Hey everyone. Second chapter of the week, and two more are left. I read the comments before my last trip and saw Rebecca asked who I would cast for Eric and Zane if this were to turn into a movie (thanks for reading, by the way, Rebecca). I meant to answer this with Chapter 5, but I forgot ;P

After thoughtful consideration and seeing dozen's of actors and the work they've done, I've finally made my decision. For the role of Eric, I've chosen Liam Hemsworth. And for Zane, I've chosen Logan Lerman. Both are good actors and fit the bill of Zane and Eric very well. Let me know what you think and who you think would be good actors for Eric and Zane.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Chapter 5. Here's Chapter 6 of 'Could I Be...?'


Chapter 6

The next few weeks go by incredibly smoothly, classes being a breeze, workouts being exhilarating and I've gone on a few more dates with Zane, every single one of them fun. I've taken him to another football game, a volleyball match and one of Leo's Muay Thai fights. He's getting even more excited the more games I take him to.

Saturday afternoon in early November and I'm walking through Stanford, exploring the town that I have yet to see. As I'm passing by a few local shops, I stop in front of a building that's a little darker than the rest of the buildings on the block. 'Blake and Cassadee's Tattoo Shop' sits above the storefront and as I look in the window, I see my tattooed, newly dyed dark red haired boyfriend behind the counter.

I smile and decide to surprise him. I walk into the store and see artwork lining the walls, examples of the tattoos the store has done. Zane hears the door open and sees me walk in. His face lights up. "Eric! What're you doing here?"

I step over to the counter and lean against it. "I was walking through town and saw you through the window and decided to pop in to see what you're up to."

He grins, leans over the counter and gives me a small kiss. "Oh, I'm just working a little. The day's pretty slow and the next appointment isn't coming in for another two hours. I was just putting the finishing touches on the tattoo the customer wanted."

"Can I see?"

Zane moves his arm and I look down. On a piece of paper is the name 'Jason' in between two beautiful angel wings. "That looks great," I say.

"Thanks. The customer wanted something to honor his son. I was told he was killed in Afghanistan five years ago when he was 24 years old."

"That must've been hard on him."

As I'm looking at the drawing Zane goes back to working on, two voices come from my left. "Do you know when we're getting that new tattoo chair?"

"It should be here by next Tuesday."

I look over and see two people that could be related to Zane. There's a man and a woman. The guy is about my height, wearing a tank top with tattoos on every inch of his skin below his head. He has large gages in both ears and short dark green hair. The woman is about half a foot shorter than me with half sleeve tattoos on both arms, a very sexy figure and fiery red hair. "We got a new customer, Zane?" asks the woman.

"No," Zane says, looking up from his drawing. "This is Eric. He's my boyfriend. Eric, this is Blake and Cassadee. They own the place."

Blake and Cassadee both smile at me. "So you're the guy Zane talks about nonstop," says Blake.

"He talks about me nonstop?" I ask.

"Nonstop is an understatement," says Cassadee. "More like he doesn't shut up until someone asks him to get back to work."

Zane chuckles. "I just finished that drawing for the 3:00 appointment," he says. "What do you think?"

Blake takes the drawing and looks at it with Cassadee. "Perfect as usual," he says. "I know he'll be incredibly happy with what you've come up with. I think that's everything we need from you today. You can go ahead and head out with Eric here."

Zane bends down and grabs his bag from behind the desk. As he's putting his bag over his shoulder, I hear the door open. "Zane!"

I look behind me and see a short blonde girl with a perfect face and a slender, cured body. She has a few earrings in each ear and a bright smile on her face. "Hey, Courtney," Zane says, coming out from behind the counter.

Courtney runs into Zane and, despite being only about 5 foot 1, lifts Zane up in a tight hug. She sets Zane down and laughs a bit with him. "It's been too long!" she says.

"Courtney, I saw you last Sunday," Zane says.

"That's a long time for me! God, I've been waiting for the weekend. My slutty bitch of a roommate made the week unbearable for me! She had a different guy over every night and I had to sleep in the fucking hallway! If she wants to fuck someone, go do it outside like the bitch in heat she is!"

