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Pain wracked Matheus's body. He clutched the wound in his abdomen as Tyler lifted him up to the lid of the box. He was distinctly uncomfortable about being man-handled by the pretty American boy but there was little he could do about it. He had lost too much blood to be able to put up a fight now.

"I'll slide into the box first and pull you in after me," Matheus heard Tyler's deep masculine voice say. "That way I can cushion your fall into the box." Matheus saw Tyler squeeze through the opening in the box. A moment later Matheus was dragged through.

Matheus felt himself being pulled over the lip of the box and expected Tyler to gently lower him down. Instead, Tyler let Matheus fall onto him. Even though the lip of the box was not high off the ground, the impact sent waves of pain through Matheus's body. The Brazilian gasped for breath. "Please, be careful," he moaned as he clutched his wound.

There was no response from Tyler. A moment later Matheus heard the lid of the rejuvenation box grind shut. Matheus felt a sudden tingling on his skin and felt around with his fingers. To his amazement, he felt only unbroken skin. His wound had mended itself! The Tamon Arian's high-tech box had cured him.

"Tyler!" he cried out excitedly. "I'm cured! The box fixed me."

There was no response.

"Tyler?" Matheus said again and nudged the American with his elbow.

There was still no response. What had happened to the boy? Matheus felt around quickly and his fingers brushed against a damp spot on Tyler's back. Matheus felt dizzy and yanked his hand away quickly. He swore. The Black Team must have sprinkled Tamon Arian knock-out liquid inside the rejuvenation box. Tyler had been knocked unconscious as soon as his body touched it.

Matheus squinted into the dark and looked at the floor of the box carefully. Tyler had been lucky. Most of the liquid seemed to have pooled in the corner of the box. Tyler must have gotten enough to knock him out for a little while but he should be awake again before long. Matheus squirmed to the other end of the box and pulled Tyler's body the same way to avoid the liquid.

This left Matheus is a uncomfortable position. He was laying on top of Tyler. He could feel the body heat from the larger man's body. Matheus had to grudgingly admit that the American really was one of the most attractive males that Matheus had ever seen. Tyler had the same tan skin and eight-pack abs that Matheus had but he was taller and his sensitive dark chocolate-colored eyes were exquisite. Matheus would have found them extremely arousing had they been on a female. Tyler was lean and his upper body was hairless. His pecks were wide and smooth and his abs tailed off into a perfect V. There were very few people whom Matheus felt inferior to. Girls described his as physically stunning. Tyler, however, was even more impressive and Matheus knew it. No wonder that strange American girl Ava seemed so in love with him.

At least there was one area where Matheus knew he had Tyler beat. Matheus had the biggest cock of any male he had ever seen. He had given pleasure to dozens of girls with it countless times. He had also given pleasure to one male. Matheus smirked as he thought about the previous night's conquest.

When Ava had first proposed the idea of seducing Erik, Matheus had instantly dismissed it. He was as heterosexual as it was possible to be. Still, the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of the challenge. Transforming a alpha male stud into a cock-sucker was an exhilarating idea. Matheus had enjoyed every moment of bringing that transformation to life. In some ways, solidifying his conquest by impaling Erik on his cock had been one of the greatest sexual pleasures of Matheus's life. Too bad the Black Team had gotten to Erik, Matheus would have liked to play some more with his new toy.

Matheus's eyes drifted down to the bulge between Tyler's legs. The red spandex shorts that all the males on their team wore left nothing to the imagination but it was difficult to see in the darkness. Was it possible that Tyler was packing a cock and balls anywhere near the size of Matheus's? It seemed impossible but Matheus's supposed that there was little harm in finding out while the American slumbered. Matheus squirmed onto his side and shoved his right hand down the American's shorts.

Matheus's eyes shot open in shock as his hand closed around a massive cock. He knew instantly that Tyler's cock was as larger or even larger than his own. Matheus's reached deeper and found Tyler's scrotum. He rolled the boy's large plum-like testicles around in their sack. They were huge. Tyler was easily the most well-endowed male that Matheus had ever come across.

Matheus thought about that in annoyance as he idly played with Tyler's cock and squeezed his balls. Matheus didn't like the fact that another male had out-manned him. Little good it did the American now, though. His manhood was in Matheus's hand. Matheus could turn this big stud into a gelding if he wanted to. Somehow, that was not enough, however. Matheus wanted to dominate Tyler like he had dominated Erik. Matheus wanted to turn Tyler into a cocksucker before stripping him of his sense of manhood.

