I have a lot of friends who use the gym as a social vehicle. I don’t imply they cruise all the time but I know of one friend who cancelled a gym membership and moved to another because as he put it, “it wasn’t very friendly and no one would talk to me.”

Now see for me, that sounds perfect because I have always gone to the gym, did my routine and got out of there as quickly as possible without being social to anyone.

What can I say, even pigs have something that is prudish about them right?

At my gym, because of my work schedule, I rarely have to go during the peak busy times which means its usually mid-morning or mid-afternoon and my fellow members tend to make me look and feel amazing because I am usually the youngest by a good 25 years. Not being ageist, but its true, most guys my age are in office jobs so they go to the gyms at much more fashionable times like really early morning or later after work and deal with the crowds.

Me, I prefer to go during the quiet times when it’s just me and the old boys who seem to spend a lot of time chatting in the locker room (not judging, just saying).

Anyway, I went for my normal mid-afternoon swim this particular day and it was like a bus load of hotties had been dumped off in the place because unlike normally where it’s a much older crowd, it looked as if I was changing inside the locker room of a college football team or something. Some definite eye candy hopping and flopping around and then much to my delight, when I lowered myself into the fast lane of the pool there was a guy my age who was definitely much sexier than my usual lane mates.

Off I started my lengths and for the entire 45 minutes he and I had the lane to ourselves. Occasionally we’d end up at the same end and almost always when I’d pass by him going the other way I’d make sure to check out his tight shorts under the water and get a glimpse of his tight torso.

I’d say he was about 6’2” tall and a muscular lean look to him whereas I am 44, a 5’9” 175lb guy with solid pecs and a big round ass. I think I have graduated into a bit of a daddy and although not the body of a 22 year old, still get the looks from guys.

And this guy was similarly checking me out when he could but he was a lot bolder than I. I tried to be discrete with my eye groping, but at one point I was taking a breather on the edge and I could sense him out of the corner of my eyes looking me up and down.

Panting a little from the set of lengths I had just finished I turned to him. “How ya doing?” I asked.

“Pretty good man, but if you keep up that pace I may have to drown you, you’re making me look bad,” he laughed.

“Sorry about that,” I said grinning, “I get into the zone sometimes, and just keep plodding along.”

“It’s all good mate, you’ve got a good stroke going, can tell you’ve been swimming a long time, I wish I could get stronger, but I seem to be capped out. Did you ever compete?” he asked.

“I have been swimming since I was a kid and I’ve never really competed because I just enjoy it but during University I was in a club,” I explained.

“What kind of club? Varsity?” he asked.

“Well,” I stammered, “It was a bi-weekly club as part of a gay sports league. We swam Tuesday and Thursdays, was a good way to be social and improve my stroke.”

At this point we were both resting our chins on our elbows at the edge of the pool catching our breath and chatting.

His smile widened and he leaned back a bit and made a very exaggerated look of my shoulders, back and down to my ass under the water.

Grinning he said, “That sounds like a fun club, I bet you were popular.”

My dick jumped a little and I am fairly certain I blushed but I laughed and said “Well, you know, what happened in swim club stays in swim club.” He joined my laughter and then asked, “How come I’ve not seen you around here before?”

I explained that I normally swim and workout during the quiet times because I am inherently an anti-social person and hate crowds etc to which he replied, “You don’t seem very anti-social, or are you just turned on?”

I giggled a little at that thinking that it had to be one of the cheesiest pick-up lines in the world but the truth was and you would be able to tell this by the growing bulge in my trunks, but yes I was turned on to have this sexy tall man flirting me up while dangling off the edge of the pool.

“I see you’re married,” he said looking at my left hand and the rings I wore, “where did you guys meet?

I couldn’t resist and replied with, “Swim club, I won the popularity contest.”

He let out a hearty roar of a laugh and started to make a move to get out of the pool, “well, he’s one lucky man.”

He hoisted himself up using his arms onto the deck and when his trunks emerged from the water it was clear that he too was sporting a boner and I’m pretty sure that when I caught a glimpse of his dick hanging down I bit my lower lip and muttered something like, “Oh fuck.”

Now with the outline of his dick imprinted in my head, there was no way I was getting out with my own 8.5” dick rock hard so resigned myself to doing some more lengths to burn off the tension.

Before he left, he leaned down and got right in my face as I was adjusting my goggles (and my crotch), “Why don’t you come swim one evening, say Thursday, pool closes at 10:30, see you here at 9:30?” he asked.

I smiled and said sure before flipping back into the lane and doing my lengths.

So Thursday rolls around and I am half hating the fact that I am almost being forced to go swimming at night when there will be people etc but in the spirit of adventure I went into my closet to find some trunks that were maybe a little more revealing that the normal flowerly ones from Zara that I swim in.

I tried on a variety of trunks from the skimpy red speedo to the racer style square cuts but in the end settled on some Andrew Christian low-rise square cut trunks that made my ass look great and did almost nothing to conceal the outline of my dick, especially when I got hard.

I got to the pool at about 9:45 that night thinking I would be fashionably late and to my surprise it was lovely and deserted. There was no one in the pool so I jumped in and started to do some lengths.

