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On a sad note, the final chapter of 'Could I Be...?' will be uploaded four chapters after this one, so chapter 21 will be the last one. Yes, I know it's going to be sad, but Eric and Zane's tale must come to an end. But that doesn't mean they'll disappear.

Like Josh and Leo, Eric and Zane still exist in the 'Am I...?' universe, but also like Josh and Leo, they'll just be supporting characters. This is a choice of mine I think everyone will like.

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Rags to Riches

Riches to Rags


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Now that that's all done, here's Chapter 17 of 'Could I Be...?'


Chapter 17

Things are finally going my way now. I can draw again, I confronted my old bullies, Mom, Dad and I are closer than we've ever been, and I'm still together with Eric. I spend a lot of my time making up for the time I wasn't drawing by drawing nonstop, throwing every single idea I can come up with on a piece of paper.

Damien and I have been talking the last few days and it seems like he's taking this friend thing really well. He's talking to me like I'm a close friend and not an ex-boyfriend, which I really appreciate. Damien came out to his family after our reunion and they took it extremely well. Overall, things seem to be going Damien's way as well.

Unfortunately for me, spring break is just about to end and Eric and I need to head back to Stanford. Now that Mom and Dad are finally coming to school with me, it'll be like they're dropping me off for the first time, so things are going to get a bit emotional when we get back, which should be pretty soon.

Mom, Dad, Eric and I landed back in California about thirty-five minutes ago and are heading back to school. We're all a bit tired from the flight, but the limo is filled with various voices of animated conversation. I still find it amazing how much Mom and Dad are connecting with Eric. It's like he's part of the family.

After another ten minutes of driving, I see the limo drive onto the Stanford campus. I also see that people are watching the limo go by them with pure confusion in the faces. The limo pulls up in front of Florence Moore Hall and comes to a stop. The door opens and Sebastian stands in the doorway. "We've arrived," he says.

We all climb out of the limo and stretch out our arms and legs, which are still locked from the flight. Sebastian comes over with the suitcases and bags and starts pulling the various cardboard boxes we filled before we left Dallas. "You guys didn't need to get me so much stuff," I tell Mom and Dad.

"We just wanted to make sure you didn't run out of supplies," says Mom.

"Guys, this much stuff could last through the rest of college."

"But you go through sketchpads and pieces of charcoal so quickly that you would've run out in no time had we given you less," says Dad.

He's got a point. Ever since I got my gift back, I've filled up seven sketchpads and brought nine canvases to life. Guess my wrist is making up for lost time. "Hope my dorm room can fit all of this stuff," I say.

We all grab our stuff and a few boxes and make our way inside. The second we step inside, everyone that's already inside stops moving and stares at us. We already expected this. Only a few people know that Richard and Monica Mercer are my parents. So about 99% of the people on campus don't.

Mom and Dad look around at all the parents and students and just smile. "Don't mind us," says Dad. "We're just dropping our son off at college for the first time."

We continue toward the elevators, leaving the stunned crowd behind us, and ride up to the fourth floor. Passing a few doors, we approach my room and I unlock the door. While we expect to find the room empty, we find a bed filled with two (thankfully clothed) people, who pull their lips apart when they hear the door open.

Josh and Leo scramble to their feet and try to get their clothes straightened. "Um...you could've knocked, Zane," Leo tells me, wiping Josh's spit from his lips.

"And you could've left a sock on the door, Leo," I reply.

"Touché." He looks behind me and sees Mom and Dad. "Good to see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Mercer."

"You as well...Leo?" Mom guesses.

"That's me," he says. He snakes his arm around Josh's waist and pulls him over to him. "And I'm sure you remember Josh."

"Very much so," says Dad, turning to face Josh. "I forgot to thank you for being such a good friend to my son."

Josh smiles. "I like being Zane's friend," Josh says. "And when I like my friends, I stick up for them."

I smile up at the giant jock in front of me. But as I look at him, I see two small black things on both of Josh's earlobes. It takes me a second, but I've worn earrings long enough to know them when I see them. "Josh, you got your ears pierced?" I ask.

He reaches up and rubs his left ear lobe. "Yeah," he says. "I've been thinking about it for a little while now and Leo convinced me to get them pierced while we were back home."

"They look good on you."

"Thanks. Unbelievably, my mom said the same thing."

"You guys need any help with those boxes?" asks Leo.

"Oh, you're so sweet, Leo," says Mom. "That would be wonderful."

We all ride back to the ground floor after leaving our stuff behind and carry the few more boxes in the limo back up to my room. We set them down on the floor and find we don't have that much room to move around. "Thank you for your help, boys," says Dad.

"No problem, Mr. Mercer," says Josh. He shakes his head out a bit. "It's going to take some getting used to having you as the dad of one of my friends."

Dad just smiles. "It was the same for some of my friends back home in Dallas. By the way, your body tells me you look like you play a sport."

"I do, sir. I'm one of the starting running backs for the Stanford Cardinal."

"Oh, you must be quite the athlete to be able to be a starting player despite being a freshman," says Mom.

"I guess I'm pretty good," Josh sheepishly says.

"Are you kidding?" I say. "Josh is probably one of the best running backs in the country! He led the Cardinal to an undefeated season and won the BCS National Championship Game for us at the last second!"

