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After a third furious make-out session I finally had to come up for breath. Matheus was incredible. His lips were soft and full and he knew exactly where to put them and how to use them. His kiss was passionate but ended softly, leaving me wanting more. Much more.

I was almost panting. I needed a breather. Instead of going back in for more I laid my head on his chest and stroked his abs with my hand. I marveled at his dark smooth skin and stunning muscle definition. He was an incredible specimen.

"How are you doing, Ava?" Matheus asked. His Brazilian accent had a hint of cockiness to it. I punched his tight abs jokingly and he laughed. If I knew I was going to get this kind of action I would have started a workout regimen. Matheus had clearly been practicing.

Suddenly the box that had felt so crowded when I had first been trapped in it now felt comfortable. Initially, being in a box with two nearly males who looked like supermodels and were wearing nothing but tight spandex-like shorts was intimidating. Making out with Matheus, however, had definitely put me at ease. He had almost made me forget that we were in the midst of a competition for our lives.

I glanced down at Erik. He was squeezed into the bottom end of the box. The tall blond-haired Swede was still unconscious after being given knock-out drugs by the Black Team. I could see his eight-pack abs and bulging groin and suddenly had a desire to make out with him as well. My mind buzzed with the thought of having a sexual experience with both males. Having the soft brown eyes as well as the piercing blue ones staring at me in the heat of passion would be very satisfying. I had already felt up both boys' packages while they were unconscious. Matheus's cock was enormous but Erik had a large one as well. Both had testicles that felt as large as plums. The more I thought about it the more desperate I was to have both males inside of me. But how could I manage it?

"Matheus," I said, "I had an interesting experience today. Chris came onto me and while we were making out he told me to say that I was his. It seemed somewhat possessive to me and I am an ardent feminist. So, I put my hand down his pants and gave his nuts a little squeeze. He became very submissive after that. I am pretty new to physical intimacy and I'm not sure whether it is common for one person to try to dominate the other. What's your experience?"

Matheus laughed. "Well," he said, "I'm not surprised that he became submissive. That's evil. But I guess when it comes to sexual relationships one person does sometimes try to dominate the other. Sometimes when I am with girls who are particularly feisty I enjoy the challenge of taming them. It's arousing"

"Is that so?" I said. I let my hand drop lower and began to caress his cock. It quickly swelled up in his shorts. "And do you often succeed?"

"Always," Matheus said with a cocky smile. Even in the dark I could see his gleaming teeth against his dark skin. His beautiful eyes and amazingly cute face were looking down at me. "Girls can play whatever game they want to but ultimately I get to put my penis inside them. After they have been penetrated by my big cock they understand who wears the pants."

I ignored the display of bravado and chauvinism. I had a more important goal in mind. Now I just needed to work Erik into our conversation.

"That doesn't seem like much of a challenge," I said as I played with his cock.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well you're a beautiful man. Of course girls are going to want to have sex with you and that means they have to get penetrated by your big tool." I gave his cock a squeeze to emphasize my point. He groaned with pleasure. "But it would be very different if a girl was not attracted to you. Then how would you establish your dominance?"

Matheus frowned. "You mean lesbians?" he asked quizzically. "I've had a few of them. There is no one I cannot seduce."

With a body like his, I believed it. Admitting that, however, did not serve my cause. "Really? Nobody?" I said. "I don't believe it."

Matheus caressed my body with his hand. "Challenge me," he said seductively.

For a moment, I desperately wanted to. I thought about crushing those big plums between his legs and seeing how cocky he was then. No, I had to keep my focus on the prize. "Okay," I said. "Remember, you were the one who said you could dominate anyone. Erik should be waking up soon. I challenge you to dominate him. If you can stick you big tool inside of him I will give you the best blowjob of your life."

"A man?" Matheus said. "But I'm not gay."

"You are the sexiest man I have ever seen," I said. "If anyone can do it you can. Or are you telling me that Erik is your equal? Or maybe he is the dominant male. Maybe I should be having sex with him."

"No," Matheus said firmly. "I can dominate anyone. It's a deal. I expect one amazing blowjob after I win."