Wow. This girl's a little firecracker, isn't she? "Courtney," says Zane, "this is Eric. Eric, this is Courtney Malik. She's a freshman at Stanford too and works here as a piercer."

Courtney looks up at me and her mouth drops open. "Holy fuck! If you weren't gay, I'd strip naked here and let you fuck me in every which way possible!"

I laugh along with her, but every inch of me is an embarrassed red. "We need to go," says Zane. "I'll be back here tomorrow at 10:00."

Zane takes me by the hand, waves to everyone and leads me out of the store. "They all seemed nice," I say.

"They are. Blake and Cassadee are husband and wife and have been married about seven years now. They opened their shop soon after they got married and it's one of the best tattoo shops around. Courtney is just a fun and energetic girl. She's a certified piercer and loves meeting new people with this job. She's also hoping to become an English major."

"She's one loud girl."

"Her mouth is the best part of her. She always says what's on her mind and it always makes me smile. She does know what to say and when to say it, so she won't embarrass you. And speaking of embarrassment...I'd like you to do me a favor."

"I don't like where this is headed, but I'll ask. What's up?"

"Um...one of my art classes just started a new unit, and I'm going to need your help with an assignment."

"Sure. What do you need me to do? Get materials for you? Sharpen your pencils? Just stand there and be your muse?"

Zane laughs a bit, but I notice him turning a little red. "No...it's something a bit...revealing."

"What do you mean?"

He sighs to himself. "My art class is doing life portraits and I'd like for you to be a model for the class."

"A model? Finally, someone sees my good looks." I laugh and wrap my arm around Zane's waist. "I'm kidding. So I'm just supposed to go in there and pose for a few hours? It shouldn't be too hard. But how is it revealing?" It takes me a second, but I put two and two together. "Oh...don't tell me..."

"It's...nude modeling."

I'd have to be naked in front of a bunch of people I don't fucking know?! My pulse starts racing at the thought of at least a dozen people staring at my junk and trying to draw it. "Y-You want me to...be a nude model?" I ask.

"You don't have to if you don't want to. But our model got sick and won't be able to make it on Monday. So...we need to find a replacement, but we haven't found anyone yet. I understand if..."

"I'll do it."

Zane snaps his head up at me. "What?"

"If it's for you, I'll strip naked in front of a bunch of strangers and let them stare at me for hours. If it makes you happy, then I'd be glad to do it."

Zane jumps off the sidewalk and hooks his arms around my neck. "Thank you, Eric! God, you have no idea how much of a lifesaver you are! I'll pay you back for this. I swear."

I hug Zane tightly. "You don't need to pay me back for anything. Just seeing you happy is payment enough."

He lets go and falls back to the pavement. He and I smile at each other before taking each other's hand and walking down the street together.


Monday, and it's time to strip down for Zane and his classmates. After my last class of the day, I gather my things and cross campus to the Imaging Arts and Sciences building. I take my time walking through the building, taking all the art pieces for the second time. I've really come to admire how much effort the students put into all of these pieces.

I get to room 154 and knock on the door before entering. I was expecting a giant lecture hall, but what I see is a room similar to the size of one of my high school classrooms. There are about two dozen easels and canvases set up in a large semi circle in the middle of the room and a student at every easel.

Various dyed hairstyles are everywhere on both the male and female students. Numerous piercings scatter the room. Hipster clothing and dozens of accessories decorate the students, who are all looking at me with observant eyes. "May I help you?"

I look to my right and see a woman who appears to be in her early forties with light red hair, has a bit of plump on her, and is wearing a flowing outfit over light blue jeans. "Um...I'm here to model for the class," I say.

Her face lights up and she hops out of the stool she's sitting on. "Oh! You must be Eric! Zane's told us all so much about you! I'm Mrs. Cohan. Thank you so much for doing this for us! Let me just go get a chair for you to sit on and we can get started."

She quickly walks out of the room, leaving me with about fifty eyes on me. As I look through the crowd, I see Zane's dark red hair, the sides and back freshly buzzed, and I smile. This prompts all the other students to suddenly stand up and surround me within a few seconds, all of them shorter than me.

I feel very out of place here. "Um...hi, I'm Eric." I say.

They all eye me for a few seconds. "Zane was right," says a girl with bright pink hair. "You're fucking gorgeous."