Matheus gave Tyler's balls a hard, angry squeeze and then pulled his hand out. He lay on top of the American and waited uncomfortably for him to wake up.

It seemed like hours passed before Tyler began to rustle around and wake up. He stretched his arms and groaned and then suddenly tried to sit up. Matheus forced him back down.

"Where am I?" Tyler said quickly.

"Relax," Matheus said. "You're in your rejuvenation box, remember? The Black team must have sprinkled some of that knock out liquid in the bottom. Don't worry, you didn't get that much, you'll be fine. The good news is that the box healed me. I still feel sore but my skin has mended and I'm not bleeding anymore."

"Oh," Tyler said groggily. "I guess that makes sense. Why do my balls hurt though?"

Matheus ignored that question. "There's some liquid left in the corner," he said. "Just watch that you don't touch it."

"Aha," Tyler said. "So that's why we are crowded into the side of the box like this. Sorry dude, it looks like it is going to be an uncomfortable night for us." He chuckled. "Heck, you're small enough. If you just curl up a little more on top of me maybe I can pretend like you're a chick."

"If anyone were the girl it would be you," Matheus retorted. "I'm on top of you. You are like my girlfriend beneath me waiting for me to stick my cock in her."

Tyler laughed. "Whatever, little guy. If you want to know who the real man is just reach down and feel my dick."

Again, Matheus had no comment. "I am the superior man," he said. "If I wanted to I could make you suck my cock right now."

Tyler roared with laughter. "Is that so?" he said in an amused voice. "Well then you go right ahead. I dare you. Seriously, give it your best shot."

"Okay, but I warn you. You're not going to like it. At least not at first," Matheus said. "Are you sure you want me to go ahead and make you suck my cock?"

"Whatever buddy," Tyler said with a laugh. "Do your worst. Go ahead."

Matheus's heart leapt in his chest. The thought of this pretty boy's lips around his cock got him excited. He was going to enjoy this.

"Fine," Matheus said. "Just give me your hand for a moment."

"Why?" Tyler said, still laughing, as Matheus grabbed his hand. Matheus grasped it at the wrist and then quickly forced the hand into the corner of the box where the Tamon Arian liquid was. He moved so quickly that Tyler was unconscious before his last laugh had finished echoing around the box.

Matheus grinned evilly. Now the real fun started. He took Tyler's hand and dabbed it in the Tamon Arian liquid until the stuff was dripping off Tyler's fingers. Then, careful not to get any of the liquid on himself, Matheus rubbed Tyler's hand on the back of his shorts. The material opened up around where the liquid touched the material of the shorts. Matheus quickly threaded Tyler's hands through the holes in his shorts. The material closed up around Tyler's wrists just like handcuffs. Matheus had seen Ava do something very similar to poor Erik.

Matheus then turned Tyler over and rubbed his massive palm on Matheus's own family jewels. The sensation caused Matheus a moment of discomfort - he never wanted to feel those fingers around his goods - but then it was over and the crotch of Matheus's shorts had opened up. Moving quickly, Matheus squirmed underneath Tyler and turned Tyler around so that the two of them were face to face. Then Matheus pushed Tyler down the length of the box until Tyler's head was even with Matheus's crotch. Matheus positioned Tyler's face directly over his own cock as the material around Matheus's crotch began to close. Matheus guided the material as it regenerated so that it filled in over Tyler's head closed around his neck.

The beautiful 18-year old American high school quarterback and stud now had his arms locked behind his back. His head was trapped inside Matheus's spandex shorts. He had a face full of cock and balls and there was nothing he could do about it.

Matheus laughed heartily. He loved the feeling of American's face against his manhood. The poor boy had no idea what he was in for. Before the night was over, Matheus was going to take his manhood from him, turn him into a pussy for Matheus to screw over and over again, and make him wish that he had never agreed to Matheus's challenge.


Tyler drifted awake to thoughts of Ava. He felt himself getting hard as he thought about her shapely body and long, silky legs. Ava's eccentric appearance and personality only made her more hot to Tyler. The crazy ones were also the most wild in bed. Tyler knew she was hooked on him. The girl could not resist his good looks. Most girls thought he had some deep well of sensitivity. That drew sensitive ones like Ava in. She would keep searching for its bottom as he pillaged her with his enormous cock over and over again.