I gave his cock another squeeze and felt a thrill of excitement go through me. No I needed to work myself more into the action. "You got it. And I tell you what. Since you've been so gracious about accepting this challenge I will give you a jumpstart. When Erik wakes up just pretend like you are still unconscious. I will get him aroused. I bring him to the point where he can't even think straight and then you swoop in and finish him off. You can make love to both of us. I think it will be fun."

Matheus smiled viciously. "Let's do it," he said. "I am going to impale him on my massive cock. I am going to take his manhood away and turn him into pussy for me to screw. After I'm done with him he's going to know that I own him and have made him into a little girl. Then you are going to suck my cock and I am going to give you the best sex of your life."

I almost could not contain my excitement. I was going to get to watch two of the most attractive studs I had ever seen engage in a competition of sexual conquest. If everything worked out I might get to have very dirty sex with both of them.


Erik opened his eyes slowly. He had a pounding headache. He tried to move but found himself constrained by tight walls on either side of him. Then he felt sweaty legs beneath him. "Argh," he groaned, "where am I?"

"How are you feeling?" he heard Ava ask in a concerned voice. He glanced up and saw her staring down at him. Matheus was lying beside her. He seemed unconscious.

"What happened?" he asked as he fumbled around to try to feel his head with his hands. His head hurt so badly that he felt like something had crashed into it.

"The Black Team females gave you some drugs that knocked you unconscious," Ava said. "Then they gave Matheus some when he tried to save you. He's still unconscious. Luckily, Gabrielle was able to get to you all before the Black Team killed you. She brought you here. This was my last stop for the day so we are all locked in here together until tomorrow."

"Oh," Erik said. He was extremely uncomfortable and wanted to stretch out and find something to drink. The next few hours were going to be excruciating. He was desperate for some distraction to keep his mind off his discomfort.

"So Erik," Ava said as she slid down to the other end of the box to be at eye level with him, "I was thinking. Matheus is unconscious so it's really just you and me in this awful box. Sorry, I'm nervous about this, I don't know quite how to say what I want to say."

"Say what?" Erik asked in confusion. Ava's face was now just centimeters from his.

"Well, let's be honest, you are a very attractive man," Ava said. "I'm sure that you have had sex with a lot of girls."

The question took Erik completely off guard but then it suddenly made sense. The poor girl was hopelessly in love with him. That happened a lot. If he was being honest, Erik had to admit that he was probably better looking than any other guy he had ever met. In Sweden, girls desperately threw themselves at him. He had his pick. None of those girls were here, however, and Ava was not at all bad looking. In fact, she had a pretty fantastic body. Screwing her would certainly take his mind off his discomfort. Yeah, that would be fun. She definitely wanted it. After all, he was wearing nothing but tight red spandex shorts. She could see how impressive his package was.

"Some," Erik said coyly. "But none had your amazing personality. Hey, since Matheus is asleep and certainly won't mind, do you want to fool around at bit?"

Ava smiled broadly and Erik knew he had her. "Sure," she said. "How did you want to start?"

Erik was dying for a good blowjob. It had been nearly a week since his last one. Making this girl swallow his huge load appealed to him. He gave her a smile and nodded down at his bulging package. "How about you start there and release some tension with your mouth?" he said.

Ava bit her lip. "Oh," she said. "I would really like to but I have never done it before. I don't have much experience with, you know, a man's penis. I'm afraid that I wouldn't do it properly."

Erik laughed. "Don't worry," he said. "It's not hard. I'll teach you how I like it. It's actually refreshing to start with a blank slate. No bad habits."

Ava's eyes brightened. "That would be wonderful," she said eagerly. "Do you think you could show me with Matheus? Like you said, he's asleep and certainly won't mind."

"I don't understand," Erik said in confusion. "What do you want me to show you with Matheus?"

"Give him a blowjob so I can watch and learn," Ava said.

Erik nearly vomited at the thought. "I'm straight," he protested. "I can't suck another guy's cock."

"Why not?" Ava asked, sounding perplexed. "He won't know it and I am certainly not going to tell him. It will be our little secret."

"No, it's disgusting," Erik said. The idea sickened him.

"Okay, well then I don't think I can give you one," Ava said. "I would just be too embarrassed."

That gave him pause. He was already looking forward to the blowjob. The thought of not having it was excruciating. Maybe he could get away with mimicking it on Matheus. That might give her the confidence and motivation that she needed.

