I was just out of High School, 19 years old, son of a rather succussful business man, and heading for a really sorta of preppy University, in Illinois, I was excited as hell, and packing up getting ready to leave. I had gone to the local wal-mart and gotten some of my supplies, went to a clothing store and with my Dads mastercard gotten about all the new clothes that I would possibly need, really set to go.

The day came to leave and I drove my little, Toyota Camery onto the highway and headed for the Great state of Illinois, heading for ISU about forty miles outside of St. Louis Mo. but across the Missouri river into Illinois.

I arrived at the University and I was searching for the administration office when I stopped on the campus and ask this young rather good looking dude, athletic looking outstanding looking, I felt like a new kid on the block, and he said here I'll show you, and he jumped into my car. I introduced myself as Rick and he said his name was Jacob. I said this is really my first time away from home for any length of time, he said man thats part of the excitement, and pleasure of going to college, and he said man your really a good looking dude, I just smiled, feeling sorta strange at a dude saying that, I just wondered what he meant and why he said it.

I know I had as of yet never given any thought to being 'Gay' but I had done the jack off thing with a little buddy when I was about fifteen or sixteen, but never more than that, and I did like to admire guys in the locker room at High School after sports practice and during Phys Ed classes, And I wondered several times what gay guys did when they had sex together, I really knew, but just wondered about it.

I said Hey Jacob, Are there many Frat Houses Here on campus, he said Oh yea, and just make sure when your going thru your hazing that you do everything your told, are you won't get in. I said no problem, I then asked are the Hazing's hard? He just smiled and looked at me and said, Hard, yea, sorta and laughed, which I thought was strange, He said You might try for my Frat house, He told me which one it was and I said, Man it sounds cool.

He took me to the Building I was to enroll in and sign up for the Frat House choosing, I signed up and wrote a couple names of Frat houses down and then Jacob said want to go for a burger or something? I said sure, Jacob was really being nice and all, I really found myself likeing him.

We went to a Mcdonalds and had some lunch and then He took me to his Frat house. Fuck me, man I walked into this Frat House and most of the guys were almost nude, walking around in just their briefs or boxers, and I saw at least three setting at this table, I guessed it was for studying and one guy had his books on the table and that was it, He was tall, looked to be about twentythree and he was frigging naked setting there working on his papers, I was shocked, he said, man, don't let that bother you, We all do it, I said Jacob, Man, this is awesome, every one here is so free to be what ever they want, he said yea, pretty much so, except on weekends, because we have this rule and nudity is only allowed on the second floor common room. The first floor common room you have be dressed because of the possibility of Parents showing up for a visit, or one of the teachers. We do have the privacy honor system here at the FratHouse, I said Honor System? he said yea man, What we do as Frat Brothers, we are duty bound to keep it to ourselves, and it is told to no one, Just like Hazing or Hell week we call it. We are not allowed to do anything that will endanger a students life but the rest is up to our imagination, I said sounds neat, where do I sign up.

Jacob Introduced me to the pledge master of the FratHouse. His Name was Miles Livingstone, He smiled a real devilish smile and said so, you want to pledge into this House do you? I said yes if possible, He said, raise your right hand and he led me in the pledge plee and my statement of induction, He then welcome to the House, man, your, final acceptance hinges on the acceptance of the rest of the house Brothers, you start you Hazing Afternoon at four p.m. I said great.

I loaded my clothes and things into my bedroom, and I got settled in. I noticed every where I went in the house everyone was looking at me, almost stareing and smiling and so friggin friendly.

Monday afternoon came around and I was taken into a room I was blindfolded and told to stand up straight and get prepared to become a full member of the House and what ever a brother desired of me I had to comply with, and whatever they did I could not move or fight back no matter what I felt about it.

The House Master came up to me and put cotton balls over my eyes then a peice of duck tape over the cotton balls, so that I could see absolutely nothing, Then I Heard a lot of movement around me and I felt hands start to rub my body, I felt someone pull my shirt up over my head and off my body, I heard someone kinda groan as in pleasure, and I felt a hand start to rub my naked upper body, and It was feeling rather nice, I thought if this is what is gonna happen it will be awesome.

