I had been working really hard to win the accounts of several firms here in Dallas.

My days and nights for about six months had been full to capacity with meetings, making business reports, proposals and projections, I was friggen worn out, totally exhausted, when all my efforts finally panned out, and I got the accounts for the company I worked for.

I had just been called into the boss's office this beautiful crisply cool day in mid August.

'Well Michael, you have done yourself and the company proud, those accounts will mean several million dollars in business and revenue to this company, so to show our appreciation, the board members have decided to give you this.'

Our CEO, Mr. Daniels handed me a envelope, 'go ahead open it!'

'We just want to let you know just how we appreciate the work and labor you have put in on these accounts.'

I opened the envelope which was quite thick, filled with something, it was a voucher for a months wages, a check for a $25,000.oo bonus, and an Airline ticket voucher for a vacation, a company credit card, paid for by the company, I felt so honored.

'Its our way of saying thanks Michael for a job well done.'

'I don't know what to say sir,'

'Well you can start by saying 'Bon Voyage' and enjoying yourself for your next month off, I would like to see you back refreshed, charged up and ready to hit it again Michael, I have a few more accounts that I want you to handle for me when you return.'

'By the way that ticket voucher is for anywhere in the continental USA you would like to go, your choice.'

'Yes sir, thank you so much.'

I already knew where I wanted to go, Up near Oklahoma City, to the Big Rodeo Championships, I had always wanted to attend a Rodeo, and this was my chance, the lack of money now wasn't a hinderance of my dream fullfilled.

I prepaided my flight to Oklahoma City, got a rental car set up waiting me when I arrived and got packed and ready and all set to have a wonderful time.

I was looking at several little booklets and pamplets about the Rodeo, the different events, by my underlying motive was to see cowboys, I had the hots for cowboys, sexy, muscular, stetson wearing cowboys, I have jerked off many times to pictures of cowboys, and have seen several videos of gay rodeos and such and thats been my lifelong dream to have a cowboy take me and do what he wanted to me. I dreamed about it.

I got to Oklahoma City and got my rental car, a city map, and took off for a motel close to the Rodeo grounds.

I got set up in my motel room, a single, and then put on my new boots, tight fitting jeans, leather belt with a big sex buckle and I was set to find me a cowboy.

I guess I got to the grounds about four o'clock in the afternoon, I was standing by the fence watching the trials, when a young good looking guy in a tan stetson came up to me as I leaned over against the fence, 'Hey there how's it going, You a rider?'

'No just a spectater, just watching the action on in the ring, what about you?'

'Yeah I'm a bull rider,'

'Really wow, no shit, that has to be one of the most exciting things a guy could do.'

'Well yes and no, its painful sometimes, and you can get your nuts knocked off, if you know what I mean, if your not wearing tight pants.'

'No Shit, I never thought of that,'

'Hey man, Myname Is Sean, Im glad to meet you, your name is?'

'Oh sorry Sean, I'm Michael, I'm really glad to meet you too, do you live around here?'

'Oh hell no, Im from west Texas, near Amarillo, I been riding the Rodeo circuit for several years, since I was seventeen I guess, going from one rodeo to another.'

'Don't that mess up your sex life Sean?'

'Well considering I'm on the road so much, yeah, but then there's always old rosie and her four daughters to keep me company.'

'Yeah I know that feeling, Been so long since I had sex with someone else, My hand would get jealous if I was to get it now?'

We both broke out laughing.

Hey would you like to have supper with me? I have a car and we could get something before the evening events start, my treat.'

Sean smiled a big pearly white smile, and said, 'That sounds awesome, follow me to my trailor and let me change.'

I followed Sean to his travel trailor parked near the horse trailors.

We went in and there was just enough room for one maybe two guys to bunk there.

Sean reached into his little closet and pulled out a nice pair of Levis. and a clean shirt.