Josh blushes and gives me a light punch in the shoulder. When he and I first met, those punches actually hurt a lot and often threw me off balance. Now, they don't hurt a bit and I'm still standing. "You two really are close, aren't you?" Dad says.

"I see Zane as one of my closest friends," says Josh. "We may have only known each other for about seven months, but I trust him and would do anything to help him."

And seven months ago, I first thought of Josh as just another meat-headed jock who only cared about sports and getting in some girl's pants. Now, I see him the same way I see Eric, but not in the boyfriend kind of way. He's probably one of the smartest, kind-hearted, and selfless people I've ever met (and wrapping that up in a body and face like his, you've got the full package, both in and out).

I set the box I'm holding down and give Josh a tight and friendly hug. I feel his arms, which are the size of my legs, surround me a second later and he squeezes the air out of my lungs, but I welcome the feeling of not being able to breathe. "Watch it, Rusden," Eric says. "You already have your own eye candy."

I feel Josh's hearty laugh and he releases me. Leo steps over to Josh's side and kisses his cheek. "And you know how I can kick your ass if you do something to piss me off," he tells Josh.

"That was pissing you off?" Josh asks his fiancée.

"No, that was sweet. Had I seen you holding a few seconds too long, I would've started to get pissed off."

Josh smiles and gives Leo a light kiss. Ah Leo. My roommate and the second of my close friends. To be honest, when I first saw him I thought he was too hot to be real. With the jet-black hair, perfectly proportioned, muscular body, stunning face, and dark blue eyes, I thought he was an angel that fell out of Heaven.

But no. He's just a guy that got all the right genes in all the right places. He's just as kind and sweet as Josh, but can do almost anything. That is except cooking. I once watched him try to make microwaveable mac and cheese and it ended up completely black and burnt. Now whenever he wants something involving a cooking appliance, I have to do it. But I don't mind.

Together, the all-American football player with a muscle-packed body and handsome face, and the fallen angel with the perfect body and stunning face, they're practically blinding. But while anyone and everyone else might fall all over them, to me, they're just two of my closest friends.

I look over and see the one my heart belongs to. Eric's unpacking a few of the boxes and placing the contents on my bookshelf. Just watching him do something as simple as that makes my heart flutter. "Sweetie, wipe your mouth," Mom whispers to me. "You're drooling..."

My mind comes back to me and I wipe the back of my hand across the back of my mouth, a small line of spit across it. "Oops," I say.

"I know it's hard not to, but try to keep it in your mouth," my mother tells me.

I roll my eyes a bit, but give her a hug anyway. With the added help of Josh and Leo, we manage to get the boxes unpacked in no time. And now, my bookshelf is filled to the brim with new sketchpads and dozens of packs of fresh charcoal. "Thanks for the help, guys," I say.

"No problem," says Leo. "This sure is a lot of stuff."

"You have Mr. and Mrs. Mercer to thank for that," Eric says.

Mom and Dad both smile. "We're just making sure Zane doesn't run out of supplies," Dad says.

"You don't need to worry about that with all the stuff in here," says Josh. He finishes collapsing a cardboard box and sets it on the floor. "Hey, Zane. Why don't you show your parents around the campus? They probably don't know too much about it."

"I'd like that," says Mom. "Getting a tour of your college sounds like a wonderful idea."

"I agree," says Dad. "Your mother and I have been here twice already and we've barely seen any of it."

"Okay," I say. "Do you guys mind if I leave the cleaning up to you?" I ask the guys.

"Go and be with your parents, Zane," Eric tells me. "They probably want to spend a little more time with you before they head back home."

I smile at all of them. "Thanks, guys." I look over at Sebastian. "Sebastian, what're you planning on doing?"

"Oh, I was just thinking of walking around myself, but I'll leave the private tour to your parents."

"Thanks, Sebastian. I'll see you in a little while." I walk out of the room with Mom and Dad following close behind me. "Ready?"

"Lead the way," Dad says.


After about an hour, I've shown Mom and Dad much of the campus, spending a large amount of time around my department. The whole time we were walking, people kept gawking at Mom and Dad. I expected something like this, but I still found it pretty annoying. But Mom and Dad were really good at not paying attention to it.

We're walking back up to Florence Moore Hall, where the limo still awaits, and we stop just outside the front door. "This is a beautiful campus," Mom says. "And it was wonderful to get a tour from you, sweetie," Mom says.

"You're welcome," I say. "So what're you going to do now?"

"Well, your mother's and my vacation ends tomorrow, so we have to get back to work," says Dad.

And for the first time in a while, I feel my spirits fall. "Oh..."

"But your father and I have decided to make a few new changes to our schedules," says Mom.

I look back up at my parents. "What do you mean?"

"From now on, we're going to be working a lot less," says Dad. "We're both decreasing our schedules from what we used to be working to a more reasonable schedule. We're going to be taking less business trips and we're both going to be hiring assistants to help us with our work so we don't have to work too hard.

"All in all, we're still going to be working parents, but we're mainly going to be parents. So if you ever want to talk to either one of us, we'll pick up no matter what."

My fallen spirits come back to life and rise up even higher. "That's...great, guys," I say.

They both smile at me. The horn to the limo suddenly honks and we look back and see Sebastian walking over to us. "When you walk around a college campus wearing a tuxedo, people often stare at you with an odd look on their faces," he says.

"Sorry, Sebastian," says Mom. "You could've worn your casual clothes if you wanted."