Someone then undid my belt and just slowly like a lover would strip a lover, undid my pants, while someone reached down and untied my sneakers, and raised each foot and removed them, then my socks, shit man, I was slowly being stripped, then someone said raise your right leg and I did, the removed me slacks one leg at a time, and there I stood in my Joe Boxer underwear and they started rubbing all over my body, I wasn't sure about this but I knew to resist would mean not getting into the Fraternity House as a brother, after about twenty minutes of being rubbed, my legs, my butt, my chest and someone had even zero'd in on my nipples and fuck they were sensetive, I hadn't known that about them, and I was feeling my cock start to harden from the feeling it was having on my body. Then one of the guys, while in total silence reached stuck his thumbs into my boxers at the waist band and started slowly sliding them down, I swallowed hard, and just thought man, I am gonna be standing here with a fucking hardon in front of my new Frat Brothers, I thought Oh Shit, I'll probably be kicked out for sure.

Jacob was there but hadn't said anything to me. I was not really allowed to talk. But here I was standing stark naked, sporting a very hard cock, and I must tell you It stands upright at eight inches and almost six inches around. The pledge master said man, thats impressive, and he chuckled a little, He said you seem to be liking what we are doing to you, he said kneel pleab, I knelt to the floor and he said now, your going to bring ultimate pleasure to each of your brothers, one at a time, and I heard them all leave the room, then I heard the door open and I heard one of them walk over to me and I heard him pull his shorts down and he got right up to me and said open your mouth pleab, I said yes sir, That was suppose to be the only thing I was allowed to say, and I opened my mouth, and I felt a strange feeling, I finally realized he had put his cock into my mouth and he said suck it man, pleasure your brother, I just started complying with him, He cock was getting harder and harder and I realized this dude is gonna cum in my mouth, 'ulitmate pleasure', now I understood. Now I had never done such a thing before, but I reached up and felt his hairy leg and finally reached his nutsack and he just wimpered and whispered, yea man, rub those nuts and I did, I relized that I was really getting turned on by this, fuck me, was I gay or something? I was liking what I was doing, hearing him pant, feeling his nuts drawn up and then after a few minutes I felt his body start to jerk and spasm and He grunted and I tasted a mans sperm for the first time, I almost gagged at the thought, but then a strange sensation took over and I really liked the taste and I found myself stroking my cock along with this new found feeling and thing. He finally finished his climax and I could tell he was finished and He said thanks man, although I didn't recognize his voice, I said your welcome, He said you did wonderful you got my vote, A-plus, and he left, In about five minutes another guy came in, I was setting back down and he said, Plead kneel and pleasure you brother, I said yea brother, and He walked over to me and I could smell his crotch, It smelled like sweat, Like he had been working out, not unclean just sweaty, his crotch was like nothing I had ever smelled before, I loved that aroma, I felt almost inebriated by it, He leaned in and said open up pleab, I did and he stuck his cock into my mouth, If felt different than the other, I realized he was uncut and I was feeling the foreskin, which I found to be exciting and I was enjoying it very much, Fuck me, His cock was thicker but shorter than the other brother, and he as breathing heaver and moaning more and it was every exciing to me that this was going on, I had slid his forskin back and I loved that feel and taste of uncut cock, I was fucking loving this, never in my wildest dream could I have imagined that I would love to suck a guys cock and drink his cum, I couldn't wait to recieve his cum and boy did I, He came like a horse, He grabbed the back of my head and held it to his pubic bush and just said yea, fucker, take my load, yea thats it, and he jerked and just fucked my face hard, man it was awesome to feel his cum shooting into my throat, then he finished and sorta shoved me back and said, just a plain, you passed, and he pulled up his trousers and left.

Fuck me this was becomeing a total excitement for me.

The next dude that camein was awesome, because he was extrememly muscular I felt his arm they felt like a body builder, hard, and his legs were like huge and solid, but this dude slipped off his shorts and told me to service him and when he stuck his cock into my mouth I almost couldn't get it in my mouth,it felt like it was as big around as a soda can, and must have been ten inches, He too was uncut and I could smell only bath deodorant soap smell on his balls and cock, and when I reached up to rub his nuts I felt a really course tight curly patch of pubic hair, and I realized he was a black student, but he was so tender and kind in his actions and not rough and crude at all, I fucking loved the texture of his skin, I wanted to really please him well, and boy did I, When He finally came in my mouth he leaned over and started kissing me on the mouth and said I will be back after this hazing is over, and thank you very much, you were fantastic, and we'll do this properly, You pass with flying colors, I just smiled and said thanks.