Tyler tried to lift his head up but it wouldn't move. That was odd. Something was pressed against his face. It was large and warm. A short hair was stuck in Tyler's mouth and he tried to spit it out but he couldn't. He tried to pull it out with his hands but found that his arms were trapped behind his back. What the hell was going on? Tyler started to panic. Had the Black Team gotten him? He began to twist and squirm as frantically as possible.

"Shhh, quiet now," he heard a voice say. It sounded like Matheus's accent.

"What's happening?" Tyler tried to yell. It came out as a loud mumble.

Matheus cackled. Tyler felt his head bounce as whatever his face was on moved with the sound. "Well stud," Matheus said, "you're in a bit of a predicament. Your arms are trapped and your head is stuck inside my shorts. Right now you are getting intimately familiar with my cock and balls.

Tyler instinctively recoiled in horror but the material over his head kept him trapped. He felt Matheus's pipe-like cock against his face and Matheus's balls resting on his lips. The Brazillian's musky odor filled Tyler's nostrils.

Tyler began to gag and tried not to vomit. He was touching another guy's junk. Not just touching it, he had his face pressed against it.

"Before you get any ideas about biting or hurting my jewels," Matheus said, "just remember that I am the only one who can get you out of this. So, if you want ever want to get out of my shorts, I suggest you do as I tell you."

The thought of biting a piece of Matheus's cock off immediately sprung into Tyler's mind. Unfortunately, Matheus's words did as well. Biting Matheus would do nothing more than anger him and the only way for Tyler to get out of his shorts was for Matheus to let him go.

"Look, I'm not going to make this too hard on you," Matheus said. "Sorry, no pun intended. I simply want to win the bet. Just put your lips around the head of my cock, give it one quick suck, and then I'll let you go. That's all. I won't tell anyone you did it. Not even Ava. Just indulge me and that will be it."

No way. Nothing in this world could make Tyler suck another guy's cock. Sure, he let girls suck his cock all the time, but he certainly was not going to do that. He wasn't a chick. He was the man, not the pussy girl. He kept his lips firmly shut.

"Okay," Matheus said after a moment. "I guess you prefer to spend some more time getting to know my junk. Well, I'm going to get some sleep. If you change your mind, you know where my cock is."

There was no way the jerk was actually going to sleep. A few moments later, however, Tyler felt Matheus's body rising and falling rhythmically. He groaned in dismay and tried to wriggle around to find some way to slip out of his predicament. Unfortunately, the material around his neck was unyielding and tight. It was like someone had put a dog collar on him and tied the leash to a big penis.

What seemed like ten minutes passed. Then fifteen. With every moment Tyler grew to hate the stench of Matheus's genitals more and more. Finally, it was unbearable. The Brazilian must be sleeping soundly by now. Perhaps Tyler could spit on his cock and tell him that he had sucked it?

The plan seemed worth a shot. Tyler could not get his head far enough away to spit on Matheus's cock so he let some saliva dribble out of his mouth. Tyler felt it against his face and tried to rub it into the side of Matheus's cock. Unfortunately, Tyler only succeeded in getting Matheus's balls wet.

Tyler needed to bring the tip of Matheus's cock closer to the drool. He started trying to move cock head closer by moving his head around. It did not seem to do much good until suddenly Matheus's flaccid cock bent and rolled closer. Matheus could feel it against his cheek. He had to be almost at the head. Desperate, Tyler closed his lips gently against the skin of Matheus's cock - careful not to wake him up - and tried to pull the tip closer. Almost there... almost...

Tyler released the skin of the cock and tried one more time, stretching with his neck to get closer to the penis head. He opened his lips a little wider than usual to get even closer and then closed his lips around the skin. Instead of the side of Matheus's cock, however, Tyler closed his lips around the head itself. Before he could stop it, the head of Matheus's cock popped into his mouth.

"Yes!" Matheus roared and clamped two hands around the back of Tyler's head, pressing it down into his crotch. Tyler tried to push his head away but the pressure from Matheus's hands was too strong. He could not get his mouth off of Matheus's cock. A moment later, Matheus's cock began to grow.

"No!" Tyler yelled but the sound was muffled as if he had food in his mouth. Matheus's cock grew and grew. The Brazillian was apparently aroused. Suddenly, it was fully erect. Tyler could feel it pressing against the back of his throat and gagged again. Nothing came out, however, as he had not eaten real food in days.