"Oh, I didn't mind. It was just an odd experience. Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Mercer, I just got a call that the plane is ready for departure."

Mom and Dad look back at me. "Well, I guess this is it," says Dad with a bit of emotion in his voice. "You're leaving..."

"Yeah, I'm leaving," I say. "But you know I'm coming home this time." I step forward and wrap my arms around both Mom and Dad, squeezing them tightly. "And this time, I'm going to miss both of you the whole time I'm gone."

I feel Mom and Dad hug me back. "We love you so much, sweetie," Mom says. "We know you'll do even greater things than you've already done."

"Remember, we're only a phone call away," says Dad. "If you ever need either of us, no matter the time, our phone numbers are in your phone."

"Thanks, guys," I give my parents a hard squeeze before letting them go. "I'll call you both tonight."

"Kick some ass, buddy," says Dad.

"We love you, sweetie," Mom says.

"I love you both too."

They both give me one more hug before letting go, their eyes a bit wet. They walk to the limo and give me one more wave before climbing in the limo. I watch as the long, black car slowly drives away from the curb, me holding my emotions in as I watch my mom and dad leave me for the first time.

I take a deep breath and walk back inside, me wiping my eyes dry as I walk through the doors. "It's rough the first time you leave, isn't it?"

I look to my right and propped against the wall outside Charles' office is a man who looks to be in his late twenties with a fairly muscular body, light brown hair, a small smile on his face, and is wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a light jacket. "That obvious, huh?" I ask.

"A bit. But don't worry. It happens to all of us. It happened for me when I left for the army."

"But how was the reunion?"

The man smiles brightly to himself. "It was probably one of the greatest feelings I had ever felt. Especially the second time. So remember that you're going to see them again and that they'll love you even when you're not there with them."

I smile at the man and rub my palms over my eyes. "Yeah, you're right. Thanks."

"No problem. Tell Eric that Jason said hey."

There's a snapping sound and I lower my palms from my eyes. The man is gone and I'm left standing there very confused. How does he know who Eric is? I walk over to the elevators and ride up to the fourth floor, the man still on my mind. I walk down to my room and find the door wide open.

Stepping inside, I see Josh and Leo are gone and the only person left is asleep in my bed. Smiling to myself, I switch off the overhead light and walk over to my bed and carefully crawl in next to Eric. He unconsciously opens up his arm and I slide into the opening his body has created. Just being next to Eric makes me feel safe and secure.

Eric turns over a bit and I feel his second arm wrap itself around me and he pulls me closer to him, resting his chin on the top of my head. "Mmmm...love you, Zane..." he mumbles in his sleep.

I smile to myself and nuzzle my head into Eric's large chest. "I love you too, Eric."


My eyes flutter open and I find the room a bit dark. Managing to move a little, I find that my clock says it's a little after 8:00, so Eric and I have been asleep for a little over three hours. I look back at Eric and see he's still sound asleep. "Eric," I whisper. "C'mon. You should get up."

It takes him a second, but Eric rouses from his slumber and his sleepy eyes meet me. "How long was I out?" he asks.

"About three hours."

"Thanks for waking me up. I probably would've slept the night away had you not."

"You're welcome. It was nice to sleep in the same bed as you again."

Eric smiles and his pulls me up the bed so I'm looking right into his chocolate brown eyes with a small smile on his face. "Even with bed head, you still look beautiful," he says.

I smile back at him and Eric pulls me into a deep, tender kiss. If there's one thing I love the most about Eric, it's his kisses. They always show me how much he loves and I always try to return the favor. I pull away and stare into Eric's beautiful face. "It's been a while since we've kissed like that, hasn't it?"

"Sure seems that way. Maybe we could do it again?"

On that note, I wrap my arms around Eric's neck and press my lips to his, feeling the heat and love behind them. Eric slips his hands around my back and pulls me close to him, putting more pressure between our lips. As I'm kissing Eric, I feel something push against my thigh.

I look gown and see a very large bulge in Eric's jeans. "I guess it's also been a while since we..." I start to say.

Yeah, I know Eric and I have had sex numerous times before this, but I still can't seem to say it. It's a bit embarrassing. "Since we what?" Eric asks with a smile on his face.

Damn him. Now I actually have to say it. "Since we...made love..."

Eric smiles even brighter. "Yeah, about a month actually. I'm sorry, Zane. With baseball practice and games, it's been a bit difficult to spend time with you."

"Don't worry about it, Eric. I know baseball is your thing, and if you have practice or a game, I understand. I'm busy with my art projects too, so it's also hard for me to find free time."

"But it looks like we have time now..."

I see a sparkle in Eric's eyes that I've come to see as lust and passion. "What're you saying, Eric?" I ask, smiling myself.

"I'm saying I should get you out of those clothes."

"Or I should get you out of yours."

Rushing to the base of Eric's shirt, I quickly grab it and start to slip it off his chest. He raises his arms so I can get the shirt off and it comes off a second later, Eric losing his hat as I slip his shirt over his head and toss it to the floor. I look back at my gorgeous boyfriend and take in everything that he has.

It's hard to believe you could pack that much muscle into a body. But with Eric, he's huge without being bodybuilder huge. His chest looks like it's packed with rocks and his stomach is accented by the cuts of his abs and oblique muscles. To top it off, a very fine and thin layer of hair coats his skin.

