Casey pulled into the site, easing his way across the graded parking lot. His convertible sat low and even though the parking lot base was graded smooth he still knew his car was not ideal for a construction site. He thought about trading for a SUV but money was still tight having just gone through internship and the cost of license exams and his recent move to a nicer apartment closer to his job. Besides, he still loved the little convertible, for it got him through five years of Architecture in college and the last four years of being on his own working for a small firm in town. Every time the weather was in the upper seventies and the skies clear and he had the top down he forgot all about the impractical aspects of only having two seats and a small trunk.

The project was coming along with the building enclosed and the HVAC systems operating allowing the interior work to proceed. The site was in final grading along the perimeter and paving was to start this month. Casey had his camera and clip board with the general contractor's application for payment. He entered the building to review the work completed since last month and Clark approached him, the site superintendent carrying his own copies of the paperwork.

"Wish you could have gotten here sooner. The plumber had some questions but he had to leave so I've got them here" Clark said as soon as Casey came up to him, always straight to the point. Casey knew he seemed put off by someone who looked so young on the job site telling him what needed to be done but Casey had been on job sites every since joining the firm, first going along with one of the other architects learning the ropes and finally on this small commercial project doing the reviews on his own.

"Sorry, but I've got two other jobs I'm watching, and one is just starting up so we had a long meeting set up to kick it off."

Clark just nodded.

They walked the building, along the front storefront, down the side and rear walls, across the open floor looking up at the work above and finally they headed toward the back support areas.

"Most of the subs are gone already but the electrician is still here. They got here late today so they're working late" Clark said as they went through a framed opening, the door not yet hung.

Construction lights were sitting on the floor angled up and a scissors lift sat in the middle of the room. There was an older man, middle age with slight graying at the temples, standing on the floor with an electrical plan in his hands. He was looking up at the guy on the lift who was wiring light fixtures and the two of them were talking back and forth.

"Neil, you guys making headway?" Clark asked as they approached, and as usual he didn't bother to introduce Casey.

"Hi, I'm Casey, with the architect" he said as he approached moving around Clark.

"Neil" the electrician replied and he didn't introduce the other guy, the one Casey was having a hard time not staring up at while he worked over them.

The three of them talked for a few minutes, discussing some light fixture arrangement and work the sprinkler contractor needed to adjust to miss the fixtures and Casey made notes of the adjustments for his report. When Clark and Neil began to discuss schedule, Casey excused himself to look at the progress of work in the back spaces. As he moved around the room he kept glancing up at the guy on the lift and when he was looking at the lights installed his eyes lingered on the guy. He looked tall on the lift but being ten feet in the air Casey wasn't sure, but the guy looked lanky, long arms and legs, both exposed with him wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off. Casey looked up as the guy reached up to wire another fixture and he saw the patch of brown hair, a tight little patch right in the concave part of the underarm area. He saw the tattoo on one bicep and how the guy's arms looked so smooth, and as he eyes scanned down the lean torso, looking up the shirt and seeing a small trail of hair rise up out of the cargo shorts leading up to the navel, he wondered what his body looked like naked, wondered if he was skinny or lean, muscular like a runner or swimmer. He knew some of these guys on job sites, those who looked skinny could be scrappy, aggressive in their manner and it enticed Casey, something alluring about this roughness. He let his eyes scan on downward over the long legs and they way they were lightly dusted with brown hair.

When Casey let his eyes travel back up the guy's body to his face he found the guy looking back down at him. A smile, or was it a sneer, was on his face and Casey quickly looked down and moved away continuing his review of the work.

Casey went room to room and time and time again he ran into the young electrician and after a while he wondered if the guy was deliberately crossing his path. Then he wondered if he was just being wishful, letting his imagination run away with him. In the room with the electrical main Casey was reviewing the layout, looking at how the large conduit and the small runs were set against the wall and then overhead across the ceiling. He tried to check the penetrations but couldn't see with some structure and other gear in the way. He turned to go to the other side of the wall and the young electrician was standing at the door.