Matheus released his hands but his cock was now so large that there was no way Tyler push it out. Tyler realized with horror that he was trapped with another guy's erect cock in his mouth.

Matheus laughed again. "See my American friend?" he said. "I told you that you would suck my cock. I just had no idea how eager you were for it. How does it feel to have a mouthful of Brazilian meat?"

Tyler was still trying to spit the engorged cock out. It was useless. All he succeeded in doing was coating the thing in saliva.

"You're doing well," Matheus crowed. "Not just let me show you the motion."

Tyler felt a hand on the back of his head and then Matheus felt repetitive pressure. He realized with horror that Matheus was making his head move up and down on Matheus's cock. Matheus began to thrust his hips forward with each push. Tyler felt Matheus's cock head tickle the back of his throat with each thrust.

Soon they had a rhythm going. Matheus would thrust and Tyler would gag and helplessly try to squirm away. By the way Matheus was laughing, he enjoyed he situation immensely.

"Just think," Matheus said. "You used to be the captain of the football team. You had pussy whenever you wanted it. You were a man. Now you wriggle on the end of my cock like a girl. I have made your mouth my pussy. Do you know what happens to pussies? Men fill them with man milk."

Matheus suddenly twisted around Tyler felt a sharp pain in his neck and knew better then to resist as Matheus turned him around. Tyler then found himself laying face up as Matheus thrust his cock down into Tyler's mouth.

"Your throat is so warm," Matheus said. "It feels just like a warm pussy. Yeah, I think I'm getting ready to cum."

Tyler tried harder than ever to spit the massive cock out. No dice. He was humiliated more than he had ever thought possible. He knew very well what a blow job felt like but he had never imagined what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of one. Cock tasted like warm, sweaty skin. Cum, however... he did not want to know what that tasted like. He had to prevent this somehow.

Unfortunately, he was too late. Matheus groaned with pleasure and Tyler felt warm, sticky gu fill the back of his throat. Matheus rammed his cock in and out of Tyler's mouth and Tyler felt the gu coat his tongue. It was slightly salty and seemed to doggedly stick to the inside of his mouth.

Matheus moaned again and more liquid filled Tyler's throat. It was too much. Tyler could not swallow easily and the cum quickly backed up. He began to choke on it and his body heaved with involuntary coughs. Pieces of cum flew out of Tyler's mouth. Matheus was still humping Tyler's face, however, and his body smeared the cum over Tyler's face and worked it into his skin.

Tyler's mind was screaming in horror. He had just given a guy a blow job! The Brazillian was turning him into a cum dump. As Tyler continued to gag on the boy's cock, all he could think about was his humiliation.

Finally, Matheus stopped thrusting his cock. He laid still with a sigh, his cock still in Tyler's mouth. "Thank you, that was amazing," Matheus said pleasantly as he started to push himself up. "Now I want to..."

Matheus suddenly fell back down limply and didn't say anything else. Tyler waited but he was silent. Tyler grunted but Matheus did not respond. Alarmed, Tyler began to shift his body around in swift, jerky motions. Matheus still remained silent. What was going on? With horror, Tyler remembered the Tamon Arian liquid. When Matheus was pushing himself up he must have stuck a finger or a hand in the stuff.

No... that meant... If Matheus was really knocked out then there was no way he could let Tyler out of his shorts. There was no way he could take his cock out of Tyler's mouth. That meant Tyler would be stuck sucking cock until Matheus woke up hours from now.

Tyler thrashed around with as much energy as he could manage but it was no use. Matheus's body just wiggled around but they were joined together, cock to mouth. Tyler could not lower is body any further to pull Matheus's shorts off. He was trapped.

After another 15 minutes or so of thrashing around and denial, Tyler gave up. He seethed silently and endured the taste of cock and cum. He could feel the cum sticking to his face. Some of it even seemed to have gotten into his hair. It had turned into a hard crust.

The first thing Tyler discovered was that his tongue betrayed him at every opportunity. He tried to keep it away from Matheus's massive cock but his tongue just seemed to sense that something odd was in his mouth and it wanted to investigate. Whenever Tyler stopped paying attention he would find that his tongue was touching the cock in some way.

Finally, boredom set in and Tyler just gave up. To keep his mind occupied, Tyler began feeling the cock with his tongue. Honestly, he had never spent too much time looking at another man's cock. He always averted his eyes as quickly as possible in the locker room. He might as well take what little advantage he could get out of the situation now to learn more.

