowed the huge load.

As the older trucker stepped back and began pulling up his pants , Duke took his place in front of the kid and with his ownpantsaround his ankles, he began face fucking the kid going in balls deep as the older trucker and i watched.

"Wish i could stay," theoldertruckersaid,  " but I'm running behind and need to make up some  time.  You guys have fun." 

Duke convinced me to step closer and jerk off into the kids face.  After taking out my rock hard  cock, to my surprise, Duke began stroking me and the feel of  his hand on my cock turned me on.   Then when i said i was nearing my climax, Duke pullid out ofthe kidsmouth and directed my cum spurts onto his own cock, before putting his cum coated cock back in the kids mouth. It must have really turned Duke on because in lessthat a minute he  was filling the kids mouth  with his own load.

We went in for coffee and as we talked in low tones, I admitted to Duie that other than my doctor, he was the only man to ever touch  my cock and i admitted that it felt good.  

"It felt good to me also," he said, smiling. Then said, "I'll meet  you later  at  the motel."

"Great," I replied.

During the day, i wondered how many other men's cocks he had jerked off and would he let me jerk his.

I arrived at the motel and checked in, going to the room to wait for Duke.  About half  hour later, i heard his rig, but already being nude, i opened the drapes so he could see what room i was in.  I left the door ajar and when he walked in he laughed and said "Hey guy, no fair.  You have to wait for me. It not fair that you get to watch me but i can't watch you."

I watched and he slowly did a strip tease for me, laughing the entire time.  Then, once he was done, he asked," Did you enjoy the show?"

"In fact i did, and next time i'll wait and strip for you."

"You got a deal stud."

Asbefore we had a cold beer before ordering in for dinner from the Chinese diner next door.  After eating we had another beer nd as i contemplated asking to feel his cock, he lay back and said, "Care to join me in a jerk off session?"

I was stunned at his bluntness but eager to agree. "Sure, why not?"

i lay next to him and in seconds we were both casually stroking our cocks,our eyes glued on each others hard cock.  Then,  after a moment  he said, "Why don't i change position and we can jerk each other off?" 

'Sure,"i replied before he flipped around into what is normally considered a sixty-nine position.  Once inposition, he gently took my cock in hand and began gently stroking me.  As i grasped his he said casually,  "I take it this is your first time having another guys cock in our hand?"

"Yes it is, but i must admit that it feels nice."

Well, i love having another hand stroking me off,"he said.

He shifted  his position slightly,and i suddenly felt his warm breath on my rock hard cock.  It was extremely exciting and sent chills through my body.

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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