Instinct taking me over, I dive onto Eric and lay across his body. "Someone's excited," Eric says with a laugh.

"I'll make you excited," I say.

I take my hands and they find the place they know Eric likes the best: his chest. My fingertips press into the hard muscle and I feel Eric squirm underneath me. "Y-You don't hold back at all, do you?" he breathes out.


Pressing my fingers even harder into Eric's chest, I hear the pleasured moan I've come to love escape his lips. I stare into Eric pleasure-filled, contorted face and feel myself getting harder by the second the more I look at it. My fingers dance over the muscle, skin, and hair and find their destined target: the nipples.

My thumb and index finger surround the soft flesh and lightly pinch both. A very loud moan fills the room and I see Eric's hands grab the bed sheets in a tight grasp. My fingers roll both nipples between them and I feel Eric's back start to arch underneath me, so I can feel that he's really enjoying this.

Giving Eric a bit of relief, I release his nipples and sit upright on his stomach. His face is bright red and a bit of sweat has taken form on his forehead. His lungs are gasping for air and his eyes have coated over. "Good...God..." he quietly says.

"You like that?" I ask.

"You have no fucking idea..."

"I wonder what the guys on the team would think if they saw their star rookie like this?"

"They'd probably want to feel the same thing I am: amazing."

"And I feel something else." I reach back and cup my hand over the long bulge in Eric's pants. "I feel something very hard and I think it needs to be let out."

"Only if you let out the bulge in your own pants. And please hurry with both. I'm starting to hurt..."

Eric grabs the neck of my shirt and I move back a little and he slips it off me. I reach behind me and unbutton Eric's jeans and get up off his waist. Unzipping his zipper, I start to pull his pants down, but stop when I get to his knees. "Um...what're you wearing?" I ask with a smile on my face.

Eric normally wears black or grey boxer-briefs and jockstraps when he has practice or a game (trust me. I've been in his pants enough to know). But the black and red thong really takes me by surprise. "Uh...nice..." I say, in a bit of shock.

I see Eric's face is bright red, but I can tell it's from embarrassment and not from the chest massage. He covers his face with his hands. "I-It was a gag gift from the guys on the team for my birthday," he says. "Plus, I was out of clean underwear from the break and this was all I had left. God, this is so embarrassing..."

"Why is it embarrassing? I think it's fucking hot."

Eric slowly lifts his hands away from his face and he looks up at me. "You do?"

"Yeah, and you're pretty brave to have worn them. I wish I could've returned the favor. And I think I know a way how to do just that."

I grab the waistband of the tight thong and manage to free Eric from the confines. I slip his jeans and underwear off and all he has left on are his socks. Without the restraining thong, Eric's monster cock is hovering several inches above his hard stomach. "Remember what you said," Eric tells me.

"I was just getting to that." My hands find my jeans and I quickly unbutton and unzip them and let them fall to the floor, leaving me in my boxers. "Do you think I should get some different underwear? Mine feel incredibly boring compared to yours."

"Only if you want. Andrew Christian is the brand of underwear the thong that the guys from the team got me. To be honest, I kind of like it."

"I'll look it up later. Right now, I have some important matters to get to..."

Moving back to the bed, I climb in and rest my body on Eric's legs and my face is just inches away from Eric's engorged cock. I take a minute to take in the natural smell of it, the sweet, raunchy muskiness traveling from my nose to my groin. "Ready?" I ask.

"You don't even need to ask."

I grab Eric's cock, my hand barely getting around it, and I let my tongue touch the base of it. I slide my tongue up it and start to coat it in my spit, making the veined skin shine. I've really come to love the taste of Eric's wonderful cock and I know just what makes it tick and how to give Eric the most pleasure out of this.

My tongue reaches the head and I find the sweet spot underneath the head: the frenulum. I've learned from experience that Eric's body physically starts to shake from pleasure whenever I lick there. And I think I really want to lick there right now. My tongue moves from the head to the base and I find the triangle I was looking for.

Almost immediately, I feel Eric's limbs start to shake a bit and I stop and look up at him. Eric looks to be in another world and we've barely started already. "Wow," I say. "You're already like that."

He looks down at me and I see his eyes can barely open halfway. "O-Only because you're really good at sucking cock..." he breathes out.

I smile and go back to licking. I continue to tease Eric and feel his legs squirm and shake underneath me and they violently quiver as I start to take Eric into my mouth. Despite Eric's length and girth, I can take all of him in my mouth with little effort now. And that's just what I do, burying my face in his public hair.

And the cherry on top that I know Eric likes, I tightly my throat muscles and hum, sending low vibrations into Eric. His cock immediately swells again, taking up even more room in my throat. "F-Fuck, Zane!" Eric yells.

Thinking I've tortured Eric enough, I start to slide off his cock, only to take back in my throat a second later. I continue this steady rhythm, feeling Eric's hands find the sides of my head for purchase. As I suck Eric off, I feel my own dick straining to escape my underwear, my leaking head stabbing at the stitching.

I finally pull off Eric with a loud pop and I lick up the saliva on the side of my mouth. "The lube's in my desk drawer behind you," I say.

Eric comes back to reality and reaches behind him and comes back with the small bottle of lube a second later. "Try to be careful," Eric says, handing me the lube. "We haven't done it in a while and I'm afraid I may hurt you."

