He stepped from his shorts and threw them back on the bed. He walked to my bed and I was in awe as his shaft started to harden. It was very thick and when it finally became erect it was at least nine inches long and had a slght bend upward. By this time I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my head only a few inches from his throbbing cock. I watched as the mighty weapon raised and lowered with his breathing and I saw the small drop of seminal fluid as it emerged from the opening.

Compared to my seven inch cock it was a monster. He had an exceptionally large tip and it resembled an old German helmit that I had seen in the movies many times.

He gently put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up into his soft eyes as He said"Don't worry about your tests as I am going to make sure you pass all of them, but your going to have to be nice to me and help me out ". It was like someone had lifted a weight off my shoulders and I realized at that time how much the tests had been weighing on my mind.

I felt elation and when he slowly pulled my head toward his throbbing prick I didn't resist but opened my lips wide to engulf the enormous head. I felt a little strange at first but this man seemed to have a power over me and I started to take his shaft into my mouth. "Oh Yes"

He said and started to slowly fuck in and out of my mouth stopping only to leave the head just inside my lips and then shove back in. The big cock felt strange and wedged my lips wide but I was not rebelling in the least. I was so relieved to know that those tests wold be taken care of that I would have done most anything for him.

As the salty fluid leaked onto my tongue I actually started to enjoy it as I knew I was the source of this father-like figures enjoyment and I realized at that time I had a love-like affection for him. My cock had actually started to grow and I now had a full erection. At that time he pulled his big lance from my mouth and pushed me back on my back on the bed. He then lay down beside me with his head toward my feet and his big cock was again at my face . I felt his soft thick lips enclose the head of my turgid prick and it took my breath away. I had not enjoyed any form of sex for a long time and I was ready to burst. I hadn't even masturbated since leaving home.

The seriousness of the events had sobered me up fast and I now felt this warm feeling flow over me as he did his best to suck me dry. I just let his big cock lay in my mouth as he expertly brought me to a climax. I then erupted with several weeks pent up fluid flying from the head of my cock as he gallantly tried to swallow it all with his experienced mouth.

He handled most of it as I twitched and bucked in sheer bliss with him trying to hang on with his lips. I felt a million diffeferent emotions race through my body and all of them were good. I lost his prick for a few minutes but as my emotions died down I turned and took him back into my mouth with a determination to give him the same pleasure he had given me. In just a few short minutes I had become this man's dedicated sex toy and I was now sucking his cock for all it was worth.

He took complete control and pulled from my mouth as he pushed me onto my back. He then moved up to straddle my chest as he pushed a pillow under my head to adjust it to just the correct angle. Then came the literal fucking of my face and he used my mouth just like a woman's pussy shoving his cock as deep as possible and then pulling back for another try. I gagged a few times when it hit the opening to my throat but he showed no mercy and continued to stretched my mouth. My head popped back and forth as he took his pleasure. His large testicles bounced on my chin as his prick went in and out. I felt my tightly sttretched lips peel back and forth as his cock slid between them. He pinched my nipples painfully and stretched them by pulling them straight out. I will never forget his words at that point as he said, "Your mine now baby and I am going to make you my bitch!" With those words still ringing in my ears I was flipped over like a rag doll and forced to lie face down as he reached for something in his night kit on the floor by the bed. He was a big rangy man about six foot three and he was very strong. He held me in place as he smeared the cold slick jell on his finger and quickly and roughly rammed it into my virgin ass. He had changed from the kind,soft man I knew into a dominant one and was demanding the use of my body. I probably could have fought him off enough to escape his advances but those difficult test loomed large in my mind and I lay there as he reamed me good finally getting three fingers painfully inside me as he spread the lube in my soon to be ravaged ass.

I have many accounts of guys who told of the pain of a first-time fuck but believe me they were an understatement. Many said that they started to enjoy it after a few minutes and I will never be convinced of that. The pain I felt as he rammed his over-sized cock into my unbelievably small rosbud was excruciating and I actually screamed like a young girl. He showed no mercy as I begged him to stop but just pounded me deeper until I felt him hit bottom. He forced as much as he could inside and just held me pressed to the bed with his weight as his prick soaked in a mixture of lube and a little blood from my small blood vessels. He was out of control as he shouted into my ear and told me how sweet and tight I was and reminded me that I was his now and to get used to being fucked like a whore. In the coming weeks and months I learned what the term "Bitch" really means in gay terms as he used me time and time agan as his personal slut. My lips actually thickened from suckng his cock constantly, often at the ED center after he had closed.

He would lock the doors and tell me to strip. He would then either fuck my mouth or my ass at least once before we left. By the time I was finally transfered my ass or "pussy"as he called it was stretched wide from his fist and his big cock. He would start with three fingers and end up with his arm in me almost to the elbow. He delighted in using a mirror to show me how big my opening was now. My once puckered little hole now gaped open wide as it waited the next penetration. On one occasion I was used to satisfy one of his higher ranking friends and I learned what it was like to be fucked at both ends at the same time.

Being gay in the military was a discharge if you were caught and when I went for my physical before I shipped out back to the "States" the doctor checked me for hernia and he said something that worried me for several days. He said" Boy, you've had some action back there haven't you!" As he observed my grotesquely opened hole. I was scared stiff that he would report me and I would be forced to be interviewed by the commandig officer. But nothing happened and I was transferred back to the USA. Before I left Steve fucked me all week-end and reamed me several times with his fist and told me "You won't ever forget me boy", as I'm the one who made you the little slut that you are!" Soon after reaching my new base I met a sargent first class who soon had me on my knees again sucking his ample dick. And as he fucked me hard the first time I realized I would forever perform the roll of a sub cock-sucker and slave. Steve had converted a previously hetrosexual man into a devoted cock-sucker and one who lived to be penetrated. I have been used by many dominant men and a few women but I will never forget Steve......This is a true story and I have only added a few adjectives to spice it up...Enjoy



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