"Okay," he said. "I'll show you how it's done."

He grabbed Matheus's shorts and tugged them off. One of the biggest cocks he had ever seen flopped out. Erik had to contain his shock. He knew instantly that Matheus was bigger than he was. He had never seen someone larger than him. Well, once he was hard Ava would not know the difference.

"Could you start with his balls?" Ava asked. "I've heard that some guys like those sucked as well."

"That's not necessary," Erik said. Then he saw the disappointed look on Ava's face. "Okay," he said. "Look, you just stick his balls in your mouth and suck gently. Just like this." He put his face as close as he could manage to Matheus's groin without throwing up and mimicked the sucking motion by puffing out his cheeks.

"What?" Ava exclaimed. "I don't get it. You need to actually do it or I won't know how it really works."

Erik was stricken. He really wanted that blowjob now. Would sucking another guy's balls for one brief moment make him gay? Of course not. He would just do it for a second and then he would get his well-earned reward.

"Fine," he said. "Watch closely." He opened his mouth wide and, after an agonizing moment of hesitation, took the plunge. He sucked Matheus's balls in and closed his lips around the base of Matheus's scrotum.

Matheus's masculine aroma instantly filled Erik's nostrils. Matheus's sack was warm and salty with sweat. Well, it wasn't pleasant but it wasn't as bad as Erik had thought it would be. He began to suck the testicles softly. At least they were hairless. They were so large that they filled his entire mouth. He knew he must look ridiculous but his curiosity was actually somewhat piqued. He had never touched another guy's balls before except for an occasional prank slap in the locker room. Tasting them was kind of fascinating.

He pulled his lips off Matheus's balls after a few minutes. "That was great!" Ava said enthusiastically. "I learned so much. No for the really important part."

"No way," Erik said. "I am not sucking another guy's cock."

"Well then all I will be able to do is suck your balls," Ava said. "Don't you want a blowjob?"

Erik groaned and then opened his mouth again. He lowered it onto Matheus's massive cock.

The cock tasted much like the balls did. "You have to suck awhile before it gets hard," Erik mumbled out of the side of his mouth. He didn't even think a sleeping man could get hard. A moment later, however, that idea was dispelled. Matheus's cock swelled up to it full size. It was enormous. Erik nearly joked. It filled his entire mouth.

Erik began to lick the tip of Mathues's cock. In particular, he concentrated on the foreskin and sensitive point below the tip. He loved it when girls did that and so few seemed to know how to do it right. He wanted to make sure that Ava knew how to do it just like he liked it. Plus, he wanted to finish sucking Matheus's cock before Matheus came. There was no way he was going to let himself taste another man's cum.

Erik could see Ava smiling encouragingly at him out of the corner of his eye. She was positively beaming. He started to get excited. It was fun to have an enthusiastic cocksucker. Just a few more licks would do it. He licked Matheus's piss slit and tasted something new. It was wet and salty. Erik's mind did not process the taste at first. It was so foreign. Then his eyes flew open. It was semen. He ripped his mouth away from the cock and began gagging into the edge of the box.

"What is it?" Ava asked quickly. Her concerned tone had returned.

"Cum," Erik sputtered. He tried to spit out the taste but it seemed to be all over his tongue.

"What?" Ava said. "But it didn't look like he shot his load. I didn't even see anything come out."

"It's pre-cum," Erik said, disgusted.

"Of course," Ava said. "I learned about that in a sex-ed class. Before a boy cums sometimes some cum oozes out."

"Yeah, well that's what happened," Erik said. "Okay, I've shown you everything you need to know. It's your turn." Now he was upset. He was going to blow a monster load in her mouth and make her swallow all of it. In fact, he was even going to make her go in for seconds. That thought restored his spirits.

"Of course," she said sweetly. "But first, you need to scoot up so I can get my mouth to your cock. Just lie on top of Matheus."

Erik didn't like that idea of being on top of the Brazilian but he realized that there was no other way for Ava to suck his cock. He pulled his shorts off and then slid himself up Matheus's body. It was still wet with sweat so Erik moved easily over Matheus's smooth skin. Then he felt something long and hard pressed against his ass crack. What was that? Then he realized with horror that it was Matheus's still-hard cock.