"He said you were built, but we didn't know he meant ripped," says a boy with a ring in his lip.

"And the dimples?" says a girl with thick glasses. "The cherry on top of a hunky sundae."

I smile and start to relax. These guys aren't so bad. They're just curious about me. Zane pushes his way through the large group of people surrounding me and manages to get to my side. "Glad you're here," he says.

Feeling confident, I bend down and kiss Zane right in the middle of the crowd, many of which whoop and whistle. Ms. Cohan comes back into the room with a large lounge chair, and seems to be struggling with it. I walk over to her and take the chair from her arms. "Oh! Thank you, Eric!" she says. "I'm not as young as I used to be. Just set that chair down in the middle of the room and we can get started."

"Strip for us, pretty boy!" shouts a girl.

The class cheers, even the guys join in, and I roll my eyes. I take my cap off and walk over to Zane, slipping my cap onto his head (backwards, just like on my head). "Can you hold that for me until we're done?" I ask.

Zane smiles shyly and places his hand on top of my cap. "Gladly," he says.

Many of the girls 'aww' at my gesture. All the students walk over to their seats and sit behind their easels and canvases, their eyes on me. Let's get this over with...

I ruffle my hair a bit and grab the base of my shirt and slip it over my head, exposing my chest and stomach. Tossing my shirt to the floor, I see a lot of the students are bright red, Zane especially. I get my shoes and socks off and place them with my discarded shirt. Reaching for my belt buckle, I quickly get my jeans off and stand in the middle of the room in just my underwear.

Reaching for the waistband of my boxer-briefs, several of the students gasp as I start to lower them. With a swift pull, my underwear is around my ankles and I'm naked. I may seem composed on the outside, like I've done this before, but on the inside, I'm screaming from embarrassment.

All the students are staring at me with wide eyes and several of them are sweating. "Holy fuck, he huge!" some guy whispers.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am what you'd say 'well-endowed.' 5 inches flaccid, 9.5 inches hard. I take a bit of pride in it, but it can be really embarrassing in the locker room showers when other guys see it. I look at Mrs. Cohen for an answer on what to do next. "Um...just take a seat in the chair and take a pose you feel comfortable with," she says, red herself.

I walk back to the chair, making everyone look at my bare ass, and fall back into the chair. Assuming my normal position in a chair, I rest my right ankle on my left knee, rest my elbow on the right armrest, place the side of my head in my palm and look at the class, who're all still staring at me. "Is this okay?" I ask Mrs. Cohan.

"That's perfect!" she says. She looks at her students. "Everyone, pay close attention to every detail of the body. From the muscles to the hair, make your artwork come alive and take your time with it. I don't want to see your representation of Eric's penis be a long line and two circles."

The whole class laughs and I feel myself joining in. The students pick up their pencils and stare at me for a minute more and get to work, running the graphite over the canvas. The room fills with the sound of sketching. I can't even hear anyone breathing, they're so focused. But I'm focused on something myself: Zane.

He hasn't looked up from his canvas once to look at me. He's staring so intently at his canvas that I think it's going to burst into flames at any second. But it's amazing to see how focused he can become when he's drawing. As time passes, I start to relax more and more, feeling incredibly comfortable despite the situation I'm in.

The hours go by and the sounds of scribbles start to fade and die out altogether. "Everybody done?" asks Mrs. Cohen.

Everyone nods and Mrs. Cohen gets out of her seat and walks around the room, gazing at everyone's pieces of art, quietly commenting on all of them. "Um...may I get dressed?" I ask.

"Not yet," says a girl with a wool beanie. "I'm trying to see if I got everything right. It could take a while."

Everyone laughs at the joke. "Go ahead, Eric," says Mrs. Cohen. "You've been a great help today."

I get out of the chair and crack all of my limbs, my neck making the loudest crack. I walk over to my clothes and start to slip them back on. As I'm tying my shoes, I look back at the students and see they're all standing in front of me, bright smiles on all their faces. "Was I okay?" I ask.

"You were perfect," says Zane, pushing through the crowd once again.

He takes off my cap and places it back in its rightful position on my head. I smile and stand back up. "Is it okay if I look at all of the pieces?"