" you happen to know if the conduit is sealed with fire caulk at the wall up there" Casey asked, stammering as he spoke, pointing up to the area of concern.

"I think it is, but I'm not sure. You want to get a closer look?" the guy replied.

"Yeah?" Casey said, wondering what the guy was going to do.

"Wait here" the guy replied and he walked off saying nothing more.

A few minutes later Casey heard the scissors lift approaching, the whine of its electric motor and the squeal of the steering mechanism. The young electrician had the lift lowered all the way and came through the door and pulled to the wall were Casey wanted to get a closer look.

"Climb on" the guy said to Casey. Casey climb up on the platform and he realized how small the platform really was by how close he had to stand to the guy. He was so close they almost touched and Casey found himself reaching out, tempted to touch the guy who had his back to Casey.

"I'm Casey."

"Zach" he replied with his back still turned toward to Casey as he worked the controls raising the lift. They rose slowly up until Casey could easily see over the structure and gear to the place where the conduit penetrated the wall. He took a photograph and began making some notes when he sensed Zach standing closer.

"Does everything look good?" Zach asked his voice low.

"Y-y-y-yeah" Casey replied and he glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw Zach was so close they were almost touching and he wanted to lean toward him, move just a little and let his arm brush up against Zach's bare arm. Casey realized Zach wasn't as tall as he first thought, a couple inches shorter than his own five eleven but up close he realized Zach was even more attractive, his skin so smooth, even on his face where he appeared not to even be shaving and his eyes were a dark brown.

"I saw you looking at me" Zach said in a low whisper and Casey pretended not to hear him. "Was I mistaken?" Zach asked a little louder, his voice sarcastic.

Casey looked over at Zach and saw him smile at him and he watched Zach raise one arm and suddenly Casey felt the hot touch of Zach's hand on his back, felt it move upward to his neck where fingers massaged his neck, Zach's long fingers working over his skin, his grip firm and soothing. Zach's other hand came up to Casey's stomach and pressed against him, then moved in a circular motion, slowly, going downward each time till he was groping Casey, his fingers digging into the crotch of Casey's khakis feeling his cock, it growing with his arousal.

"You want me, don't you?" Zach said, his voice low, commanding, and Casey just looked at him nodding his head. Zach held Casey by the neck taking his clip board and camera. Zach moved to him bringing his lips to Casey's kissing him roughly.

Casey couldn't believe what was happening to him, how quickly Zach was moving things along and how his fear someone would come in on them mixed with his desire for Zach to do more. Zach pulled back, released his neck and bent down laying Casey's things on the floor of the lift. When he stood up he took Casey's hand and brought it to his crotch.

"Feel what you've done to me" Zach said as Casey did what Zach wanted and began to manipulate the cock in the loose cargo shorts. Casey felt Zach's cock, felt it grow thick and hard, and he ran his fingers along its length and squeezed the soft worn fabric tightly around it revealing its size. Zach unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped them letting them fall to his ankles. His boxers were tented out and Casey reached for it but Zach brushed his hand to the side and took the boxers by the waist and pulled them down. His cock sprang up hard, the head flared out and Casey felt Zach pushing down on his shoulders.

"Suck know you want to" Zach said and Casey went down on his knees. Zach's cock had darker skin, the shaft thick and veined and Casey held it in his hand looking at the gapping slit. He put his tongue to it, bore into it and then swirled his tongue around the head making Zach inhale deeply. He dragged his tongue down the shaft and back up till the head nestled against his lips. Zach was inpatient, eager to get off and he pushed forward sinking his cock into Casey's mouth. Casey held Zach by the thighs to keep from falling back as Zach drove his cock in and out of his mouth, the pace fast and furious.

