When I graduated from High School I did not have enough money to attend college so I decided to join the military and partake of some of their free education. I was a little bored at home anyway since most of my friends had left to attend higher learning institutions. Even my girl-friend was gone to an eastern college.

I joined the US Airforce and after training I was sent overseas to an airbase in Japan. It was on the northern tip of the island in very poor rural surroundings.

I was assigned to a fighter support command and started to train on servicing and repairing jet fighters. In the meatime I signed up for some college courses through the University of Maryland. They were given at our base education center and I would attend in the evening after my normal duties were over.

Let me interject this: I had never in my life had any leanings toward gay or bi-sexual activities although we had some gay guys in school.

Being only 5ft 7inches tall and weighing only 140 pounds prevented me from playing contact sports. I tried one year but just couldn't take the pounding. I enjoyed playing tennis and I lettered in that sport. The jocks always kidded me about tennis being a "sissy" game but I still enjoyed it.

As I spent night after night studying at the Ed center I got to know the guy in charge very well. He was a very educated intellectual type guy who could speak intelligently about many things and was a big help in my studies, especially in math which was my weakest subject. Higher math just would not come to me and I had a terrible time with it.

Some nights after we finished he and I would walk outside the gate and get a beer at a little Jap bar. We would also go swimming occasionally at the indoor pool on the base. I was a good swimmer and it helped keep me in shape.

We became fast friends and soon I was visiting him in his room and getting extra help with my math. I had a big test coming up and I was really worried that I would not pass it. I was also studying for a militay pay raise test that could mean me being promoted in rank. I really had a load at that time and I was really concerned.

One weekend we got a pass and went into town. We rented a room at one of the two small hotels in the small village. It had two single beds and was clean as the Japs are meticulous housekeepers. We just wanted to get away from the miltary atmosphere for awhile. We took a change of clothes and shaving gear. We settled in the room and then we decided to go drink a little beer.

I had never drank over two beers at any one time in my life as I was usually playing tennis in school and our coach would kick you off the team if you were caught indulging. I knew it wouldn't take much to get me drunk but we had the week-end and a room close by so I didn't care.

We went to a little bar and started to drink.

I had been a little depressed over my coming tests and that night I started to drown my troubles , drinking the first beer way to fast and starting on the next one. My friend whose name was Steve put his hand on my arm and said"Slow down guy, we have all weekend!" I told him I was worried about my test and he assured me things would be okay. He was 15 years older than me and I usually listened to what he said. He was almost like a father to me at times.

We drank until I was feeling no pain and then Steve suggested we go back to our hotel before curfew time. All military personnel had to be off the streets by 12 PM. and Air Police enforced the regulations. Steve guided me along as I was in pretty bad shape. When we got to our rooms he helped undress me by pulling my shoes and socks off as I lay back on the bed. I fumbled with my pants and finally stripped to my shorts. As I flopped back on the bed I noticed that he had also stripped and I noticed that he did not wear the crummy military shorts that we were issued but had on bikini-type pale blue underwear. I had seen him at the pool but he always wore a loose fitting pair of swim trunks that revealed very little. For the first time in my life I noticed another man's penis. I would probably have not done so except for the fact that his was so huge. It filled the front of his underwear and wrapped around toward his left side. Even in my drunken haze I could not take my eyes off it. There was a feeling that went through me that I cannot explain and it went from my groin to my chest causing me to actually shiver.

When my eyes finally left his member and I met his gaze I realized he had been watching me all that time with a slight grin on hs face. I was starting to sober up a little and regain my composure and I felt this strange magnetism toward this man. Steve was much more intelligent in the ways of the world and he took advantage of it at this moment. I watched spellbound as he stood and pulled his underwear to his knees and exposed the enormous muscle inside. He knew something about me that I didn't know myself......Part II Next



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