"You've never hurt me before, Eric. So you won't hurt me this time either."

I slip my pre-cum soaked boxers off and toss them to the floor before popping the bottle of lube open. I'm about to pour some of the lube into my hand when Eric suddenly sits up. "I just want to be sure you don't get hurt, so please let me..."

Seeing the love and care in Eric's eyes makes me smile. "Okay..."

Eric holds out his hand and I pour a good amount of lube into his hand. He coats his fingers with the clear fluid and flips me over him, putting himself on top of me. His fingers move down my body and they eventually find my hole. "I'm going to go slow, okay?" Eric says.

I nod and I feel one of Eric's fingers slowly enter me. Almost immediately, I feel a sharp jolt of pain, and I quietly yell. "Are you okay?" Eric asks.

"Y-Yeah. You were probably right with this. Had I taken you immediately, it would've hurt like hell."

"I'll keep going slowly."

Eric resumes pushing his finger inside me, even slower than before, and it takes almost a minute before he gets all of it inside me. He slowly pulls his finger out before putting it back inside of me. Eric places his hand on the side of my head and stares into my eyes. "Are you okay?" he asks again.

"Yeah," I quietly reply. "You can go ahead and add another..."

Taking my word for it, Eric slowly adds a second finger and I feel it enter me. I moan again, not from pain but from pleasure, as Eric continues to open me up, feeling small shocks as his fingers graze across my prostate. I manage to open my eyes a bit and I see Eric's warm face, pure focus on it.

It shows me that he's being extremely careful with this, and I love him more than anything for it. I take Eric's hand in mine and give it a light squeeze, silently telling him he can add a third finger. Reading my mind, Eric slowing slides a third finger into me and he opens me up wide enough to fit him.

My fingers interlace with Eric's and I give him another squeeze. "I'm ready," I say.

Eric nods once and he takes the remaining lube in his hand and coats his cock with it, mixing it with my spit. Eric moves to the base of the bed and takes my legs in both of his hands and sets my ankles on his shoulders. I feel him place the head of his cock at my ass and he looks down at me. "Ready?"


The head of Eric's cock slowly enters my ass and I tightly wrap my arms around Eric neck as he penetrates me. He continues to slowly push his cock into me and I hear his hot breath and quiet moan filling my ear. After what seems like an eternity, Eric has all of his cock in me and it's back where it belongs.

I pull Eric closer to me and he rests his chest on top of mine. "Please make love to me..." I whisper.

Eric slowly pulls his cock out of me and, with a bit more force this time, pushes it back in me. I feel that shock I've come to love fill my body with ecstasy and Eric continues to make love to me in a steady and slow rhythm. Hot breaths pass between us as pleasure washes over both of us.

I pull Eric face to mine and I cover his lips with my own. "I love you, Eric," I say.

"And I love you, Zane..."

Eric kisses me and he continues to push his cock deep inside my body, further building up the heat generated by both of us. "Please, go harder..." I beg.

Eric's thrusts immediately quicken and he drives his cock even deeper into my body. My moans start to get louder with every thrust and I feel sweat start to break out on my skin. "It's so hot inside of you, Zane..." Eric breathes out.

"Make me scream, Eric..."

On that note, Eric starts to drive his cock in as far as it will go. My voice rushes out of my body and fills the room with my moans and occasional screams. They mix with Eric's pleasure filled yells and our own personal symphony is created from our love. "I'm about to cum..." I say.

"M-Me too," Eric replies.

"Cum inside me! I want to feel it!"

Eric pushes himself to the limit and he forces his cock in and out of me at a breakneck speed, my muscles tightening with every thrust. My body can't take it anymore and I feel my cock on the verge of exploding. "I-I'm cumming!"

Eric thrusts a few more times before driving his cock all the way inside of me. There's a moment of complete silence as Eric and I look into each other's eyes. Then all hell breaks loose. Jets of cum shoot out of my cock and coat both of our faces and chests with streaks and drops of cum.

I feel Eric's hot load filling my ass, what feels like gallons of cum being poured into me. Every muscle in his body is taught and straining by the sheer effort of keeping his cock in side of me. Finally, our orgasm dies down and Eric collapses onto my chest, his rising and falling chest matching my own.

Eric manages to lift his head off my shoulder and he looks down at me, sweat covering his face. "I love you so much, Zane..." he breathes out.

I smile up at my gorgeous boyfriend. "And I love you too, Eric."

He gives me a light kiss before turning over, his slowly softening member leaving me. He lies by my side with his muscular arm around my shoulders. "I think I need a shower," he says.

"Me too. I can feel your cum pouring out of my ass."

Eric smiles over at me. We rise out of the bed, wipe my cum off both of us, wrap two towels around our waists, grab some shampoo and soap and make our way across the hall into the bathroom. In there, we find a few of our floor mates, who smile knowingly at us. "You all heard that, didn't you?" I ask.

"So did the third and fifth floors," says Trish.

"A friend of mine was walking by the dorm a little while ago and texted me wondering if someone on the floor needed an ambulance from the amount of moaning," says Victor.

I feel myself turn bright red and Eric does the same. "Should we keep it down in the future?" asks Eric.

"You don't need to," says Stephanie. "We're all mature enough to hear two people getting it on. But a warning would be nice so I could put in my headphones."