I watched his gorgeous svelt body as he undressed in front of me, feeling that stirring in my stomach that I always felt, God Sean was beautiful, But the shocker of all shockers was that he wasn't wearing any underwear, he was commando, God he slid his dirty levis down, and I saw one gorgeous ass in front of me. It was beautifully shaped, rounded and there was this gorgeous black hair in the crack. It was all I could do to keep from leaning forward and eating it I was truly wanting that ass for my supper, but I wasn't sure about Sean, If I would get my face smacked or punched out or what, he was definately a macho dude. I got a slight glimpse of the head of his cock, it looked like a big pinkish purple plumb on the end of a big bannana, this kid had on hell of a cock, I saw him smile as he noticed me looking at his body.

'Sorry I had to strip in front of you, Im just used to being around other guys.'

'Hey Sean, Man, not a problem, I might as well tell you, You have a gorgeous body,' I saw his face light up, 'You think so?'

'Hey I know a guys body really well, and believe me Sean, your's is beautiful.'

Sean's eyes were beaming, and sparkling as he stared in my eyes, 'maybe we could come back here after the meal and well whatever,'

'sounds good to me.' I responded.

We were on the way to the restaurant when Sean told me he was actually bisexual, and asked me if that would make a difference to me.

I told him no.

We ate and went back to the trailor later, we got into the trailor and Sean turned and layed a kiss on my lips, I would love to get it on with you Michael, please don't be offended but I find you very attractive.

I leaned over and took his head in my hand and pulled him to me, I layed a tongue kiss on this young cowboy and the game was on.

Now believe me this kid could kiss, but that wasn't all.

'I told Sean, I wanted to eat his ass, and off came his jeans, on his back he went and before a minute had elapsed we were both naked as newborns and I had my tongue buried into his lovely hairy ass, it tasted a little like heaven, a slight sweaty, and musty, erotic aroma, and god I was loving it.

I noticed his balls had pulled up tight against his body and his gorgeous cut cock was laying against his stomach, this kid was as hot as a nuclear bomb that just went off.

His cock was a piece of granite, it was thick, very hard, veiny and throbbing, it needed some attention bad.

I slid my wet, hot mouth over that thick head and took the biggest, thickest cock I had ever had into my mouth, this kid was hung like his horse.

I didn't know if he would live thru the experience or not, he was making all sorts of noise and then as he got closer to busting his nut, He got fucking loud.

'Oh holy Jesus, Oh fucking god man, and I felt his cock doing its climax dance in my mouth I had my lifelong dream fullfilled, I got a mouth full of cowboy cum, he was pumping my mouth like it was a vagina, and I was loving it.

'Oh man, I don't want this to end,' Sean said.

'I'm not done yet,' I pulled his legs up and licked his asshole again, this kid never even lost his hardon after the awesome nut he had just shot.

I was leaking precum like a faucet and I was already naturally lubed up, I raised his legs up, crawled up and placed my cock against his asshole, I felt him reach around and pull my body against his and I felt my cock punch thru as he grunted and raised his asshole to the hilt onto my cock, 'Fuck me like a crazy man,' Sean said, he was in a zone, glassy eyed like a breading horse that had a mare in heat, God His manhole was so hot feeling and he was milking my cock with his ass muscles like he was sucking me off, He definately knew how to take a cock up his ass,

I looked into his eyes and he was smiling and staring straight into my eyes, lusting, wanting, needing and he was like a shark at a feeding frenzy, he was doing most of the fucking, I was just laying in place as he fucked the sauce out of me, I thought my heart would stop, as I sunk it one last time. He let out a yell, and shot another load all over the fucking place, he had cum clean up on the head board of the bed, and the wall behind him.

'Holy Fuck man, that was awesome.'

He just kept kissing me and asking me not to leave, and I stayed with Sean for the remainder of the Rodeo.

We made an agreement whenever he is close to get together, he always has a place to stay ther in Dallas, and when I am on vacation I will stay with Sean in his trailor, altho I don't thing we will get much rest, I just hope I didn't wear Sean out to much and he can still ride the bull.



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