Matheus's cock was uncut which was unusual to Tyler. Tyler let his tongue tease the Brazillian's foreskin and explore the cock head. Surprisingly, Matheus's body seemed to react and the cock swelled slightly. Matheus's groaned in his sleep.

Intrigued, Tyler wondered whether it was possible to get a unconscious man hard. He let his lips close around the cock and tentatively suck it. Matheus's cock responded eagerly. Fascinated, Tyler continued sucking until Matheus's cock seemed hard again. It was amazing that Matheus could get another erection so quickly after cumming. Well, Tyler was not going to give him the satisfaction of blowing another load down Tyler's throat. Tyler bit the tip of the cock lightly and waited until the cock had become flaccid again before resuming his sucking. Even if Matheus was unconscious, at least Tyler could give the man blue balls. Maybe he would feel the discomfort when he woke up but he would likely not be able to identify anything that Tyler had actually done wrong.

Tyler continued giving Matheus blue balls for an hour. At least it kept his mind occupied. Tyler idly wished that one of the girls he dated could try this. It would be a good learning experience for them. Tyler realized he had quickly become a master at giving blow jobs. He knew exactly how to suck Matheus to get him hard and just when to stop before Matheus found release.

After a couple hours had passed, even playing with Matheus's cock had turned boring. The taste of cock felt like it had saturated Tyler's mouth and it was unbearable. Desperate for more distraction, Tyler started practicing how long he could keep Matheus hard. That was more difficult as he had to figure out when it was safe to start sucking again without letting Matheus get soft.

Tyler just thought he was starting to get the hang of it when he felt Matheus's balls contract. Tyler instantly stopped stimulating the boy but it was too late. Another hot load of cum filled Tyler's mouth. Tyler gagged as the man juice trickled down his throat.

Now his entire mouth tasted of cum. Tyler felt like he had drunk a gallon of the stuff. That's the new me, Tyler thought angrily. I give guys blow jobs and drink their cum for fun. At least Matheus didn't know what he had done.

As if on cue, Matheus began to move around. He groaned and then said," What... what happened?" There was a pause and then he said, "Did you just give me another blow job?"

Tyler did not say anything and prayed the man would dismiss the idea but Matheus started to laugh. That quickly turned into a howl. "You like it," the Brazilian cried. "I didn't even make you do it that time. You enjoyed it so much you came back for seconds. Wow, you really are a pussy. Good pussy. I'll tell you what. Since you're such a good pussy now, I'm going to let you up for a while. Just don't get your head to close to mine. It probably smells a lot like my cock now and I don't want to smell that. I am glad that you have become so familiar with my cock. I've got more plans for you and it. I think you'll like them."

Matheus wriggled out of his shorts. His flaccid cock slipped out of Tyler's mouth Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. He felt Matheus turn him over on his back and wondered what the Brazillian was going to do next. There really was no way to continue to torture Tyler unless Matheus used the Tamon Arian liquid to get at Tyler's cock through his shorts or his head, which was still trapped in Matheus's now-empty shorts. Tyler realized with a sudden surge of excitement that this was his opportunity. Matheus was going to have to touch the liquid in order to use it on Tyler and that would knock him out again. That should give Tyler a window of opportunity to get free and get his revenge.

"You know, I realized something when I touched the Tamon Arian liquid," he heard Matheus say. "I realized that it make me a bit loopy. I wonder what will happen if the tiniest bit of it touches your skin."

Tyler felt Matheus's hands on him and then realized that he was being pushed to the opposite end of the box. Was Matheus trying to immerse Tyler in the Tamon Arian liquid? If so, it would do no good. The liquid was in the corner of the box. One could only reach it with a hand.

Then Tyler felt something cool and damp against the skin on his back. That was strange. The floor of the rejuvenation box should be dry.

Suddenly a thick fog seemed to settle on Tyler's brain. He blinked his eyes in confusion. He couldn't seem to focus his mind.


"Tyler? Tyler?" Matheus waited for a few moments but all he heard back in response from the football stud was incoherent mumbles. It seemed that the Tamon Arian liquid had worked as he had expected. Direct contact with the liquid knocked a person out but touching the damp remainder of the liquid only gave a person a drug-like high. That was perfect for what he had in mind.

