Cory was the town Pretty Boy who everyone one knew and had lost of friend. He live there with his Mother and his Step Father who were both in the Banking Business. Cory Mother Sally was always away from home most of the time on work business. Cal was the only town Bank Manager who everyone knew and like to visit him because of his looks and personality.

He stood about 6' weigh just over 200 with short strawberry blonde hair along with a nicely trim beard. He also help coach the College wrestling team over in the next down every Saturday morning. It was late Friday night when Bill came home a little drunk from being with all of his Buddy's who like to go out to the Hot Deuce Strip Club.

Cory room was right across from Cal and his mother bedroom were he can see him strip down to nothing. His eyes were alway amazed by watching him standing there in his Bikini Briefs flexing his muscles in front of the dresser mirror. It was the same night that he caught Cory outside his door watching him flexing.

Fuck dude come on in as the out line of his cock was showing very well as he started to walk over to the bed. He then plump down onto the bed as Cory and him began to chat about what Gay sex is all about. It took some time before he got his nerve up to ask Cal if he could fuck his ass. They began to kiss on another before they started to 69 each other. Cory was enjoying sucking Cal nice 7 inch mushroom head cock as it pours out lots of pre cum from it. 

It took Cal well over 20 minutes before he shot off a huge load of his man juice inside of Cory tight ass.They were both cover with Cal sweat from the fuck session before they ended up in the shower together scrubbing one another down. Cory was the first one out to dry off as he quickly went over to his bedroom to get ready for bed.  The time was well after midnight as Cal went over to his dresser drawers to put on a fresh pair of underwear. Once again Cory was watching it all happen in front of his eyes.




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