"No, this is not going to work," he exclaimed. "I can feel his cock touching my ass. That's gay."

"Don't be a baby," Ava said. "He's not even awake and it's not in your anus or anything. It's totally not gay. Now I just need to tie you up."

Erik had to laugh. "So you're naughty. Well I appreciate the thought but we don't have any rope." In fact, Erik never went in for the tie-up stuff. He liked to be the one in charge. Too many girls liked to pull their mouths away during blow jobs and finish with their hands. He would force their heads down so they had to finish him off with their mouths. He liked to see them swallow his load.

"Just trust me," Ava said. She grabbed Erik's shorts and took a vial out of her sports bra.

"Isn't that the knock out drug?" Erik asked.

"Yes, just wait," Ava said. "It's a surprise." She rubbed some of the liquid on the shorts. "Give me your hands," she said. Erik hesitated but Ava had slid up so that she was next to him. He felt her breasts pressing against him and the sensation excited him. He held out his hands for her. Maybe if he indulged her she would get on with the sucking. Whatever she rigged up could not really restrain him. He would get his hands loose before he had to cum and make her take his load.

Ava pulled the shorts down over Erik's hands. He still was not sure what this was supposed to accomplish. Then he felt material close in around his wrists.

"What the hell is this?" he exclaimed.

"I figured it out by accident," Ava said. "The shorts that the Tamon Arians designed are organic. They react negatively to the drug and open up a hole that you can stick a body part through. Then the material closes up again and forms a seal around you skin. It's just like handcuffs. Watch." She pulled Erik's arms up and hooked them onto some sort of hook where the box's power card was. "Now try to get your hands free."

Irritated, Erik pulled as hard as he could against the material. It didn't budge. Growing a little alarmed, he redoubled his efforts. He broke into a sweat but the material still did not budge.

Now he was really uncomfortable. This girl had immobilized him and he had a massive cock pressed against his ass. That was not at all how he imagined this blow job going.

Thankfully, Ava slid back down and after a moment he felt her warm lips close around his cock. He sighed and tried to relax. His lesson must have helped because Ava was very good. He was soon hard. He relished the feeling of her pretty little mouth on his cock. He felt her warm saliva all over his cock. It was amazing.

Soon he was ready to explode. He smiled at the thought of filling Ava's mouth with his seed. He wondered how the virgin would like that.

Suddenly she pulled her mouth off and squeezed his penis just below the head.

"What are you doing?" he exclaimed.

"I heard that this releases some blood in the penis," Ava said. "If I do that and wait 30 seconds or so you won't cum."

"But that's the point of a blowjob," Erik retorted in frustration.

"Oh but I want to have more fun with you than that," Ava said. "I've got you right where I want you and there is a bunch of things I want to try out. For example, I want to see how a guy reacts when you give him so-called blue balls."

"No," Erik cried. "That was not our deal. You need to..."

"Hush," Ava interrupted. "I am taking charge now. Here, why don't you suck on these for a while? Erik heard Ava rustling around and then she pulled something over his head. He opened his mouth to protest but Ava pushed something into it. A moment later he felt material fill in around his mouth. Erik realized that she must have put Matheus's shorts on his head. He felt her tie some part of it behind his head.

"There you go," Ava said. "I used some more liquid to create a hole in the crotch of Matheus's shorts. It filled in nicely and I was able to tie the leg openings behind your head. Actually, right now the material you have in your mouth is the same part that Matheus's has had cradling his balls for the last two days. He's been doing a lot of sweating so you are most likely tasting his ball sweat right now."

Erik tried to yell at her but all everything was muffled by the material. The aroma of Matheus's balls was thick on the material and he could taste the salt from Matheus's ball sweat. It was too much.

Ava laughed. "I bet you aren't used to getting dominated by a girl like this. Well just hold on, the fun is just getting started."

She stroked his chest and abs and then patted his balls. Erik groaned as the pats sent warning pangs of pain through his body. Ava laughed again and began to suck his cock.

Erik was just starting to enjoy the sensation again when she pulled her mouth off and pinched the sensitive part of his cock just below the head. He groaned in irritation. Ava, however, waited 30 seconds and then resumed her careful work.