Matheus rubbed the material of his shorts against the damp area and waited until it opened up far enough for him to pull the shorts off of Tyler's face. He tossed them into the edge of the box; he wouldn't be needing them for a while. He stared down at Tyler's face. Even in the darkness Matheus could make out the stud's beautiful features. His perfect hair, his gorgeous eyes, his brilliant teeth... no wonder so many girls swooned over him. Matheus wished they could see him now with moist cum still on his face and his mouth fresh from sucking cock.

"How are you feeling?" Matheus inquired. The American just moaned in response. He did not seem to be in any pain, though. In fact, he seemed quite content.

"I like you like this," Matheus said. "It's much more honest. Usually you seem to put on such a display of resistance and toughness but now, with your inhibitions lowered, maybe your real self with come out." As Matheus spoke he began to caress Tyler's chest. He let his hand trail down the grove between Tyler's incredibly chiseled abs. Then he reached over top the front of Tyler's shorts and massaged his balls through the spandex material.

Tyler giggled. "You shouldn't touch me there," he said like a little boy. Matheus wondered if he had ever been high before. He doubted it; Tyler seemed to clean cut to be a stoner.

"Why not?" Matheus asked as he kissed Tyler's neck. He had never kissed a man like that before but it wasn't so bad. "Don't you like it?" He began to stroke Tyler's cock.

The horny teen shuddered. "No," he said unconvincingly. "I only let hot chicks touch my wiener."

"But I'm touching your wiener and I'm not a chick," Matheus said. "You seem to be liking it just fine."

"I'm not gay," Tyler slurred.

"Is that so?" Matheus said. "Well then I guess one of us must be a girl after all. You've already sucked my cock twice today so we both know it can't be me. That means it must be you."

"No, uh-uh," Tyler said. "I'm a dude. I've got a big cock."

"I'm not so sure about that," Matheus said. "Let me test it."

Matheus began to stroke Tyler's cock faster and faster. Tyler moaned but his arms were still trapped behind his back so he couldn't do anything about it. Even if he could, Matheus doubted he would. The dazed jock seemed to be enjoying himself.

Tyler opened his mouth to say something but Matheus quickly leaned in and pressed his lips against Tyler's. He shoved his tongue into Tyler's mouth and explored it. Tyler tried to push back with his own tongue but only succeeded in making the kiss feel more passionate as their tongues intertwined. Matheus knew Tyler had never kissed another guy like this before. Matheus had just taken one more step towards dominating him.

Tyler quickly grew hard. The massive cock between his legs felt like a lead pipe. All it took was a couple more tugs from Matheus before Tyler began panting hard and grunting in pleasure. Matheus felt the shorts grow wet but he kept pumping, eager to drain Tyler of every last drop of cum. The shorts filled up with more and more until it seemed like they were ballooning out with liquid. Matheus gave a few more pumps and then gave Tyler another fierce kiss before letting go. Tyler sagged limply and sucked in air.

"What a mess you've made," Matheus said. "Here, let me help clean you up." He had a thought and snatched up his shorts again. He dabbed them in the Tamon Arian liquid and then turned Tyler over. He rubbed his shorts against Tyler's so that the shorts opened up far enough for Matheus to get Tyler's hands out. Then Matheus pulled the shorts off of Tyler, being careful not to spill out any of the massive amounts of cum that had collected inside.

Matheus rubbed more liquid on the shorts so that they opened up more. Then he carefully slid them under Tyler's face. He made sure that Tyler's face was positioned directly in the middle of the puddle of cum inside the shorts and then folded the back end of the shorts around the back of Tyler's head and waited. Sure enough, the shorts filled in around Tyler's head.

Tyler now basically had a mask on his face. It was a mask filled with his own cum.

Matheus could hear Tyler making confused noises that suggested he was waking up out of his haze. He knew he had to move quickly. He slid his own shorts onto Tyler and pulled them tightly against Tyler's crotch. "This might be a bit uncomfortable for you, buddy," he said. Then he grabbed the waistband of the shorts and pulled up with all his might, giving Tyler the wedgie of a lifetime. Tyler gave a high-pitched squeal and tried to squirm away but he still didn't fully know what was going on and just succeeded in wiggling around on the floor.

Matheus held the shorts in place for as long as he could. He noticed that the backs of the shorts where the liquid had touched were closing and he quickly pressed his own penis and testicles against Tyler's bare ass. He waited another minute and then released his grip on the waistband of the shorts. He felt them to see what had happened. Sure enough, they had permanently molded into the tight wedgie position, squishing Tyler's manhood in the front. In the back, Matheus's genitals had been trapped inside the shorts.

