This is my first contract working for this new Construction Company that I heard good things about. I enter the interview room and sat down on the chair before the team Foremen came in to interview me. He came in and began to shake my hand before he went to sit down at his desk, His name was Willy and was extremely  good looking for a middle age man. He was in his late 40's stood just over 6 feet and my guess he weigh a good 200 plus with dirty blonde hair and clean shaven. I also notice he had a picture of his family on his desk and never had a wedding band on his finger.

The interview lasted a good 20 minutes when he ask my all kinds of interesting question evan on my sexuality which I thought it was strange. I then receive a call back from him around 2 weeks later and told me that I have got the job and will be working with his team, I got to meet the people who I will be working with that following Monday morning. The time was around 8 am when I show up at the job site and meant everyone that was on the team. It was about a year project working on the new city sports arena. 

I was call into Willy office a few times over the next few weeks, As he was to give me my first evaluation as a team member, He was very pleased with my work habits and knowledge of my trade. Not to shortly after that he then invite me up to his cabin for a weekend fishing trip.

We drove up to his cabin that was in the Bush around 6 pm Friday evening, It took a good few hours until we arrive shortly after sunset. The beers were going down pretty good before we started to wrestle a bit on the floor, We both did some form of wrestling in the past. His light hairy muscle body felt great when he finally pin me on the floor. He had a little advantage over myself as I was stood only 5'9 and weigh around 150 pounds. The daddy bears like call me their cubby.

Willy then went over to the wooden stove and through some more logs into it to heat the cabin for the duration of the evening. The cabin was not really big at all it had like a queen size bed along with a pull out sofa bed ,living room and a nice medium size kitchen it.

The time was close to midnight now as Willy told me that the sofa bed was broken and that I would have to sleep with him for the next 2 nights, I was real nervous about the whole concept sleeping next to the person who I jerk off about the last week. We were both laying there when I felt his hand began to touch my underwear that I was wearing as my cock became very stiff, It was shortly after that I began to do the same type of touching.

We started to kiss one another deeply as both of our cocks were totally erected by now, It felt great going down to his light chested hairy body to his small put great looking semi cut cock, I really enjoy sucking a cock that size as it was easy to deep throat all the round down to his balls. He moan with great pleasure as he was calling out my name Mark very loud. " Fuck Mark you its feel great, Fuck Mark its feel great dude " His pre cum started to pour out like Niagara  Falls now as my lips were licking up with great pleasure his sweet tasting cum that he was releasing. The blow job lasted a good 20 minutes before he shoot off 2 loads at once all down the back of my throat. " Fuck Mark that felt great dude" 

It started to rain a lot as we were on the lake about 3 miles from were his cabin was, He both caught 2 trouts which will be use for supper that night along with a bottles of Yellow Tail wine that I brought with me. We got back to the Cabin as our body were drench and soak from the rain, Willy quick went over to the closet and grab some towels for us to try off our soaking body's. The Cabin also had a cover shower inclosure that Willy build some years ago and it was heated by a small propane water tank. The shower felt great as the two of us were washing and hosing our body's down. I began to stood against the wooden wall as Willy started to go down on me this time. His lips along with his wide mouth swallow my 7 plus cock very easy as he was moving up and down on my shaft. I then shoot of a load of my own cum all over his chest and nibbles, It felt great since I have not cum in over a few day's.

The supper and the wine went over very will before he ask Mark if he can fuck his ass, Mark told him that he has never been fuck by a guy before in his life. It was just before 11 pm now when Mark felt Will dick enter his virgin hole for the first time, " Fuck Will it feels nice dude " As he moan with sexual passion, Will got more excited  and started to shove his shaft in and out of Mark hole much harder by now. Mark was now screaming  of Will cock as his balls started to slap up against Mark tiny hole good and hard. 

Will pull out of him slowly before he began to spread Mark legs apart to eat his bubble ass hole all out. " Fuck Willy eat me dude, Eat me dude " As Will mouth and lips were digging into his wet ass. Mark ass was good and loose as Will bang him from behind once more. The fuck lasted will over 40 minutes before Will shot off another load of his juice into Mark.