Ava repeated the process over and over again. Erik was in excruciating agony. He felt like his balls were about to shrivel up and die they were in so much pain. His body was shaking with sexual anticipation and frustration. Alternating waves of cold and hot wracked his body. He tried to think of a way out of his torture but Ava was proving very effective at scrambling his thoughts. All he could think about was pain in his groin, the feeling of Ava's wet mouth, and the leftover taste and smell of Matheus's balls.

Erik tried again to yell through his shorts-turned-gag. All that came out was his muffled groans.

Suddenly he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. That was impossible; Ava's mouth was still on his cock. There was no way she could have reached his shoulders.

Erik's eyes shot open in horror. The hands belonged to Matheus. He was awake.

Erik hollered into the gag. He tried to convey with his urgent tone that this was no longer okay for him. Now that Matheus was awake this had veered dangerously close to threesome territory and the only threesomes he tolerated were those with himself and two very hot girls.

"Shh," Matheus whispered in Erik's ear in an easy, low voice. "Just relax and enjoy it." Matheus's hands began to deeply massage Erik's shoulders. At first it was painful but then it started to feel good. Erik tried to tense his shoulders to fend the Brazilian off but Matheus's hands were too powerful. Erik felt the large strong hands kneading into his muscles. The massage was starting to give him an endorphin rush. At the same time, he had reached a new pinnacle of arousal from Ava sucking his cock. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. He tried to let himself relax and enjoy the multiple sensations.

Then something happened that Erik was definitely not okay with. He felt Matheus's hand on his ass. Then a powerful male finger started to work its way up Erik's ass chute.

Erik yelled into the gag and tried to tense his anus. He desperately pulled on his hand restraints but they still would not budge

"Come on baby, relax," Matheus said. "Trust me, you'll like this." As Matheus finished talking he shoved is hand further up Erik's chute. Erik yelled as loudly as he could as the finger penetrated his virgin asshole.

The finger worked its way up to Erik's prostate and began to put pressure on it. The pain Erik was feeling was suddenly laced with a sensation of extreme pleasure. He felt his balls churning. Yes, he was seconds away from blowing his load. Finally, this was it. His long torture was nearly over.

Ava chose that moment to take her mouth off his cock and pinch his penis. Erik screamed in frustration into his gag. Ava giggled and stroked his abs. "Sorry baby," she said, "Not yet. You have even more fun coming your way."

The moment she finished talking Matheus jammed another finger up Erik's ass. He began to ram the fingers in and out of Erik's hole. "Yeah, do you like that?" Matheus said into Erik's ear. "That's what I do to my girls to get them ready for my big cock. You are my girl now. I didn't think you would actually suck my balls and cock but you did a really good job. Maybe afterwards I will let you give me more blow jobs. But first I am going to show you what a real cock feels like inside of you. All girls should feel that."

Matheus reached around with his other hand and grabbed Erik's balls. Erik felt Matheus's smooth palm encompass his sensitive jewels and roll them around. Then Matheus started to squeeze.

Erik's balls were already in agony. The squeezing was too much. Though Matheus did not squeeze too hard, even the gentle squeeze was excruciating.

"Ask me to stick my cock in you," Matheus said. "If you want it just nod your head. All this pain and sexual frustration can be over. You will be my girl and I always treat my girls nicely. Just nod your head."

Tears were now rolling down Erik's face. He was so confused. He was the man. He was the one who penetrated girls and made them worship his cock. Every man wanted to be him and every woman wanted to be with him. Except now this other male was in control. Erik had already sucked his balls and his dick and now had the taste of both in his mouth. The scent of Matheus's balls was still strong in his nostrils. Erik had been beaten. He had screamed himself horse. The only thing else he could do was nod.

He gave the smallest nod of his head possible.

Matheus laughed. "Good girl," he said. The two fingers plunging into and out of Erik's asshole disappeared. Erik had only the smallest moment of respite before he felt the head of Matheus's cock against his asshole. Erik began to shake his head in fear. He didn't want this anymore. He needed to stop this. But it was too late. Matheus thrust his hips upwards and his massive cock exploded into Erik.