Tyler was now laying face-first on the ground. His face was soaking in his own cum. His testicles were being squished against his body and Matheus's cock was waiting ominously at his asshole. But Matheus was just getting started.

"Isn't this nice?" Matheus whispered soothingly in Tyler's ear. "Now I want to talk a little more about which one of us is the girl." He kneaded Tyler's muscular shoulders with his hands and began to massage his back just as he had with Erik. His formula for conquering studs had been proven. "My credentials have been established but yours are questionable. For one thing, I control you." He stroked Tyler's muscles and kissed his neck to get his point across. "For another, your cock and balls are squeezed into a package so small they are almost nonexistent." Matheus reached down and rubbed the front of Tyler's shorts. Tyler grunted. His shorts were now so constricting that any movement there caused significant discomfort. "I think you are the girl," Matheus said between kisses. "Now I just need to find your pussy."

Tyler shook his head. He was quickly coming out of his daze now. He started to press up with his hands and wriggle around.

"Shhh, just relax," Matheus said. "Think about it. Being a man is difficult. You always have to make the first move. There is so much pressure on you to succeed at football and at school. Keeping your alpha male status must be very stressful. But if you were my girl, I would look after you. I would take care of all your sexual needs. You wouldn't have to worry about a thing." Matheus kept up his system of alternating massages, kisses, and cock rubs. He knew he was working the horny teen into a sexual fervor in spite of himself. Tyler was now fully conscious again but endorphins were surging through him and the thought of being with another guy suddenly didn't seem so bad.

Matheus gently started to rock back and forth. His cock was already hard again and he let it slide back and forth between Tyler's ass cheeks.

"No," Tyler said, his voice strained. "I don't want that."

"Don't worry," Matheus said in his soothing voice. "I won't do anything that you don't want. We'll take it slow." He began to stroke Tyler's cock. From the way Tyler shuddered, he knew the boy was becoming aroused despite the discomfort.

"Can you take this thing off my face?" Tyler asked in a breathless voice.

"Sure cutie," Matheus responded. "Soon. I want you to keep in on just a little longer. I think it's good for you to soak in your man juice. It will remind you that you were once a man. This isn't so bad now, is it? Being with a man seems so uncomfortable when you think about it but here, in the moment, you realize it is just another way to get sexual gratification."

Tyler grunted noncommittally. Matheus took that fact that he didn't deny it outright as an opportunity.

"You've already sucked my cock," Matheus said. "Why don't we experiment just a little more? See what it feels like in the other end?"

Tyler hesitated and Matheus knew he had him. If a uber-straight jock was actually on the fence about letting another guy shove a cock up his ass, he had already given in.

"Come on," Matheus goaded him. "I thought you were adventurous. No one else will know. Why not just see how it feels? Or are you too nervous? Are you a virgin?"

"No," Tyler exclaimed heatedly. "I've had sex hundreds of times with over 17 different partners. I can take what you've got. Do it."

Matheus's heart soared. The American's momentary bravado had overcome his better judgement. "As you wish," he said sweetly and thrust his hips forward. His cock rammed into Tyler's ass like a torpedo.

"Ahhhh!" Tyler cried.

Matheus laughed as he began ramming his cock in and out of the American stud. "Now you are my girl," he said. "You're a good girl."

Matheus methodically pillaged Tyler's ass while stroking Tyler's cock. He could tell that Tyler's mind was being overwhelmed by all the different sensations. Pain and extreme pleasure were radiating from his ass and genitals. Matheus imagined the cum caked into Tyler's face. It was probably stinging his eyes and working its way deep into those beautiful lips.

Matheus felt himself reaching another orgasm. He grabbed Tyler's balls tightly and whispered in his ear, "Say it. Say that you are a girl and my slave."

Tyler squealed again in a high-pitched voice. "I'm a girl. I'm your slave!" he cried.

Matheus laughed and patted the football star's compressed nuts. "That's a good girl," he said. "Now we both get to let out a little milk." He jerked Tyler's cock hard. The boy moaned and clawed at the bottom of the box with his fingers. A moment later Tyler exploded. Matheus felt the wetness between his fingers but he was not done yet. He kept pumping Tyler's cock for all it was worth. Tyler groaned as wave upon wave of cum shot out. There was so much cum that it worked its way around Tyler's ass. Matheus felt it against his own cock. He was not so happy about that. He did not want any of Tyler's juice on him.