The next dude came in and didn't say anything, but he just walked up and evidently he had taken his cock out and it was already hard and had pre-cum on it because he walked up to me without saying anything and started rubbing his cock head around on my lips and just groaned, fuck it was most exciting, I opened and took his nice thick rather large cock into my mouth, and he whispered, and said, I am so fucking turned on this won't take long, then he took my head and shoved his cock into my mouth and after about five good strokes with my mouth, I felt his body do a heave and he grunted and whispered Oh Shit, and he started unloading into my mouth, I loved his cum taste, He finally leaned down and said Rick, I want you as my room mate O.K. then we can do this to each other, and I realized it was Jacob, I smiled and said, How am I doing? He said awesome man, no one so far has complained.

Well this went on almost three hours, I must have sucked off at least twenty five guys, I had one bring me a can of coke to rinse my tonsils off with and finally man, I heard the door open and I recognized the voice of the Pledge Master of the House and he said, I am your final Brother, and He said I am the one you must please, and I said yes Master, I knelt down and got ready, I hadn't seen light all afternoon and I thought Man its finally almost over, but I almost felt sad that it was, I was really likeing this cock sucking thing.

He walked up to me and stuck his thick long cock into my mouth and he just said oh yea! fuck man, thats it, and I started sucking and doing my best for this dude, He was going pretty good and he said wait a minute, and He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and then he said lean over on your hands and kneess, I said like this? and I was on all fours, he said yea man thats it, I felt him go behind me and spread my ass cheeks and he squirted some oily feeling stuff on my asshole, and then he punched in a finger, at first I was startled, but then I started to enjoy the feeling, fuck man this isn't so bad, then he stuck in two fingers and I adjusted to that, but then I got up close to me and he put the head of his cock at the opening of my ass and punched his cock head in, and I felt pain, Oh shit man, the pain was excruciating, He said hold still and I bit down on my lip and just sucked it in, after all this was my final task, He then said you will adjust to it Rick, your doing great, don't blow it now, I just held it in and he slid his cock to the hilt and just held it there, I finally got used to it and the pain left and then he said now babe your going to enjoy this, and I felt him start to hammer my asshole like a piledriver, but I noticed I was starting to enjoy this, fuck me man, If you would have told me that I would be taking aome dude cock up my ass a month ago, I would have punched you out, But fuck man, this was feeling awesome, and I was starting to feel that feeling like I was gonna shoot my load, Man I wasn't even touching my cock and It was as hard as a rock, tingling like I was getting ready to cum.

The Frat House master was just that, a master, and I was about to loose a load from what he was doing, and then he started grunting and then really pounding it in my ass and he grabbed my hips and jerked me back against his body, and Shoved that huge cock of his to the bush, and just leaned forward and unloaded a torrent of cum into my intestines and I went wild from the sensation and I blasted a load all over the floor, we just stayed in this connected position for about five minutes, and he just said, Welcome the Our Frat House Rick, you have please your brothers well. I smiled, not being able to see any one or any thing and stood back up and he pulled the tape and cotton from my eyes. He said in a soft voice, Hey man, now there will be times when the brothers will want a repeat of your artwork, only the next time they have to return the favor because your now a full fledge brother, and he smiled and left the room while I dressed.

Well that was six months ago and I guess I have sucked the cocks of at least sixty guys at the University, and my cock stays almost raw from the guys sucking me, I also have become the personal fuck buddy to the Frat House master, and one very handsome and horny young Music teacher here, And he let me fuck him too, It was awesome, I just love being a Student here at ISU, and I especially like being a member of this Frat House. Since my abilities have been made known to som of the other Frathouses and my cocksucking expertise got around and I have also serviced a lot of guys from other Houses too, God I love it.

Oh yea I also am getting a great education here at What I call Cum University. I also am doing quite well at the academics part of college life too.



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