"So we're supposed to stick our heads out the door and yell 'Hey, Eric and I about to fuck like rabbits! If you don't want to hear, turn your music up loud!'?" I ask.

The whole bathroom roars in laughter and Eric and I join in. Our floor mates pay no mind to me and Eric getting in a shower stall together. We keep it PG-13 in the shower, not afraid to spend a little more time in the more private areas, and walk back across the hall cleaned up.

As we walk back into the room, a low rumble fills my ears. I turn and find Eric resting his hands on his ab-covered stomach. "I'm pretty hungry," he says. "I haven't eaten since breakfast."

"I haven't either. Want to get something to eat in the dining hall?"

"Sounds good."

Eric starts to reach for his clothes and he grabs his red and black thong and starts to slip it on. "You really like that thing, don't you?" I ask.

"It's really comfortable. Sometimes a guy needs a bit of support."

I laugh a bit and go to my dresser looking for a pair of clean boxers. "Ah shit," I say.

'What's wrong?"

"I'm out of clean underwear. I was going to do my laundry when I got back from vacation."

"Maybe you could borrow one of Leo's. He mentioned he just got his laundry done."

I give Eric a very odd look. "You want me to borrow Leo's underwear?"

"Well, I don't want you to, but it's better than going to dinner with no underwear."

I sigh to myself and reach for my pants and pull out my phone, sending a quick text to Leo.

'Hey, Leo. I know this is going to sound really weird but is it cool if I borrow a pair of your underwear? Mine are all dirty.'

I get a reply almost immediately.

'Go for it. I have some pretty bold stuff, but it's yours for the taking.'

Surprised, I walk over to Leo's dresser and find his underwear drawer. I open it up and feel my mouth drop open. Bold was an understatement. This stuff is both loud and provocative. Trying to find a simple one is impossible, so I just close my eyes and grab one at random. II find I've chosen a neon blue brief with a large hole where the as is supposed to be.

Sighing to myself, I quickly slip the brief on and secure it around my waist with a snap of the waistband. I look back at Eric and see his mouth is wide open. "If I didn't just have sex with you, I'd fuck you all over again," he says.

I'm actually surprised at how comfortable this thing is, despite about 75% of the ass being gone. I actually really like how it feels. "Looks like I'm going to need some new underwear later," I say.

Eric and I finish getting dressed and I loan a bit of deodorant to him. "By the way," I say. "Jason says hi."

The look on Eric's face confuses me. It's a look of pure shock and surprise. "You saw Jason?" he asks.

"Yeah. After my parents left, he was hanging out in the lobby outside of Charles' office. We talked for a minute before his disappeared."

"I'm surprised you even saw him."

Now I'm confused. "What do you mean?"

Eric shakes his head out and slips his cap on his head. "Never mind. I'll talk to Jason again later."

I dismiss the topic and finish tying my shoes. Eric and I walk out of the room together and close the door behind us. "Hey, now that you're loaded again, you can start to pay me back for all the meals I've bought for us," Eric says.

"I was kind of hoping you'd forget about those," I reply.

Eric laughs. "I never forget when I pay for something for someone else, even my sexy little boyfriend who's wearing a very sexy pair of underwear right now."

Feeling ambitious, I give Eric's butt a good smack, making him jump a bit. "Says the guy wearing the black and red thong," I say pretty loudly.

I hear a laugh from behind us and see that few of floor mates heard my last statement. I expect Eric to be embarrassed, but he snakes his arm around my waist with a smile on his face. "C'mon. We need to get some food in both of us. We'll talk to your mom and dad after we get back."

Smiling myself, I rest my head on Eric's shoulder as we walk to the elevator, feeling absolutely complete.


About two weeks later, it's now April and the weather could not be more perfect, the sun shining every day. Zane and I are perfectly happy and things are going great for both of us. Zane's talking to his parents every day and seems to rekindling his relationship with Damien more and more with each passing day. I'm still a bit wary about Damien, but if Zane trusts him, then I will too.

It's Friday night and another baseball game is coming to a close. So far, the score is 4-1, with us in the lead at the bottom of the ninth, and I need just one more pitch to end this thing. Jack holds his glove open for me and signals for a fastball. I nod once and get into position, standing on the white of the pitcher's plate.

I set my sights on the glove and pick up my left leg and bring it down hard onto the dirt. My arm whips forward and the ball shoots out of my hand. Screeching across the field, the batter attempts to connect with it, to no avail. The ball flies right into Jack's mit and the bat finds air. "Strike!" the umpire yells. "Batter out! End of match!"

I pump my fist into the air and Jack slips his mask off and jogs over to meet me. "Great pitching tonight, Swanson," he says.

"It's all thanks to your signals," I reply.

"Keep this up, and we're headed to a World Series championship."

We line up with the rest of the team and thank University of Arizona for a good game. We quickly make it back to the locker room and dress back into our warm-ups. "Good game, boys!" Charles says. "I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me!"

"Yes, Coach Higgins!" we all reply.

"You worked hard tonight. Be sure to have a good night's rest for the follow-up game tomorrow night."

We finish getting our warm-ups on and walk out of the locker room and out into the warm night outside of the stadium. "Eric!"

I look over and see Zane jogging over to me. I open up my arms and let him run into my chest, giving him a tight hug. "You were awesome tonight," Zane says.

"You really were."