The next morning they got up and grab some bagels and coffee before they heard a knock at the cabin door. Will open it up and notice it was the Park Ranger that he knows very well and invited him back in for a coffee. Will Introduce John to Mark as they began to shake on another hand before they went over to the table to sit down. John was another great looking stud and  very well build, He was also around 6'1 and weigh just under 200 pounds with dark trim gel slick back hair along with a nice trim bristle moustache. He told them both that he has just got done his morning weekend shift and he stop by to check things out.

John was another married man who love to fool around with Will when his wife is not around. Mark also notice that John took off his weeding band before he went over to sit down at the table. The 3 of them chat for some time before the small orgy got started. Will and Mark both help out very slowly removing Ranger John uniform, John pant has just fallen onto the floor as he was now standing their with just his light Blue Spandex Sports Briefs on along with the same colour t-shirt that match it.

Mark was so amazed by it all before he then ask John if he could fuck him, Mark always had a fantasy getting fuck by a Park Ranger of some sorts. " I will love to fuck your small ass dude " Willy was shock what came from Ranger John mouth before the 3 of them headed over to the bed.

The 3 some started by Will and Marking sucking and working on Ranger John massive 8 plus mushroom head dick. Mark love it when he put his tool into Ranger John mouth as he scream out with pleasure as his bristle moustache tingle Mark cock and balls. Both Mark and Will took their turn at fucking Ranger John mouth before they both shot off their loads all over it. You can see the joy in Ranger John face as he was doing his best to slurp up all the cum that was shot over him.  " How about get me a beer so I can wash all this down Mark "  Okay I'll go to the fridge right now John.  The beer tab open as he started to take a huge swallow of the beer to wash all of the Sweet & Salty cum down that was clinging  onto the back of his throat.

Will had to go into town for a minute as it was now Just Ranger John and Mark at the cabin as the rain had just started to come down. " HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOUR ASS MARK " He look at him with excitement before he answer " ANYWAY YOU WANT SIR " They then walk over to the messy bed and threw all the cover onto the floor. Mark was laying on his back at the side of the bed while John was standing their bare chested in front of him, Ranger John had a beautiful darkish blonde hairy chest as he started  to pour some kind of massaged oil that he brought with him. He then reach down and began to push 2 fingers into Mark small hole to loosen it all up for his massive cock.

Ranger John pull his semi hard cock through the hole of his sports briefs before he began to wrap Mark legs all around his hairy shoulders and neck. He then told Mark to hang onto his underwear tightly has his cock was now fully erected.  Mary reply back to him " Yes Sir " I sure will !

Mark began moaning of sweet pain as Ranger John huge cock started slowly go up his small tight hole. "  ARE YOU OKAY MARK " He ask him a few times ! " IT FEELS GREAT SIR, FUCK ME DUDE " It was not to long after that he was in full speed fucking Mark ass. The sweat began to roll off of him like buckets of water during the fuck, Mark can feel the underwear was complete drench of the sweat as he began to grab on more tightly as John cock was sliding in and out of him real hard and easy by now. They were both doing great as Will just walk in through the cabin door. Will went over and started to tightly squeeze Ranger John sweating nibbles as he was very close by now in cumin. " HOLY FUCK GUY.S , I GETTING CLOSE  "  He yell out to the top of his lungs as he began to have a huge orgasm into Mark ass has his whole body started to shake and erupted like a volcano.

" FUCK DUDES THAT WAS THE BEAST FUCK EVER " Before he pull out of Mark sore ass by now. Will was so mazed by all of the ass juice and cum that was still left on Ranger John semi hard dick , That he walk over and got down on his knees and began to slurp and gulp the rest of it all up.

The 3 of them got into the outside shower before they all headed back home for the work day tomorrow. The time was well after 1 now as they watch Ranger John put his uniform back on before he left. He then handed Mark the pair of his sweet smelling sweaty underwear that he wore during the fuck and gave it to him as a special gift as he  started to walk out the door. " I LOVE TO FUCK YOUR ASS AGAIN MARK " Before he started to go down the steps.  It was a week later that Willy called Mark into his office to fire him without cause.




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