Matheus felt ready to cum but he held off as best he could until he had milked Tyler dry. He did not want the boy to be having an orgasm when he shot is own cum into the boy's ass. No, he wanted Tyler to be completely sane and feel every sensation.

"My turn," Matheus said finally and he shot his load. Tyler groaned again and began to wriggle around as the cum fulled his ass chute. The movement felt good against Matheus's cock and he shot more and more up Tyler's ass. It might have been the most amount of cum he had ever squeezed out. It felt like it was minutes later before he finished and collapsed against Tyler's muscled back.

The two males lay together for a while, Matheus on top of Tyler, their sweat mingling and their body radiating off of each other. Matheus was smiling. He thought about how the cocky football stud must be feeling now with a face drenched in cum, shorts full of cum, and an ass full of cum.

"So how was that for you?" Matheus finally asked in a cocky voice.

"Ugh," Tyler replied. "I don't... I don't... ugh. Can you just take this thing off my face now? And can you loosen my shorts? My balls feel like they are being pulverized."

"Sure sweetie," Matheus said. "Give me your hand." He interlocked his fingers with Tyler's and reached out with the boy's hand toward the Tamon Arian liquid. Once he had Tyler knocked unconscious he would use Tyler's hand to spread the liquid on the shorts and extract his own penis. He wasn't done with Tyler - not by a long shot - but he didn't feel entire comfortable with his cock and balls trapped anywhere.

As Matheus reached out he felt Tyler's hand twist. Annoyed, Matheus tried to jerk it straight but suddenly Tyler's arm surged forward. The last thing Matheus felt was cold liquid touching his hand.

Matheus blinked his eyes. Where was he? His head felt like it was on fire. Then he became aware of a pain radiating from his groin. It felt like someone had taken a sledge hammer to his boys, or maybe given him an hour-long wedgie. He tried to sit up but something was pressing his head down. Then he suddenly became aware of something unbelievably long, hard, warm, and salty in his mouth. It was so large that his jaws felt sore from being stretched. A musky, manly smell filled his nostrils. What was happening to him?

"Hey asshole," he head Tyler's voice say. "How do you like the taste of American cock?"

Matheus felt a cold shudder roll through him as horror set in.

"I hope you like drinking cum," Tyler said. "You've already had one load and I've got another all ready for you"

Matheus tried to yell in manly defiance but the sound just came out as a gurgle. Tyler's massive cock was already ramming back and forth in Matheus's mouth.

There was nothing Matheus could do. He laid back and let the stud go to work. Matheus knew that he should be furious but for some reason he wasn't. Screwing two males had not really been all that different then screwing females, though many of the sensations were certainly different.

Matheus enjoyed the element of conquest even more, however. Now he realized that he did not really mind this American's cock in his mouth all that much. In fact, though he would never say it out loud, he kind of enjoyed it. Tyler had an incredible body and a monster cock. Matheus would learn what he could about pleasuring the boy and then try to turn the tables. In fact, Matheus had suddenly come up with another idea.

Matheus began to suck Tyler's cock. Not just let Tyler screw his face but actually actively participate. Tyler stopped ramming his cock into Matheus. "What are you doing?" the American said in a confused voice. Matheus liked keeping him off balance. He redoubled his efforts, determined to give the stud the best blow job of his life.

Tyler began to moan. He tried to pushed his pelvis away from Matheus's mouth but it was trapped in the shorts just as much as Matheus's head was. Tyler had thought that he had Matheus cornered but, in an ironic way, his own cock had become a slave to Matheus's mouth.

Matheus was not about to let the American off easy. He sucked for a while and then nibbled and bit down on the head of Tyler's cock until the cock lost some of its hardness. Then Matheus continued again. Tyler moaned in alternating fits of pleasure and agony. Obviously no girl had ever done anything like this to him before.

Matheus would have smiled if his lips were not otherwise occupied. He would play along and feed this American pain along with pleasure. Then he would regain the upper hand. It was fine to play with Tyler for now but before the night was over Tyler would have to understand who the dominant male was. Matheus had no idea what the morning would bring but for now he was going to enjoy this beautiful stud's body and the challenge of seeing how much cum he could fill it with.





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