The students faces light up. "Yes!" they all say at once.

I start to walk around the room and look at all the canvases. They're all fantastic. Every detail is right. Did I always have that freckle on my left pec? Oh well. I get to the last canvas and stop and stare at it. This one is a step above the rest, several steps actually. My hair, my muscles, my eyes, my...dick, it's all perfect.

The more I stare at it, the closer I feel to it. In the lower right hand corner is a small signature: 'Zane Quinn.' I smile and walk back over to the awaiting students, anxiousness in their eyes. "They're all wonderful," I say.

They all smile back at me. Everyone thanks me again and goes to gather their things. I wait patiently in the hall and grab Zane as he walks out and pull him into a kiss. "Thank you again, Eric," Zane says. "You did a really big favor for me and I really appreciate it."

"It was nothing. It was actually kind of fun to meet all your classmates. They all seemed pretty nice."

"They are. I was a little reluctant at first to talk to them when I first got here, but when Meg, the girl with the pink hair, saw one of my sketches, everyone else came up to see and it really helped me to open up to them. Now, it's like we're all one big happy family."

I smile and take Zane by his waist. "Well, it's around 6:30," I say. "You want to go get something to eat?"

"Sounds good. I'll pay this time."

"No, I got it. You're already scraping by as it is. I'll pay for the food." Zane looks down at the ground we walk over. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"I just don't want to take advantage of you. You've paid for everything since we've started dating, from dinner, to game tickets, even art supplies I need that I can pay for. I just don't want to be a burden to you."

I stop walking and take Zane by his shoulders. "Zane, you're no burden to me whatsoever. I know this relationship may seem one-sided to you, but to me, it isn't. You make me happy, Zane, and I do these things so I can try to make up for the happiness you give me. I like to help you in any way I can. So, can I please take you out to dinner?"

Zane smiles and rises up to the tips of his feet to kiss me. "Thank you, Eric. But from now on, please let me pay for some things. I don't want you to drain your wallet because of me."

"Deal. Now let's get some food in that thin body of yours. You really need some meat on those bones."

"I eat plenty, I just don't gain weight. My metabolism is off the charts, so I can eat as much as I want, but I stay the exact same weight. And then there's you, who turns everything he eats into solid muscle."

"And speaking of muscle, I really liked that portrait you did of me in class. I was watching you the entire time you were sketching. I could watch you do that for days on end."

"And I would draw you for days on end."

Zane and I smile at one another and kiss. We get to the dining hall and I grab a Caesar salad and a bottle of water while Zane loads up with a huge amount of food. I stare at the food in amazement when Zane takes a seat across from me, but he just smiles innocently before taking his first bite.

I both get dinner and a show, the show being watching Zane eat his food, and by eat, I mean inhale. The food on Zane's tray is gone in less than fifteen minutes. "I'm still hungry," he says, and gets up and goes back for seconds.

How much his stomach can hold, I have no idea. But I manage to steal a few bites of one of Zane's pieces of cake without losing any of my fingers. His hunger is finally vanquished after another ten minutes. Final food intake: four cheeseburgers, two orders of fries, two sodas, a plate of chicken wings, and three pieces of chocolate cake. Good thing we decided to go to the campus dining hall where it's all you can eat, otherwise I'd be broke.

I take my last sip of water and toss my bottle in the recycling bin. "You ready to go back to the dorm?" I ask.

Zane gives his stomach a pat. "Sure. After all that, I need to relax a bit."

He and I get up and make our way back to Florence Moore Hall. We notice Charles isn't here when we get back, so we assume he's out. We get back to our rooms and I see a sticky note on my door.

'Eric and Zane. Leo and I decided to enjoy some alone time together since I finally have a day off from practice. We're out getting some dinner in town and will probably see a movie afterword. We'll be back late, so don't wait up for us. Help yourself to whatever we have in our rooms. -Josh and Leo. P.S. If you two decide to get it on, condoms are in me and Eric's room underneath my bed.'

Ignoring that last part, Zane and I walk in me and Josh's room. "Want to watch a movie?" I ask.

"Sure. What've you got?"

"I have a few horror movies, but we don't have to watch them if you don't want to."

