Getting tired of city life was an understatement. I had been living in the big city here in the midwest for long enough, but I had this one problem, going back to a rural area was a bit of a concern to me, because I had this one hangup, I loved men, hot, good looking, sexy men. I didn't know how that part would fly in a rural town like ShadyOaks, North Carolia.

I wanted to take the transfer because I always loved the country side of life, having grown up in a rural area and learning about the birds and bees from a young man, from across this creek called the 'Little Muskrat Creek.'

Jess was an awesome looking boy, always wearing these bib overalls, handsome as fuck, and hung like a mule,I wasn't all that little in the dick department, having over seven inches myself, but his was huge.

Our first sexual encounter was astounding, he took me to the old swimming hole up the creek a piece, and we went skinny dipping.

I was astounded at the size of that cock, it was phenomional, it was really a piece of work, Jess said he had measured it and it was over ten inches hard, but I never saw it when he measured it, but it was huge.

Jess stripped and then said 'Well come on slow poke,' I got undressed and he smiled like he was glad to see me naked or something, it was a little strange but I was feeling this funny feeling inside my stomach and I felt my dick starting to get hard, and before I could get into the water my foreskin had pulled back naturally without me touching it, and My dick was like a rock, almost aching it was so hard. Jess just smiled at my hardon, and he said,'Hey there, wow, that looks awesome.' I just smiled and we dove into the water.

Jess kept comming up behind me and gripping me with a sort of sissor lock with his legs, and I could tell his cock was hard as a brick,thick, and big,very big. It was rubbing against my body, and I was feeling sensations from having it against me.

We got out and layed on the grass, naked and just looked up at the clouds there under the Southern Pine trees, we played the game where you guess what the clouds were shaped like, alligators, cars, you name it. It was just a teenage sillyness sort of game.

I was really interested in Jess's dick, it was about half hard while laying on our backs there under the sky, Jess looked over and said, 'Do you ever stroke your dick and make it feel good, like this?' and he started sliding that foreskin back and forth, getting his cock like a baseball bat, long, thick and hard.

'Yeah, I do, and I love that feeling I get from it too, can you make that white stuff come out?' I ask Jess, 'Yeah man, wanna do it together and I'll show you.' 'O.K.' and we started to stroking our cocks together there under that beautiful sky that afternoon, I guess we had been stroking our dicks for about five minutes or so, Jess was watching my cock and I was watching his, every now and then we would look into each others eyes and then look back down at our dicks. I was so turned on watching Jess stroke his dick I thought I would bust, then he just stopped and looked at me, and said,'Hey Mitch, (My name), you know what would feel good?' 'No What?' I answered. You jerk me off and I'll jerk you off, you wanna?' Jess asked.

'I will if you will,' was my response. Well thats what started me out, and within a month we had stroked off, sucked each others dicks, tasted each others cum and yes even fucked each other, personally, I can't speak for Jess, but I was in love with this new found sexual thing, and I'm still at it some fifteen years later. But even at that time I must say Jess never once turned down the chance to fuck me or suck my cock and take my load, or I him.

Well I had gotten this transfer to this sorta smaller country town. I got me a peice of property with a cabin sorta out of town up on this hill, away from everybody, and I loved it, so peaceful and quiet, just a dream place.

I would love to stand on the porch at evening time and listen to the night birds and sounds of the woodlands. The air was so clean and fresh, I was in my own heaven. And I loved being naked there in my woods and around the house, god it felt awesome to walk ouside in the daylight stark naked. I just needed someone else to share my nakedness with.

I had been there in ShadyOaks, for about three weeks, and I realized I needed a hair cut. I went down into town to ask about a barber, I was told to go to the Barber named Jim, his shop was at the edge of town.

I got to his shop and walked in, it seemed deserted and I sat down in a waiting chair. I was reading a magazine thinking that soon this old dude would walk into the shop and chop my hair all to bits.

I heard the door to the back open and a voice, so pleasant and sexy, masculine and erotic saying, Good afternoon, 'beautiful day isn't it?'

I looked up and saw this awesome looking guy about my own age, 'I'm Jim the barber and you'r?'