I got lost in the zone a little and was plodding along when I became aware out of the corner of my eye someone walking on deck that didn’t look like the lifeguard. I got to the end of the pool and propped myself up on my elbows to see the guy from the other morning walking toward my lane wearing a very sexy white speedo.

Seeing his bulge and sexy bod I went from zero to rock hard in a second and he plopped down beside me, dangled his legs into the water and fumbled with his goggles.

“Nice to see you again man, how’s it going tonight?” he asked.

We exchanged pleasantries while he got ready to swim and the view I had was sensational. Because I was propped up on my elbows and he was sitting prone with his legs in the water, my line of sight was his thigh and over top to his crotch and the head of his dick which was pointing toward me. I could see the knob even through the white fabric. This clearly was a “for show” speedo and not a racer one or anything like that but I wasn’t about to complain.

We swam some lengths and whenever we ended up at the same end, he would flirtatiously chat me up saying and asking suggesting things.

“Ever have an orgy in that swim club of yours?”

He listened intently to the time I told him about 4 of us after swimming one night. We all shared a ride home after which we all reconnected at a little bar, had some drinks and then had a hot little bareback fourway at my place.

“I knew you were a bareback boy,” he said, “I could tell. Bet you’re even ready to get a load right now aren’t you?”

I couldn’t lie to him, its true, I prepped in anticipation of getting some dick tonight and told him so.

“Lets get out of here man,” he said and hopped out of the pool with me in pursuit. I had left my towel close by so I was able to conceal my boner but my didn't care. He walked along the desk with a raging pardon curved to one side and me following behind trying to be modest. 

I remember seeing his ass cheeks moving as he walked in his tight speedo and thought, "Dam, I would fuck that ass!"

The locker room was way busier than the pool had been as guys were leaving the main gym for the night so it would have been risky to fool around and as it turned out we were at opposite ends where we changed anyway. 

So I just motioned I would meet him outside and got dressed.

Normally this would be a jock strap moment in my life but in a public change room, I don’t have the balls to wear put one on so I just pulled on my jeans commando style and loaded my kit into my bag.

He was outside by the time I got there and we walked into the parking lot together chatting and flirting. 

At this point, it was dark and unfortunately it had started to rain so we moved quickly toward my BMW SUV. I unlocked the doors and without saying a word he went around to the passenger side and hopped in throwing his bag on the back seat. I followed his lead and hopped in the driver side.

By the time I had closed my door he was undoing the belt on his jeans and he pulled out a very hard and lovely cut dick that was at least 8” and which stuck straight up and glistened with precum.

I wasted no time and got to work sucking his dick while undoing my own jeans.

Bent over I licked and sucked his bone while he fingered my ass only taking a break to kiss and grope each other.

“Wanna fuck in the back seat or go to your place?” he asked.

“Can’t go to my place man, husband is home, but this might be the reason they invented tinted windows right?” I replied.

He laughed and said, “Get your cute little butt back there.”

I crawled between the seats and as I passed through, he grabbed my jeans to pull them down further but stopped to kiss my ass cheek.

There I was, arms propping me up, half way between the front and back seats and this sexy stud fondling my ass.

He licked my pucker a few times and then let me continue my journey to the back seat where I got onto my back, pulled the jeans off completely and then like a total slut, I grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs up so they touched the roof of the SUV and propped one of my still sock-clad feet behind the head rest of the driver seat.

My ass was now completely wide open for him as he himself climbed into the back seat with his wet dick bobbing around. He didn’t even bother taking his jeans off but leaned over me as I lay there spread wide open, kissed me, rubbed my hole with one hand while he poked the knob of his dick against it with the other.

“Fuck me” I begged as I kissed him holding tightly onto the back of his head.

He let go of the embrace and spat a huge gob of spit into his hand smearing it all over my ass and his cock. He spat another gob and kept lubing me up until it was time to breed my piggy hole.

And then no surprise, he impaled me with his dick and fucked a nice wad of cum into my ass which I later had to clean off the leather seats after the deed was done.

He whispered nasty shit in my ear as he fucked away. “You little whore,you were the swim club slut weren’t you?” “You fucking want this dick?” “I saw you checking out my crotch earlier, slut, you need this don’t you.”

And on he went slamming into my ass with one of my feet hooked around the seat rest and the other pushing against the roof of my SUV.

I could hear his balls slapping against the leather seat with every thrust and I found myself begging even more for his babies inside my hole.

My legs were starting to get sore though but I could tell he was getting close and when it came to time to blow his seed into me he turned me on even more by whispering to me, “You ready for my DNA babe?”

I didn’t have to even say yes and within seconds he was tensing up and shooting his load into my guts.

After he was done convulsing, he let me bring my legs down which at this point were close to cramping and we sat in the back seat making out a little and chatting.

We sat there for a little while and then both made a motion to get cleaned up.

I put my jeans back on commando and realized that I didn’t cum myself but no matter, although I am still not a fan of busy gyms, I have to say, this was definitely worth the trouble.

I drove home with a puddle of cum gathering in my jeans and realized one other thing; i didn't even get this guy's name.

So the big dilemma is: do I compromise my routine and start swimming at night or play hard to get and see if he comes back to find me?

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