From Part3..................

I went to my room and after relaxing for a while, I went to dinner.  I returned and made some notes to give the boss then showered.  It was just after eleven when I stepped out of the shower and hard a knock on my door.  Wrapping my towel around me, I answered the door to find Ben standing there with several fresh towels.  

"I thought you might need these," he said as he eased passed me with the towels.  I casually closed the door and turned to face him thanking him for his thoughtfulness.  It was then that I noticed the nice thick bulge in his jeans.  Seeing it, my own cock began to stiffen, creating an obvious mound behind my towel.

Ben noticed immediately and stepped up to me and as he rubbed my bulge asked, "Is there anything else I can do for you ?"

Part 4

"I think we may be able to help out each  other,"  I replied, reaching out and rubbing his bulge.  As I did, he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to mine, offering his tongue.  I immediately accepted it and offered mine.

As our lips parted, I asked, "Who's working the desk?"

"My relief.  I'm off for the night."

"Perfect," I replied, "Shall we get more comfortable?"

In an instant, he jerked my towel off, letting  it drop to then floor.  At the same time, I began pullng his Polo shirt up over his head, revealing a nice beautiful muscular chest, with a slight dusting of light brown hair.  I then began working on his pants and in seconds, we were both  totally nude and kissing passionately as we groped each others hard cocks.

We worked our way to the bed and as we lay down, he immediately got between my legs and swallowed my cock balls deep, burying his nose in my thick pubic bush.  I moaned in shear ecstasy.  It was very obvious that he was experienced in sucking cock and soon brought me to a roaring climax.  I quickly said, "Feed it to me."

He moved up and as we kissed, he transferred my load from his mouth to mine.  After savouring the taste, I swallowed as he watched, smiling.

"Now it's my turn," I told him, as he lay beside me.  I lovingly swallowed his nice cock and began working it with my tongue as he moaned.  Before long, i could tell that he was nearing his climax.  Then the head swelled and his cock exploded, filling my mouth with a huge thick load of delicious cum.  I swallowed and noticed that his cock was still rock  hard.   I again started sucking on the awesome tool and after  a few moments, i received  another nice load.

After swallowing the second load, I asked why he chose someone my age to have  sex with.  He smiled and said, "I hope I don't offend you, but you remind me of my dad.  I love sucking his cock and being away at school I miss him." 

"You suck your dad?" I asked.

"Yes, we  suck and fuck each other.  It started a couple of years ago just after my eighteenth birthday when he caught me and two of my buds having sex.  I was sucking one while the other fucked me.  Before I knew it, he was naked and joining in.  After that we had sex daily until I left for school.  I only get to see him about once a month  now."

I asked if he would like to spend the night with me and he smiled broadly as he said yes. We showered together before going to bed, cuddling together.  Early the next morning, I awoke to find Ben caressing my cock and when he saw that I was awake, said, "I want you to fuck me."

Moments later, he was on his back with his legs pulled up and my cock sliding into his hot tight hole. We kissed  passionately as I fucked him, soon filling his hot hole with my  load.  I pulled out and quickly buried my face in his hole, sucking up my own cum as it drained out of him.  Afterwards, I again sucked two loads from his hot young cock. 

He dressed and left and after showering, I headed for my next stop.  As I drove, I had to laugh at myself.  I was dreading the trip,but here it was, only Tuesday morning, and since Saturday when I had my car serviced, I had  already had six men and more than six loads of delicious cum.  I couldn't wait to see who was next.

I was about sixty miles from my next customer, when I saw a young muscular Marine, thumbing a ride. Of course, I immediately stopped and offered him a ride.  He said his name was Jim Clark and he was on his way home on leave.  'Home' was a mid-sized town that i was heading to the following day.  I told him that and said if he wanted to share a room for the night at my expense, I would take him to his door step.  He quickly agreed. 

As i saw my next customer, he visited a few stores nearby.  I bought him lunch and as I drove, i found out that he was twenty-one, single, had no girlfriend, and lived on a farm.

I made one more stop for the day before finding a small motel.I checked in and when I returned to the car, I lied when I told Jim that the only room that they had left had just a king size bed.

"That's cool,"he replied to my amazement. "Growing up my brother and I shared a bed until I left for the Marines."

I just laughed it off, wondering what he might say later when I told him that I slept nude.  We found the room and carried our bags in and when I suggested that we head out to dinner, he said that he wanted to change to civilian clothes.  "I had on my fatigues thinking it would help me get a ride."

"Well, it worked," I replied.  "Go ahead and change."

I sat back and casually watched as he removed his fatigues.  He was down to his boxers and tee shirt as he grabbed a pair of jeans.  Then he did something I wasn't expecting. Before slipping on his jeans, he removed his boxers and went commando.  Seeing me watching, he said, "Mark, i hope I didn't shock you. Growing up on the farm, we only had money for the necessities, and dad didn't think underwear was a necessity.  I got used to going commando and still do it when I get a chance. "

"Hey, man, it's cool with me," I told him.

We went to dinner then had  a couple of beers at a small country bar before heading back to the room.  As we started getting ready for bed, I turned to him and said,"You told me earlier that you hoped you didn't shock me by you going commando, well, i hope I dont shock you by saying that i can only sleep if  I'm nude."

"No problem, buddy. My brother and I both slept nude on the farm.  There again, dad didn't think sleep clothes were a necessity."

"I think I'd like your dad," I said.

Moments later, we had  pulled the covers back and were laying in bed, both nude. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him glancing over at my cock.  Of course, i was doing the same, enjoying the sight of his beautiful long uncut cock.

I finally said, "Jim, I noticed you glancing at my cock.  I would think you were used to seeing other guys nude in the shower."

"Oh, I am,but I'm not in the same bed with them.  The last time I was in bed with  another male was the night before i left for basic and i shared the bed with my brother."

"Well, just think of me as  an older brother," I said.

He started laughing and when i asked him what was funny, he said, "I was just remembering what we used to do when we went to bed."

"Probably what most brothers do," I said, "and if I had to guess, I would probably say that you jerked off together."

"Well, you would be close,"he replied.

"Come on, tell me."

He waited a moment then said, "It was more than that.  I have never told anyone, but we would jerk each other off."  

 "Hell, what's wrong with that?" I asked, as I thought of asking him if he wanted to  do it with me.

TO BE CONTINUED..............................



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