'I-I-I-I'm gorgeous, I was studdering and stammering around and finally I got ahold of myself and said, 'Sorry I'm Mitch,' but I restrained from saying the 'and your gorgeous' part, I had slipped up on before. I felt my body being scanned like I was an actor in a Sci-Fi movie or something, Jim was scoping me out, and I didn't mind the feeling of knowing it either.

He was a doll, I held my hand out and shook his hand, we chatted for a while as he cut my hair, and then he layed the chair back and said, 'Now I have this very special thing I do for certain guys here in my shop, it a personal care attendance that I only give to certain guys I feel really good about. 'O.K. I said, not giveing any thought to what was getting ready to happen.

Jim said, 'Good, I'm sure your going to enjoy the full treatment.'

I had no idea to what he was referring, I just knew that I liked the idea of being around Jim.

He finished with my haircut, and then he put a cloth over my eyes. He told me to lay there and enjoy his special treatment, I soon found myself being slowly stripped down, I was down to my slacks and shoes. and He was undoing my pants as he talked to me.. I was getting so fucking turned on, I was about to explode, it had been months since I had someone else to have sex with. Jim reached down slipped my shoes off and then he came back up and the walked over to the window closed the blinds and locked his door, returned and started undressing himself, He was awesome looking, and I wanted him badly, I had taken the cloth from my eyes, I wanted to see Jim as he did his special treatment of me. He was now down to his briefs which were bulging out like a tent from his hardon, It didn't look as big as Jess's cock but it looked at least as substantial as mine, and I wanted it bad.

Jim leaned up over me there in the barber chair, and started kissing my mouth and sticking his tongue into it, his kisses tasted like fine wine to me, I was not only in lust, I was in heat, my cock was straining to get out of my slacks and underwear, and I was rubbing all over his hairy, muscular chest, Jim was almost goin bizerk with his assult upon my body, and I was loving his actions, he was sucking my nipples and then he run his hand down inside my trousers and grabbed my throbbing boner and squeezed and started stroking it like a madman, I thought he would rip my pants off as he pulled them down to the floor and off my feet, and there I was laying back in his barber chair naked, hard, and loving it.

Jim lifted my legs up and knelt down as he looked into my eyes with total lust, he almost looked possessed, and I felt his hands seperate my ass cheeks and felt his hot mouth start chewing, licking, and sucking on my asshole like a starving dog. god it was awesome feeling, I just reached down and put my hands on his head and pushed him in closer, I always love to get my ass eaten and rimmed.

Jim was in his own zone, totally oblivious to me. He was just using my asshole as his dinnerplate. and I was not minding at all, if fact, if he kept it up I was gonna unload a wad of cum all over the place, My cock was aching and I was enjoying his expertice at eating ass.

Finally he stood up and said, god Mitch your ass is awesome tasting, I want it and I watched as he took down his briefs and out flopped an eight incher, thick and uncut like mine,he got some lube from a drawer in his cabnet, lubed up his cock, he walked up to the edge of the barber chair, stuffed some lube in my asshole, and placed His stiff cock at the opening of my asshole and let out a big grunt as I let out a gasp and felt it sink to his balls into my rectum and then he started fucking me like a wild man, I was surprised the neighbors living around there didn't hear him, god he was vocal, almost yelling as he fucked me.

He must have fucked my ass for almost forty minutes before he busted his nut. and I had already busted mine, it was so fucking intense and awesome, I felt like I was in love with Jim.

He smiled after pulling that awesome cock out of my ass and looking at the cum mess all over my chest and face.

'Hey man, you want to come to my place for supper tonight?'

'Hell yes, if I can have you for dessert?' I answered.

He smiled a smile that lit up the whole town, He told me the haircut was on the house, but I wouldn't let him do that, he had to make a living too.

We met that night for supper, and I stayed for a night cap and we kissed and made out, and then I took him there on his back porch, also out in the country, and I sucked the mansauce totally out of his cock, I emtpied his nuts for him and he loved it too.

Well Jim the Barber and I hit it off several time a week after that, I was never left wanting for satisfaciton and neither was he. Sometimes he spent the night at my cabin in the hills or I spent the night with him in his house in the country. Either way we were really enjoying each other. I had never known anyone that liked to suck cock, get fucked or fuck like Jim the country barber, he is insatiable, but then so am I.




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