"I think I'll be okay. I was really scared of horror movies when I was a kid, but I'm pretty sure I'm over it. What movie were you thinking of?"

I rummage through my belongings and pull out a Blu-ray disc. "I've got the new Evil Dead movie. It gets pretty scary at times. Would you want to watch it?"

"I'll give it a try..."

Zane and I climb into my bed and I grab my laptop and slide the disc in. The movie starts a minute later and I pull Zane close to me. "If you get scared, just tell me and I'll stop the movie," I tell him.

He nods and we look back at the screen. As the movie goes on, I feel Zane starting to shake. I ask him if he's okay, be he always replies he's fine. By the time the credits start to roll, Zane looks like he's about to breakdown. "Are you really okay?" I ask.

I don't get a response, just more shaking and a blank stare at the frozen screen on my laptop. I shut the laptop, set it on the floor, pull Zane close to me and rest his head on my shoulder. "I'm sorry," I say. "I should've picked a different movie. Had I known you would've been so scared, I wouldn't have suggested a horror movie."

"It's okay," he replies. "I thought I'd beaten my fear of that kind of stuff, but it still scares me, even though I know it's fake. It's not your fault, Eric. It's mine. But I did enjoy sitting with your arm around my shoulder for an hour and a half, even when that girl was getting raped by a tree."

Zane lifts his head up and smiles at me and I respond with a kiss. He rests his hands on my shoulders and pulls me a little closer to him. He and I slide down and fall into my bed, our mouths never parting. My hands find Zane's head and I run my fingers through his dark red hair, my fingernails digging into his scalp.

His hand finds my cap and he takes it off my head and tosses it to the floor, placing his hands on my chest at the sound of my cap hitting the hardwood. Fingers press into my pecs and I feel a strange sensation I've never felt before: small shocks that spread through my chest, down my stomach and end at my dick.

I pull away and look at Zane, both of our faces flushed. "H-How did you do that?" I ask.

"Do what?"

"Those tiny shocks. I've never had that feeling before."

"You mean...this?"

Zane's fingertips press deep onto the muscle underneath my t-shirt, making the shocks return two times as powerful as before. A pleasured moan escapes my throat and I slap my hand over my mouth, not knowing what that was. "I-I've never made that sound in my entire life..." I say.

"Let's see if I can make you make that sound some more..."

Zane dips his head onto my shoulder and I feel something warm and wet slide over the skin on my neck. Heat rises up and I feel my face getting warmer by the second. More moans leave my lips and fill the quiet room. I don't know what I'm feeling, but I know one thing's for sure: I want more of it.

His lips leave my neck and Zane looks into my eyes. "How was that?" he asks.

"P-Please...keep going..."

"Then I'm going to need to get rid of this..."

Zane grabs the sides of my shirt and raises it up, exposing my stomach and chest, and eventually gets it up and over my head, tossing it to the floor next to my cap. He slides from next to me and positions his body over mine, his body perfectly fitting in the space my body creates for him.

His fingers dance over the light dusting of hair on my chest and stomach, small sensations tingling my skin with every touch. The feeling becomes too much and I press Zane's lips to mine again. As I'm kissing Zane, I feel something soft on my teeth: a tongue. My teeth part, allowing access for Zane's tongue and the warm, wet member touches mine and sets me off.

I grab Zane's head and force my tongue into his mouth, feeling every soft surface there may be in there. Zane's tongue slides over mine, sending euphoric waves through me, making every touch Zane gives me pure pleasure. All of a sudden, a powerful shock explodes in me, causing my back to arch and almost making me scream. "W-What the f-fuck was that...?" I breathe out.

"There's more to the male body than just his dick," Zane whispers. "Another pleasure center for some men are the nipples. For some, the smallest pinch can make them babble incoherently."

Zane gives my left nipple a pinch and the same powerful shock returns. Through my clouded eyes, I see Zane taking off his shirt, exposing his thin, tight chest and stomach, adorned with ink. While I expect another pinch, what comes next makes me lose control, in a very good way.

A very hot mouth suctions itself to my right nipple. Adrenaline, endorphins, and just pure sex blow their way through every inch of my body. My dick is so fucking hard right now, that it's actually starting to hurt being confined in my jeans. But I feel so good right now, that I don't fucking care that my zipper is stabbing my 9.5 inch hard-on.