Erik screamed into his gag. It was his loudest scream yet. Both Matheus and Ava laughed. Erik started to kick his feet in desperation but the box was too short and the move accomplished nothing. He tried to bridge his back so that his butt was up in the air and away from Matheus's cock but he could not plant his feet and only succeeded in jiggling around on Matheus like a helpless virgin girl not sure what to do. Matheus thrust his hips again and Erik felt that massive cock impaling him.

"Hey dude, I popped your cherry," Matheus said. "You are doing so well I think you deserve a treat. Ava, I'm going to milk my friend here. Would you mind collecting his cum?"

Matheus started pumping Erik's cock while at the same time ramming his own cock into and out of Erik's asshole. After all that teasing it did not take long before Erik was ready to cum. A second later he exploded. It was the most sexually satisfying feeling he had ever felt in his life. It felt a bit like letting go of a piss he had been holding in for days but with extreme pleasure as well. Erik shot what was easily the biggest load of his life.

Then Matheus grabbed Erik's balls and squeezed incredibly hard. It was like he was trying to milk Erik's balls dry. Erik screamed and shot another load. Then Matheus licked his hand and began rubbing it around the bottom of the box. Erik had no idea what he was doing and at that moment he didn't care until Matheus put his hand back on Erik's cock. Then Erik realized that Matheus had used his wet hand to pick up the pieces of sand from the beach that fallen off their bodies when they got into the box. Matheus began pumping Erik's cock. The sand felt like sandpaper against his sensitive skin. The sand worked its way into Erik's uncut foreskin. He screamed again.

"Come on baby," Matheus said in a cocky voice. "Let's have some more milk. You're my girl now so I want you to be dry. Don't worry about that pain. You're not going to need your little cock anymore."

Erik exploded one more time. The cum shot out of his penis. Three times. He had never came three times in one sexual encounter. His balls felt completely empty. His penis felt painful, irritated, and swollen.

Matheus was ramming his own cock harder and harder inside Erik. "Ava, did you get his cum?" he asked.

"As much of it as I could," Ava said. "There was way more than this vial could hold."

"Good," Matheus said. "Dump the vial over his face. Massage the cum into his hair and face. Make sure he gets some in his mouth. Then run everything else he jacked out over his body. Massage it into his skin real good. I want him to feel his lost manhood on every part of his body."

Erik struggled to move his head but it was no use. Ava dumped the cum onto his face. He felt the hot sticky liquid roll down his cheeks and into his eyes. Then Ava began massaging in into his face and scalp. She rubbed it on his lips and it dribbled into the corners of his mouth so that he tasted his own cum. From there she began massaging the rest of it into his body, carefully making sure that she got it into every nook and cranny that her fingers encountered.

"Now it's my turn," Matheus said and suddenly he gave an enormous thrust. Erik felt like the Brazilian's cock was splitting him in two. Then he felt a warm gooey liquid inside of him and knew that he had been used just like he had used many girls before.

Matheus's ejaculation seemed to last forever. The cum kept on coming and coming so that Erik felt like he was full of it. Matheus kept bucking his hips and pumping more and more in.

Then, finally, Matheus was finished. His hips stopped bucking and he laid still and panted. One of his big hands felt out Erik's penis again and began stroking it. Erik squirmed away as the hand irritated the sensitive battered skin but there was nothing he could do. Matheus kept stroking it lightly, sending more waves of pain up Erik's body. It was as if Matheus wanted to remind Erik that cock had been nullified. At least for now, Erik would not be able to pleasure any women without feeling overwhelming pain that would keep him limp.

"That's a good girl," Matheus said in Erik's ear. He sounded as though he were soothing a pet. "You are my pretty little blonde now. I think I am going to call you Erin. Ava promised me a blow job but seeing as how my cock was up your ass I think I am going to let you do the honors of cleaning it off. You are going to suck my cock for me and I am going to put more cum inside of you. I'm going to watch you drink it and then you are going to pleasure Ava. Then you can pleasure both of us while we have sex. You belong to me now, do you understand?

Erik was too terrified and defeated to even consider offering any resistance. He just wanted to shut his mind off and do whatever Matheus told him to do. He was almost happy and relieved to have Matheus make all the decisions. This time his nod was unmistakable. All three of them knew that the domination was complete.





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