From Part 4

"Probably what most brothers do," I said, "and if I had to guess, I would probably say that you jerked off together."

"Well, you would be close,"he replied.

"Come on, tell me."

He waited a moment then said, "It was more than that.  I have never told anyone, but we would jerk each other off."  

 "Hell, what's wrong with that?" I asked, as I thought of asking him if he wanted to  do it with me.

Part 5

Then, without warning, Jim reached over and grasp my cock.  "Oh, fuck, that feels good," I said, before reaching over and grasping his. 

After a moment I decided to go for broke and quickly leaned over and swallowed  his cock. He moaned softly before surprising me and flipping into a sixty-nine and swallowing my cock.  It was obvious that this wasn't his first  time sucking cock.  It was't long before we both climaxed and i was surprised again when he swallowed my load.  Afterward,he kissedme before cuddling together and drifting off to sleep.

The next morning we had another sixty-nine before hitting the road.  As we drove, he admitted that he and his brother had sex daiy.  I told him that it was obvious to me that he had sucked cock before when he firstswallowed my cock.n

We arrived in his home town, but he insisted that i drop him off in town and not at his home. I did then headed to my final stop.

Just as i arrived, one of our company trucks pulled in to make a delivery.  The driver immediately caught my eye andas he looked at me, he smiled, and as he lickedhis lips,he rubbed his crotch.  I had never seen him before but was thrilled at the idea that he might be into some play.

I went in and met with the owner for a while, then headed out to my car, which was parked a few yards from the big rig.  Asi unlocked the car, the trucker casually began walking my way. 

As he stepped up tome he said, "I'm Josh and i was wondering if you would like to have coffee with me?"

After telling him my name was Mark, i said that I would be pleased to have coffee.

"I'll be through here shortly if you want to  follow me or we can meet at the truck stop," he said.

"I'll meet you there," I said.

I went to  the truck stop and a few minutes later Josh arrived.   I got out of my car and met him in the lot,and as we headed inside, he informed me that he needed to hit the restroom first.  I said i did also.

We took urinals side by side and i noticed Josh glancing at my cock.  He then looked around to see if anyone was there with us before whispering to me, "That thing sure looks good enough to eat."

I smiled and said, "So does yours."

"Well, why don't we get a quick cup then head back out to my sleeper?"

"Sounds god to me," i replied.

After coffee and returning to his rig, we got in the sleeper, stripped  and after some hot kissing and making out, we engaged in a hot passionate sixty-nine.   After devouring each others loads,Josh looked at me and said, "Some day i hope to get that hot tool buried in my ass."

I gave him my phone number and told him to contact  me.

I headed back to my forst stop and checked into the motelthen called Greg at his store.  I gave him my room number and shortly after he closed he knocked on my door.  I answered the door nude and after letting him in,he began stripping as he said, "I've got things covered all weekend.  I don't have to leave until late Sunday afternoon."

"Awesome," i said aswe began kissing and swapping spit.  All weekend, we sucked and fucked, ordering in our meals.  All too soon Greg had to  leave.

Monday, I arrived at his store and after Ted finished his order, I followed him to a sleazy motel onthe outskirts of town.  I parked where i could watch and shortly after he checked in, two females arrived and entered his room.  I waited a few minutes before heading to his room.  Listening closely, I could definitely hear soundsof hot sex,one in particular was Ted's voice saying that he loved fucking one of the women while she ate the others cunt.

I returned home and on Tuesday i met with Brad and filled him in on how much business Ted was leaving behind and about his encounter at the motel.  Brad said he had met Ted's wife and she was extreely nice and wondered what her reaction would be if she found out what Ted was up to.

Brad contacted Ted and told him to be in the officeFriday afternoon at four.  When he arrived, he found me in the office with Brad.  Brad confronted him with how much business he was leaving behind and Brad tried to make feable excuses.  Then, his face turned deathly whitewhenBrad confrontedhim about his meeting with two women and what i had heard.  Brad asked if he had women in other towns.  He refused to answer as he ooked at the floor.

Then, brad spoke up again, saying, "Ted, i have no choice but to terminate your employment with the company effective today.  Good  luck."

Ted left and Brad told me to stay after work and be back in his office at half past five.

I arrived and knocked on his closed door.

"Come on in, Mark," I heard.   I opened the door and froze.  There before me stood Brad, along with Greg, Jim, the marine, and Josh.  I wonderedif i too was going to get fired.

"Mark, i think you know these three gentlemen," he said, before adding, "intimately."


"Mark, it's cool. gregand i have been close friends since college.  Jim is my nephew and a former Marine.  And Josh is his brother.  Mark, I have been hot for you since you started,  and was extremely impressed with how loyal you are to the company and how you have advanced.  Monday I plan on announcing your promotion to Administrative Assistant,  and our office will be the one cnnected to my office. And, yes, I'm gay also and as for these other men, well, we have all had sex together before  and are hoping you will join us this weekend at my lake property.  How about it?"

Regaining my composure, I said i would be honored.  With that, rad walked uptome and tongue  kissed me before congratulating me on my promotion.

"Gentlemen, my motor home awaits in the parking lot,"Brad said, then noticing my stunned look,  "Mark, we stay nude so you don't need to  take  any clothes."

The weekend  was continual sex and it felt strange yet erotic having sex with my boss.  I found out that  Jim was now working as head of shipping and that i woud be working closely with him on coordinating deiveries.

That was three months ago and our weekends at the ake are monthly.  Jim, Josh and i have become lovers and when Josh is in town he has sex with Jim or I and we have hot three ways.  During lunch, at times Brad comes to my office and we either suck each other of or he gets me to fuck him in his hot ass, bent over my desk and his pants around his ankles.

I never dreamed the day would come where i had sex  with co-workers much less my boss.  As for Jim, Josh,nd I, there is no jealousy between us and we couldn't be more in love.  Each of us is totally free to have sex with others.  Brad's store had been added to Josh's route and they have sex every week.

My life couldn't be better!


 Coming........... THE EX-CON



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