Casey worried someone would come in and catch them, worried how it'd look for him to be on his knees sucking this electrician's cock, or in this case taking a hard mouth fuck, for Zach piston his cock in and out of his mouth till drool ran down his chin. He felt Zach's cock grow fully erect filling his mouth and Zach grabbed him by the hair and pulled his mouth forward as he pushed inward with his hips and Casey took it, took every thrust, feeling his own cock grow thicker, the confinement in his khakis painfully noticeable. It aroused him as much as it made him anxious; this sex out in the open.

Zach pulled from Casey's mouth and reached under his arms helping him to stand up. Zach kissed him roughly, his long fingers wrapped around the back of Casey's neck holding him tightly.

"I want to fuck you" Zach said when he pulled back looking Casey in the eyes, their faces so close as to nearly be touching. Casey turned around and let Zach do the work as he held the top rail. Zach leaned against his back with hard cock pressed into his ass as he reached around and undid the belt, unbuttoned the khakis and pulled the zipper down. It was only the briefest of moments and Casey felt his pants and boxers slide down his legs. His cock sprang up hard, the head wet. His shirt tail brushed over it and lay loose over his ass and the nakedness of his lower body, his cock exposed was all the more apparent. Zach took him by the neck and pushed him over and he reached down and held the lower rail, his body bent over, making him look down at the floor several feet below. His ass was upturned and Zach shoved his shirt up his back and he quickly felt cock rubbing over his ass, pressing against him and when Zach held his waist, cock at his hole, Zach pushed forward stretching him open and penetrated him. Zach eased into him slowly letting him adjust to the breach of his hole and soon he felt Zach's hips press up against his ass.

"Nice...nice and tight" Zach whispered in his ear as he lay over his back, cock buried all the way in his hole.

Casey felt his vulnerable state, his nakedness, up on the lift, his own cock hard and leaking with Zach buried all the way inside of him. Bent over double, his sense of balance thrown off, and he looked up at his own cock and the drool stringing down from the head. He was so excited, so aroused, anxious and scared at the same time. Zach began to fuck, to drive his hips back and forth, hard, slamming into his ass making the lift rock frightfully with him leaning over the rail.

"Shit...take me...fuck..." Zach was stammering as he fucked with an urgency, a need to cum and Casey sensed Zach's urgency, his lust, and he held tight to the lower rail and took each push inward, feeling Zach sink into him over and over. Zach lay on his back and kept his hips moving as he reached around and took Casey's cock and stroked it to the rhythm of his fuck. Faster and faster, the lift rocking and Zach and Casey grunting and moaning, and all too soon, but not quick enough either, Zach began to jab his cock into Casey, hard short thrusts forward.

"Fuck...I'm coming" Zach grunted and he pound his cock into Casey's hole filling it with his cum. His hand kept up its pace, the grip firm and Casey rocked his hips as best he could, thrusting his cock though Zach's fist till he came, pumping his cum through the open guardrail and down to the floor below.

Zach helped Casey stand and the two of them quickly dressed and just as Casey got his belt slipped back into place they heard Neil coming calling out for Zach.

"In here" Zach replied as he lowered the lift.

Casey felt the fear rise up of how they were so close to being caught and he climbed down to the floor and gave Zach a look of longing and fear, his emotions all mixed up. Neil came in and began to tell Zach what they had to get completed before they left. Casey wanted to talk with Zach but saw that would be impossible with Neil in the room and he also wondered if he was just another fuck for Zach, someone available for his pleasure. He left the room and finished his survey and when he was at the front door ready to leave he wondered if he should go in search of Zach, but then he thought of how Zach had said little before, during or after and that assumed he should just go.

The parking area was empty of construction vehicles except for the electrician's van and Casey's little convertible. As he approached he reached into his pocket for the keys and he felt something in his pocket and he took it out. A piece of cardboard, the end flap torn from a small box and he flipped it over to the back side and saw on the dark brown paper something written in pencil. It was Zach's name and number with a short message underneath.

"Call me tonight."



[email protected]


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