With a pop, Zane's mouth releases my nipple and he looks down at me, pure lust in his black and blue eyes. "What do you want to do now?" he asks me.

It takes me a second for me to get my words together. "My...cock. I c-can't feel it..."

Zane looks down at my pants and sees my straining member. "Um...I've never done anything with...another guy's...dick," he says. "I've never done anything sexually with anyone before."

"M-Me neither..." I confess.

Zane's eyes bulge. "Y-YOU'RE a virgin? You scream sex! How could you have never had sex before?"

I start to turn an embarrassed red to mix with my flushed cheeks. "It...never interested me before today..."

"Wow. So we're in the same boat here: no experience."

I look down at my waist, were Zane sits, and see his pants have a noticeable bulge in them too. "I-If you help me...I'll help you..." I nervously say.

"You mean...a sixty-nine?" I only nod a bit. "If you're up for it...let's do it..."

Zane scoots of me and stands up next to the bed and I stand up with him. We both stand and stare at each other, neither of us moving, the bulges in our pants still there. "Um...you first," Zane says.

I nod and my hands slowly go for my belt and get the buckle undone, kicking my shoes off in the process. The button is next and then the zipper. My pants fall from my hips and land around my ankles, leaving me standing in my underwear. I bend down and pull off my socks and grab the elastic of my boxer-briefs and slip them to the floor. And for the second time today, I'm naked in front of my boyfriend, my cock as hard as a rock.

Zane follows my lead and takes off his shoes and socks and takes a bit of time to get his pants off. He seems as nervous as I feel right now. With nothing but his boxers left, Zane slides them off his hips and the fall to the floor and his cock springs to attention, me seeing it for the first time.

It looks to be a good 7 inches, but thanks to his thin frame, it looks longer and thicker. I gaze all over Zane's body, staring at the thin abs on his stomach, the small biceps in his upper arms, and, of course, the tattoos. His arms, some of his legs, his upper chest, neck, and I remember his back, are covered in ink, and I love it.

Zane and I don't move an inch, pure nervousness in the air. "Um...you know what to do, right?" I ask. "I have no idea what goes on during gay sex."

He nods a bit. "I've seen some videos and I think I understand it."

Zane takes my hand and we both take a seat on the bed. I turn to look at him and he forces his tongue back into my mouth, which I eagerly accept. Holding each other tightly, we fall back into my bed, our tongues still dancing. As Zane's hand rubs my chest, the other goes for something else: my cock.

His soft hand wraps around my hardened shaft, giving it a firm squeeze and making me squirm with his touch. I feel pre-cum slide out of my cockhead and pours over Zane's fingers. Before I know it, my hand grabs something firm. I look down and see I'm holding Zane's dick in my hand, feeling perfectly comfortable with holding it.

I look at Zane, whose hot breath is on my face. "Ready?" he asks.

"You're the boss here."

Zane smiles and gives me another kiss. He releases me dick and I let go of his. He sits up and turns around, his tattooed back to me. He backs his ass to me and rests his stomach on my chest, his face just inches away from my dick, his hard cock sitting in front of my face. "What do I do now?" I stupidly ask.

"Well...we suck each other off. You can do whatever you want with my dick, just be sure to watch your teeth."

I stare at Zane's hard cock for a few seconds before grabbing it again and carefully touching every inch of it. As I'm staring I don't notice Zane grabbing my own cock until he shoves it in his mouth, making me actually scream in ecstasy. For a minute, I'm frozen from the sheer pleasure Zane is giving me.

Who know having a guy suck your dick could feel so good? If Zane's never done this before and can make me feel this amazing, making I could do the same for him. I snap out of my sex-filled delirium and take Zane's cock again. It takes me a few seconds, but my tongue slides out of my mouth and runs over the soft surface.

Zane's body twitches, but his mouth never moves off my cock. The taste isn't so bad. It actually tastes pretty good. The smell is that of shower soap and a natural musk, filling my nose with a pleasant fragrance. Feeling ready, I open my mouth and slowly slide Zane's cock in, my mouth quickly filling up.