Josh and Leo are standing close behind Zane, both of the wearing Stanford t-shirts. "Thanks, guys," I say. "Sorry about that foul ball in the fifth inning."

Leo holds the ball I almost killed him with in his hand, giving it a few tosses. "Don't worry about it," he says. "I got a souvenir out of it."

I laugh a bit. "What up, Zane?"

From behind us, Jack, Ty, Shane, and a few guys other guys from the team walk up to us, each of them giving Zane a high-five or fist bump. "Hey, guys," he replies. "Great game tonight."

As Zane is talking with me and my teammates, I don't notice a man approaching us. "Excuse me," the man says. We all turn and face him. "Which one of you is that Swanson guy?"

I take a step forward. "That's me," I say. "What can I help you with?"

The man reaches into his pocket and what I see makes my body freeze and my heart race. This guy is holding the blade of a switchblade right at me. "So you're that faggot baseball player I've hear about..." the man says through gritted teeth.

I feel the guys behind me freeze as well and I raise my arms up defensively, fearing for my life. "Look, man," I say. "I-I don't want any trouble..."

"Yeah? Well, you got trouble when you and your faggot ass stepped onto a baseball field. You and your fag ass have poisoned this sport and the world with your presence. And I'm going to rid the world of that presence."

Oh dear God, this guy's fucking serious. "P-Please," I beg. "Please don't hurt me. Please, just put the knife and we can sort this out..."

"There's nothing to sort out, you little faggot. You're an abomination to this world and I'm going to make sure you can't poison the world anymore..."

This guy's fucking nuts! I feel myself starting to panic when I remember something from a few years ago that Mom taught me after watching Oprah. "Please," I say. "My name is Eric Swanson and I'm 19 years old. My mother's name is Hannah Swanson and my father's name is Todd Swanson. They live in Seattle and I love them both dearly along with a six-year old Scottish Terrier named Patch.

"I've been a Stanford student for almost eight months now and I love it here. I have dozens of great friends that I care for and I know they care for me as well. My boyfriend is right behind me and I love him with all my heart. Please. I'm only 19. I haven't lived my life yet. There's so much that I haven't done that I want to do. Please..."

I see the look in the man's face change a bit and I see the knife in his hand start to waver. It looks like he's changing his mind about what he's doing and I start to relax a bit. "NO!" The man's grip on the handle of the knife tightens. "You have to die!"

The man charges forward and raises the knife above his head, the blade pointed right at me. Pure fear keeps me from moving and I watch in horror as the blade gets closer and closer to my chest. All of a sudden, I feel something to my right push me and my feet slip from underneath me, causing me to fall to the ground with a hard thud.

I look back up at where I was standing and I feel my heart drop. While the blade may have missed me, it found someone else. The blade is buried deep in the shoulder of Jack, whose face is completely white. The man holding the blade looks horrified at what is in front of him and he quickly pulls the blade out of Jack's shoulder.

Dark red blood pours out of the wound in Jack's shoulder and, almost like a puppet whose strings have been cut, falls to the ground. "JACK!!" I scream.

Before I can even move, I see a body move in front of me and Leo charges at the man, pure rage in his face. He kicks his right foot at the man's arm holding the blade and it connects with his wrist, causing the blade to fly out of his hand. Leo takes this opportunity to give a hard punch to the man's stomach, causing him to double over, and Leo finishes the job with a swift roundhouse kick to the man's face.

With a loud crack, the man falls to the ground unconscious. With the sense of danger gone, I finally gain the strength to crawl over to Jack's side. I look into his face and he seems to be in a state of shock. "Move!"

I see Josh run by my side and he immediately presses his hands to the open wound in Jack's shoulder, blood seeping through his fingers. "Ty! Shane!" he yells. "Go and keep that psycho restrained! We need to make sure he isn't a threat anymore!"

Ty and Shane rush over to the man and keep his limbs pressed to the ground. "Someone get me a towel and an ace bandage!" Josh yells.

I see Alejandro and Peter digging into their bags and coming back with a towel and a bandage a few seconds later. They both lay the towel and the bandage by Josh's side. "Zane!" Josh yells again. "Call 911! Let them know what happened and where we are! Tell them to hurry!"

Zane digs into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone, tapping the screen a few times before holding it against his ear. Josh looks over at me. "Eric, I'm going to need you to put pressure on the wound while I get the towel and bandage ready."

I hear what Josh said, but I can't seem to move. "ERIC! If you don't help me here, Jack may die!" My body unfreezes and I hold my hands over Josh's. "When I move my hands, you're going to press s hard as you can on the wound. Got it?"

I nod once. Josh quickly pulls his hands away and I press on the bleeding wound as hard as I can. Josh grabs the towel and folds into a small square and looks back at me. "Eric, I'm going to have you lift your hands so I can place this towel over Jack's shoulder. When it's on, push back down as hard as you can."

I nod again. I lift my hands and Josh places the towel over the wound and I press down again and watch the white towel start to turn red from the blood. Josh takes the ace bandage and quickly starts to unravel it. "Zane!" he yells. "How long on the ambulance?"

"They said four minutes!" Zane yells back.

I look at Jack's face and see it hasn't changed a bit. The more I look into it, the more I see that I caused all of this. Jack pushed me out of the way to try and save me, and got hurt as a result. My stomach fills with guilt as I look into Jack's unblinking eyes. "Eric! Move your hands!"

Josh is looking right at me and I slowly lift my hands off the towel. Josh jumps into action and starts to tightly wrap the ace bandage around the Jack's shoulder and the towel. I grab Jack's hand and look down at him. "Jack, you're going to be okay. You'll be back on the field in no time. You'll be okay..."

The wail of a siren starts to fill my ears and I see flashing lights of red and blue. Footsteps run up behind me and I feel a hand fall on my shoulder. "Looks like we meet again." I look up and see the same paramedic from when Zane cut his wrists. "We've got it from here."

Josh and I step back from Jack and let the paramedics do their work. I watch as the paramedics work on Jack, some of Jack's warm blood dripping from the tips of my fingers. But to me, I feel as cold as ice.


Jack's alive. It's been eight hours since the attack and Jack is resting in a room after having surgery to repair a severed artery. Had Josh not stepped in and helped to put pressure on the wound, the end result may have been very different. Now, it's almost 4:00 in the morning and I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room with Zane, Josh, Leo, and my teammates.

The police questioned us and arrested the man for attempted murder, violating the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and first-degree assault. They commended Leo for incapacitating the man and for Josh helping to keep Jack alive. They said we might need to appear in court to testify against the man, who's shackled to a bed in another room with a broken wrist and jaw courtesy of Leo.

After what feels like days, a doctor walks into the waiting room. "Who here is with Jack Christian?" she asks.

The rest of the guys fell asleep a while ago, but I'm still wide awake. "We are," I say, rising out of my seat.

"May I ask your relationship with Jack?"

"He's my friend and teammate. Is he okay?"

"He's awake now, but is in considerable pain from surgery. Does he have any living relatives?"

"His parents are getting the first flight here. May I please see him?"

"You may, but you're going to have to be quiet."

I follow behind the doctor as she leads me through the hallways. We finally get to a room and I wait in the hall as she enters. I hear her speaking softly and she comes back out a second later. "You can go in," she tells me.

Taking a deep breath, I walk in the room and find Jack lying in a bed, much of his shoulder and upper arm wrapped in bandages. He hears me walk in and sees me. "Hey, Swanson," he quietly says.

"Hey, Jack."

I walk over to the side of the bed and take a seat in an available chair. "Where's everybody else?" he asks me.

"They're asleep in the waiting room, so it looks like you have to stick with me for a while."

"I don't mind. I like good company. Where's that guy from earlier?"

"He's resting in another hospital room. Leo kicked the guy and broke his jaw and wrist after...he stabbed you..."

Surprisingly, Jack lets out a good-natured laugh. "I wish I could've seen that happen. Was it really funny when Leo kicked the guy?"

"Jack, how the hell can you be so light-hearted about this? You could've fucking died tonight!"

"Yeah, but I didn't. And now that psycho that hurt me is going to be behind bars for a long time. I'd rather have this happen again than have my teammate be killed."

"But...this is all my fault. The guy targeted me and you were the one that got hurt."

"Eric, I'm fine. A little nerve damage never killed anyone."

Nerve damage? I feel my body freeze at the words. "N-Nerve damage?" I ask.

"Yeah. The doctor said I'm only going to have about 90% use of my left arm and shoulder from now on. But I'll be back on the field in a few weeks. I guarantee it."

Without warning, the room becomes blurry and I feel water drop onto my hands. "I-I just destroyed your future," I quietly say. "You're not going to be able to play at your best anymore. Jack, I'm so sorry..."

I quietly cry to myself for a minute, letting tears run down my face. "Eric, look at me." I look up and see a hard look on Jack's face. "Eric, it's okay. I'm right handed, so I don't use my left hand for much during a game besides catching pitches. Yeah, batting's going to be a bit difficult from now on, but I'll survive. I'm going to get on that field again and you, me, and the guys are going to take that World Series title."

Jack's eyes are filled with confidence and it looks like nothing's changed with him. I wipe my eyes dry and look back at him. "How can you be so confident about this?" I ask.

I see Jack's face slowly creep up into a smile. "Because I have you and the guys for teammates. Baseball isn't a one man sport. I need my teammates to help fill the voids on the field that I can't. So I need you and the guys to help me out on the field. And now that I need more help, I know I'll have your support."

My body fills with warmth that's been gone ever since I first saw Jack get stabbed. I finally smile and look back at my captain. "Thanks, Jack." I rise out of my seat. "You want to see the rest of the guys?"

"Sure, but make it quick. The pain medication I'm getting is making me a bit drowsy."

I make my way out of the room and walk back down the hall to the waiting room, where I shake my teammates awake. "Guys, wake up. Jack wants to see you guys."

It takes a few seconds, but the guys rouse from their slumber. "Is he alright?" asks Ty.

"Tired and in a bit of pain, but he seems okay."

They slowly rise out of their seats and stretch out a bit. "We're going to see him," says Peter.

"I'll come with you," I say.

"No, we'd...we'd rather you not come," says Cameron.

Sensing something's wrong, my heart rate increases. "What? Why?" I ask.

"Because...because you've caused enough damage tonight," says Zachary.

My stomach drops and I watch as my teammates walk down the hall together, leaving me alone in the waiting room. I take a seat in a chair, feeling cold and numb. There's a sudden snap in my ear, but it's not from something in the real world. It's the sound of the ties that bind the team together breaking apart.



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