When I have a few inches of Zane's cock in my mouth, I suddenly stop, unsure of what to do next. I want to ask Zane for help, but he's in the middle of something right now. As I'm thinking, Josh's voice pops into my head.

'If you ever get into a sixty-nine, just remember your partner will be happy with no matter what you do. But here are a few tips: relax your mouth and throat, open your mouth wide, be mindful of your teeth, and slide up and down your partner's cock. There may be a gag reflex, but if you relax, you'll be fine.'

Josh's lesson from a month ago clears my head of any doubt. I take a deep breath and relax my mouth and throat muscles, tuck my teeth behind my lips, and get my mouth as wet as possible. Taking a few more inches of Zane's cock into my mouth, I feel the head hit the back of my throat, but the gag reflex Josh mentioned doesn't come.

Confidence surges through me and I slide Zane's cock out and force it back in. This is actually...pretty easy. And it feels so good to have Zane's dick in my mouth and throat and with my own dick in Zane's mouth. The heat around us rises with every passing second and I can feel sweat forming underneath my arms and on my face.

The pressure in my balls starts to build and I can see Zane's have scrunched up near the base of his cock. I feel Zane slide off my cock. "E-Eric, if you keep...doing that...I-I'm going to..."

Zane's voice goes in one ear and out the other. My pace increases and Zane moans in delight. "I-I'm...cumming!"

With a final thrust, I feel a shot hit the back of my throat, then another. While a part of me is telling me to let go of Zane's cock, my body welcomes the hot jets of cum that erupt out of the cockhead. My mouth and throat fill up with cum and my body rocks with spasms of pleasure. Zane's cum tastes so good that I swallow by instinct.

I feel my own cock surge and my cum shoots out a second later, causing my back to arch and every muscle I have to tense up. After a minute of not being able to move, my body collapses back into my bed, gasp after gasp coming and going. I feel Zane spin himself around on top of me and he falls onto my chest.

I open my eyes and see he looks exhausted, his lungs searching for air. On his face, there are several long streak of white cum, even a few drops in his hair. He slowly opens his eyes and along with the black and blue color of the irises, there's pure lust in them. I smile down at him and he smiles back.

Pulling him closer to me, I kiss him lightly, feeling him kiss me back. "That was...amazing," I say.

"It was for me too," he tiredly replies. "I've never been as close to anyone else as I am to you, Eric. Thank you for making me feel so good."

"No, thank you for opening me up to that kind of sex. I never knew sucking another guy's cock could be so fantastic. And getting sucked off by another guy? One of the greatest things I've felt in a long time. I really like you, Zane."

Zane kisses me and I feel my cum slide off Zane's face and onto my lips. "What're we going to do about this?" Zane asks.

I answer that question by licking Zane's face, running my tongue over every line of cum. I've never tasted my own cum before, but I think I like the taste. Zane giggles to himself as I'm licking him, my tongue tickling his face. I swallow my cum after I get every line cleaned up. "I think that takes care of that," I say.

Zane smiles and rests his head on my shoulder, his hand delicately rubbing my chest, softs breaths touching the skin of my neck. "Do you want to go back to your room tonight?" I ask.

Zane shakes his head. "No. I want to stay here with you tonight, protected by you."

I smile and stand up, grabbing a sock from one of my dresser drawers and going to the door. Hiding behind the door, I open it up and quickly tie the sock to the door handle and shut it closed. Kind of old-fashioned, but every person knows what it means. I look back at Zane and see he's already under the covers of my bed.

I walk back and crawl in next to him, pulling the sheets over me and resting my head on my pillow. Zane takes me by the waist and I snake my arum underneath his and we pull toward each other, our faces inches from each other. "You're so beautiful," Zane whispers to me.

"To me, you're the most beautiful thing in the world," I whisper back. Zane smiles and gives me a soft kiss and I see sleep in his eyes. "Try to get to sleep. You worked hard on that portrait today."

"Thank you again, Eric. I owe so much to you."

"You don't owe me a thing. Your happiness is my payment."

Zane smiles one more time before slowly closing his eyes. I stare at him for a minute before exhaustion starts to make my eyelids heavy. I pull Zane's perfect face into the corner of my neck, his shampooed hair underneath my nose. With Zane in my arms, sleep and dreams come easily.



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